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Default WCW Nitro: 2/12/2001

Originally Posted by OOC
So here we are again. I had some serious trouble with motivating myself on 2001 as of late, and then I very nearly lost the save due to a weird corruption issue in TEW. I had this show all booked and was in the process of writing it when the corruption happened, so then I had to redo the whole thing all over again. So this show has been a pretty bad experience on my end, to the point that I nearly thought about quitting this diary and starting a new one.

But getting away from it was the best thing, as it let me think about all the plans I have for it all over again and bring back my own interest in it.
So while I am incredibly busy and so Thunder and SuperBrawl may not get posted for another week or so, at least I am finally able to post this Nitro!

If there's more people who want to get predictions in on SuperBrawl,
there will still be time until Thunder/Worldwide is done, so feel free to post them up! Thanks to everyone for continuing to follow!

Last Week in WCW: “The Steiner Brothers had Booker T hauled out of Thunder nearly in handcuffs, but Tully Blanchard challenged Scott to a fight on Nitro! After DDP and Dustin Rhodes were attacked by Team Canada, Kevin Nash got back at them by putting Elix Skipper through a table with a Jackknife Powerbomb! The final touches were made to the SuperBrawl: Revenge card, but what could change this week? Find out tonight, only on WCW Nitro!”

WCW Monday Nitro
February 12th, 2001 (Week 3)
Held at: The KSU Convocation Center in Kennesaw, Georgia (South East)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 4,792 people (sold out!)

The show opens with Ric Flair coming to the ring, the CEO talking about how he knows Booker T and all the fans have wanted to see him get his hands on Scott Steiner, but he just couldn’t allow that until this Sunday at SuperBrawl: Revenge for fear of Booker’s physical well being. The Steiner Brothers walk out and get in Flair’s face, with Scott saying that if Flair really cared for Booker’s health, he’d cancel the match, because “Big Poppa Pump” is going to put Booker right back on that shelf he came off of! Steiner also adds that tonight, he’s going to break Flair’s old buddy with the big mouth right in half in front of all the Georgia rednecks who made the Horsemen famous in the first place. Flair says that he didn’t want to see Tully do this, but he’s going to make it an even playing field; in our main event match of the evening before the fight between Blanchard and “Big Poppa Pump”, Rick must take on an opponent to be named later tonight! (A) The announcing really lifted the segment here. Flair improvised well during this segment, while Steiner did masterful interactions with the crowd. This got the crowd hotter and got the show off to a strong start. Scott looked fantastic here.

The Insiders and Team Canada did battle in our opening contest with Mike Awesome winning by disqualification at 5:05 over “The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes when Rhodes opens Awesome’s legs over the ropes and delivers a horrific low blow field kick, right in front of Scott James! (C)

Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page join Dustin Rhodes in the ring as Lance Storm comes out to assist Awesome to the back. The three hurl jokes at Awesome and “the rest of you maple suckers” as Storm seethes. (C+) Nash’s performance was good, working the crowd well while off-script. Dustin improvised well, and DDP looked good.

“Mean” Gene comes out to the stage and brings out referee Mark Johnson. Okerlund asks Johnson why he asked for this time to talk to everyone, with Mark saying that he wants everyone to know that Sid is not in the arena tonight – because he has placed a restraining order on him! He says that as long as he is in the arena, Sid Vicious will legally be barred from being in the arena! (D+) This segment needed better color commentary. Johnson performed poorly in this segment.

Mike Tenay is in the dressing room with Team Canada, where now Lance Storm is serious. He says that the Insiders should be ashamed of themselves for their actions tonight, and for every joke they made earlier, he is going to stretch that much harder on DDP when he faces him tonight! (C) Major Gunns helped Storm during this segment.

“The Total Package” Lex Luger defeats Screamin’ Norman Smiley. He didn’t have as easy a match as he expected, but in the end the Torture Rack secured the victory at 2:31. (C-) Lex seemed off his game, but Madusa did good work at ringside. As planned, the match brought the fans down a little.

The match is over, but Lex, Buff Bagwell, and Animal don’t seem to feel done with sending this message. The three men begin tearing Smiley apart with a vicious attack, as Norman screams all he can. Finally, he’s rescued – by Glacier! Glacier rushes to the ring as snow fills the arena, and he strikes a martial arts pose while putting himself between them and Norman! The fans cheer him on as he heroically throws a few kicks toward Totally Buff, keeping them at bay… until Animal runs right through him with a clothesline! The beating then commences on Glacier, and he is left lying right next to Smiley; reaching out and grasping Norman’s hand in strength and unity as trainers and security come out to help the two. (C) Luger came out of this looking excellent, and the performance of Animal was good. Glacier underperformed, but the crowd really got hotter from his standing up for Norman.

A recap video shows some of the words sent one another’s way earlier between Diamond Dallas Page and Lance Storm, as we ready ourselves for their upcoming singles match. (C)

Lance Storm shocks the nation by not only going head-to-head with Dallas Page, but after a grueling bout that clocks in at 18:01, Storm wears Page down and finishes a tired Dallas cleanly by locking in the Maple Leaf to make him pass out in the hold! (C+) The match deserved better color commentary, but it had the crowd absolutely buzzing.

Backstage, “Mean” Gene Okerlund has “The Cat” Ernest Miller and Ms. Jones in the interview area. Miller says that he is pretty damn tired of all Mike Sanders’s games, knowing he has a mystery opponent who is returning to WCW tonight. Miller says that he doesn’t care if it’s Hulk Hogan himself, somebody better call his mama because “The Cat” is about to whoop some ass! (C-)

Nobody could have expected the returning opponent for The Cat, but not because it’s someone insanely shocking…
Disqo makes his in-ring return, but first he gets a microphone. He tells the fans that for years, everyone regarded him as one thing: a loser. Whether it was because of the disco dancing, the disco duck, or just being jealous of his hair, they all have called him a loser. But he’s not a loser anymore; he’s a winner! And it’s all thanks to his new self-help guru, who has convinced him that he can do anything. So Disqo is going to start doing anything he pleases, beginning right now with defeating Ernest Miller right here in the ring! (D+)

In what turns out to be a mostly comedy match that sees a dance off and Disqo constantly checking the notes he brought with him from his self-help guru, Disqo defeats “The Cat” by hitting the Chartbuster at 2:47 after Mike Sanders had come out and pulled Ms. Jones away form ringside. The match also saw referee Mark Johnson very conspicuously out of position when Miller was clearly covering Disqo for what would’ve been about a five count after the Feliner, but it was not counted. (D+) This match succeeded at giving the crowd a breather. Ms. Jones did good work at ringside.

“Mean” Gene is back in Ric Flair’s office, the CEO sitting next to Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. Gene, Flair, and Arn still seem like they would like to talk Tully out of having a fight with Scott Steiner tonight, but Blanchard says that no bully ever learns from people not standing up to them. He says that it won’t be a match for a title, it’ll be nothing short of a fight for respect. (C+) Flair worked the segment well, and Tully did a masterful job of interacting with everyone. Arn and Gene improvised well. Flair looked like a real star, but Tully performed poorly and Gene just got lost in the shuffle of the segment.

Six-man tag team action sees the Natural Born Thrillers team of Sean O’Haire, Chuck Palumbo, and Mark Jindrak defeat the three Filthy Animals when O’Haire muscles Kidman to the ground with a Widowmaker to get a pinfall at 7:05, to gain even more momentum leading into their title defense at SuperBrawl: Revenge! (C+) The match deserved better color commentary.

Back in the interview area, Mike Tenay is standing with Team Canada. Mike Awesome still seems to be hobbling a little, but Elix Skipper and Major Gunns are beaming with pride as Lance Storm says that no matter how they did it in Awesome’s case, they saw two victories that Team Canada hold over the Insiders within one night, and at SuperBrawl, they’re going to hold the most important victory: the final one. (C) Both Tenay and Skipper seemed to underperform. Which only tells me one thing, that Lance and Mike are getting more and more over as they get pushed.

Elsewhere backstage, Mike Sanders is celebrating his Natural Born Thrillers. He says that thanks to their great performance earlier, he is so overwhelmed by how they’ve done that he is going to give them the night off from active competition on Thunder as he will wrestle one of the Animals himself! (C) O’Haire’s performance was good, and Palumbo came across well.

The Steiner Brothers are seen in their dressing room, with Scott and Rick looking prepared for the remainder of the show; Rick having his mystery opponent and Scott having Midajah rub oil on his chest so she has “the right shine, just like that old bastard Anderson’s head” for tonight. (B)

“The Dog-Faced Gremlin” is waiting in the ring, when the CEO Ric Flair comes out to the aisle. He tells Rick that he made sure to find someone who will make sure that he is unable to interfere in Scott’s business tonight, before bringing out…

A wild brawl ensues between Goldberg and Rick Steiner, with Goldberg finally picking up the win over his tough adversary by ducking away from a flying bulldog attempt to run through Rick with a Spear! That sets up the Jackhammer and pinfall at 8:48 as Goldberg’s new streak goes to 39-0. (C+) The match needed better color and suffered due to lack of selling, but it got the crowd hotter.

The match over, Goldberg is ready to leave the ring when he spots Animal at the top of the ramp! Goldberg motions for him to come to the ring, but Animal merely stands there, almost sarcastically applauding Goldberg’s win this evening, before going back to the locker room again. Is Animal playing mind games with Goldberg? (B-)

Ric Flair looks annoyed backstage, as he is rushing out the door of the arena. Tony and Scott question what this could be about, but with nobody to ask Flair where he’s going or why, this is a question for another night. (B)

Before Tully can come to the ring, the World champion Scott Steiner takes the microphone. He urges Blanchard to “walk away” citing that he put Booker T and Sting on the shelf, he sent Sid packing, and even Ric Flair has been too yellow to actually face him. With all these men, most of them in the prime of their careers, choosing to disappear from his sight rather than keep facing him, what is a broken down old has been like Tully going to accomplish? (B+) Scott is definitely “on” tonight, doing more masterful interactions with the crowd. He was a real star in this segment, despite it deserving both better announcing and color commentary.

Blanchard does not leave however, and as soon as he hits the ring there is a vicious fight. Steiner mostly dominates it, but Tully is tough in his own rights and fires back constantly with whatever he can. The former Horseman finally seems as though he’s going to fade in the Steiner Recliner, but Booker T hits the ring from behind Steiner and smashes him in the back with a chair! Booker hits the Book End on the champion and then for good measure he nails Steiner with his own championship title! Tully and Booker stand over the unconscious “Big Poppa Pump” as Nitro ends! (B+) This segment again deserved better color commentary. Steiner looked good, while Tully came off poorly. The crowd were very hot for this segment.

Show Rating: B
This show increased our popularity in 10 regions.

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