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Default November 2001: Road to Calgary Stampede


October 15th, 2001

From Memorial Auditorium in Utica, New York

Attendance: 4,000

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

The show opens with Piper's Pit featuring world champion Scott Steiner and Sting, who will officially use his UFS world title shot at Calgary Stampede. Steiner says he had so much fun sending "Diamond Dallas Trash" back to obscurity where he belongs that he welcomes the chance to do the same to Sting. Sting says he remembers when Scott used to be someone he considered a friend, but those days are long gone. Now he's just a "jacked-up jack...well, you know", but he's going to need to do a few extra sets of bench presses on November 19th to take his mind off the fact he's no longer the world champion! (A*)

Jushin Liger and Shane Helms were back in the ring against each other one night after their cruiserweight title match, this time with Jamie Knoble and Chavo Guerrero Jr. as their respective partners. There was plenty of interaction between Liger and Helms, but it was actually Chavo who stole the headlines when he pinned Liger with a frog splash. (B-)

Arn Anderson provides a medical update on Ric Flair in interview with Heenan: "Ric's out of commission for now, and that's why we're still searching for a replacement for him in what was supposed to be his Stu Hart Classic match against Steve Corino next week. But I know the Nature Boy, and I know whoever ambushed him is going to sorely regret it!" (B)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the A Block: Rey Misterio Jr. and Fit Finlay kicked the tournament off. Finlay zeroed in on Rey's knees to solid effect, but Misterio caught him with a seated senton to advance to the quarterfinals. (B-)

Dustin Rhodes confronts Salvation in the parking lot and demands that Vampiro fight him, but Vampiro and Isaac repeat that they seek salvation, not destruction. Other wrestlers hold Dustin back as he struggles to attack. (C)

In the locker room, Air Paris is furious with AJ Styles: "You all but forgot me the moment this little lady (Stacy Keibler, standing in the background) got in your ear, and now you want a title shot with Sting as your partner? Air Raid is FINISHED!" (C-)

The Jung Dragons looked in synch as they handily defeated Johnny Swinger and local talent Tony Mamaluke. (B-)

True Heroes mock Alex Wright in the hallway, with Punk telling him he shouldn't even bother searching for a partner for his UFS tag title shot, because the only tag team in the world that matters are YOUR True Heroes! (B-)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the A Block: Diamond Dallas Page was at far less than 100% one day after his brutal steel cage match at Halloween Havoc. His forehead and ribs were both taped up, and Mike Awesome wisely treated both of those taped areas like bandaged bullseyes. DDP took a physical beating, but he pushed his bruised body to the limit and hit a Diamond Cutter for a hard-fought win. (B)

An exhausted DDP grabs the microphone: "I might be bruised, I might be sore and I might be breathing heavy, but don't think for one second I'm done yet! DDP's still got plenty left in the tank, and if you're still doubtin' me after last night, I'll prove you wrong by winning the Stu Hart Classic!" (B+)

All seven of the announced B Block wrestlers in the Stu Hart Classic cut brief pre-taped promos on their opening round matches next week. (C+)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the A Block: Konnan looked good early, but an eye poke shifted the momentum in Chris Candido's favor. He never looked back, eventually hitting his New Jersey Jam top rope legdrop to set up a quarterfinal match against Rey Misterio Jr. (B-)

Heenan approaches Corino & company in the ring. After Corino's comments on his win and upcoming match with Rey, Heenan asks about the identity of the man we heard in the limo at Halloween Havoc. Sytch coyly responds: "That's on a need to know basis--and you don't need to know, at least not yet." (C-)

Brian Adams has a warning for the Natural Born Thrillers with regards to the Bryan Clark injury: "You should've finished him off last night. Now you've just pissed him off, and when he gets back there's going to be hell to pay!" (C+)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the A Block: Booker T was a very angry man with something to prove, but after losing the United States title back to Rey Misterio, Kanyon was in a similar position. Kanyon wrestled like he was desperate to win this match at all costs, and he saw his opening after the referee was knocked down with an errant flying forearm from Booker. Kanyon brought a chair into the ring, but Booker blocked it and used the chair himself to set up a pinfall victory. (B-)

Booker's celebratory promo was rained on by some booing fans, and he did not take it well: "You wanna boo me? You don't wanna support me after I had my world title stolen from me even though I wasn't pinned and didn't give up, I never got my rematch, and Sting's getting the UFS title shot that shoulda gone to ME, the #1 draft pick of the K-Nections? Well you people can take your stupid opinions and shove 'em, sucka! Dig that!" (A*)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

The masked American Dragon outwrestled Tony Mamaluke. (E-)

RVD and Luger argue over who will win their Stu Hart Classic match next week. (C)

AJ Styles looked downright phenomenal as he put the drama with Air Paris aside and took care of business against Elix Skipper. (C)

Backstage footage from Nitro: Mike Awesome, enraged by his loss to DDP, destroys equipment as Arn Anderson tries to reason with him. (B-)

Lash Leroux and Jim Duggan were treated to a Heroic Finish courtesy of Lance Storm and CM Punk. (C)

Show Grade: C

October 22nd, 2001

From Municipal Auditorium in Sioux City, Iowa

Attendance: 3,500

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the B Block: Dustin Rhodes and Shane Douglas know each other pretty well after a series of matches earlier in the year, and that led to a very even match. We'll never know who would've come out on top, because Father Isaac came down to ringside and distracted Dustin, who yelled for him to bring Vampiro out. Isaac just smiled, and Douglas made Dustin pay for the lack of focus. (D)

During an interview, Stacy Keibler tells AJ Styles he's better off without Air Paris, but he should've been more selfish and gone after a singles title instead of asking to receive a future tag title match with Sting. "Now you'll have to wait around while he challenges Scott Steiner. What if he wins the world title in Calgary? Where will that leave us?" (C)

Alex Wright had a seat on color commentary as True Heroes made short work of Lash Leroux and American Dragon. Alex mentioned that he's currently evaluating potential partners, and he'll try one of them out in a match against Storm and Punk at Calgary Stampede. (B-)

In a post-match interview for after his loss to Booker T last week, Kanyon was dejected. "I lost the United States belt. I'm out of the Stu Hart Classic. You wanna know where do I go from here? I don't know, bro. I don't know." (B+)

Mike Awesome demolished local wrestler Austin Aries. (B-)

Steve Corino pre-match promo: "They shouldn't have bothered finding a replacement for Ric Flair. They should've just given me a bye into the next round, because there's nobody in that locker room who's any threat to the King of Old School!"

A voice responds from behind the curtain--

"I'll show you a REAL king!"

Corino's mystery opponent is Jerry "The King" Lawler! (B-)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the B Block: Corino looked thrown off-guard by the surprise appearance of Jerry Lawler. The fans were happy to see the legendary King, and he turned back the clock a bit with a fine performance. He might not move as well as he once did, but he was still able to spike Corino with a piledriver and advance in the tournament to face Shane Douglas next week. (C+)

Backstage, Arn Anderson and Chavo Guerrero Jr. chat about the health of Ric Flair, who's still out of action. Arn also tells Chavo that due to his pin on Jushin Liger last week, he'll get a cruiserweight title shot at Calgary Stampede. (C)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the B Block: In a battle of seasoned veterans who have never captured the world heavyweight title, Rick Steiner was able to suplex and brawl his way to victory over Hugh Morrus. (B)

Brian Adams tries to attack both members of the Natural Born Thrillers in their locker room, but is held back by a small group of other wrestlers. (B)

Rey Misterio Jr. comes face to face with Candido, Tammy and TAKA. Rey unconcerned by boastful Candido: "I hope you'll still have the money for the limos and fancy clothes after I knock you out of the Stu Hart Classic next week." (C+)

Stu Hart Classic, Opening Round in the B Block: The final opening round match saw Lex Luger try and fail to use his strength to keep down Rob Van Dam, who used his kicks and agility to overwhelm the immobile Luger before beating him with the Five Star Frog Splash. (C)

Booker T in-ring promo; blames the fans for "turning their backs" on him. DDP interrupts: "The fans stopped caring about you because you became a little whining baby the moment you lost that title! Well you're gonna have plenty to cry about after next week when the Diamond Cutter knocks you right out of the Stu Hart Classic!" (A*)

Konnan had a big opportunity in a non-title main event against Scott Steiner, but the Steiner Recliner ensured that Big Poppa Pump had his hand raised. (B+)

Steiner on the microphone after the match: "Sting, I hope you were watchin' real close from your home in Venice Beach, or Atlanta, or wherever the hell you say you're from! You're not gonna know where you're from or who you're supposed to be when you wake up in Calgary after the beating I give you! You're gonna think you're still back in the 90's when you had that stupid blond rat tail!" (A)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

In cruiserweight action, Cash used the Money Maker to dispose of local wrestler Austin Aries. (D+)

Father Isaac interview: "I did not come out on Nitro to distract Dustin Rhodes. I came out to try and help him see the error of his ways." (C-)

Jason Jett and M.I. Smooth were defeated by the teen heartthrobs (at least in their own minds) from 3 Count. (D+)

Chris Candido warmed up for his quarterfinal match against Rey Misterio Jr. with a win over grizzled veteran "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. (C-)

Steve Corino interview; calls surprise opponent Jerry Lawler "an outrage" and promises to lodge a formal complaint with WCW headquarters. (C)

Show Grade: C-

October 29th, 2001

From the Bemidji Events Center in Bemidji, Minnesota

Attendance: 4,000

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Jamie Knoble opened the show by submitting Johnny Swinger with the guillotine choke. (C)

Sting promo: "No matter what Scott Steiner might say, I know exactly who I am! I'm the Stinger! I'm the franchise of WCW, and at the Calgary Stampede, I'm going to have another identity: the eight time world champion!" (A)

Stu Hart Classic Quarterfinals: At times it looked like Jerry Lawler might very well back up his feel-good win with a second straight and make it to the semifinals, but interference from Steve Corino enabled Shane Douglas to win the match instead. (C+)

Chavo Guerrero interview: "Get well soon, Nature Boy! Our tag title match can wait until you're 100%, but in the meantime I'm going to reclaim my place on top of the cruiserweight division!" (D+)

WCW cameras visited Kanyon to try and follow up on his memorable web interview from the previous week, but Kanyon sounded just as lost and confused as before. (B)

Stu Hart Classic Quarterfinals: Rick Steiner executed plenty of hard suplexes, but Rob Van Dam's blend of kicks, flexibility and athleticism led him to the win. This set up a very interesting match between Van Dam and Shane Douglas in the semifinal round. (B)

Arn Anderson informs Brian Adams and the Natural Born Thrillers that due to the double dq finish at Halloween Havoc, Doomsday will receive a championship rematch at Calgary Stampede provided Bryan Clark is medically cleared by that time. (B)

During an interview, AJ Styles asks Stacy Keibler to stay in the back during his match against Air Paris on this week's Saturday Night. She reluctantly agrees. (C)

Stu Hart Classic Quarterfinals: Rey Misterio Jr. had to deal with not just Chris Candido, but Tammy Sytch and TAKA as well. Frequent distractions from Sytch helped negate Rey's aerial attack, and TAKA took an opportunity to deliver a springboard dropkick--but the referee caught him in the act and called for the bell, disqualifying Candido despite Sytch's protests! (B)

Vampiro squashed local wrestler Matt Cross. (C-)

Vampiro begins cutting a promo on Dustin Rhodes' "salvation", but leaves through the crowd the moment Dustin steps out from behind the curtain. A frustrated Dustin declares that since Vampiro's obviously not going to willingly fight him like a man, he's going to have to take matters into his own hands. (C)

Alex Wright tells True Heroes that when he finds his partner for Calgary Stampede, the two of them will show everyone that Storm and Punk aren't so heroic after all. The Heroes laugh and tell him to keep dreaming. (B-)

Mark Jindrak has an impressive physique, but did not have the skills to match Sting or prevent him from locking on the Scorpion Deathlock to end their match. (B-)

Scott Steiner sneaks down to ringside and prepares to ambush Sting--but freezes in his tracks when he sees the big black bat in Sting's hands! Steiner mutters threats and points at him, but slowly backs up the aisle as Sting stands tall, pointing the bat at him as if he's calling his shot. (A*)

Stu Hart Classic Quarterfinals: The most star-studded match in this round was certainly this one between DDP and Booker T, who have a combined seven world title reigns between them. Both ex-champions wanted to win the tournament and the world title shot that goes along with it, and this was a hotly contested bout. It could have been anyone's match, but Booker snuck away with the duke thanks to a rollup and a handful of tights. Booker moves on to the semifinals, but it won't get any easier for him as he now has to contend with the reigning United States champion Rey Misterio. (B)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

3 Count wouldn't be doing any dancing after taking a beating in a loss to Hugh Morrus and Konnan. (C+)

Tammy Sytch nodded approvingly as TAKA effortlessly defeated Matt Cross. (C+)

Vampiro and Father Isaac interview; they do not fear Dustin Rhodes or his idle threats. (C)

AJ Styles came to the ring alone for his match against former partner Air Paris, but Stacy Keibler snuck down to ringside and provided a pivotal distraction that helped AJ win (even if he didn't see her.) (C+)

AJ unimpressed when he sees Keibler got involved despite his request; she says that he needs her help whether he knows it or not. (C)

Show Grade: C+

November 5th, 2001

From Icardo Center in Bakersfield, California

Attendance: 3,689

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

AJ Styles took on cruiserweight title #1 contender Chavo Guerrero Jr. in the opener. It was an exciting match, but Stacy Keibler's attempt to distract Chavo distracted Styles instead, leaving him vulnerable to a match-ending brainbuster. (B)

Sting pre-taped promo: "Scotty Steiner, you may talk a big game, but the whole world saw the truth last week. When it comes right down to it, you're afraid of the big black bat, and more importantly, the man who wields it!" (A)

Brian Adams went one-on-one with Sean O'Haire, but it was a returning Bryan Clark who made the difference. Clark gave O'Haire a clothesline on the outside while the referee was tied up with Adams, which paved the way for Adams to win the match with a choke slam. (B-)

As Chuck Palumbo runs down to pull O'Haire to safety, Doomsday cuts a promo. Clark promises to return the "little scratch" the Thrillers gave him with interest, and Adams says the true dominant force in the tag team division will be taking their titles back at Calgary Stampede. (C)

Booker T enters Rey Misterio Jr's locker room to give him some friendly advice ahead of tonight's semifinal match: "Just quit now, man. Just forfeit this match and give me a pass into the finals, because otherwise you gonna get hurt, dawg." Rey refuses the offer, telling Booker that he may feel he's entitled to a championship match, but Rey wants to go out and earn one for himself. (B+)

American Dragon showed no fear of Mike Awesome, but that didn't stop him from being wiped out with an Awesome Bomb. (B)

We cut to a commotion backstage--where Dustin Rhodes has cornered Father Isaac! (E+)

Alex Wright introduces his partner for Calgary Stampede: Ernest "The Cat" Miller! True Heroes aren't impressed, with Punk telling Wright that that choice was "far from the greatest." (C+)

Kanyon didn't wrestle with any of his usual confidence or swagger, but he was still talented enough to beat Jason Jett with a Flatliner. (B-)

Dustin Rhodes drags Father Isaac out to the ring and threatens to "split him open so his head's as red as his jacket" unless Vampiro agrees to fight him. Vampiro steps out from behind the curtain and agrees to fight Dustin, but not tonight: it'll be at Calgary Stampede. After being released, an unsmiling Isaac has some parting words as he straightens his wrinkled suit jacket: "Be careful what you wish for." (C)

Candido & co. could be heard chatting with someone over the phone; Candido responds to something the voice on the other side of the line said with "I understand. We'll jumpstart that part of the plan when we get to Calgary." When Bobby Heenan catches their attention to try and get some answers, Candido tells him to buzz off and mind his own business. (C)

Steve Corino comes to the ring and calls out "that phony king", Jerry Lawler. Corino calls Lawler a despicable excuse for an old school wrestler for his underhanded backroom dealings (because accepting an offer to take Ric Flair's spot in the tournament was somehow underhanded in Steve's mind) and says that he wants a "clash of kings" so he can prove that in a fair fight, "the Burger King is no match for the King of Old School!" Lawler seems amused by it all, but agrees to the fight so he can give him a receipt for costing him his match with Shane Douglas last week. He throws a parting shot at Corino: "See you in Calgary, kid." (B-)

Fit Finlay barges into Jamie Knoble's locker room, tells him he's heard all the talk from their fellow wrestlers about Knoble being a future superstar. He wants to get him into the ring and find out the truth for himself, and Knoble happily accepts, saying it'd be an honor to wrestle someone with Finlay's skill and experience. (D+)

Rob Van Dam and Diamond Dallas Page("RVDDP?") teamed up to take on the Brothers Shane (Douglas and Helms) in a match to preview the Van Dam/Douglas semifinal match next week. After about twelve minutes of fairly even action, Douglas hit Van Dam in the leg (the previously injured leg) with a steel chair for a blatant dq! (B)

While Helms and DDP fight on the floor, Douglas continues to assault Van Dam's leg with the chair. He picks up the microphone to taunt RVD: "You think you're gonna win this tournament, you wannabe hardcore legend? Think again! Next week, you're gonna hobble to this ring and get FRANCHISED!" (B-)

Scott Steiner pre-taped promo: "Sting, you wanna carry around some baseball bat? You bring that bat to the ring in Cal-gary and I'll stick it up your (censored) like I'm Mark McGwire! And then, since we're gonna be in Canada and they don't play no baseball up there, I'll grab a hockey stick and beat your (censored) with that too!" (A*)

Stu Hart Classic, Semifinals: Despite Booker T's "advice", Rey Misterio came to the ring to compete. Rey got the better of Booker early on with some flashy aerial moves which frustrated the four-time world champion. Booker got aggressive late in the match, targeting Misterio's surgically repaired knee with shots into the ring post and guard rail that did not win him any fans. Rey continued to fight on despite being hobbled and losing most of his greatest offensive weapons and seemed to have Booker set up for a springboard hurricanrana, but Booker put a stop to that by moving referee Nick Patrick into the way. Rey had to hop down in mid-flight to avoid hitting the ref, and Booker capitalized with the Book End to win the match and advance to the finals. (B)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

Steve Corino didn't have much trouble outwrestling "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan. (C)

Arn Anderson tells Rick Steiner and Lex Luger they'll compete on Nitro, with the winner to challenge Rey Misterio Jr. for the United States title at Calgary Stampede. (C-)

Alex Wright and Ernest Miller got in some practice as a team with a win over Johnny Swinger and Alan Funk. (C)

Rob Van Dam interview hyping his semifinal match against Shane Douglas on Nitro. (B-)

In a short yet fast-paced cruiserweight match, Kaz Hayashi got the win over Cash. (C)

Show Grade: C+

November 12th, 2001

From Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Attendance: 2,000

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

The Jung Dragons are a formidable team, but thanks to Tammy Sytch distracting Yang, Chris Candido was able to finish him off and get the pin for himself and TAKA. (B-)

Bobby Heenan interviews Jerry Lawler and Steve Corino. Corino says he'll prove there's a new king on Sunday: the King of Old School! Lawler laughs, says he's forgotten more about wrestling than Corino will ever know, and in Calgary he's going to give him a royal wrestling lesson. (C+)

Rick Steiner withstood Lex Luger's power and gave him a Steiner Driver (aka Death Valley Driver) to earn a US title shot on Sunday. (D+)

Misterio comes out to offer his congratulations to Steiner, but Rick shoves him back and tells him to shine the belt up real nice before he hands it over to a real champion at Calgary Stampede. (C-)

Bobby Heenan asks Arn Anderson if we can expect to see Ric Flair back soon; a smirking Arn says if anybody knows anything about Ric, it's that he'll show up on his own time. (C-)

Bryan Clark had a black eye tonight, which was curious since he hadn't had it last week and was not hit at all during his return. It didn't have any impact on tonight's match, as Doomsday brawled their way to a victory over Shawn Stasiak and Mark Jindrak, finishing them with a double chokeslam. (C)

The Thrillers come out and start brawling with Doomsday; other wrestlers rush out from the back to break them up. (B-)

Stacy Keibler tries talking to AJ Styles about regrouping following the "miscommunication" during last week's loss to Chavo Guerrero Jr, but AJ's not having it. AJ blames Keibler for the dissolution of Air Raid and says that after she's repeatedly ignored his requests by coming out to the ring during his matches, he's had enough. He tells her that her services are no longer required! (C-)

In a preview of two different matches at Calgary Stampede, Jushin Liger and Jamie Knoble got the edge over Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Fit Finlay when Knoble pinned Finlay with a crucifix. (B-)

Vampiro and Father Isaac are interviewed by Bobby Heenan. Isaac: "His actions have made it clear that before Dustin Rhodes can be saved, he must first be brought lower than ever before." (C-)

Booker T promo; people keep asking him who he wants to see win tonight, but it doesn't matter. Whether it's RVD or Shane Douglas, "ain't nobody gonna get between Booker T, that trophy and the world title match at Starrcade, sucka!" (C+)

In a major upset, American Dragon got the pin on Disco Inferno with a flying sunset flip. (C)

Roddy Piper pre-taped promo: "Diamond Dallas Page tells me he's got somethin' to get off his chest--and what better place to do that than Piper's Pit?" (B+)

Thanks to a Lance Storm superkick while he was out on the floor, Ernest Miller was defeated by CM Punk in singles competition. (C+)

Sting and Scott Steiner have a final face-to-face in the ring before Sunday. Sting focuses on the world title, but Steiner decides to take some personal shots. He says he was always better than Sting, even back when Sting was the world champion and he was strictly a tag team wrestler. He also calls Sting's entire legacy "a joke", and if he'd had to face a real man like Big Poppa Pump instead of "bush league wannabes" like Ric Flair and Vader, he'd have never won a single world title. Sting doesn't take too kindly to the disrespect to his hall of fame career, and a fight breaks out! Steiner bails when Sting claims the upper hand, leaving the challenger standing tall in the ring. (A*)

Stu Hart Classic, Semifinals: It was fitting that Rob Van Dam and Shane Douglas met up in the semifinals of the tournament after their altercation at Halloween Havoc--almost like someone planned it that way! Douglas had a single-minded focus on attacking Van Dam's leg here, the same leg he'd hurt against Mike Awesome and Douglas further aggravated by bashing with a chair last week. Whether with kicks, slams or submissions, everything he did was all about exploiting that weakness. RVD could not use his usual array of kicks, but was able to take command with some solid technical wrestling. After dropping Shane with an elevated double underhook facebuster, RVD limped over to the ropes and hit the Five Star Frog Splash to win the match. (B+)

I put the headset down to congratulate RVD, but Booker soon comes out too. I wish them both luck and say I hope they deliver an epic final match that would make my dad proud. RVD was confident in his chances, but Booker just shakes his head and tells him that nothing's going to stop him from getting his world title back. "If I gotta take your leg out to get there, that's just what I'm gonna do!" (A)

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

Now sans Stacy Keibler, AJ Styles had nothing to distract him or prevent him from beating Elix Skipper. (C+)

Hugh Morrus and Konnan interview; they openly question the long-term future of their tag team. (C-)

In his first appearance since Halloween Havoc, Billy Kidman knocked off Alan Funk. (C+)

Jamie Knoble interview; he enjoyed pinning Finlay on Nitro in tag action, but it'll be even better to defeat the tough Irishman one-on-one at Calgary Stampede. (C)

We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out what DDP wants to discuss on Piper's Pit, but he picked up a win tonight over the huge Hell Raiser. (C+)

Show Grade: C
With the DDP feud behind him, we moved Scott Steiner into a title program with Sting. Scotty's been on fire in the ring and on the mic, and we've gotten some great non-wrestling segments out of this storyline on Nitro, but will Sting's body allow him to hang with him and produce a PPV main event quality match?

The Stu Hart Classic comes down to RVD vs. Booker. That seemed to be what most of our fans expected, but little do they know that this wasn't my intended direction and we went this way due to things beyond my control. Should be a great match though.

We couldn't really build a proper US title storyline since Rey made it to the semifinals of the tournament, but we still got a title match on the card with Rey defending against Rick Steiner. Not sure how their styles will mesh, but I think they're good enough to give us a solid match.

We did the double dq last month so we could stretch this tag title feud out. Bryan Clark's skull fracture gave me a scare, but the doctors were right. He's good to go, and our two powerhouse teams are set for their rematch.

Chavo went over Liger in a tag to set him up as the next challenger for the cruiserweight title. I'm worried about Liger's stamina with the tough schedule he's working, but this should be a great match.

Due to Dustin threatening physical harm to Father Isaac (what a babyface move!), Vampiro's agreed to fight him. They've warned Dustin to be careful what he wishes for. I'm not sure what to expect from the match, but I think this has been a pretty interesting midcard story.

I don't think anybody saw Jerry Lawler coming as the surprise entrant in the tournament, but I think he's a perfect fit as Steve Corino's foil. "The King of Old School" vs. "The King", a genuine old school star.

Will Alex Wright choose Ernest Miller as his partner when he gets his UFS tag title shot? Even I don't know the answer to that question, but he'll be his partner against the True Heroes.

Jamie Knoble gets more PPV time, this month against Fit Finlay. We worked his real-life praise from the boys in the locker room into the story here. Should be a very good match.


Fan Scorecard:

World Heavyweight Championship: Sting vs. "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner {}

Stu Hart Classic Finals: Rob Van Dam vs. Booker T

United States Heavyweight Championship: Rick Steiner vs. Rey Misterio Jr. {}

World Tag Team Championship: Doomsday vs. Natural Born Thrillers {}

Cruiserweight Championship: Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Jushin Thunder Liger {}

Dustin Rhodes vs. Vampiro

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. "King of Old School" Steve Corino

Alex Wright and Ernest "The Cat" Miller vs. True Heroes

Jamie Knoble vs. Fit Finlay

What will be match of the night?

How many championships will change hands? (the tournament does not count)

Will we find out who attacked Ric Flair?

Who attacked Flair? (Answer this even if you answer no to the above question; you'll get credit for correctly naming the identity whenever it is revealed.)
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