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Default January 2002: Road to Sin


January 7th, 2002

From the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada

Attendance: 3,000 (sell-out!)

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

RVD gets a hero's welcome as he comes out, thanks the fans and promises to be a "one of a kind champion". Arn Anderson introduces him to his first challenger at Sin: The Destroyer! Father Isaac poses a question to RVD: if plain old Mike Awesome beat him and nearly put him on the injured list, will he walk out of Sin in one piece now that he's been reborn as The Destroyer? (B-)

Maybe local masked wrestler Incognito should've lived up to his name, because The Destroyer demolished him in about three minutes. (C)

A brief shot of Eric Bischoff, Chris Candido, Tammy Sytch and new cruiserweight champion TAKA arriving to the arena is used to promote an interview later in the night where Bischoff has promised to explain everything. (B-)

Steve Corino interview; he brags about his Starrcade win, where he sent another "wannabe old-school legend" into the old folks' home. (C+)

Cameras tracked Kanyon as he came back through the curtain after his Starrcade loss, and he was inconsolable. He muttered "What now?" and shook his head, looking bewildered and defeated. (B)

One half of the new tag team champions, CM Punk, was on hand at color commentary to watch their first challengers in action. Punk complained about WCW not throwing a parade in appreciation of their new tag team champions, and said that Alex Wright was a fool to try and use his UFS title match to dethrone the True Heroes at Sin. Wright certainly didn't look like a fool as he and Jamie Knoble built on their Starrcade momentum by defeating 3 Count. (B-)

Totally Buffed mock the Natural Born Thrillers for losing their titles, but run away quickly when the Thrillers look to be in a fighting mood. (B-)

Booker T complains to Arn Anderson about being overlooked after his win over Sting, saying it should be him and not The Destroyer challenging RVD at Sin. Arn agrees the win was impressive, but says Destroyer's previous success against RVD was the difference maker. He suggests if Booker wants to make an impression, he can do so with a win in his match against Norman Smiley tonight. (B+)

The American Dragon must be WELL above average, because he got a submission win over Mike Sanders. (B-)

Vampiro corners Rey Misterio Jr. backstage and says that with The Destroyer set to bring the world title home at Sin, it's only right that he add the United States title to their growing collection as well. Rey, not intimidated, says all he had to do if he wanted a title shot was ask. He's on! (C+)

Sting promo; he begrudgingly gives Booker T credit for getting the pin on him at Starrcade, even if he's still an obsessed lunatic. As for what's next for Sting? "The only thing that's for sure is that nothing's for sure." (A)

Kimberly was nowhere in sight as DDP used the Diamond Cutter in a victory over Disco Inferno. (B)

DDP post-match interview; he tells Bobby Heenan that he blames Kimberly, not himself, for what happened at Starrcade, and that's why he asked her not to come with him tonight. Shane Douglas appears on the video screen and says it's ironic that Kimberly's presence worked against DDP at Starrcade, since she's one of the only reasons he has a career to begin with! (B)

Norman Smiley was excited to be in action for the first time since breaking his leg in May, but his night did not end well after Booker T finished him with the Book End. (B)

A staffer tried to interview Scott Steiner for the website right after Starrcade, but he was having none of it. He shoved the man out of the way, told him he was going to break his neck for asking such a dumb question, and smashed his laptop against the wall! (B+)

The cruiserweights took center stage in the main event, as Billy Kidman and AJ Styles joined forces against TAKA and Kaz Hayashi. All four cruiserweights had a chance to showcase their skills here, but it was Kidman that won the match with a shooting star press on Hayashi, giving him another confidence booster on the road to challenging TAKA for the title at Sin. (B+)

Spotlight Segment:

As promised, we ended the show with Eric Bischoff and his entourage in the ring for an interview with Bobby Heenan. Mike and I made sure to point out that Flair was still not medically cleared after the damage suffered during the Starrcade attack and thus was not in the building tonight. Bobby expressed his surprise at seeing him show up at Starrcade, as he didn't think Bischoff would ever be seen in WCW again. Eric laughed and said that a lot of people had been hoping for that very thing, but he'd made his reputation off of defying people's expectations. No one gave WCW a chance at ever becoming the number one wrestling promotion in the world, but that very thing happened under HIS leadership! No one thought he had any business being put in charge of a big-time wrestling operation, but it wasn't Dusty Rhodes, Ole Anderson, Bill Watts or anybody else who drove Vince McMahon to the brink of extinction: it was him!

"I was on top of the world. I changed this entire industry forever when I launched WCW Monday Nitro, live each and every week on TNT. But then, just when I had my foot on Vince's throat and was prepared to finish him once and for all, I lost it. No, it was STOLEN from me! You see, from the very beginning there were people trying to undermine my authority, everyone from that fat buffoon Dusty Rhodes to that jealous second-rate announcer Jim Ross, and most especially the so-called "Nature Boy", Ric Flair. It was no secret to me that Flair had Ted Turner's ear, and he badmouthed me to the big boss every single chance he got. He wanted nothing more than to see me fail, and I knew I needed allies. I decided that if the old guard of WCW was going to resist my revolution, I would just create a bigger and better organization to take its place: the New World Order! Hollywood, Nash, Hall and I set out to make the nWo the coolest, trendiest thing going in the world of wrestling, and we did just that! Our mere presence on Turner programming made WCW hotter than it had ever been, and the old-time WCW 'rasslin stars like Ric Flair couldn't stand it!"

I thought Eric did a good job here, but Bobby wasn't up to his usual performance tonight. He kind of lost his train of thought a bit as he was supposed to bring up the fact that Eric and the nWo ultimately failed, but Eric got things back on track. He said that he wasn't defeated by Vince McMahon, the WWF, the old fogies of WCW and certainly not by Ric Flair; he was defeated in a boardroom. He was defeated by mergers and corporate takeovers and rebranding. He was defeated because people like Ric Flair had been undermining his grand vision for the future of professional wrestling, and their refusal to embrace the future had doomed the entire enterprise. He himself had merely been the first piece of many to fall.

"But now, against all odds, WCW has a second chance. The moment I heard about the rebirth of WCW and the new deal with FX, I immediately offered my expertise to the new regime. But the "powers that be" didn't want my help. Instead, they put Arn Anderson in charge. ARN ANDERSON! About the only thing worse would've been giving the job to Arn's best buddy the Nature Boy! Arn, just like Flair, is stuck in the past. But I'm going to save WCW from itself, even if nobody will appreciate me for it. If I can't do it by steering the ship, I'll just have to do it in a different way. And that's where my associates here come into play. WCW, if you're going to stay stuck in the past, WE will bring you into the 21st century! No, this is not a hostile takeover. We're not here to destroy WCW. We're here to save it! I built this place from a mom and pop southern 'rasslin group into a juggernaut, an EMPIRE. Well now I'm going to build another empire, and our first order of business is to drive that washed-up, jealous old man Ric Flair out of WCW once and for all!"

Now you can see why we held off on giving a name to this group all this time. This was an effective segment as far as officially establishing The Empire, but it could've been a hotter angle if Bobby had done a better job in his role.

Grade: B

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

Rick Steiner squashed Incognito. (C-)

True Heroes promo; they mock Wright and Knoble for even thinking they have a chance. (C-)

Elix Skipper picked up a win over Jason Jett. (C-)

Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak took care of business against The Mamalukes. (D+)

Rob Van Dam and Rey Misterio Jr. backstage promo to hype a big tag team match against The Destroyer and Vampiro next Monday on Nitro. (C)

Show Grade: C-

January 14th, 2002

From Reed Gym in Pocatello, Idaho

Attendance: 3,040 (sell-out!)

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Sting opened the show with a glorified enhancement match against Alan Funk. During this match we mentioned that a match had been signed between Sting and Fit Finlay for Sin on January 27th. (C+)

During an interview with Bobby Heenan, AJ Styles and Kaz Hayashi get into a verbal altercation about Stacy Keibler and Hayashi's questionable win at Starrcade. Keibler stands back with a smile and lets Kaz speak for himself, and he agrees to AJ's challenge for a rematch. (C+)

Ric Flair satellite promo from his home in Charlotte: "Our commissioner requested that I take some time to cool off, and out of respect for Double A I'm going to sit at home for the next two weeks. But Bischoff, when I get back, your ass is mine!" (B)

King Corino put on an exhibition in a win over Air Paris. (B)

Corino is confronted in the ring after the match by BOB BACKLUND! Backlund says he's heard all he can stand from this "braggadocios youth", and he wishes to challenge him to a match! (C)

Roddy Piper briefly teases Piper's Pit later in the night, where he'll welcome Booker T as his guest. (B)

Chavo Guerrero Jr. won a cruiserweight battle against Yang with a brainbuster. (B)

Heenan interviews American Dragon after watching the previous match, and he says he'd like to be cruiserweight champion himself some day. Shane Helms interrupts, telling Dragon he needs to wait his turn while true championship-caliber athletes like himself go for the gold. (C+)

With The Destroyer pacing in the background, Vampiro and Father Isaac cut a promo on tonight's main event. Isaac: "At Sin we will claim those championship belts you covet so much, but tonight you will feel pain!" (C)

Johnny the Bull was a game competitor, but he was no match for Shane Douglas. (B-)

DDP tries to attack Douglas after the match, but Shane is saved by Totally Buffed! The three of them beat DDP down and leave him laying in the ring, and Kimberly comes out to check on her husband. (B)

In six man tag action, True Heroes teamed with Rick Steiner to defeat Alex Wright, Jamie Knoble and Ernest Miller when Storm forced Miller to submit. (B-)

Spotlight Segment:

Roddy began Piper's Pit by talking about how impressed he'd always been with Booker T. The first time he'd seen him in the ring he knew he was going to be something special, but even he hadn't known just how great Booker would become.

"Just look at the resume. TV champion. United States champion. Six time TV champion Ten time tag champion, and four times you've been the heavyweight champion of the world. You're a hall of famer if I ever seen one! But lately you've been different. Ever since you lost the world title to Scott Steiner in July, you've become like a totally different person. You're obsessed with that title, man, and it ain't good for you!"

Roddy's one of the all time great talkers, but tonight was not his night. His delivery fell flat, and I'm sure all who caught it were scratching their heads when he called Booker a former TV champion, then again referenced his six reigns with the TV title a few seconds later. Booker did some solid work in return though as he said that he wasn't surprised Piper couldn't understand what he was going through. Roddy never had to cope with the injustice of having the world title taken away from him in a match where he wasn't pinned and never gave up. He never had to deal with being screwed out of the title and never receiving the rematch he deserved, because he'd never been good enough to win the world title even once in his career, never mind four times! Roddy gave a little aggravated smirk at that dig, but he didn't get a chance to respond before a third party arrived on the scene.

Booker smiled when his brother entered the ring, but when he went to give him a hug Stevie held out his hand to stop him. Booker looked stunned as Stevie took the microphone out of his hand and said that this wasn't the time for brotherly love; it was the time for tough love! Roddy was right about him, and as much as Booker might not want to hear it, he needed to hear it. And if Booker wasn't going to listen to anybody else, Stevie was going to be there to help his brother out just like he always had been. He wanted Booker to know that the night he won the world heavyweight title for the first time was the proudest night of Stevie's life, even more than any of the ten times they'd won the tag team titles together. He'd always been proud of Booker, even when they didn't always get along all the time. But he needed to wake up and realize that he'd been losing his mind ever since Steiner took the belt back from him. He needed to realize that there was more to life than being the world heavyweight champion, and he needed to let go of this obsession before it destroyed him.

No sugarcoating this; Stevie was awful. He looked completely lost out there. I think the nuts and bolts of what we were trying to get across was good, but no one in the building was happier than me when Booker finally reacted. He stared down at the mat for a long moment, looking like a scolded dog, and slowly nodded his head. Stevie held out his arms for a hug, and Booker embraced him...then lifted him into the air and slammed him down with the Book End! Piper was shocked and tried to pull Booker away, but Booker shoved him back and gave his older brother several hard punches to the face. Not content with that, Booker grabbed the chair he'd been sitting in at the start of the segment and trapped Stevie's ankle inside of it. He went to the second rope and stomped down straight onto the chair to "Pillmanize" Stevie's leg! Roddy tried asking him what he was thinking, but Booker ignored him. He picked the microphone back up and stared at his brother, who was rolling around on the mat in agony.

"I understand, Stevie. I understand. I understand, but you DON'T understand! You don't know what it's like to be the world heavyweight champion, and you dang sure don't know what it's like to have that title stolen from you! Because you're just like everybody else, dawg! Everything you ever had in wrestling, you got cause of me! When Harlem Heat was over and done with, you were forgotten. But me? Harlem Heat was just the beginning for Booker T, man! You can't understand it because you ain't lived it, but I've been to the mountaintop. I've been the king of the world, and I ain't ever gonna stop until I take back what's rightfully mine! Now!

Grade: B

A brief teaser airs, revealing that the Ultimate Fan Series 2002 is coming soon. (B)

Bischoff and TAKA run into Kidman and Torrie Wilson backstage. Eric reminds Kidman that he owes him a debt of gratitude for creating the cruiserweight division in the first place and warns him that trying to take the title away from TAKA means he's getting in the way of The Empire. When he insults Torrie by questioning what purpose she serves other than looking pretty, Kidman sticks up for her and says he'll bring the so-called empire down to its knees by taking the title at Sin! (B-)

The aerial artistry of Rey Misterio mixed with the kicks and unique athleticism of Rob Van Dam made for a very potent team, one that Destroyer and Vampiro would have to be at their best to hope to defeat. That was never their intention, however, because Vampiro whacked Van Dam with a steel chair for an obvious disqualification. (B)

Destroyer and Vampiro continue their attack after the match, taking turns chasing off any referees or staff who try to intervene. After Vampiro plants Misterio with the Nail in the Coffin and the Destruction Bomb leaves RVD limp, they hold the titles up as Isaac bellows, "this is what Salvation looks like!" (That's the actual name of this faction, if that wasn't already clear.) (B+)

Show Grade: B

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

Kaz Hayashi defeated Jason Jett. (C+)

American Dragon interview; he looks forward to showing Shane Helms he is worthy of title contention when they meet at Sin. (C)

Norman Smiley wiggled his way into his first win after returning from injury when he beat Flash Flanagan. (C)

The Natural Born Thrillers wrestled their first match since losing the tag team titles, and they took down the team of Cash and Mike Sanders. (C+)

Shane Douglas and Totally Buffed locker room promo; they aren't formally aligning themselves, but Luger and Bagwell agreed that DDP never should've become a star. (B-)

Show Grade: C+

January 21st, 2002

From John E. Carlson Stadium in Fargo, North Dakota

Attendance: 4,200 (sell-out!)

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Young Austin Aries carried himself like a man who's full of confidence, but he simply didn't have the skill to defeat Rey Misterio Jr. (B)

Vampiro appears on the video screen and has some words for Misterio. He says that Rey is too noble and too concerned with pleasing the fans to ever accept salvation, so he will take his championship away from him at Sin and put it to better use. (B-)

Steve Corino backstage promo to respond to Bob Backlund's challenge: "Jerry Lawler was a king. Terry Funk was a hardcore legend. You, Backlund, aren't worth my time, and I'm not going to wrestle you!" (C-)

Shane Douglas and Totally Buffed took care of Ernest Miller and The Mamalukes in six man action when Douglas pinned Vito. (B-)

DDP steps into the aisle and challenges all three to a match at Sin. Luger and Bagwell laugh as Douglas mocks him, saying DDP doesn't have three friends in the world to stand beside him, so they'll be happy to accept the challenge. The Natural Born Thrillers join Dallas in the aisle, and the laughter stops! (B+)

3 Count tell a camera man that Shane Helms' betrayal at Starrcade made them realize they need to recruit a "backup vocalist" so the band can once again be three men strong. They wander the hallways until they bump into Brian Adams, and they say they'll give him his "big break" and let him join the band. Adams laughs and calls them geeks as Bryan Clark scares them off. (D)

Eric Bischoff had TAKA put the cruiserweight title on the line, but they knew 18-year old Matt Sydal posed no real threat. TAKA slapped him around and finished him with a springboard dropkick. (B)

Bischoff laughs about TAKA giving a wonderful chance to a young upstart in the division he created and TAKA now rules. The gloating continues for a bit at Sydal's expense until Billy Kidman has heard enough and comes out from the back, which Eric and TAKA take as their cue to leave. (B-)

Arn Anderson is heard on the phone, talking to what is apparently a hot free agent. He invites said free agent to come to Sin so they can iron out all the wrinkles in person and get the deal done. C+-)

Is the big wiggle superior to Disco Inferno's dance moves from the 70's? Apparently yes, because the Norman Conquest gave Smiley a submission win. (C+)

Roddy Piper approaches The Empire backstage to say that he's already invited Ric Flair to Piper's Pit this Sunday, and he wants to extend the invitation to them as well. Eric grins and says they'll be there, and Candido suggests Roddy might want to be on his guard in case things get out of hand. (B)

Stacy Keibler looked to give her client Kaz Hayashi an edge in his match against American Dragon, so she tripped the masked man as he ran off the ropes. That brought out AJ Styles from the back, and the argument between he and Keibler distracted Hayashi long enough for Dragon to recover, regain control and win the match with Arms Across America. (B-)

Shane Helms comes to the ring and mocks American Dragon for winning in such underhanded fashion, but promises he'll do no such thing against him at Sin. Dragon says he didn't ask for or want any outside influences tonight, and he won't need any of them against Helms either. (C)

Sting and Fit Finlay conduct a special simultaneous interview for Sting says he's looking forward to rebounding from his Starrcade loss with a win over a very tough competitor in Fit. Finlay doesn't care about any of that; he just wants to fight, and Sting better be ready for exactly that. (A)

Jamie Knoble took on Booker T in the night's main event. Booker's the man with the big match experience, but Knoble looked very impressive here in using his technical wrestling against the 4-time world champion. The match unfortunately had a tainted finish, because after Knoble had been knocked to the floor CM Punk and Lance Storm ran in and rammed his head into the ring post while Booker T argued with the ref. Booker picked up the pieces and won the match with the Book End. (B+)

Booker post-match promo: "The whole world's workin' together to try and make sure I don't get my title back, but I've got a perfect plan and nobody's gonna be able to stop me! At Sin I'm gonna tell the whole world just how Booker T's gonna get his belt back, suckas!" (A)

Spotlight Segment:

Arn Anderson allowed the cameras into his office for the second time in the night, and this time he was joined by RVD. Van Dam tried to get a hint on who this hot free agent was, but Arn just smiled and told him he'd have to wait like everybody else. RVD took it in stride like the laid-back dude he is, and he continued to show that side of his personality as they discussed his match against The Destroyer at Sin. RVD's character may not be everybody's cup of tea, but I thought this was him at his best. The things he said went against a lot of the conventional wrestling promo logic, but it worked for him. He came across as a really cool babyface who never let things get him down. Arn's performance left a little something to be desired by comparison; I think he was struggling to figure out how he should respond to such an unconventional babyface.

Rob said he wasn't concerned about The Destroyer. He admitted that the former Mike Awesome got the best of him back at Fall Brawl, but he was never the kind of dude who let things like that get to him. He lived a very zen life, so that loss wasn't even going to enter into his mind at Sin. He was going to walk into that match Sunday night and wrestle like only he can, because...

He couldn't finish his sentence, because The Destroyer barged into the office and went on the attack! RVD threw some punches to defend himself, but he was always going to be at a disadvantage in a close quarters fight with this opponent. Several clubbing blows from the big man knocked RVD to his knees, and Anderson had to scramble out of the way as Van Dam was thrown onto his table with the Destruction Bomb! (Onto, not through; this was a legitimate oak table, and that thing didn't budge when RVD's 237 pounds landed on it.) Father Isaac watched it all in the background, laughing in approval at the carnage his monster had left in his wake. This angle went better than I could've hoped, and it should raise the heat for this feud just in time for the PPV.

Grade: A

Show Grade: B+

Taped immediately after Nitro

Announce Team: Tony Schiavone and Don West

Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak defeated Air Paris and Matt Sydal. (C-)

King Corino interview; insists he isn't ducking Bob Backlund, but Backlund simply isn't worth his time. (C-)

Doomsday picked up a dominant win against Alan Funk and Austin Aries. (C-)

Arn Anderson reveals a late addition to the card for Sin; it's Doomsday versus 3 Count! Adams and Clark are pleased, but a shot of 3 Count backstage shows them to look extremely frightened. (C)

Yang missed his big Yang Time signature off the top rope, and that was all the opening Cash needed to hit the Money Maker and win the night's main event. (C)

Show Grade: C

I'm sure many fans expected us to go right back to the RVD/Steiner matchup after Starrcade, but I decided to hold off on that and have Rob work with The Destroyer instead. They had a couple of fairly good matches last year before Awesome put on the mask, but "fairly good" isn't really what we're looking for from our world champion in the main event. This will be an interesting test and a big chance for RVD to prove I wasn't wrong to put the title on him.

With The Destroyer going after the world title I decided to have the other member of Salvation, Vampiro, challenge Misterio for the US belt. Hopefully Vamp can bring it despite his bad attitude, because his matches have hardly set the world on fire. If Rey can't get a quality match out of him, I'm not sure anyone can.

Kevin Gaines chose to give Alex Wright a tag title shot as part of his prize for his team winning the UFS, but he left it up to me to decide who his partner would be. I went with Jamie Knoble, both because I wanted to feature Knoble and because it'll fit well with some future plans. I feel like their match with True Heroes is a sleeper candidate to steal the show.

Kidman won the Cruiserweight Shootout at Starrcade to set up this match with the new champion, TAKA. These two had a good match at Halloween Havoc in TAKA's PPV debut in WCW, but I'm hoping they can take a step forward now with the increased exposure TAKA's gotten, the presence of Bischoff and the title being on the line.

There wasn't much in the way of story buildup to Sting vs. Fit Finlay, but I'm hoping that won't hurt the match too much. The combined 85 years of age between them could hurt the action some, but I think they're still good enough to produce something fun.

The DDP/Shane Douglas saga continues, but I didn't want to do an immediate singles return match. Thus I added the Thrillers and Totally Buffed to the mix for a six man. I'm sure this match won't be as good as a simple one on one rematch would've been, but hopefully the anticipation will only make the eventual rematch even better.

One Starcade bout we ARE doing a next month rematch for is AJ vs. Hayashi, with AJ looking to avenge his loss suffered in part because of Keibler's distraction. These two did a good job opening the show last month, and I will likely give them a chance to do so again.

American Dragon wasn't on the card last month, but he makes his in-ring PPV debut here against Shane Helms. With some guys I'd be nervous about their first time in a situation like this, but this kid is a consummate pro. I think he'll do great.

The plan for the ninth match was Bob Backlund vs. King Corino, but injuries took care of that. As a late replacement I threw together a tag match with Doomsday versus 3 Count. The story of 3 Count looking for a "backup vocalist" is very campy, but the entire gimmick is campy to begin with. At least it's giving them a bit of promo time.


Fan Scorecard:

World Heavyweight Championship: The Destroyer vs. Rob Van Dam {}

United States Heavyweight Championship: Vampiro vs. Rey Misterio Jr. {}

World Tag Team Championship: Alex Wright and Jamie Knoble vs. True Heroes {}

Cruiserweight Championship: Billy Kidman vs. TAKA {}

Sting vs. Fit Finlay

Diamond Dallas Page and The Natural Born Thrillers vs. Shane Douglas and Totally Buffed

AJ Styles vs. Kaz Hayashi

American Dragon vs. "Sugar" Shane Helms

Doomsday vs. 3 Count

What will be match of the night?

How many championships will change hands?

Who is the free agent Arn Anderson is negotiating with?

Who will be the next world heavyweight champion? (worth 3 points)

General diary comments/questions/critiques:

Originally Posted by jesseewiak View Post
Yeah, especially in my long-term personal games, I pop into the big feds once a year or so and release the 'dead weight' and fix any world breaking issues like this. Worst case, book a RAW or PPV and change the titles.
This is precisely what I wound up doing. I took control of WWF for one night, ran an angle on Raw to switch the tag team titles + break up the Power Trip, and fired a bit of their useless dead weight. I'm going to leave it up to the AI and see how it chooses to fill the gaps I just created in their roster, and I'll just kind of wait and see where things go from here.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
I'm not really going to tell you any decision that I would like to see, because it is ultimately up to you. However, here is some food for thought for you when it comes to running multiple large companies at war.

The pros to running both feds simultaneously are that you start to control the universe more. Granted, you still have the other big companies of the world like New and All Japan, CMLL, and AAA to compete with, but you start to spread out the roster a bit. For instance, if there's a guy you really want to sign but can't find a place for them in WCW, you can find them a home on the WWF roster. I really like being able to do that. It keeps my WCW roster "cleaner" compared to how I did with the War diary where I just signed anyone I had a passing interest and potential push in mind for, because then I just end up with 80-100 active wrestlers just floating around a roster and only enough time to factor in about 20 of them per show. Once you spread that out over two companies though, then it becomes much nicer.
You also start to build stories around people going from one company to another. Because now, you're the one in charge of who stays with WCW and who jumps to the WWF, and vice versa. And we see less burial of people leaving either side, because if you completely bury them in the WWF on the way out, then they'll be less useful in WCW.

The con is, of course, that it starts to take longer to move through the week. Where I'm sitting at right now, I book four TV shows every Monday; Nitro, Thunder, Jakked, and Raw. Tuesday is Heat and SD, and then Wednesday is Worldwide. To say that takes "a little extra time" is an understatement. I think you would manage to keep a much better clip though, because you don't have Thunder or Jakked to go through, and you do a shorter show write-up than I am.
Also, I don't know if you play with autosave on or off, but you lose some of that. It still works within your turn, but if something happens from one day to the next (i.e. someone dies or gets injured elsewhere in the gameworld) then you're stuck with that. But given you ran a major multiplayer game out of TGAAB, you probably knew this; I just figured I'd point out that it is still that way.

I can say however that it seems booking a 2001 WWF show has proven to not be all that difficult. Granted where I'm at, I am pretty much using loose templates of the shows that they ran IRL, which you wouldn't be able to really do. But I literally just got a B+ rated show out of a Raw headlined by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vs. Kurt Angle and Trish Stratus in a mixed tag match, which was rated a B- on its own. The four of them got an A* rated angle in the opening segment and then the show closed on another A* with Austin and 3H brawling. It is literally a matter of "spam who works and profit" with the WWF.

Hopefully my experiences can help you to choose what you are going to do in the future.
I appreciate the insight, Beejus. Obviously I experienced some of the pros and cons during the multiplayer period of TGAAB, but you have a much better grasp on this specific scenario than me. I'm still not 100% sure about what I'll do in the future, but I'll definitely take all of this into consideration if I decide to revisit this option again.

Bloated roster-itis is definitely something I'm trying to be wary of. I don't know how successful I'm being with that though, considering the WWF only has like 5 or 6 more active wrestlers than me (and they're an international company while I'm still at cult!) If I'm going to continue on with only controlling WCW, I think I'm going to need to be more ruthless as far as getting rid of guys I have no real use for.

I play with autosave on, though that kind of bit me in the butt today. I had to rebook my last week of TV just so I could redo the WWF's booking and make sure the Power Trip didn't lock up the tag team of the year award three weeks into the year. (I'm not even kidding. They totally would have.)

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Pop in, turn Trips and change the titles. Kills two birds with one stone.

Edit: Is HHH still IC champ? In my save he lost it to Dean Malenko.

Edit 2: Are the tag titles set to only defend at events? Changing that may change if Austin/Trips defend them
I honestly never even considered turning Trips until you mentioned it, so thanks for that. Now maybe an actual tag team could have a shot at winning tag team of the year!

No; he lost it to Billy Gunn at Summerslam.

I adjusted them to be defended frequently on TV as well, but it made no difference. I seem to remember the WWF doing this exact same thing with their tag titles in my ROH 2002 game back on TEW2008, so I guess this isn't a recent problem.

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Personally I think running both would be a huge workload to push through each week and could potentially kill any and all enthusiasm for the game, let alone the dairy.
This is one of my chief concerns as well. Adding three more weekly shows + one PPV onto my plate might make the game much less fun for me.

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Oh, and one last thing on psych. Remember that the lack of psych note comes up when the top psych in the match is 16 points lower than the match rating. So that 82 psych guy can have a 97 rated match, but you have to aid it to be only that good. Mainly, use or don't use RA notes to muck it up just enough. After all, a 90 match that is mucked up by you is infinitely better than an 84 due to the lack of psych note. That does require turning off auto-save though as you have to book it to see if you get it in the first place. So yes, you likely would have had a higher-rated match if you had given in to Steiner and used the keep strong note.
This kind of reminds me of EWR, where you'd be better off having two pretty good technicians wrestle each other rather than one pretty good and one fantastic technician, because the key was to match up workers who were around the same skill level. Not a direct comparison, but it feels just as counterintuitive to me.

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