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Default October 2001: Pre-Halloween Havoc News and Notes

Obviously the big news in the world this month was the tragic events of September 11th. I thought having the "American Dream" address the crowd on the following Nitro was a fitting way for us to handle it. We won't be addressing it much if at all going forward, because I'd like for our show to be a distraction that people can turn to when they want to take their minds off of the real world for a few hours. I may introduce a patriotic tag team (probably involving Bryan Danielson, whose masked "American Dragon" character would be a perfect fit), but I won't be bringing in any Middle Eastern heels or anything tasteless like that.

Another factor of current world events is that the global economy is in a state of great uncertainty right now, which could wind up being a huge problem for us.

Moving on to much less important news, the WWF had another success with their Unforgiven PPV. They've been relying a lot on Edge & Christian vs. the Power Trip as a headline feud over the last several months, with six (great) televised tag matches to go along with Christian's two unsuccessful shots at the title on PPV. It was Edge's turn to headline with Austin one on one, and Steve retained in another great main event. For some reason Hunter over Bubba Dudley was the semi main. Ivory won the women's title from Chyna just one month after Lita's failed title match, which only increases my belief that they were planning on giving Lita the title before the scandal broke. Supposed company leader Rock was again relegated to a non-wrestling role where he confronted HHH backstage, yet they found time for Lawler's kid, Blackman, the Public Enemy, Crash Holly, Funaki, the Samoan Swat Team and even the New Blackjacks to have matches on the show. Yes, Vince really brought back the New Blackjacks. Maybe he was so embarrassed they were such a failure the first time that he's determined to make it work with a second try? If so I expect the relaunch of the WBF any day now.

It wasn't all roses for Vince though; TNN was unhappy with recent performance and moved Raw to a late night slot. I smiled when I saw that, even though TNN still allows them to reach a lot more homes in the US than we can on FX.

After months of deliberation I was about 95% certain I'd settled on a main event for Starrcade. I decided to have the two guys work together on a recent house show loop so we could get a look at how well they worked together. The results were not pretty. The timing was all over the place and they could just never get in sync. While they're talented enough that they could probably have at least a passable match despite their chemistry issues, I'd really prefer something much better than 'passable' in the main event of what should be our biggest show of the year. Back to the drawing board I guess.

There was a very uncomfortable situation before this past week's Nitro. Scott Steiner drove into the parking lot in New Orleans going way too fast, and he clipped Bobby Heenan's parked car. When The Brain called him on it and asked him to pay for the damage, Scott actually said, and I quote, "I'll knock your old ass out right here in this parking lot!" Fortunately a few of the boys were there to diffuse the situation before it went any further. I sat Scott down and told him in no uncertain terms that I wasn't going to tolerate stuff like this no matter how big a star he might be. He nodded along like he understood, but I don't think he took me very seriously. Not the kind of behavior I want to see out of my world champion.

Paul London impressed me again when we brought him in for another enhancement appearance on our October 8th tapings. I decided to go ahead and lock him up in a multiyear developmental deal before Vince could get his hands on him. The kid's really got something, and between him, Danielson and a few other guys we've got down in Wildside, the future of our cruiserweight division looks bright.

AJ Styles felt that his recent performances had earned him a pay raise. I agreed with him, offering 75% of the amount he requested. He was happy with that offer and shook my hand on it, but I'm sure he'll be making a lot more in the years to come.

Jason Jett suffered a bruised eye socket in his September 24th match with Vampiro. It's not a serious injury and he honestly could've worked through it if needed, but I'm just going to let him rest up until he's healthy. Vampiro did catch some heat from it though because the injury was caused by a reckless punch.

On the subject of Vampiro, he thinks TAKA lacks the charisma to be a star and I should just get rid of him. There's no way I'm listening to that. He may not be the most charismatic guy around but he's not devoid of it either. Even if he was, he's a talented enough worker that I'd still want him around.

A new promotion called World Wrestling All-Stars is preparing to run their first show. Created by Australian event promoter Andrew McManus, it seems like their plan is to run regular tours of Australia and New Zealand (areas we'll probably start visiting regularly ourselves thanks to our great TV coverage over there.) They've already signed on a couple of young wrestlers I've been keeping tabs on: Chris Hero, who comes highly recommended by CM Punk from their days together in IWA Mid-South, and Kenny Omega, an 18-year old from Winnipeg who's already impressing some people on smaller shows in Manitoba. Not like they're exclusive deals though, so I could always sign those guys up later if I want to, and in the meantime they should get some good experience out of it.

The WWF did their Tough Enough thing. I thought they were going to have one male and one female winner, but maybe the women didn't impress them enough, because only Maven was signed to a developmental contract.

Talented female Japanese wrestler Akira Hokuto shattered her elbow recently and will probably be out for a year. Tough blow for the joshi groups over there.

Former ECW valet Francine has permanently relocated to England. Makes sense since she's been working for English-based ASWUK and WAW. I had considered bringing her in to valet before, but I don't think we need to be looking to bring in any more managers right now.

Kaz Hayashi brought in the latest big video game from Japan recently, and a few of the noted gamers like AJ Styles and Shane Helms gathered around to play it. To top it off Jim Duggan was there to grill up some food for the boys--and he wasn't even booked on the show.

I've heard Kristi Myst's name talked up quite a bit recently. If you don't know who she is, she's a currently unemployed former XPW non-wrestler who's more well-known for her work in porn. I'm not sure why people are so high on her right now, but I blame Kevin Dunn.

Originally Posted by Cro Cop Rules View Post
As always, keep up the good work. Hopefully I can sneak into the next UFS
Good luck! That's still wide open though. In addition to the three shows left, I'll also be doing predictions for the tournament I'll be running next month which will probably add another 26-28 potential points to the contest.

Originally Posted by Rateddc View Post
Loved the show man. I read through the entirety of TGA and then saw this and have just caught up. Shame I missed the predictions but I'll be right on board with the next lot. You've actually inspired me to try my hand at my own WCW Lives game.
Thanks, and welcome aboard!

Originally Posted by lnic View Post
Hey haven't been predicting but wanted to let you know been following this diary top notch as always also like the new format
I appreciate it! It's nice to see so many people say they like this format, because it also happens to make things much easier for me!

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
Looking forward to the next show -- I should be back [with the write-ups] in a bit, I'm really busy right now -kYE
Sounds good! If you're looking forward to the show, I guess this gives ME something to look forward to!

Originally Posted by sportsfanmas View Post
Is it too late to get in on the predictions?
Definitely not! Anyone can jump in at any time as long as you get them in before I post the PPV. You wouldn't really have a chance at this point to finish in the top 8 after Starrcade and thus qualify for the next UFS, but you're still free to predict.

Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Cruiserweight Championship: "Sugar" Shane Helms vs. Jushin Thunder Liger {}
If Helms was gonna win here, why didn't he just keep the belt?
...Because Bret is an indecisive waffler? You already know he regrets taking the US title off of Rey!

Originally Posted by Briskout View Post
Cruiserweight Championship: Jushin Thunder Liger {} - This one is interesting because it can make a champion active weekly (Shane), or bring more prestige the belt (Liger).
An interesting dilemma.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Booker T - Scott vs. Booker at Mayhem part two!
I won't be running Mayhem next month. The PPV will return in 2002 in the month of May. (Get it? MAYhem?) That should be one of the most fun PPVs of the year actually, because I have a specific plan in mind for it. The November PPV will feature Bret embracing his roots.

TAKA - Though I kinda feel bad for Billy, he's become a cruiserweight JTTS a little bit.
It does kind of feel that way, huh? Unintentional as I like Kidman.

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Dustin Rhodes vs. Vampiro
I don't think this is even the real start of this story. I see countouts
Well this isn't the end, that's for sure.
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