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Default Starrcade: One hour before bell time

December 30th, 2001
Ryougoku Sumo Hall, Tokyo Japan
One hour before bell time

I double-checked (okay, more like triple-checked) my lineup for the night, making sure everything was in order. This was a big night for us, and I wanted everything to run as smoothly as possible.

Japanese wrestling shows usually feature a higher percentage of walk-up ticket purchases than we're used to in the US, but all indications were that we'd sell out the 11 thousand-plus seat Sumo Hall tonight. That's a big deal, and it made us look like a big deal if we could pull it off. Hopefully we could deliver a great show and close out 2001 with a bang.

I was interrupted from my musings when my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and said hello.

"I'm in."

I grinned at that. I'd sent feelers out to several guys whose contracts were almost up, and here I had one already agreeing to jump ship. "Excellent. We'll send over the finalized contract tomorrow with the figures we agreed to. The moment you finish up with Vince, we'll bring you straight to TV."
We confirmed some of the plans we'd previously discussed and wrapped up our brief discussion, but not before the soon-to-be ex-WWF Superstar told me to put on a killer show. I told him I'd see him in 2002.

The primary purpose of this post was so I could give a 24-ish hour warning for Starrcade. I should say it'll be no more than 24 hours, and could be several hours less than that. I don't normally do this sort of thing, but with it being the last show in the long contest to decide who gets to play in the next Ultimate Fan Series, I decided to make an exception. I didn't want to post JUST for that, so I threw in that little teaser.

Originally Posted by LordofGustav View Post
Once that happens RVD will take him to the extreme and make Steiner yield to not only the future WCW World Heavyweight Champion... but also Mr. WCW (that would be a good nickname for RVD)
I've been trying to brainstorm possible nicknames for RVD. I could use the established "Mr. Monday Night", but that to me feels like something he'd just say once in a while rather than it being synonymous with him like, say, Heartbreak Kid is with Shawn Michaels. He could refer to himself as a lot of things, Mr. WCW included, but I'm not sure if he'll be getting an "official" nickname.

You said that just because i have Megumin (Konosuba) as my avatar, isn't?
Who can say? But if you ever see me debut a new wrestler whose gimmick is that he's devoted all of his training to creating a ridiculously elaborate finishing move, to the point that he has no other moves or attributes that are at all effective, don't report me for gimmick infringement.

(The thief who steals panties and the useless goddess who wears ridiculously short skirts with no underwear are more WWF's style though.)

(Wow, that summary probably makes me sound like a giant pervert to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about.)

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I've had to learn photoshop for work (or rather pixlr aka poorman's photoshop) and now I look for reasons to work on my skills as it has become a fun hobby for me.....I may do this for more of your ppvs but I don't want to promise anything.
Anything you choose to do will of course be appreciated, but absolutely no pressure!

Originally Posted by AMarc9-8 View Post
World Tag Team Championship: True Heroes vs. Natural Born Thrillers {}
This switch has been a long time coming, and it can begin the rise to legend status for WCW's future number one player
I can see it now: WCW World Heavyweight champion Chuck Palumbo!
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