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Default July 2002: Pre-Bash at the Beach News and Notes

Bryan Clark is gone. He was the weak link in virtually every Doomsday match, and he had low morale to boot. I have a couple of ideas for Brian Adams going forward, so he'll be sticking around. For the moment I'm giving him some time off though.

I was really impressed by how well Chavo and Christopher Daniels worked together during their match on the July 8th Nitro. I've got other plans for them at the moment, but they could be a great option for the tag division down the road.

Manami Toyota and Etsuko Mita made for a great team too, which is ironic since the story is they're rivals who are only begrudgingly working together against a common foe. Not sure if anything lasting will come of that, but we'll see.

Booker T and Rey Misterio Jr. didn't work well together at all, either in storyline or in reality. That's fine, since they're both singles stars and this is likely the only time they'll ever team up.

Norman Smiley suffered ligament damage in his knee during his match with Shawn Stasiak on the July 1st Nitro. Our doctors expect him to miss about a month.

Mike Sanders approached me to say that his momentum is in the toilet, and he'll be dead in the water unless I start booking him stronger. Has he not realized that he's been dead in the water for about a year?

Both RVD and CM Punk told me I need to give American Dragon more promo time to help his ongoing storyline with Chavo. That's coming; it's just that right now the focus is on Chavo challenging AJ Styles for the title.

Scott Steiner badmouthed Elix Skipper, saying that the fans don't give a crap about him and he doesn't get why I haven't fired him yet.

More surprising was some negative feedback from CM Punk, who has been mostly positive with his comments on other wrestlers. He's obviously not a fan of Cash though, as he called him 'a giant, boring waste of time.'

Lacey made only one successful title defense down in Wildside before they had her drop it to Mercedes Martinez in a three way that also included Momoe Nakanishi. Mercedes is far more polished than Lacey, but she's also much further along in her development and thus much closer to being called up.

NJPW ran the 'Dominion' PPV on July 11th. It was a very good show, though not quite as good as 'Wave Rising Formation' in February or their annual Tokyo Dome show on January 4th. Tatsumi Fujinami retained the IWGP Heavyweight title against Koji Kanemoto in a great main event. The show also featured Taiyo Kea successfully defending the Junior Heavyweight title against Minoru Tanaka in a match that was also great (the main event was better though.)

The dirtsheets are saying that Motoko Baba and Steve Williams have had some sort of falling-out, possibly over Williams pushing to win the Triple Crown from Tenryu in their match at Blue Justice in May but being denied. A feud with the owner only ends one way, Doc. Maybe he'll wind up in NOAH or NJPW in the future.

The company held their third event, 'Desolation', on July 8th. It was basically on the exact same level as their second show, but would've been much better if they'd run the exact same stuff in a different order. Jeff Jarrett over Matt Sydal in the semi main event was light years better than any other match on the show, and the mediocre main event title match where BJ Whitmer and Ice Train fought to a double DQ couldn't even hope to compare. If Double J and Sydal had headlined, the show would've been way better. Ted DiBiase also cut a strong promo.

Abdullah the Butcher has taken a fork to another man's forehead for the final time: he officially announced his retirement recently after 43 years in the business.

Dusty told me a funny story from a recent TCW show. Monty Brown used a guitar in one of his matches, and Mike Graham (who works as a manager in the company) yelled at him in the locker room, saying he was never going to draw a dime in this business doing stunts like that. I guess Monty took exception to that; he threatened to grab another guitar (a non-gimmicked one) and bash Graham in the head with it. Needless to say, there's major heat between the two now.

I'm just about to start putting the PPV together in-game, so the main event poll is closed. (I mean, you can still go in and vote for it if you want, but it wouldn't accomplish a whole lot!)

Don't forget that this is the beginning of the biggest prediction contest of 2002: a six month marathon, BATB through Starrcade, to determine the next field in the UFS (and also who gets to book the Royal Rumble in-game.) Don't miss out on the fun!

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
I really liked the segment with Booker on week 3 talking about how pissed he was about possibly losing "his main event" to the Tag title match. It put across that he isn't just paranoid about the title, he's paranoid all over about having his spot. It came off almost very much like how the WWF booked Austin in 2001, but since that didn't happen in this universe then you're free to use it!
Yeah, I thought that worked nicely and was a natural progression of his character. He's finally got the title back, but now he feels like his status as champion is being disrespected.

RVD and Steiners - So apparently, TFC just takes any group brought together in the UFS and ends it with them feuding, whether during the series or afterwards
Unless it's Lance Storm and CM Punk.

Originally Posted by evileddie10 View Post
Will the Natural Born Thrillers accept Eric Bischoff's offer and join The Empire?
Only one will, Sean O'Haire is break out star, O'Haire heel turn, Devils adovacte gimmick with Bisch perhaps?
That gimmick had SO much potential.

General diary comments/questions/critiques: Keep CM Punk CM Over.
No worries there.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
"Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. King Corino
I hate to say it but Naitch doesn't have much time left. He will most likely be furious and will only lay down to Corino if the Empire practically hits him with a truck but that is why you have factions like this in the first place to fall back on.
That depends on what the game looks at. Flair has more popularity overall, but Corino is actually well ahead of him in Australia.

Manami Toyota and Etsuko Mita vs. Chaos
This is almost the same situation RVD and the Steiners are in I'm going to say that this is your cool down match before the main event but i think it will be a DQ win
Yep! That was totally accidental too, and I didn't even really pick up on it until I was writing up the go-home Nitro. Those stories will be going in different directions though, so at least there's that.

Originally Posted by Purotastic View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: Can't wait to see what happens next!
Lex can go PLENTY of places! He's got the Flex Express!
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