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Default March 2002: Pre-Clash of the Champions News and Notes

According to a recent Observing Wrestling article, the WWF is considering splitting the Edge & Christian team and having both guys focus exclusively on their singles careers. It could be a good move if so, even though both have been demoted from regular main event status thanks to the arrivals of Hogan and Hall. Speaking of Edge, he seems to be transitioning into a more of a pure brawling style; maybe he thinks that'll help establish him at the top of the card?

Here's a weird one: Jacqueline is now dating Marty Jannetty. I have nothing to say, but good for them I guess?

Our partnership with Ten Network Australia is one of our most beneficial contracts, and we've agreed to a one year extension with them for the airing of both Nitro and our PPV events, which I'm very pleased about. I've also signed a deal with StarChoice to air our PPV events in Canada, which will give us quite a bit more exposure (and money) than our previous deal with Cogeco which is about to expire.

I gave Cash 50% of the raise he requested, and he seemed pretty annoyed by it. Maybe next time I'll give him nothing.

Norman Smiley's always been in good shape, but he's been looking pretty ripped lately.

My guys down in Wildside say Chris Harris has put on some weight, and not in a good way.

We all know Bryan Danielson's a great worker in the making, but RVD seems to think he's a natural promo too. Let's hope he's right.

Our friends in New Japan are experiencing dark times. They've taken a big hit in the eyes of the Japanese public and media, who now consider them more of a Cult promotion rather than a National one.

NJPW's big show in February, 'Wave Rising Formation', drew a sold-out crowd of 25,000. TenKoji retained the IWGP Tag titles over Osamu Nisimura and Kensuke Sasaki in a great main event, but the third to last match in which IWGP Heavyweight champ Tatsumi Fujinami beat Jushin Liger in a nontitle match was even better. It was a very strong show overall; better than their big Tokyo Dome show on January 4th.

Their big March show, 'Elements of Battle', drew a smaller (but still sold-out) crowd of 10,000 fans to Sapporo. Fujinami retained the title against Masahiro Chono in a very good main event, but the semi main where Manabu Nakanishi defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. was better. The show was still strong, but not as good as their last couple of big shows.

The company will be without one of their better young talents for the next few months, as Katsuyori Shibata is taking time off to prepare for an MMA fight.

Misawa's ten month reign as GHC Heavyweight Champion came to an end in late February when he lost the title to Akira Taue in the main event of an episode of NOAH's TV show. Taue is an excellent wrestler (#13 in last year's Power 500) but those are big shoes to fill.

NOAH seems to have given up on their junior heavyweight division. They've deactivated their junior singles title and replaced it with the new GHC Television title, a midcard title which will (you guessed it) be defended primarily on their weekly TV show. Daisuke Ikeda beat Hideki Hosaka to become the first holder of the new belt.

Not sure what the deal is with DDT, but they've shown hostility towards GAEA as well as the Japanese branch of Toryumon.

On the subject of Toryumon Japan, they just drastically trimmed the size of their roster, including announcing that they will no longer be booking talented young guys like Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino and Darkness Dragon. They must be having pretty serious financial difficulties at the moment.

IWA Mid-South have been struggling recently, and Observing Wrestling now considers them only a Local promotion.

ECWA ran their annual Super 8 tournament. Scoot Andrews was this year's winner, beating JJ The Ring Crew Guy (what a money gimmick that is), Cheetah Master and then Ace Darling in the finals.

Originally Posted by deanohbk View Post
Yes I'm a proud Aussie...glad u doing more shows down under does that mean we may see more Aussies in WCW soon
I don't have many options at the moment. TMDK are a possibility for the tag division in the future, as is Madison Eagles for my women's scene. Beyond that, not much out there at this point.

Originally Posted by Briskout View Post
Would you keep the style the same? If so, separate posts might be okay as I find myself having to pause and even elave the page and come back (like I would for a regular length TGA show, so...) But that's more me than anything else.
The style would be the same, yeah. My style and pace of progression wouldn't be affected; I'd just be posting every week in separate posts. After taking a day or two after I finish a PPV to plot out the direction of the big storylines over the next month and the big stuff on each Nitro, I generally make it through a full episode of Nitro every day. So basically rather than waiting 5 or 6 days and then getting all the shows at once, you'd wait a day or two after a PPV and then get an episode of Nitro + Saturday night pretty much every day. That's how it would work with my current pace anyway; obviously I'm not always going to be able to maintain this pace I've had of getting through an entire month's worth of shows in about 10 days.

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post
World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Rob Van Dam {}
Sorry, never really bought into Rey as a World Champ. Much less unmasked Rey, too.
Unmasked Rey always seemed like a bit of a douche to me. Maybe it was the stupid devil horns he started wearing...

Ultimate Fan Series, Semifinal Round--#2 Agents of Chaos vs. #8 The Wild Cards (Wild Cards lead 2-1): "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. Jamie Knoble
Must-win for Scotty. AND L-O-FRICKIN'-L AT JAMIE TRAILER PARK TRASH KNOBLE CORRECTING BIG POPPA SCOTT'S GRAMMER (yes, I misspelled "grammar" on purpose )
Yeah, I definitely need to have Steiner respond to that on the PPV.

General diary comments/questions/critiques: If you're not satisfied with one big monthly post, maybe try it out as a couple of two-week posts? It'd be shorter and give you more time, as well.
I'm considering that as well.

Originally Posted by Dead_Jester View Post
Ultimate Fan Series, Semifinal Round--#4 The Dead Jesters vs. #6 Satyr's Hopeful Few (The Dead Jesters lead 2-1): Billy Kidman vs. Vampiro
-Didn't expect my guys to make it this far so let's show a little faith in Kidman's abilities shall we
So NOW you have faith in your team, after picking against them at the start of the contest!

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