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Default January 2002: Ultimate Fan Series preview

The 2002 edition of the Ultimate Fan Series has finished drafting, and the matches will begin the night after Sin. Feels like kind of a short turnaround, especially since there are still several title shots still remaining from the first contest, but this will be the new timeline for this event going forward.

#1: The K-Nections, managed by Kevin Gaines (K-Nection)

Round 1: Rob Van Dam (World Heavyweight Champion)
Round 2: Rey Misterio Jr. (United States Heavyweight Champion)
Round 3: AJ Styles
Round 4: American Dragon
Tiebreaker Tag Team: RVD and Misterio

#2: The Agents of Chaos, managed by Beejus Pilgrim (Beejus)

Round 1: Scott Steiner
Round 2: Rick Steiner
Round 3: Mark Jindrak
Round 4: Dustin Rhodes
Tiebreaker Tag Team: The Steiner Brothers

#3: Straight Edge Suckas, managed by jscotty

Round 1: Booker T
Round 2: CM Punk (World Tag Team Champion)
Round 3: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Round 4: Alex Wright
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Booker and Chavo
#4: The Dead Jesters, managed by Marshal Van Black (Dead_Jester)

Round 1: Shane Douglas
Round 2: Lance Storm (World Tag Team Champion)
Round 3: Wild Card #2 of 2
Round 4: Billy Kidman
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Douglas and Storm
#5: Uncrewed's Crew, managed by Mike Storm (Uncrewed)

Round 1: Sting
Round 2: TAKA (Cruiserweight Champion)
Round 3: Chris Candido
Round 4: Lex Luger
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Sting and Luger
#6: Satyr's Hopeful Few, managed by (Satyr24)

Round 1: Kanyon
Round 2: The Destroyer
Round 3: Vampiro
Round 4: Buff Bagwell
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Kanyon and The Destroyer
#7: The League of Extraordinary Grapplers, managed by Tom Franken (Cro Cop Rules)

Round 1: Ric Flair
Round 2: Diamond Dallas Page
Round 3: King Corino
Round 4: Fit Finlay
Tiebreaker Tag Team: Flair and DDP
#8: The Wild Cards, managed by (crackerjack)

Round 1: Wild Card #1
Round 2: Sean O'Haire
Round 3: Jamie Knoble
Round 4: Chuck Palumbo
Tiebreaker Tag Team: The Natural Born Thrillers
Fan Prediction: Which team will win the Ultimate Fan Series? (Getting this right is worth three points in the current prediction contest.)

Originally Posted by Briskout View Post
What if you run events (even a weekly one) with tv showing them. It may hurt your ppv buy rates for a little bit there but it might be a workaround to the issue for now. And if you run in Japan it should still keep your overness up.
Hmm...something to consider.

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