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Default WCW Nitro: 2/5/2001

Last Week in WCW: “Scott Steiner may have retained his WCW World championship over Diamond Dallas Page, but it wasn’t without controversy as Mark Johnson replaced the original official during the bout! CEO Ric Flair then set up a huge eight man tag team match, with Booker T as the acting referee! But after The Insiders were assaulted by Team Canada on Thunder, will they be able to compete? Find out tonight on Monday Nitro!”

WCW Monday Nitro
February 5th, 2001 (Week 2)
Held at: The Richmond Arena in Richmond, Virginia (Mid Atlantic)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 5,000 people (sold out!)

It is time to kick off another exciting month in World Championship Wrestling!
“The Nature Boy” opens our show tonight, reminding fans that they are where the action is, the greatest wrestling promotion in the world, for the best fans in the world, World Championship Wrestling. He says that tonight we are starting the new month with a huge show, with a huge eight man main event!

Talking about the main event brings out The Steiner Brothers, with Scott bringing his own microphone to get in the ring and be face to face with Flair. He laughs that Ric can talk all he wants about WCW being the best promotion in the world, but as for the fans, he knew he had crossed the border into Virginia when he started seeing the people with two teeth – one on each side – and that was just the women! “Big Poppa Pump” says that he isn’t here for the fans, he’s here for all the money, fame, and freaks he can have, and that’s why he carries the World’s Heavyweight title, and that’s why “me’n’my’brudder” have busted heads for over a decade. And now, he says, it looks like there’s gonna be six more heads that need busting tonight – but the biggest head that needs it will be the man in the stripes, that punk sum’va’bi*** Booker T! Steiner tells Booker to get that hand and arm ready, because whether he likes it or not, he is gonna be counting the three for “The Big Bad Booty Daddy”!

Booker T isn’t going to leave words like that lying, as he comes to the ring himself. Rick positions himself around Booker and Scott to be where he would be able to make a move for Booker, but Flair hands Book his microphone. Scott cuts him off though, saying that it must be nice to have the boss protecting your ass from the man who’s gonna destroy you in twenty days! Booker turns to Flair, asking if Steiner really just said that. Booker retorts that he hasn’t asked for any protection, he wants to fight – but he is gonna do it legally, in the ring, with that World title on the line, so that he can take from Scott what he really treasures the most: his pride. Booker says that he let his emotions get the better of him a few weeks ago on Thunder, and he got his ass whipped for it. He says that will not happen again, Scott and Rick will not get another chance to attack him, because he’s gonna take the fight to them, and then take home the championship for a fourth time!

Speaking of people who want the title for a fourth time, Diamond Dallas Page interrupts, standing outside the ring as it seems to be getting pretty filled up. Page has his own microphone, and he tells Scott that last week, he gave Dallas one hell of a beating, but he didn’t finish the job! Instead, some crooked referee decided that it would be best to screw him over, saying that he holds Flair accountable to some extent of that as well! Page says that he wants another shot, and if he pins Steiner in the eight man tag team match tonight, then Flair should award him another title match! Steiner laughs in his face though; saying that Page got his shot and now he best take his skinny, decrepit ass to the back of the line! “’The Big Bad Booty Daddy’ already shut you down, you trailer park crap! And after I make Booker scream and cry at SuperBrawl, you better not come running your mouth again, because ‘The Genetic Freak’ will be on to new challengers to embarrass!”

One of those potential challengers joins us as “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash coolly struts down to ringside! He stands next to DDP, sharing his microphone to tell both Scott and Booker that tonight is most certainly a night that may determine the next World title contender – and chances are very good that it’s gonna be one of the Insiders. Scott tells them not to even get him started on percentage chances of victory, because the odds won’t be measurable to them. Nash points out that actually, the odds are definitely in their favor; because in case people haven’t been paying attention, there’s been an honorary Insider who gives them a 75% chance of scoring a pinfall…

“The Prodigal Son” returns to Richmond and Nitro as he comes to the ring. Steiner starts saying that enough is enough with all these people interrupting his time, but Dustin does just that by telling him that he needs to just shut the hell up! Dustin says that he just came back to WCW, so he isn’t expecting any special treatment. But a victory tonight would set him forward a long way to his ultimate goal: winning the title that has eluded him for his entire career so far, the World Heavyweight championship! Dustin says that he was lost, but now he has found his purpose in life, which will be to etch his name in the annals of history by taking the gold for himself. Steiner changes gears here, telling Rhodes that since he hasn’t been around again for very long, he will give him the ultimatum. Scott says that if Dustin has a half a brain, he would take this advice to heart: step aside. Do like Sting, do like Jarrett, like Sid, and just walk away from wanting the gold, because “Big Poppa Pump” will not be giving it up to anyone who is out here, not even Flair! An argument ensues with people yelling at one another off microphone, until…

Sid Vicious steps out from the back! He stays at the top of the aisle, saying that if anyone deserves a shot at the gold, it’s him, because for once, he shouldn’t have a crooked referee out here to cheat him from getting his hands on Steiner! Sid puts everyone on notice that he is “The Master and Ruler of the World” and that ring tonight in the eight man tag team match will be his world! Sid warns anyone who stands in his way, including Booker, that he had better call the match right down the middle – because if he doesn’t, that vehicle that hit him two weeks ago on Thunder will be nothing compared to the beating that Sid will lay on him! Flair holds Booker back from everyone, telling him that now isn’t the time, as it appears everyone – including the Steiner Brothers – have come to agreement on one thing; that Booker T had best be an impartial referee! (A*) Steiner and Page improvised well, Nash enjoyed being off-script, and Dustin worked the crowd well. Booker was the only one who struggled off-script, which is shocking given Sid was involved in this. Booker was very underwhelming as he tried to defend himself and Dustin looked lost out there. Also Scott Hudson came off weakly, but regardless the crowd are much hotter after this strong start to the show.

Meanwhile back in the interview area, Mike Tenay stands by with Team Canada. Lance Storm says that he doesn’t need to make a grand entrance into the arena to be serious for a moment. “We made all the impact we needed to last Wednesday night when ‘The Canadian Career Killer’ shortened the already way too long careers of The Insiders by putting Dallas and Rhodes through tables. It was so much fun that we want to do it again. At SuperBrawl: Revenge, why don’t we turn our six man tag team match into something a little more serious – a tables match!” (C+) Tenay was very underwhelming, which is not good because I gave him a lot of interviewer time on this show. Major Gunns helped Storm during this segment.

“Prime Time” Elix Skipper comes to the ring to defeat Kwee Wee with the Play of the Day in 4:23 after the assigned official Mark Johnson ignored a blatant low blow. (D) Paisley did good work at ringside. As planned, this match cooled the crowd.

“Mean” Gene comes out to stop Mark Johnson on his way backstage, asking him what he was doing out there. Johnson swears he saw no illegal actions, just like last week. He calls Sid Vicious a delusional psychopath, and says that if he doesn’t stop chasing him around and making threats, he will be talking to lawyers to press legal action! (D)

Backstage, we see General Rection and Corporal Cajun in their dressing room. Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes up to them and starts talking about making a plan for Hugh’s US title defense tonight, saying that he will need both he and Cajun out there because Buff Bagwell will definitely have Luger, Animal, and Madusa with him, and also because Jeff Jarrett could be anywhere. Hugh tells him that Chavo needs to just get it through his head: he’s not with them anymore! He’s not a Misfit, he’s on the other side of the line! Lash starts giving Chavo a tongue lashing in French, until Hugh tells Chavo that he may have weaseled his way into being their partner at SuperBrawl, but that doesn’t make them friends again – once that’s over, he better defend that title against Cajun! Guerrero leaves, looking hurt, telling them that they’ll need him before he needs them! (C)

We have a video from the 2 Count Tour Bus as they are on the road. The graphic says that this is exclusive footage being recorded for “Counting Downtime: Backstage Footage from 2 Count” which shows them on the bus as they drive from town to town. They say that they definitely aren’t making a stop in Richmond, but they will make sure to stop by Bakersfield in twenty days to show up their discarded band members, Shane Helms and Jamie Knoble! (D-)

“Sugar” Shane Helms and Jamie Knoble take on The Jung Dragons, but despite their claim of “definitely not being in Richmond” 2 Count make an appearance to attack Helms behind Scott James’s back, leading to Kaz making the pin at 4:55! (D+) Yang and Leia’s chemistry shines through while Kaz and Leia’s chemistry hinders their performance.

“Mean” Gene is backstage along with the Insiders, asking them for their thoughts about Team Canada’s challenge. Page says that the table hurt, but it’s not like he’s never worked hurting before. Rhodes agrees that Team Canada only broke some tables, they haven’t broken their spirits yet. Kevin Nash closes by saying that he’s a real fun person to be around, but these “little gnats” are starting to get pretty irritating. If they want to play with tables, then let’s play with tables, but get one thing clear: it’ll only be as long as Team Canada make it to SuperBrawl! Because tonight, it won’t be the fun loving “Big Sexy” coming to the ring, it’ll be the guy nobody wants him to be, it’ll be the guy who brought the entire company to it’s knees a few years ago if it has to be! “Whoever it is, mark my words, someone is getting Jackknifed tonight!” (C+) Dustin and Gene clearly enjoyed the freedom of being unscripted. Nash improvised well also. The announcing quality helped also. This angle got the crowd hotter. Kevin and Dallas’s performances were good, while Gene performed poorly.

In a regular tag team match, the Mamalukes defeat Shane Douglas and Crowbar when Vito uses a stickball bat behind Billy Silverman’s back to first disarm Douglas from using his chain and then to bash him with it to pin the Hardcore champion in 3:37! (C-) This match succeeded in cooling the crowd. The performance of Douglas stood out as being good. Crowbar seemed off his game.

We have a satellite feed showing “Da Man” Goldberg as he recovers at home. He says that doctors haven’t given him an exact date to come back yet, but it will definitely be within the next twenty days. “Which means Animal? You may have bruised, cracked, or even broken my ribs. But you’re still next!” Goldberg then makes a challenge to Animal, saying that if he wants to play with chains, then he will challenge him to lock it up with him in a Chain match at SuperBrawl: Revenge! (B-) Goldberg came out of this looking excellent.

Totally Buff and Animal come out to the ring along with Madusa for Buff’s match to close the first hour of the show. They get a microphone where Animal says that he laughs at Goldberg’s challenge! He says that he will be happy to send Goldberg home permanently in a Chain match at SuperBrawl. Luger and Bagwell have the microphone to talk about Kronik, saying that they aren’t and have never been afraid of Kronik because they are the strongest, best looking men in all of WCW! Buff says that it’ll be even sweeter to go into SuperBrawl with the United States gold around his glorious waist; “Because I’m Buff, I got the stuff, and Kronik are just some little cream puffs!” (B) Madusa underperformed.

General Rection defeats Buff Bagwell by disqualification at 5:16 to retain the WCW United States championship. Buff controls a lot of the match, but Rection came back toward the end and was climbing to the top rope to deliver the moonsault, but as he steadies himself, Jeff Jarrett smashes Hugh with a guitar right in front of Nick Patrick! (C) The match deserved better color commentary.

Gene Okerlund comes out to stop Jarrett and the Harris Brothers in the aisle to ask him what that interference was about. Jeff says that there’s no way Hugh would’ve kept the title against an athlete like Buff Bagwell; so he can thank “The Chosen One” for giving him a longer title reign. Gene says that General Rection was on his way to winning the match when Jarrett interfered, but Jeff ignores that in order to apologize to Buff, saying that Bagwell would have made a very good champion, but “The Chosen One” just needs the US title around his waist more than Buff does. (C) Gene enjoyed being off-script, but Jarrett struggled, having too much to say and not enough time to fit it all in.

Back in a dark room, Sid Vicious talks about how tonight, he gets his hands on Scott Steiner. He will prove that he is the “Master and Ruler of the World”. He also says of Mark Johnson that if he feels he needs legal action, it won’t be the first time that Sid has been on the wrong side of the law – Mark Johnson will feel the Powerbomb! (B-)

Mike Tenay is in the locker room talking to Ernest “The Cat” Miller along with Ms. Jones and also Kronik! Tenay asks them about their potential alliance, with The Cat saying that he called his mama and she told him to get some backup, so he paid out for some Kronik protection. Miller says that Mike Sanders has been on his ass for months, and it isn’t stopping tonight; he’s beaten and sore, but he has to face Mark Jindrak tonight and then on Thunder, he and Kronik have to take on Totally Buff and Animal! The Cat tells everyone – including Sanders – to keep watching him dance into becoming commissioner at SuperBrawl, for he has spoken! (C)

“Mean” Gene is in the interview area to talk to Mike Sanders and the Natural Born Thrillers. Gene asks them about some possible dissension in the ranks of the Thrillers with how we’ve seen some arguing lately, but Sanders laughs him off. “Above Average” says that his men are all together on the same page after last week all by his own doing. Gene starts to point out O’Haire, but Sanders cuts him off by saying that tonight, Palumbo and O’Haire, our World Tag Team champions, will do what others could by defeating the Filthy Animals, which Gene feels is a dig at Mark Jindrak. Sanders tells Okerlund to stop trying to cause problems, with Gene telling Sanders to stop trying to cause problems! Mike tells him to leave, taking the microphone from him to say that tonight, Jindrak shows “The Cat” for the little that he is, while Kidman and Konnan have a non-title match right now. (C+) Okerlund enjoyed being unscripted again but was overall underwhelming. He and Sanders were the only ones talking, so they were both unscripted. O’Haire came across well.

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire defeat Konnan and Billy Kidman when Mark Jindrak trips up Konnan when he ran the ropes, leading to Chuck’s Jungle Kick at 6:04 for the victory. (C) This match got the crowd hotter despite deserving better commentary. Tygress did good work at ringside.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is standing by with “Mean” Gene backstage, and Flair goes over all of the announced SuperBrawl: Revenge card thus far, saying that if they aren’t at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California in twenty days, then they can only see it on pay-per-view. (C+) Gene works the crowd well here despite being underwhelming again. Flair was a real star in this segment, putting the card over as a real must-see event.

Booker T is back readying himself for his officiating tonight, getting some pointers from Nick Patrick and Charles Robinson. Mike Tenay enters the room to get a word with him, asking him that with his rival and SuperBrawl opponent Scott Steiner on the other side of the ring, how can he be impartial? Booker says that he has all the reason in the world to not be impartial, but that wouldn’t be fair to the fans. As much as he would rather be in the match than officiating it, he says that tonight he really hates the game, but he will play it fairly… unless someone gives him a reason to get out of line. (C+)

“Mean” Gene is in the interview area alongside Scott and Rick Steiner now, and he makes a passing comment to Midajah until the champion shuts that down and puts all the focus on him, screaming “Ever’one knows that I’m the World championship, I’m champion, I’m champion you old bastard!” “The Genetic Freak” says that overall, he doesn’t care who is on his side or who is on the other side of the ring; right now, he has only one goal tonight: keep his title, embarrass Booker T by forcing him to raise Scott’s hand at the end of the match, and then go home and enjoy the company of his top freaks! (B-) Gene was masterfully interacting here, but Steiner didn’t do well without a script here, as he got a little lost in his words. He does know he wasn’t defending his title tonight, right?

Mark Jindrak defeats Ernest Miller with the crucifix hold neckbreaker after “The Cat” was distracted by Mike Sanders coming to ringside and harassing Ms. Jones. (D+) As planned, this brought the crowd down a little. Ms. Jones did good work at ringside.

We take a look backstage to see the men all preparing themselves for the main event, including Booker T as he puts on his striped referee shirt! (B) Dustin Rhodes is looking better at his gimmick.

The Steiner Brothers and Team Canada (represented by Lance Storm and Mike Awesome) defeat The Insiders and Sid Vicious at 18:12 in our main event. Booker T played an impartial official until Rick Steiner started shoving him around after a near-fall on Page, and that opened it up for Booker to attack him, hitting the Book End on “The Dog-Faced Gremlin”! But while Booker was not paying attention, Mark Johnson ran into the ring and actually handed Scott Steiner the World’s title, which he used to nail Sid Vicious with it! Johnson leaves the ring when Booker chases him away, but he never saw anything – and Scott rolls Vicious over and makes Booker get down and count one – two – three! (B) The crowd were buzzing during this match. It deserved better color commentary.

Booker tries to leave the ring after the fall, but “Big Poppa Pump” refuses to let him. Scott tells him to raise his hand, telling him to “Be the little bitch you always been” and raise his hand! Booker finally does so – but then he fires off a right hand! Steiner and Booker start throwing punches at one another, with Ric Flair running down the aisle with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Paul Orndorff in tow to try and break this up! Tully doesn’t do them any favors, angering Steiner even further when he throws a punch! Finally more help comes in the form of General Rection and Konnan, and we go off the air tonight with an entire ring full of people trying to keep champion and challenger from making SuperBrawl: Revenge happen right here tonight! (B) This angle got the crowd hotter. Steiner was a real star here, while Tully looked dreadful.

Show Rating: B+
This show increased our popularity in 10 regions.

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