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Mayhem Match Stats:

Order of Entry:
1. AJ Styles
2. Lance Storm
3. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
4. Alex Wright
5. Konnan
6. Davey Boy Smith
7. Billy Kidman
8. Matt Hardy
9. The Destroyer
10. Norman Smiley
11. Buff Bagwell
12. Disco Inferno
13. Rey Misterio Jr.
14. The Unnatural
15. Mortis
16. Sean O'Haire
17. Brian Adams
18. TAKA
19. Chris Candido
20. Bryan Clark
21. Sting
22. Shane Helms
23. Fit Finlay
24. Jeff Hardy
25. Hugh Morrus
26. CM Punk
27. Kaz Hayashi
28. Cash
29. Diamond Dallas Page
30. King Corino

Order of Elimination:
1. Chavo Guerrero Jr, by AJ Styles
2. Konnan, by Davey Boy Smith
3. Alex Wright, by The Destroyer
4. AJ Styles, by The Destroyer
5. Lance Storm, by Matt Hardy
6. Davey Boy Smith, by The Destroyer
7. Billy Kidman, by The Destroyer
8. Norman Smiley, by The Destroyer
9. Disco Inferno, by The Destroyer
10. The Destroyer, by Rey Misterio Jr.
11. Buff Bagwell, by Matt Hardy
12. Matt Hardy, by Mortis
13. Bryan Clark, by Mortis
14. Brian Adams, by The Unnatural
15. TAKA, by Sting
16. Mortis, by Sting
17. The Unnatural, by Sting
18. Sean O'Haire, by Jeff Hardy
19. Shane Helms, by Rey Misterio Jr.
20. Hugh Morrus, by Chris Candido
21. Fit Finlay, by Sting
22. Cash, by Diamond Dallas Page
23. Kaz Hayashi, by Jeff Hardy
24. Jeff Hardy, by CM Punk
25. Chris Candido, by Sting
26. Sting, by King Corino
27. Rey Misterio Jr, by King Corino
28. CM Punk, by Diamond Dallas Page
29. King Corino, by Diamond Dallas Page

The Destroyer, 6

Sting, 5

Diamond Dallas Page, 3

Matt Hardy, 2
Rey Misterio Jr, 2
Jeff Hardy, 2
Mortis, 2
King Corino, 2

CM Punk, 1
The Unnatural, 1
AJ Styles, 1
Davey Boy Smith, 1
Chris Candido, 1

Total Time:
Rey Misterio Jr, 38:46

Chris Candido, 22:33

Sting, 18:56
The Unnatural, 17:27
Matt Hardy, 17:20
Sean O'Haire, 16:40
CM Punk, 16:32
Lance Storm, 15:47
AJ Styles, 15:20
Mortis, 14:49
Diamond Dallas Page, 13:23
Jeff Hardy, 11:41
King Corino, 11:23
Alex Wright, 10:33

Davey Boy Smith, 09:44
Fit Finlay, 09:39
Billy Kidman, 09:11
The Destroyer, 08:15
Brian Adams, 07:46
TAKA, 07:32
Shane Helms, 07:27
Chavo Guerrero Jr, 07:06
Konnan, 06:55
Kaz Hayashi, 05:20
Hugh Morrus, 05:14
Buff Bagwell, 05:09
Norman Smiley, 04:05
Cash, 02:39
Bryan Clark, 01:27
Disco Inferno, 01:11

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
One thing that would be really cool is you could bring in Davey Jr. and have him tag with his father. That is a tragic thing the world never got to see in RL that would be cool to pull off.
Harry's in developmental, so if Davey's still around by the time he gets called up I think it's a safe bet they'll work together in some form.

Originally Posted by Armando Payne View Post
I think you pumped me up pal, I got 5 instead of 7, right? (I predicted Booker T to win, Etsuko Mita to win, Lex Luger to no-show, King Corino to be runner-up and King Corino to be in the final 4.) Where's the other 2 I got right? Hopefully now I can predict them all correctly and enter the Championship Challenge Series.
Nope, it's 7. You got a point each for getting the MOTN and title change questions right.

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