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Default Spring 2002 Roster Update

March 25th, 2002
3:42 a.m. Australian time

No matter how much I tried to ignore it, the steady knock at my hotel room door would not go away. I put a pillow over my head to try and muffle the sound, but the pretty blonde Aussie girl sharing my bed for the night gave up on trying to sleep and got up to answer the door herself. I stayed where I was, but I did crack one eye open to enjoy the sight of her scantily clad body in motion.

"Is Mr. Hart present?" I heard the voice (a woman) say once my companion opened the door. I sat up in bed and looked over to see that it was a hotel employee.

"Is this really something that can't wait until the morning?" I asked, rubbing my eyes. She shook her head and smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, sir, but there is an incident between two of your employees in the hotel lobby. They're being restrained for now, but if it can't be resolved soon we will be forced to call the police. Mr. Rhodes suggested we come get you first."

Great. "Just let me get dressed," I said, now much more alert. I picked up my jeans and shirt from the floor where I'd hurriedly discarded them last night (or did my lady friend do that?) and slipped them on, then followed the hotel staffer. I glanced back at my companion to suggest she get back to sleep, but she was already putting her own clothes back on. Clearly I would be returning to an empty room.

A hallway and one flight of stairs later, and I saw quite a few of the boys gathered together. On one side of the lobby was Dallas Page, looking more furious than I'd ever seen him. Most of the boys were clustered around him, so obviously he was the one they were worried about. On the other side of the lobby stood CM Punk, looking sheepish.

"I asked for an 8:00 am wakeup call. There better be a damn good reason I'm out of my bed at quarter to four," I said, my voice rough from both tiredness and frustration.

DDP proceeded to explain the situation. I won't attempt to quote him directly, because if I were to clean up the foul language it wouldn't really be a sentence. The point was made loud (VERY loud) and clear though: Kimberly was leaving him, and she and CM Punk were now a thing. DDP of course wanted to rip the kid's head off, and I can't say I blamed him. I obviously couldn't allow that though.

"Page, you were due to go on vacation after tomorrow's Nitro anyway. Let's just start that vacation early. We'll pay for a ticket for you on the first plane back to the States." Dallas wasn't too happy about that idea.

"You're sendin' me home and you aren't doing a thing to this little piece of..." Well, you get the gist of it.

"It's not a punishment, Dallas," I said. "I obviously can't trust you guys to be in the same building right now, and you were already going home for a bit after the end of your program with Shane Douglas."

"And Punk? What about him?" he snarled.

"What do you want me to do to him?" I asked. "I know you're pissed. I would be too. I'd want to tear him apart if I were you. But this is a personal issue, not a professional one. He hasn't done anything I can punish him for."

Dallas was still angry. Again, I'm not going to try and sift through the curses to get to the few phrases that wouldn't set off the censors. Basically, he said he wasn't going to leave the hotel before knocking Punk out.

"Dallas, if you knock Punk out right now you're going to jail. It'll also be a big story, both back home and here in Australia. You wanna risk hurting our reputation over here, especially after the night we just had? You love WCW as much as anybody. Don't let your personal life drag the company down."

That seemed to break through, at least to a degree. He was still angry, naturally, but he left the hotel without further incident, saving us from a very unwanted headline story that no doubt would've been exploited the next night on Raw. The boys began to disperse, and I returned to my room.

The company was saved from embarrassment, but my bed was now cold and empty. The things I do for this business.

Spring 2002 Roster Breakdown: (Faces in blue, heels in red)

Main Event:
Diamond Dallas Page
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam (World Heavyweight Champion)

Booker T
Buff Bagwell
Lex Luger
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner
Shane Douglas
Upper Midcard:
Brian Adams
Bryan Clark
Chuck Palumbo
Hugh Morrus
Jeff Hardy
Rey Misterio Jr. (United States Heavyweight Champion)
Sean O'Haire

Chris Candido
Lance Storm (World Tag Team Champion)
The Destroyer
The Unnatural
AJ Styles
Alex Wright
Billy Kidman
Ernest Miller
Matt Hardy
Norman Smiley

Chavo Guerrero Jr.
CM Punk (World Tag Team Champion)
Disco Inferno
Fit Finlay
King Corino
Mark Jindrak
Shane Helms
Shawn Stasiak
TAKA (Cruiserweight Champion)
Lower Midcard:
American Dragon
Big Vito
Jamie Knoble
Johnny the Bull

Elix Skipper
Kaz Hayashi
Mike Sanders
Jason Jett
M.I. Smooth

Alan Funk
Evan Karagis
Shannon Moore
Enhancement Talent:
Air Paris

Christopher Daniels
Flash Flanagan
Occasional Wrestler:
Jim Duggan
Women's Division:
Alexis Laree

Etsuko Mita (World Women's Champion)
Takako Inoue
Mike Tenay
Tony Schiavone
Color Commentator:
Bret Hart
Don West

Bobby Heenan
Road Agent:
Dusty Rhodes
Ricky Steamboat
Arn Anderson
Gene Okerlund
Roddy Piper
On Vacation:
Road Warrior Animal
Active Tag Teams:
3 Count (Evan Karagis and Shannon Moore)
Doomsday (Brian Adams and Bryan Clark)
Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak
The Natural Born Thrillers (Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo)
The Hardys (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy)
The Mamalukes (Johnny the Bull and Big Vito)
True Heroes (CM Punk and Lance Storm)
Salvation (Father Isaac, Mortis, The Destroyer, The Unnatural and Vampiro)
The Empire (Chris Candido, Eric Bischoff, Etsuko Mita, King Corino, TAKA and Tammy Sytch)
Managerial Assignments:
Eric Bischoff (King Corino, TAKA and Etsuko Mita)
Father Isaac (Mortis, The Destroyer and The Unnatural)
Kimberly Page (None)
Midajah (Scott Steiner)
Miss Jones (Ernest Miller)
Stacy Keibler (Kaz Hayashi)
Tammy Sytch (Chris Candido)
Torrie Wilson (Billy Kidman))
In Developmental:
Allison Danger
Boby Roode
Brian Kendrick
Cheerleader Melissa
Chris Harris
Colt Cabana
David Flair
Harry Smith
James Storm
Johnny Parisi
Kaoru Ito
Kid Romeo
Lash Leroux
Manami Toyota
Mercedes Martinez
Momoe Nakanishi
Nattie Neidhart
Paul London
Teddy Hart
TJ Wilson
Tony Mamaluke
Creative Meeting:

Franchise Players:
1. Booker T
2. Sting
3. Scott Steiner
4. Ric Flair
5. Rob Van Dam

Next Big Things:
1. Jeff Hardy
2. CM Punk
3. AJ Styles
4. Alexis Laree

Hot Prospects:
1. American Dragon
2. AJ Styles
3. Johnny the Bull
4. CM Punk
5. Alexis Laree

Talk the Talk:
1. Ric Flair
2. Roddy Piper
3. Dusty Rhodes
4. Booker T
5. Diamond Dallas Page

Show Stoppers:
1. Rey Misterio Jr.
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Booker T
5. CM Punk

Ring Generals:
1. Rey Misterio Jr.
2. Lance Storm
3. American Dragon
4. King Corino
5. Ric Flair

Who's Hot:
1. Fit Finlay
2. AJ Styles
4. King Corino
5. Chris Candido

Who's Not:
1. Jim Duggan
2. Mike Sanders
3. Ernest Miller
4. Big Vito
5. Johnny the Bull

Time Decline:
1. Ric Flair
2. Lex Luger
3. Jim Duggan
4. Sting
5. Diamond Dallas Page

Hidden Gems:
1. Yoshihiro Tajiri
2. Jay Briscoe
3. Trent Acid
4. Scoot Andrews
5. Lizzy Valentine

So before anyone asks: no, the Punk/Kimberly thing was not due to any oversight with the mod like the Lita/Shane McMahon story. In this case, Wolfman84 decided to be a troublemaker and use his prediction prize to create a dating relationship between Punk and Kim.

I then changed DDP and Kimberly's relationship to Divorced, and also created hatred between DDP and Punk as the logical fallout.

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Really hope to see Super Crazy in WCW soon! Psicosis too! Hell, maybe even Simon Diamond.

Kidding about that last one
How dare you mock Simon Diamond!

...But yeah, his skills are pretty mediocre. I thought he was decent, but I wouldn't expect him in WCW.

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Oh well in that case....
You're on a roll!

I was a very big fan of that Torrie Wilson poster as a teenager...
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