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Default June 2002: Pre-Great American Bash News and Notes

I'd always been planning on bringing in Juventud Guerrera to bolster the cruiserweight division at some point, and in early June I made him an offer. Vince must have been tipped off about it and decided to screw with me, because WWE jumped in with their own offer to Juvi the very next day. They offered him more than four times as much as I'd offered him initially. Even if I'd matched it and they backed off, he would've been one of the two or three highest paid guys in the company. I wasn't about to do that, so he's now property of WWE.

Well that sure didn't take long; WWE snapped up Vampiro. He's their problem now.

It didn't take very long for ABC, displeased with the ratings Smackdown was drawing, to move the show to a late night time slot. That had to wound Vince's pride at least a little bit.

Turns out that the Minnesota Stretching Crew dropping their Southern tag titles in WWE developmental territory OVW was a sign. That was the last OVW match for Brock Lesnar, who was just called up to the main roster. Lesnar was an amateur wrestler in college and is a real freak athlete with a superstar look to him, but it remains to be seen how far he'll be able to rise with how stacked the WWE roster is.

Terri Runnels is pregnant with what will be her second child.

Lots happened before Nitro on June 3rd:
-Toshiyo Yamada set up some kind of video game tournament which served as nice bonding time for the women's division.
-Ricky Steamboat told some old war stories to an attentive Yang.
-Shinobu Kandoi was apparently supposed to bring the drinks for the women's video game session but forgot to do so. Dusty Rhodes caught wind of it and made sure she went to the store and got drinks for all the women after the show. Kandori has a reputation as a legit bad ass, but she laughed the incident off and shook Dusty's hand afterwards.

I pulled the plug on our working agreement with Japanese women's group GAEA before we had even a single exchange of talent. This was a reactionary move on my part, because the WWE's signing of Juvi has me paranoid that they'll look to target other talents simply to keep them away from me. Two members of our women's division are under PPA agreements with both us and GAEA, so I couldn't attempt to lock them up to written contracts as long as that partnership was still in place. I made the call to sever the relationship and approach the women about signing written deals with us, but I have no hard feelings towards GAEA. As long as owner Chigusa Nagayo doesn't take this decision too badly, it wouldn't surprise me at all if we rekindle the partnership later in the year.

Lex recently tested positive for hard drugs. He's lucky his gimmick has become a cult hit among our internet fans, otherwise I would've at least suspended him, if not fired him. His story would've been dead in the water if I took him off TV right now though, so he got off with a fine. If it happens again I'll probably have to get tougher on him.

Word came to me that Scott Steiner was bragging to some of the lower members of the roster about how much money he makes and how they won't make as much in their entire lives as he will in one year. I guess some of the boys were irritated about it, but I didn't think this was serious enough for me to need to step in and do something about it.

Mark Jindrak officially turned face when he punched Shane Douglas on the June 3rd Nitro. The turn went fairly well, but I do have my doubts about his ability to play a face. The Steiners have gradually been positioned as faces over the last month as well without any major differences in their characters other than who they're fighting, and I think it's been a complete success judging by the crowd's reactions to them against Salvation.

Ernest Miller isn't happy about the way I've utilized him. Understandable, but there are only so many featured spots to go around, and he's just not high on my list of priorities.

Scott Steiner bashed Lash Leroux, calling him a "stupid ginger with no charisma, just like all gingers!"

I've been seeing Kidman and Yang hanging out a lot backstage recently, so I guess they've struck up a friendship.

TNA held their second show, 'Epic Event', on June 4th. The main event saw Yuki Ishikawa retain the NWA World title against BJ Whitmer, who was crowned as TNA's World champion on the first show. So they've beaten their own world champion two shows in and established that the NWA title is superior to theirs. Yep. The show itself was an improvement over the first one though, so at least there's that.

I'm counting this as TNA news since Marc Mero is there: he and Sable have divorced. Not really a surprise.

Nicole Bass is pregnant.

NJPW held their annual Best of the Super Juniors tournament in the sold-out Budokan on June 8th. The main event was Tatsumi Fujinami retaining the IWGP Heavyweight title against Osamu Nishimura in a decent match, but it was the tournament final that stole the show in the semi main event spot. It was a heavily lucha-flavored final at that, because Negro Casas beat Dr. Wagner Jr. to win the tournament for the first time.

Ring of Honor has brought in hardcore wrestler and former head of IWA Mid-South Ian Rotten as their head booker. That sounds like an extremely odd fit.

MLW's got a head booker of their own in Rudy Boy Gonzalez. Can't say I know the guy, but he's been around the business for twenty years. He was largely an enhancement guy in the ring, but he was the main hands-on trainer at the Boy Toy's Texas Wrestling Academy. That school churned out the likes of Bryan Danielson, Brian Kendrick and Paul London (all members of our company and/or developmental system), so if he's as good a booker as he was a trainer, MLW may be in good hands.

Kamala has retired from an active in-ring role. Perhaps a new fat guy will step up to fill the painted belly void?

My youngest son has been talking about some kind of new computer wrestling game called 'Extreme Warfare Revenge'. I guess it's a text game where you pretend you're in charge of a wrestling company? Sounds fun.

Originally Posted by Armando Payne View Post
TNA's amassed a good roster especially compared to your previous WWF diary where WCW had very little talent and they misused what talent they did have. (Didn't they have Paul Orndorff as their most talented member and then proceeded to not use him at all?) . Hopefully they do well. And yeah I'm digging Lex Luger's gimmick here. I'm also digging him driving from Japan to America. (I'm assuming he's gonna take a ferry to mainland Asia, drive from mainland Asia to England via Russia then take a ferry to America?)

Now I want to see a Road Trip film where Mean Gene keeps on picking up Pornstars and Lex Luger keeps on flexing.
Yep, in TGAAB Orndorff was head and shoulders the best option WCW had to build around. I'm not sure he main evented one PPV the entire time.

TNA's roster isn't bad. I like some of the guys ROH has in their lower card, but I'm going to gag if Ian Rotten puts the world title on himself.

Originally Posted by shawn michaels 82 View Post
In before Kristi Myst tries to find new ways to get recruited every week despite Lex objecting and Mean Gene keeps helping her out.
They're a bit busy trying to cross an ocean via bus at the moment.

Originally Posted by Armando Payne View Post
Or Great Balls Of Fire?
Way to steal the joke I was going to make, bro. Guess that's the price I pay for consolidating my comment responses.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: Punk is showing he is a man among boys on the microphone. If he can contain himself from messing with peoples wives he will be a great world champ for you in the future.
He's money on the microphone for sure. Jeff Hardy is pretty much God tier for in-ring performances right now though.

You can blame Wolfman for that. Punk will probably behave himself, unless people keep using their prediction prizes to hook him up with different women!

Originally Posted by odan View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: Just finished reading to the end, loving what you are doing up till now. decided to fill this scorecard in as a dry run for the future
Smart! Get your feet wet before the next UFS contest starts with Bash at the Beach.

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post
World Tag Team Championship: The Hardys vs. True Heroes {}
Will The Hardys' promo shortcomings hurt their chances? I hope so
You'd better get used to Jeff Hardy being pushed. His in-ring performances are almost always 90 or higher, he's the first person listed on my Next Big Things and his Star Quality is at least seven points higher than everyone in the company other than Punk. Basically, you'd better buckle in tight.

Sting vs. King Corino
Say it with me: Sting exists to put people over
The game lists his overall record so far as 20-7. Not exactly JTTS territory, amirite?

"Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. The Unnatural
Torn on this one as I think The Unnatural deserves a run on the upper card. Scott's... Scott, though.
I know what you mean.
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