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Default 2001 Year-End Awards

So Observing Wrestling just released the 2001 awards and Power 500.

Wrestler of the Year: Steve Austin (WWF) (x3)

This one was never in doubt. Not many people expected Steve to turn heel at Wrestlemania, but you can't argue with the results. He was a guaranteed great main event for every PPV and really carried the WWF on his back this year, especially with Vince's baffling booking of supposed top babyface Rock. Who knows how much longer Steve can continue to go at this level with his neck in the state it's in, but I expect him to have another great year next year.

Company of the Year: Pro Wrestling NOAH

This was the big surprise. It seemed like the WWF was churning out one great show after another, so I figured they'd be a slam dunk to win this award. When I actually went back and looked at NOAH's output throughout the year though, I started seeing the argument. Misawa, much like Austin, was a great main event machine as champion, and that resulted in too many great shows to count. They'd better hope Misawa can stay healthy though, because I'd say they're a lot more dependent on him than WWF is on Austin. Personally I wish them well, because a loss for the WWF is a win for everybody else.

Team of the Year: The Two Man Power Trip (Steve Austin and Triple H, WWF)

So this is kind of a weird one. There's no arguing with the quality of matches. Austin and HHH wrestled Edge and Christian [b]TWELVE TIMES[b] in TV tag matches during the year, and all twelve were extremely well received. They also had several more highly regarded matches with the likes of the Dudleys, Hardys, and the team of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. So why in the world did they have all those huge tag matches, usually in the main event, and never once defend their tag team titles? Has Vince decided that the belts suck so much that they'd only make people less interested in their matches? Does he consider Austin and Hunter above the tag team titles? Is he senile? I don't know what the answer is, but if I were part of one of the regular full-time teams in the company I'd be pretty damn frustrated by it all.

Match of the Year: Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit from WWF Survivor Series in November

You really could've chosen between three different Austin matches for this award: this match, his Judgment Day title match with Christian, and one of the aforementioned twelve tag matches with Hunter against Edge and Christian. They went with this one from Japan.

Show of the Year: Judgment Day in May (WWF)

This was the show headlined by the MOTYC between Austin and Christian. There was also an extremely strong semi main event between Undertaker and William Regal, and I'm guessing that was the match that tipped the scales to this show as the best of the year.

Young Wrestler of the Year (age 24 or younger): Jeff Hardy (WWF)

Jeff was basically a forgotten man in the WWF this year even before the Lita scandal broke. His TV and PPV record for the year was below .500, and his highest profile singles win of the year was probably in a nothing match against The Goodfather on an episode of Heat. He still had some really good performances at times when he was actually given a chance, but those chances were few and far between. He wrestled on exactly one PPV post-Mania, and that was when he and Matt put over Too Cool in a mediocre match at Survivor Series.

Veteran Wrestler of the Year (age 42 or older): Tatsumi Fujinami (NJPW)

This shouldn't come as any great surprise if you've been paying attention to how hard New Japan pushed Fujinami this year. I still question whether he's the right choice to be IWGP Heavyweight champion at 48 years old when you've got guys like Mutoh, Chono, Sasaki, Tenzan, Kojima and Nagata all on the roster, but he's had a few very good matches this year. His main events were generally not very close to the level of Misawa's though, so that could spell trouble for New Japan if NOAH keeps that production up.

Female Wrestler of the Year: Aja Kong (GAEA)

We aren't quite at the level in the 80's and early 90's where the Japanese women were putting on arguably the best matches anywhere in the world, male or female, but the best women's wrestling can still be found in Japan. Aja had several very good matches with Manami Toyota while on tour with All Japan Women's in the fall, and those are the biggest reason she won this.

Independent Wrestler of the Year: Marc Mero

They apparently have a different definition of 'independent wrestler' than I do, as they seem to view it as someone who doesn't appear in any promotion regularly and only works on random shows. I guess Marc Mero was the best of that bunch, but when the highlight of your year is working a couple of tag matches with Jerry Sags I'm not sure how much that really says. Remember when Vince thought signing this guy away from WCW was a major coup?

Manager of the Year: Paul Heyman (WWF) (x2)

Heyman's a great promo, so this is no real surprise. It was still a bad year for him overall considering ECW went out of business in 2001.

Announcer of the Year: Jim Ross (WWF) (x10)

The complete opposite of a surprise. This is J.R.'s 10th time winning the award overall, and his fourth in a row. He's the best announcer in the business today without a doubt, and a lot of people think he's the best ever.

Color Commentator of the Year: Bret Hart (WCW)

Hey, that's me! Maybe winning this isn't as impressive as it could be, since we've got Bobby doing interviews and Lawler didn't do any commentating anywhere this year. Still, I was honored to receive this award, especially since I hadn't done any serious commentating until this year. More importantly, it got WCW on the board and kept us from being shut out in these awards.

Referee of the Year: Nick Patrick (WCW)

Another one for the good guys! Admittedly we only one two of the lesser awards (still not the lowest; looking at you, Mero), but a win's a win!

1. Steve Austin
2. Christian
3. Edge
4. Triple H
5. Mitsuharu Misawa
6. Chris Benoit
7. The Undertaker
8. Keiji Mutoh
9. The Rock
10. Kurt Angle
11. Jun Akiyama
12. Yoshinari Ogawa
13. Akira Taue
14. Eddie Guerrero
15. Kensuke Sasaki
16. Taiyo Kea
17. Hiroshi Hase
18. Kane
19. Chris Jericho
20. Satoshi Kojima
21. Dr. Wagner Jr.
22. Yoshihiro Takayama
23. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
24. Big Show
25. Toshiaki Kawada
26. Tatsumi Fujinami
27. Negro Casas
28. Riki Choshu
29. Genichiro Tenryu
30. Matt Hardy
31. Jushin Liger
32. Jinsei Shinzaki
33. Osamu Nishimura
34. Jeff Hardy
35. Universo 2000
36. Scott Steiner
37. Bubba Ray Dudley
38. Minoru Tanaka
39. Brian Christopher
40. Aja Kong
41. Masahiro Chono
42. Booker T
43. Shinjiro Otani
44. Atlantis
45. Shinya Hashimoto
46. Tiger Mask IV
47. Kazuyuki Fujita
48. Bradshaw
49. Manami Toyota
50. Raven
51. D-Von Dudley
52. Rey Misterio Jr.
53. Shocker
54. Great Sasuke
55. Kanyon
56. Rayo de Jalisco Jr.
57. Black Warrior
58. Lance Storm
59. Spike Dudley
60. Steve Williams
61. Gedo
62. Diamond Dallas Page
63. Chigusa Nagayo
64. Daisuke Ikeda
65. Dick Togo
66. William Regal
67. Funaki
68. Sting
69. Villano III
70. Al Snow
71. Electroshock
72. Rob Van Dam
73. Kaoru Ito
74. Blue Panther
75. Mike Rotundo
76. Tatsuhito Takaiwa
77. Akira Hokuto
78. Rey Bucanero
79. Latin Lover
80. Marty Jannetty
81. Takao Omori
82. Katsumi Usuda
83. Rick Steiner
84. Blue Demon Jr.
85. Devil Masami
86. Canek
87. Hayabusa
88. Mascara Sagrada
89. Mr. Perfect
90. Hector Garza
91. Emilio Charles Jr.
92. Takako Inoue
93. Heavy Metal
94. Jerry Lynn
95. Abismo Negro
96. Masato Tanaka
97. El Zorro
98. Satanico
99. Rikishi
100. Test

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
Japanese? Yes, technically -- I'm currently in my first semester here, and will be through my first year in the summer. However, I'm not sure my translation would be accurate. I do have a dictionary if I run into trouble.

I'm fairly certain a lot of the words would be in Katakana -- which primarily is used for foreign words.

Are you planning on running in Tokyo again soon? I'd think Liger is owed a rematch, and that would make a great one-off or even a Nitro episode.
I had no idea! Are you enjoying it over there? I'm not much of a traveler, but if I were to travel overseas somewhere Japan would be very high on my list of ideal destinations.

I don't have firm plans yet, but I'll probably run at least one PPV somewhere in Japan during the first half of the year. It'll be difficult for me to ever run a Nitro there though because of the language barrier.

Originally Posted by ttj0001 View Post
Great show! That TAKA/Liger match sounds like a barnburner. Never been a big RVD fan so maybe you'll be able to do something to make me buy in to that one.
I had a feeling they'd put on match of the night, and I wasn't wrong. Hopefully I did the match justice.

If I don't, I guess you can root for a quick title change!

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
On one hand, I agree with the premise -- only a few matches [yearly] should get an A rating. On the other hand, that shouldn't be hard-coded into the game. Rather, the mods can be better balanced to reflect this. Either way, B shouldn't garner you that much of a penalty -- there are probably less than 20 wrestlers with 82+ Psychology in the world at any given time.
Yeah, I have no problem with the premise at all. It's just the execution that I think leaves something to be desired.

How long did the match run?
20 mins.

DiBiase was associated early on with the NWO, too --- I've never liked his promo work in WCW, though I haven't seen his run as RAW GM. He doesn't have history with Flair -- which made me think maybe Dusty was involved.
I thought Dusty was a really interesting idea when I saw a few people guess in that direction. He's currently occupied as my one and only road agent (I should probably hire a second one, especially since Dusty also owns and works for TCW and has been unavailable on a couple of my shows because of it.) Arn Anderson was another one I thought would be interesting. I tried to set him up as kind of a subtle red herring, but I don't know if anybody picked up on that.

I wasn't sure that Bischoff would be willing to come work under Bret -- I guess their in-game relationship is less severe than I thought. Does Bret have a negative relationship with Goldberg? I'd guess Shawn is probably off the books due to previous circumstances, maybe Triple H too, but everyone else is probably on the table.
They don't have any sort of relationship in this mod, and neither do Bret and Goldberg. Bret's only negative relationships are with Shawn, Vince, Nash, HHH, Hogan and Linda (plus simmering tension with Bam Bam, but that's my doing.) If it were my mod I'd have probably given Bret simmering tension with Bischoff, but I'm not sure about Goldberg. I know he ended his career (or at least contributed to it, but I think working through the concussion might have been what really did him in), but it sounded like Bret thought Goldberg was a good dude at least.

What does his Star Quality look like? Can he improve it by changing size. That will determine whether RVD can swing the national battle against the Fed -- and maybe even become the figurehead.
He's got an 82 in star quality, which I think puts him at about the 4th or 5th highest in the company. I don't have anybody in the 90's, and Sting is the highest at 89. RVD's not interested in changing his size, so that's off the table for him. Very few guys are actually willing to do it, but Punk happens to be one of them. I've never requested someone to change size and am a bit leery of trying it, as I'm unsure of what impact it might have on their in-ring skills. On the other hand, if a size change increased Punk's star quality by like 5 points it'd probably only be Austin and Rock who had higher star quality in the WWF...

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