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Default March 2002: Clash of the Champions Wrap-up

The sell-out of 13,500 we drew tonight in Brisbane is our biggest crowd since I relaunched the company in May of last year, and I bet it had been quite some time since the old WCW had drawn a house that big too. Obviously we'll be looking to make this Australia/New Zealand trip a pretty regular thing. I think we'll hold two PPVs a year here easily, if not three.

Buff didn't want to lose to the Hardys, but he was okay with it once I specified that Luger would be the one to take the fall. Lex voiced no complaint, which I found interesting considering his ego. Maybe he's grown more humble, or maybe he just realizes that I don't really want him here. He doesn't fit in our modern product and routinely stinks the joint up in the ring. But I know firing him would upset Sting, so I'm stuck with him for awhile. I do have an idea for a gimmick change that I think will be good for a laugh if nothing else, and the wheels should be set in motion on that soon.

It was crucial that Candido get the win tonight, but I wasn't sure if I'd be able to get Flair to go along with it without his attitude going from simple irritation to genuine anger. He was absolutely furious with the idea at first, but I was eventually able to convince him that it was the right thing for the story (though the fact that the ending with Corino, Bischoff and Sytch all interfering protected him and kept him as strong as possible probably had something to do with changing his mind.)

Vampiro has been mercilessly mocking Yang for his lack of push, and I'd had enough of it. I fined him, which seemed to make him pretty upset with me. Yang appreciated it though. Vampiro was also annoyed about losing to Kidman, but that was a decision I'd already made prior to this incident.

Some seemed to think that I used American Dragon too much on this show. He didn't have any non-wrestling segments, but he and TAKA did have a pretty long match.

I praised RVD, Misterio and Douglas for their performances after the show. Really DDP deserved the same treatment for his own performance.

I was surprised to see Jeff Hardy paying close attention to the pre-show battle royal, but I realized that he was focusing specifically on the winner of said battle royal, AJ Styles. He is clearly a huge fan of AJ's work and wants to work with him bad.

Dustin trashed the selling of Shawn Stasiak and said the kid needs to learn how to work.

Vampiro thinks Elix Skipper doesn't connect with the fans. He might have a point there, though it's not like Elix is being given anything of significance to do right now. Aside from that, I'm not in the mood to listen to any of Vampiro's suggestions or opinions at this point.

There were a dizzying number of things that developed in NJPW over the past day. The biggest was their purchase of FMW. It wasn't a great surprise to hear that FMW was gone considering the recent Yakuza stories, but I'm surprised that New Japan would spend the money to purchase them considering their recent setback in falling to Cult.

NJPW had the money to buy out FMW, but they couldn't find the money to pay their talent I guess. They went on a huge firing spree, terminating contracts left and right. Here's the complete list of everyone they released today:

Nicho el Millonario (Psicosis)
Super Crazy
Gran Naniwa
Tetsuhiro Kuroda
Osamu Kido
Kengo Kimura
Yutaka Yoshie
Dick Togo
Super Boy
Silver King
Katsushi Takemura
Yoshiaki Fujiwawa
Damien 666
Hisakatsu Oya
Phil La Fon
Black Warrior
Jun Kasai
Ricky Fuji
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga
Miguel Perez Jr.
El Pantera
Headhunter A
Simon Diamond
Maxx Justice
El Oriental
Tanomusaku Toba

Wow. Talk about a spring cleaning. I could potentially bring in one or two of these guys, but I don't want to overdo it and let my roster get too much bigger than it already is. It'll be hard enough just to find time for our current roster, especially as we start to integrate more of our women into the programming.

Dusty's got some problems in TCW: apparently New Jack is so pissed at head booker Dutch Mantell that he's made some serious threats towards him, and the local police have gotten involved. Considering who New Jack is, I don't think I'd show up to work anymore if I were Dirty Dutch.

Prediction scores (maximum possible points: 11)

K-Nection: 10
Happy0wns: 10
franticloser: 10

deanohbk: 9
Rateddc: 9
Wolfman84: 9
jscotty: 9
LordofGustav: 9
Dead_Jester: 9
Satyr24: 9
BHK6: 9
KnowYourEnemy: 9
Cro Cop Rules: 9

evileddie10: 8
Beejus: 8
chrismday: 8

Ian carlisle: 7
Warhawk8492: 7
crackerjack: 7
The Lariat: 7
Theheel: 7

Uncrewed: 6
Briskout: 6
DGenerationMC: 6
GingeyOne: 6
Nobby_McDonald: 6

michgcs: 5
smw88: 5
sportsfanmas: 5

Kijar: 4

Final Standings in prediction contest after 3 shows

1. K-Nection: 31

2. Wolfman84: 30

3. deanohbk: 29

LordofGustav: 28
franticloser: 28

crackerjack: 27
Dead_Jester: 27
Rateddc: 27
Cro Cop Rules: 27

Warhawk8492: 26
Satyr24: 26
BHK6: 26
jscotty: 26

GingeyOne: 25
Nobby_McDonald: 25
evileddie10: 25
chrismday: 25
Beejus: 25

KnowYourEnemy: 24
Happy0wns: 24

michgcs: 23
The Lariat: 23

smw88: 22
DGenerationMC: 22
Briskout: 22
Uncrewed: 22

sportsfanmas: 21
Theheel: 21

Kijar: 19

onewithsergio: 9
AMarc9-8: 9
SomeLazyMagic: 9

2Sweet: 8

Ian carlisle: 7

Congrats to the top 3 finishers. I'll pm you for your prizes soon...once I actually figure out what they're going to be!

Originally Posted by Dead_Jester View Post
Channels my inner Bobby Heenan: What are you talking about, I had complete faith in my guys from the very beginning. :P
Sure. Well, they're now into the finals despite your lack of faith!

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I'm curious on why you are always turning my team members against each other ha ha!
Hey, YOU'RE the one who chose to have Booker and Sting fight each other for the world title shot! (And then you just so happened to put RVD and Rey together, AND select them as the tiebreaker team, with me knowing I was going to have them main event the Clash. No way I could pass that one up. )

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Shane Douglas - I'm looking for a Kim turn here, as she gets involved to cost Page the match and also forces him out for 90 days.
I considered this, and probably would've pulled the trigger if she'd had managerial chemistry with Douglas.

Originally Posted by Cro Cop Rules View Post
Also, Shane Douglas = Next world champ please
I wouldn't have given this much chance when the diary started, but he's really impressed me.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Here is 4 more loading screens for anyone who wants them....I feel these goes hand in hand with this era mod
Awesome work! I added them into my folder right away. You're not only enhancing the diary with these posters; you're enhancing my own enjoyment with time-appropriate load screens too!

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post
Glad to see AmDrag excelling. Hopefully he feuds with Daniels which leads to a hair vs mask match? LOL I actually can't tell if Daniels still has hair from his pic.
I think he's bald in that pic. He was already bald by this point in real life anyway, because he was bald before ROH opened.

That reminds me...ROH should've opened by this point, but I haven't seen anything.

And the Alexis Laree pic doesn't look anything like Mickie James
That's definitely her; I've seen the picture it was cut from. It's just a time-appropriate picture. She looked quite a bit different by the time she made it up to WWE (not saying whether it was good or bad; just different.)

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Lex maybe only useful for putting over midcarders at this point and he seems barely useful for that. Honestly if you ask me Buff deserves way better and should HBK his way out of that team lol.
The problem there is that BOTH members of The Rockers were better than Buff Daddy ever was!

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
I like michgs's idea of a two falls-two titles match, but I won't be surprised to see Mysterio dropping the US belt to Douglas soon. He's been on a real roll, and beating Page here in what I would assume almost has to end that feud must have put him over huge. There has to be gold in store for "The Franchise".
It helped him, but not as much as you might think, at least not in the US. His popularity really didn't go up noticeably in the US, but he got nice gains in Australia and Japan. Hooray for big TV and PPV exposure! Is it any wonder I'm trying to run these two regions so much?

Interesting to see Corino "join" The Empire(?) It looks as though they at least have a common foe in Flair and now Sting, which is going to lead to a really good tag team match next month I would believe. As long as Sting makes sure Flair isn't going to swerve him like every other time!
He is officially in The Empire, yes. I can see that might not have been made clear in the segment.

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