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Default Pre-SuperBrawl News and Notes

The Royal Rumble was filled to the brim with very noteworthy events. I'll start with the WWF returns of Hogan and Scott Hall, who showed up unannounced during the event with an attack on Undertaker. Both of them also took part in the Royal Rumble match itself, with Hogan being the runner-up to The Rock. Felt like a big face moment for Rocky, but the logical set-up for a Mania rematch with Austin for the title was eliminated on the Raw before the Rumble, where Steve went back face (in an angle with Test, of all people.)

Even if Steve had stayed heel it wouldn't have mattered, because in the semi main event of the Rumble he dropped the Bubba Ray Dudley. I have no idea what Vince was thinking there but I'm not going to complain. There's pretty much zero chance Bubba will be able to maintain the quality of main event matches Steve has been putting on. This would give the appearance of a planned Rock/Bubba main event for Mania, but I don't think that's what they're actually doing. Rocky turned heel a few weeks later, and they began building another Rock/Austin feud with their roles flipped. If they do that match on Mania but put a Bubba title match in the main event, he'll surely be overshadowed.

Hogan's first singles match in WWF in almost nine years was a huge one: he beat Steve in the main event of the first Smackdown after the Rumble. The crowd ate that one up, but why wouldn't you save it for a big PPV? That's got Mania written all over it.

In addition to Hogan and Hall Vince also brought in Bam Bam Bigelow, who hadn't been doing much since I fired him.

Rock and Austin were the big ones, but they weren't the only WWF guys to switch alignment recently. Kurt Angle going face was a pretty big deal, but D-Von Dudley turning heel was less so. I guess it makes sense for him to go heel since Bubba's already there though.

Vince put Canada-based ECCW out of business. Not like they were any sort of threat or had any impact on his business, but that's pretty much Vince in a nutshell.

Our big news this month was obviously bringing in the Hardys. I would've made a play at them no matter what, but they became a much bigger focus of mine once the Lita/Shane scandal broke and I figured the odds of them re-signing with Vince would be almost nonexistent. I'm thrilled with this acquisition. They'll be a fantastic addition to our tag team division in the immediate future, and down the road I could see both of them having a chance to be main event singles stars. Jeff in particular is brimming with potential. My creative team considers him a potential 'Next Big Thing', and I have to say that I agree. That was even before I saw him when he first came in and noticed that he'd taken some initiative to improve his physique and was looking really muscular. I don't think it'll hurt his ability to do some of the flashy stuff the people love, but he looks like a big time star now. There are probably only a handful of guys in the entire business today who look more like a star than Jeff, and almost all of them are quite a bit older than him.

Mike Awesome got called into the office, again. For a failed drug test, again. The only reason I didn't fire him on the spot was because this test was for painkillers, while his previous two were for hard drugs. With that in mind I merely suspended him this time, but any more failed tests and he's gone.

Corino has bulked up nicely and moved up to the light heavyweight range. I don't think he'll ever have the kind of superstar look of a Hogan or a Rock (or now a Jeff Hardy!), but it was a good improvement. He's good enough in other areas that he was already a candidate to become a major main event player in the future, and this will only help his prospects.

Mark Jindrak has also gone up in size, becoming a heavyweight, but this change wasn't a welcome one. He's looking pretty flabby. Considering that his look was the biggest thing he had going for him, this doesn't bode well.

It was a big month for size fluctuations: down in developmental, Bobby Roode and Daffney have gone up (to Light Heavyweight and Lightweight, respectively.) Roode bulking up could be a very positive thing for him. My team down there says he's kind of a jack of all trades. He doesn't excel in any one area, but he's above average in many.

The tag team title match between True Heroes and Flair/Chavo on Nitro was kind of sad to watch. The match itself was perfectly fine, but it was just depressing to watch Flair try and fail to keep up with the other three guys.

My nephew Harry Smith, Davey's son, and TJ Wilson, who is practically another member of the family, finished up their training at the Power Plant. I've signed them and sent them down to Wildside, where they'll be teaming up as The Stampede Bulldogs. I think both could wind up being really good. Harry will probably be ready for the main roster first, so I might bring him up as a singles act, at least at first. Or maybe Davey's personal demons will be behind him by then and I could bring him in for a father/son tag team?

My brother Bruce has started Stampede back up again. He immediately approached me with a request of a working relationship, and I decided to accept. I was actually thinking it would be a natural fit for him to become a developmental territory for us, potentially in place of Wildside, but he wasn't interested in that proposal. He's giving the booking duties to our brother Ross.

I also proposed a partnership with GAEA Japan (the only real Japanese joshi promotion of significance still standing), and owner/booker/figurehead Chigusa Nagayo agreed. I think this could be a beneficial arrangement for both of our groups, but hopefully GAEA doesn't fold like all of their counterparts. Perhaps if it gets to that point I could pay off their debts and turn them into a second developmental territory where we'd send all of our future female signees, but I think it'd be best for everyone if they could stay afloat and on their own two feet.

I've agreed to a six month extension with The Score for Nitro in Canada. I thought I had a deal in place with a larger Canadian broadcaster but they were apparently skittish to air a 2-hour show, so we're staying where we are.

First it was Johnny Swinger, who's now honing his tag team act with Tony Mamaluke in Wildside, and now it's Johnny the Bull that Sting has taken on as a protégé. He must really be a fan of wrestlers named Johnny. Maybe I should hire that John Cena kid and see if Sting'll groom him too.

Shane Helms got a 75% raise, which he was happy with. Ric Flair probably wouldn't approve if he heard that, because I've heard him saying that Helms just doesn't have enough charisma to succeed.

Jeff Hardy was pretty impressed by the work of AJ Styles during their tag team match on Nitro. I heard him telling Matt that he wished HE was the one working with AJ at SuperBrawl.

Tammy Sytch has been rubbing some people the wrong way with selfish behavior, so I gave her a warning to knock it off unless she wanted to become a locker room pariah like Vampiro. We'll see if it takes.

The contracts of Stevie Ray and The Wall are officially off the books.

Down in Wildside, Paul London and LuFisto are apparently dating.

Last year's promotion of the year put on a great show in the Budokan. "Rebellion" was headlined by Misawa retaining the GHC Heavyweight title over Kobashi, and it was every bit as great as you'd expect. Akira Taue beat Jun Akiyama in a pretty great semi main event.

A new indy called Pro Pain Pro Wrestling has opened up. I wish them well, but I'm not sure that former porn star Jasmine St. Clair is going to have any clue what she's doing as the owner of a wrestling company.

Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling has joined the NWA. I guess it makes sense?

Tylene Buck (formerly Major Gunns in WCW) is dating indy worker Ricky Reyes. I guess they met in XPW, where they both work.

Shinjiro Otani suffered a severe concussion in a match against Magnum Tokyo in Toryumon Japan. His career is now in serious doubt. That's tough; I can sympathize.

There's rumors that FMW has built up some debts with the Japanese Yakuza. If I were owner Arai I think I'd be on the first plane out of the country.

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
With a full reveal promised soon, we at Observing Wrestling are looking forward to your predictions in the UFS. Remember, we're currently holding a contest for the most correct predictions, and the winner will receive a "5 Stars" Observing Wrestling tank top!
Can I play? Hook me up with one of those tank tops!

Great work; this entire post had me laughing!

Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
I'll go with Uncrewed's Crew. Sleeper pick is Satyr's Hopefuls. That's a solid lineup there.
Originally Posted by Dead_Jester View Post
Fan Prediction: Which team will win the Ultimate Fan Series? (Getting this right is worth three points in the current prediction contest.)

-Going with head instead of heart on this one and picking the Straight Edge Suckas to win it all.
Oh ye of little faith! You guys are going to feel so stupid if your team wins it all!

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I was also pushing for Bret to call the duo of Rey Misterio and RVD The Green Party but I don't think he is having it
Officially, the tiebreaker teams didn't get special names of their own, unless they were a preexisting team like the Steiners or NBT. Unofficially, Bret pointedly ignored your request.

Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
I like my team, but I want to be the draft next time more. Gotta be a bit smarter with my money here.
The contest to decide the next UFS players doesn't start until Bash at the Beach, so this won't have any impact on that.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I got inspired to do a couple of Loading Screens....hope this helps your WCW game!
Most definitely! I added these to my folder right away. It's especially helpful to me since I'm only using loading screens that can fit into the time period.

Originally Posted by Satyr24 View Post
It's only 3 points I'm sure you would have still made it to the next ufs
gotta to say though I'm liking this ufs more than the last one as really any team could win it.
As I said earlier, nothing until BATB will have any bearing on deciding the next 8 UFS teams (unless the future world champion pick from after Starrcade is triggered by a title change sometime after the Great American Bash.) When we get to that point though, 3 points can actually make a HUGE difference. Every UFS contest I've done has had people miss out on making the top 8 by less than 3 points. The one at the end of TGAAB that carried over into this thread saw Gustav left out on a tiebreaker!

It definitely feels more open-ended than the first two, where a lot of people correctly jumped on BHK and K-Nection's teams as being clear frontrunners. The teams feel much more evenly matched this time, to the point that even I'm not sure who's going to win, or who's going to be in the finals! There was one team that I had penciled in to win the entire tournament for awhile, and now they're slated to go out in the opening round!

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post
Flair and DDP are obviously the main men, but King Corino's got an outside chance to make it to the top. Aside from Punk and Danielson, Corino's one of the guys with the biggest upside, IMO, so hopefully LEG gets a leg up on the competition.
HUGE upside. That was already the case with his good overall skills (and 82 psychology, which could arguably be more important than just about anything), and the nice bump he just got in star quality will help.

Originally Posted by smartman View Post
I think a lot of the problems with Joshi promotions isn't the game not handling them well or really the mod makers not implementing them. It comes down to the dreaded 3rd or 4th place spot. They just can't put on the shows that AJPW, NJPW, or NOAH can. So not only does it mean they lose any and all battles they get put into, but they also tend to get stuck at Cult, which we can all agree is not a good spot to be. I wonder if they would stick around if you just set them to max out at a Regional company.
GAEA is set to max out at regional and they're hemorrhaging money too; I'd be shocked if they make it through 2002. Speaking of, is there a way to give money to other companies? Outside of the editor I mean; is there a way for me to give them some of MY money?

Originally Posted by sportsfanmas View Post
Gotta go with the K-Nections here. I was going to go with the Straight Edge Suckas, but that tiebreaker team of Booker T and Guerrero didn't quite do it for me. I like all the teams though. Good choices. Hopefully next time I can get in on this.
Competition will be fierce! Step one, for you or anyone else, will be to make sure you don't miss predicting any shows from BATB through Starrcade.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Leave it to TFC to make me really doubt my draft choices!!!
Leave it to you guys to make these choices much harder on me this time! You don't even want to know how many times I've gone back and changed outcomes with this UFS, to the point that I confused myself and very nearly ran the wrong match or gave a point to the wrong team!

Originally Posted by Dead_Jester View Post
Ultimate Fan Series, Opening Round: Jeff Hardy (The Dead Jesters) vs. Chris Candido (Uncrewed's Crew)
-Aside from Jeff being part of my team I expect he'll have a successful PPV debut, hopefully he can stay out of trouble.
It'll be extremely disappointing if he doesn't. The sky's the limit for him if he can avoid any incidents.

Originally Posted by The Lariat View Post
Bummed about Awesome. I want him to succeed, but his problems might get the best of him.

Looking at a y other WWF stars at the moment? Heck, will they remain WWF after the lawsuit?
I'm afraid of the same thing.

I pretty much assumed I'd be able to get the Hardys because of the Lita/Shane thing. Beyond that I'm just going to play it by ear. I have a good percentage of the WWF roster on shortlist and will make a run at some of them when the opportunity arises. I doubt I'll be able to get too many unless WWF doesn't try to keep them, which is what happened with Taka. But there are two or three guys that I'll go after HARD and see if I can come up with a steal.

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