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Week 4, June 1996
River Centre
ATT: 14,461
TV: 14.92


The show opens with the now standard post Pay Per View recap of still images.....mainly focusing on the return and subsequent betrayal of The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman.....the ascension of the new King of the WWF Ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin.....and most shocking of all, the crowning of a brand new WWF Champion in Scott Steiner.

The show goes live and before we have the usual introductions from the commentary team, we focus straight in the ring, where Gorilla Monsoon is standing by, microphone in hand.

He welcomes the crowd and the audience at home to the show, before telling the fans in attendance that it is his great pleasure to introduce, a man who last night showed more guts and determination than Monsoon has seen in a long time....a man who came out here and did the unthinkable.....and a man, that Gorilla Monsoon couldn't be prouder to call the WWF Champion.....Scott Steiner....

......the new WWF Champion walks out, with the World Title strapped proudly around his waist and his big brother by his side. He's still bandaged up and clearly suffering with every step he takes.....but all the pain is worth it when he looks down and sees that Golden Winged Eagle Belt. The two men enter the ring and shake hands with Gorilla, before Monsoon hands the microphone to Scott.

Steiner says that when he woke up this morning, he didn't know how he was going to be able to get out of bed. Every part of him ached, he lost half his damn body weight in blood, he could barely breathe because his ribs are so banged up....."but then I looked to the side of me and I saw something that made all that pain go away.....I saw the WWF Title....and I knew that I had to get up, because that's what a Champion does...."

Which is about the time that he's rudely interrupted......

"......see now there's the problem ain't no Champion Jack...."

The entire KLiQ is out in force....although honestly, none of them look at 100%....especially Shawn Michaels, who is just as banged up as Scott Steiner is....they are joined by a familiar face however, because even with a pronounced limp, Kevin Nash is able to drag Mr. Clarence Mason along by the scruff of the neck, as the group slowly make their way to the ring. They surround Monsoon and the Steiners.....and Scott looks ready to go, regardless of his condition....but Michaels holds his hand up, telling him that they aren't here to fight.....this is just business. He grabs hold of Mason, telling Monsoon that "this man right here, has got something to say".

Mason clears his throat and looks nervously around him, before asking Gorilla how much research he did into the rules and regulations of the WWF before he took the position as President and whether he is aware of one section of the rule book in particular....the section that deals with Title changes here in the World Wrestling Federation?

Monsoon says that the rules are pretty clear, you can't win the titles by count out or disqualification.....only pinfall, submission, or referee stoppage.....and that's exactly what happened last night, so Monsoon isn't entirely sure what Mason's point is?

Mason says that he's not talking about the ways you CAN win the titles....but rather the rules surrounding HOW they are defended.....more importantly Section 14.7, bylaw 2.32, appendix 9? Monsoon just stares blankly for a minute before saying no, he's not 100% certain of that particular regulation.....but he's sure that Mason is going to tell him.

Mason asks, hypothetically, should Scott Steiner decide to head down south and defend that WWF Title at say...a rival promotion.....would that be allowed? Monsoon says not to be ridiculous, of course not....any challenger would have to be employed by the WWF......Mason asks what about if Steiner defended the WWF Title against a WWF competitor at a rival promotion? Monsoon again says would have to be at a sanctioned WWF event.....where are you going with this?

Mason hands Monsoon a sheet of paper, asking him to read the highlighted text....Section 14.7, bylaw 2.32, appendix 9...Gorilla snatches the sheet, his patience obviously wearing thin, and reads the sheet. He stops for a moment and looks Shawn Michaels square in the eye, telling him "you gotta be kidding me" but Michaels just smirks, asking Monsoon what it says? "Read it out fatman" Monsoon sighs and shakes his head, before reading the text out loud, the text that states that....

".......any WWF Title can only be defended and won at a sanctioned WWF event, under the set rules of the WWF Championship contests outlined in Section 12.6, those being that the Championship can only change hands by Pinfall, Submission, or Referee Stoppage, unless prior agreed upon amendments have been made....further more WWF Championships can only change hands in a SANCTIONED WWF match....."

Michaels interrupts Monsoon there, asking him to read that last line again, which he does so reluctantly, "....further more WWF Championships can only change hands in a SANCTIONED WWF match....." Michaels says that their match last night was NOT sanctioned by the WWF.....therefore the WWF Title could NOT change hands......"so give me my damn belt back, before I sue the World Wrestling Federation for everything it's got."

Gorilla is furious but realises there is nothing that can be done here. He tells Shawn that surely he doesn't want to regain the Title this way, but Michaels replies that "I'm not regaining it, because I never lost it in the first place....and don't call me Shirley Monsoon."

There are a lot of heated words now because Scott Steiner is clearly not happy about relinquishing the World Title.....but in the end there is nothing anyone can do. Scott reluctantly hands the title over to Monsoon and Michaels snatches it from his hands, before holding it high in the air as the entire KLiQ celebrate like Michaels just won the Super Bowl single handedly.

The KLiQ exit the ring and head to the back, but before they reach the top of the aisle, Monsoon stops them....he says that Michaels may have slithered out of here with the WWF Title......but he's granting Scott Steiner a rematch at the very next Pay Per View......In Your House. Michaels doesn't look impressed, but that's a problem for another, they still hold every title in the WWF, and that's all that matters.

Rating: A


We come back from commercial following that lengthy promo and Monsoon is still in the ring with the Steiners, trying to pacify an angry Scott Steiner......probably because we've all seen what happens when Scott Steiner gets angry. He appears to have calmed the situation down which is when.....

......the sound of glass breaking and some unfamiliar music starts to play......followed by the arrival of the 1996 King of the Ring, Stone Cold Steve Austin and his co-conspirator, The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman. They climb into the ring and Austin stares down Scott Steiner, while Pillman hops up and down around Monsoon like an excitable puppy. Stone Cold takes a microphone and asks Gorilla if he just heard him right?

"That you're giving this broken down piece of trash here a title shot at In Your House? Because if my memory serves me correctly....and it usually does.....the number one contender for the WWF Stone Cold Steve Austin."

Monsoon says that yes, technically by virtue of winning the King of the Ring, Austin earned a title shot at In Your House....."but these are extenuating circumstances....and you'll get your shot in due time."

"Extenuating circumstances my ass Son.....Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to get what's coming to him and that's the bottom line."

The Steiners essentially tell Austin that if he doesn't get the hell out of here, he'll be getting what's coming to him right now, but Austin is nonplussed.....and neither is Pillman, who decides to pipe in that.....

".....we told you last night that the leaders of the new revolution were ascending to their throne....well uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.....but heavy is the mind that calls the shots.....because you Gorilla Monsoon, you have a decision to make.....either you p### off this muscle bound miscreant here.....or you p### off Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brian F'n Pillman....whichever way you look at it, you're looking at a situation that you don't want to be I you can throw title shots at this Michigan Meathead any day of the week and twice on Sunday.....but NOT In Your House Sunday....and NOT at the expense of Stone Cold Steve Austin....because In Your House Sunday....rightfully....belongs to is against Scott Steiner or Shawn Michaels, it doesn't matter who....but Steve Austin expects that shot....the Sword of Damocles is swinging make your choice."

Monsoon deliberates on what Pillman and Austin have said, before finally making his decision....he says that The duo are right....and regardless of his opinion of the way they came about it, Steve Austin has earned the right to fight for the title at In Your House.....BUT.....Scott Steiner also deserves another shot at Shawn what he suggests is a simple tag team match tonight.....Steve Austin and Brian Pillman vs The Steiner Brothers.....if Austin and Pillman win, then it's Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels at the PPV......but if the Steiners win.....then it's Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels........vs Scott Steiner at In Your House. This seems to please both teams, the match is made.....and we can FINALLY move on to our opening contest of the evening.

Rating: B+



Whoo boy.....Matt and Jeff had been on somewhat of a roll recently. Fresh of victories in an eight man tag with the Legion of Doom....victories over the Harris Boys on Raw....and just last night, a big win over the Nation of Domination......but Kane and Mankind? That was a lot to ask for these two youngsters. To say this dastardly duo had been on a path of destruction since their arrival here in the WWF would be an understatement....don't believe me? Ask The Undertaker.....oh, you can't....because he hasn't been seen or heard of since he was decimated by his apparent brother Kane. Their dominance hasn't gone unnoticed by the crowd either.....because while they are pretty much universally hated, there has been the occasional sign appearing in the crowd as the weeks go on.....just like in this match, where a "Kanekind" sign can clearly be seen on the front row.

As far as this match goes, virtually nothing that the Hardys do to Kane has any effect.....they have slightly more offence when Mankind is in the ring, but even that's fleeting. Matt and Jeff have a lot of heart and aren't willing to give up without a fight, but Jim Cornette's destroyers annihilate them. The end comes after Kane catches both men by the throat as they are coming off the top rope.....a double Chokeslam later and this one is in the books.

Winner(s): Kane & Mankind
Rating: B


The match is over and Jim Cornette joins his men in the ring. He says that the Legion of Doom didn't show up tonight, because they knew what would happen to them if they did.....but that's ok, because they have the next best thing right here, Matt and Jeff, the little wannabe Doomers.....perfect sacrificial lambs for his monsters to feast on. Cornette says for Hawk and Animal to watch closely, because their future is about to pan out right now....."oh and Hardy' can thank the Undertaker for the beating you're about to receive....may the devil make you truly thankful."

Kane and Mankind pounce on the already beaten and battered Hardys. Mankind takes Jeff to the outside where he hits an underhook DDT on the floor....before coming off the ring apron with that patented diving elbow splash. Meanwhile Kane is taking Matt apart in the ring. He nails him with yet another Chokeslam, before picking the helpless youngster up and destroying him with a Tombstone Piledriver. Mankind rolls back into the ring, just as Kane launches Matt over the top rope where he lands on top of his brother. The Big Red Monster raises and then drops his arms as the fire erupts from the corner posts.....stick a fork in the Hardys.....because they're done.

Rating: B


Dok Hendrix is backstage with the Nation of Domination, who haven't exactly been dominant as of late. Dok says that last night wasn't a good night for Faarooq and his men....with the Leader of the Nation losing to Bret Hart and Nelson and Bobby Knight losing to the Hardy Boys of all people....he asks where the Nation goes from here. Faarooq says that it's time to go out there and lead by example....he says that the Nation haven't been operating as a unit just lately, they have been a Nation divided, while the focus of the Federation has been first the Austin, Pillman and the Steiners.....just like the 'man' to overlook the Nation.....but that's ok, because that's when we work at our best.....tonight, the Nation reaffirms their any means necessary.

Rating: B-



Faarooq looks to get back on winning ways here. After losing the Intercontinental Championship (without being pinned mind you) and losing out on the chance to become the King of the Ring, he's looking tonight for the Nation to reassert their Dominance.....and he claims that he is going to lead by while the entire Nation do join him at ringside, he orders them to stand back and watch how it's done. His opponent for the evening is Tatanka, who's probably wondering where it's all gone wrong. Since leaving the service of the Million Dollar Man, this Native American can't even buy a victory. He's suffered multiple losses to big Sid, most recently at last weeks Raw, where he failed to advance to the King of the Ring pay per view.

So with victories sorely needed on both sides, this was always going to be a hotly fought contest. Both men want the win.....but Faarooq obviously wants it more. He slips off Tatanka's shoulders when the Native American tries to hit the End of the Trail, before kicking Tonto in the gut and delivering the Dominator for the one, two, three.

Winner: Faarooq
Rating: B


Faarooq picks up a much needed victory and the rest of the Nation join him in the ring. He says a great leader will be frontline in battle.....but to be a great leader, you not only have to give of also have to know when someone has nothing left to give to the cause.

Suddenly the Nation turn in unison and begin to beat the holy hell out of Bobby Knight.....even his long time partner Nelson is putting the boots to the now exiled Nation member. Scorpio and Kama hold Knight stretched out on the mat by his arms and legs, while Faarooq tells him that he has been an embarrassment for some time now....but last night was the final straw, when he allowed the Hardy Boys to get the pinfall on him....Faarooq says that examples need to be made, before telling Big Nelson to "do it."

The big man takes a few steps back before coming down with a huge splash on his helpless partner......two huge splashes......three.......punctuated by a devastating leg drop across the face of Bobby Knight, before the remaining members unceremoniously kick their victim to the outside.

Faarooq tells the WWF that the Nation will not be stopped and the Nation will not be ignored or forgotten about.....the Nation are taking back their any means necessary.

Rating: B-


We come back from commercial to find Ted DiBiase stood in the middle of the ring, alongside his last remaining Corporation member, Psycho Sid. Deebs has a microphone and informs the crowd that last night, a fluke victory cost his client a shot at the WWF Title at In Your House.....but if anyone thinks that the Million Dollar Man doesn't have a back up plan, then they clearly don't know who they're dealing with. DiBiase says that while the shot for In Your House might already be taken, the WWF Title match at Summerslam is still wide consider this a challenge, to whoever is the Champion come August.....what you're looking at here is the man who's going to take your're looking at the Master and the Ruler of the world.

Rating: B+


Match to determine #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title

It's time to determine a new number one contender for Hunter Hearst Helmsleys Intercontinental Championship. Mero has had a shot at the gold before....and does hold the honour of handing Mr. Helmsley his first defeat here in the WWF....where as this would be Billy Gunns first shot at singles gold since turning on his partner back in May....and considering that Gunn only has a handful of one on one bouts under his belt, it's a testament to his executive Mr. Perfect that he's even been considered for this shot.

Although as the match goes on Gunn shows that he's more than up to the task, because he more than holds his own against Mero. The two actually have a decent little match, with Perfect sticking his nose in here and there to ensure than his client gets that little added extra help.....unfortunately for Billy it's all for naught though.....

......because Bart Gunn decides once again to prove the difference in the match. He walks down the aisle (still wearing a neck support) and starts exchanging words with Mr. Perfect at ringside.....which causes enough of a distraction that Mero is able to roll Billy up from behind for a quick victory out of nowhere.

Winner: Marc Mero
Rating: B-


Following that action we head backstage where Dok Hendrix is standing by with the Hart Foundation. Bret looks banged up and Owen is on crutches, leaving only the Bulldog who appears to be at 100%. Dok asks about the King of the Ring and more specifically about the actions of Brian Pillman. Bret says that both Pillman and Austin proved that they were never man enough to come after any member of the Hart Foundation in a fair fight....they had to resort to using weapons....well that's fine, because the Harts know how to wrestle...."but we know how to fight too.....and if it's a fight that Austin and Pillman want, then it's a fight they'll get."

Bret says that he heard Ted DiBiase and Sid out there earlier, claiming that at Summerslam Psycho Sid deserves a shot at the World Title? Well as far as the Hitman is concerned, Brian Pillman screwed HIM out of a title shot last night, so if anyone is deserving of a shot at the WWF Title at Summerslam, then it's the Hitman.

Dok asks Owen how his leg is holding up.....Owen says that it's not holding anyone up right now.....he says he can barely put any weight on it thanks to the chair shot by Brian Pillman....."but the doctors have assured me that I'll be back to full mobility by.....say In Your Pillman....since your new best friend has other plans that night, how about you face ME, man to man....and see how well you do without a chair in your hand?"

The Bulldog claims that he's going to make short work of Goldust tonight....and he knows that Marc Mero just earned a shot at the Intercontinental Champion at next months In Your House.....but the Bulldog says at Summerslam, he's officially challenging either Hunter Hearst Helmsley OR Marc Mero, whoever the champion is......"because I won that WWF Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam four years ago....and it's about time that the British Bulldog, gets to take another bite at the gold."

Rating: B+



Its time for another match two former Intercontinental Champions go head to head, The British Bulldog and the Bizarre One, Goldust.....and if the Bulldog truly has aspirations of regaining that title at Summerslam, then a victory here would go a long way to securing a possible shot. Goldust however could argue that he should be granted the opportunity instead, should he be victorious tonight....especially considering the fact that he never actually lost the title to begin with, after having to vacate it due to injury.

The match goes well enough, basic but effective enough to get across the urgency for a victory here. Bulldog manages to lift Goldust up for that big delayed vertical suplex....but while he has him up there the Bizarre One begins to run his hands over Davey Boys chest, which freaks the Bulldog out, allowing Goldust to wriggle free of the hold. The ending of the match comes however as the result of someone not involved it the match.....

......because fresh off a defeat last night to Jeff Jarrett....arguably because of the interference of Goldust.....Chris Jericho comes sauntering down the aisle, carrying one of those black and white clapperboards that the movie directors use. He's opening and snapping it closed and yelling at Goldust that "you wanted my undivided attention Gold-Freak....well you got's close up time baby."

And unfortunately for Goldust, while he now had Jericho's full attention, it means that Jericho also has his.....attention that should have been concentrated on his opponent.....maybe he would have seen the Bulldog coming as he scooped him up and delivered that patented Running Powerslam for the one, two, three.

Winner: The British Bulldog
Rating: B


We come back from commercial and are shown highlights of what me missed during the ads....mainly Jericho and Goldust exchanging angry shouts at each other, but ultimately not coming to blows.....before we go live, just in time for the arrival of Bill DeMott, Al Snow......and Head who is tucked safely under Snow's arm. The duo....trio?....enter the ring and Al has a microphone and begins to speak, while DeMott cases his surroundings, breaking out in fits of laughter one minute, while desperately looking around for any sign of 'Him' appearing the next.

Snow says that he and Bill have discussed things with Head....and the three of them have decided on the strategy for their best form of attack where the KLiQ are involved.....and since everyone is going around tonight making challenges for In Your House, they have a challenge of their own.......Al Snow and Bill DeMott.....with Head in their corner.....vs......

Snow stops mid sentence.....because Head has obviously got something to say.....and the two of them have a brief back and forth argument....

"........but that wasn't what we it wasn't, you were very specific.....that's not what you said at all.......I'm not talking down to you, I'm just saying that this isn't what we it isn't....."

Seeing that his partner in madness is currently preoccupied, DeMott stops scanning the arena for danger, just long enough to finish his sentence for him. Between fits of giggles he announces that at In Your House, he and Al are officially challenging the KLiQ to a match......Al Snow and Bill DeMott (giggle) vs. Sean Walt......

"......vs. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.....for the WWF Tag Team Titles...." Snow finishes.

DeMott looks horrified at the thought of getting in the ring with Nash and Hall, saying that they had agreed (reluctantly on DeMotts part....he's more untreated in preparing for 'His' arrival) to face Waltman and Credible....not the Bad Guy and Big Sexy.....Snow says that he thought that they had agreed that too, but Head says that when they said they were going to challenge the KLiQ, she meant for the Tag Titles....."but don't worry....because she assures me that she's got a plan.......Kevin Nash, Scott Hall.....we're coming for you.....AND your WWF Tag Team Titles."

DeMott does not look impressed at this news, but acquiesces eventually, after Snow has shoved Head in his face a number of times, trying to get him to listen to her instructions.....I think he agreed just to shut Head up.

Rating: B-



It's time to see what this so called blue chipper is all the Son's of Samoa's Rocky Maivia squares off against Jesse James. We've seen enough of the former Roadie over the years to know what to expect.....Maivia on the other hand is a complete unknown....but it soon becomes clear that he knows what he's doing. He's still green......a green chipper if you will.....but he obviously has a huge upside.

He doesn't wrestle the usual smash mouth islander style, instead focusing more on his athletic ability......and the move that finally finishes James off, a running Shoulderbreaker.....the Kid just might have a future.

Winner: Rocky Maivia
Rating: C-


With his first win in the bag, Maivia celebrates to a semi warm reception. He's up posing on the middle rope when James gets back to his feet and drags his opponent down, before kicking him in the gut and hitting a pump handle slam, before waving at the back.....which brings down the Texas Long Riders....who haven't forgotten Maivia's involvement in preventing their beat down of Kokina and Rikishi a few weeks back.....speaking of which.....

......the two remaining Son's of Samoa make their way down the aisle to ensure that their family member isn't outnumbered. The Long Riders come to a halt in the aisle way when they see that they have company....which gives Maivia just enough time to recover in the ring, sending James flying over the top rope with a high dropkick. Jesse James crashes into the Texans and all three me stumble to the ground. Rikishi and Kokina casually step over the fallen trio, before joining Rocky in the ring, where the Son's of Samoa celebrate in unison.

Rating: C+


We head again to the Dok Hendrix however, as it seems as though the KLiQ have commandeered a camera.....a KLiQ Cam one might say.....and Justin Credible seems to operating it.....they act at their obnoxious best....with Helmsley promising Marc Mero that the one victory he holds over him will be the only one he ever gets.......Waltman saying that his sheer size and strength must have scared Snow and DeMott that much that they had to go and find some smaller opponents to tangle with.....Hall and Nash tussle the Light Heavyweight Champion about lightheartedly, before Hall proclaims that "Hey yo, you two jabroni's wanna shot at the straps? You got and Big Kev could beat you with one hand tied behind our backs."

Michaels takes centre stage now and he proceeds to tell Steve Austin that he thought he had more brains than to stick his head in the KLiQ's mouth.....but that's ok, because we'll be more than happy to bite it off.....and as for Scott Steiner.....there's no way I'm defending this prestigious title.....against two men.....where I don't even have to be pinned to lose.....he goes on to say that Steiner would probably lie down for Austin just to get the belt off Michaels......"one way or another, I guarantee that one of you......or maybe both of you.....ain't making it to In Your House.....good luck out there."

Rating: B+



It's time for the main event of the evening.....and there is an awful lot at state for one member of each team.....a win for Austin and Pillman means that Stone Cold's World Title shot at In Your House will be a one on one encounter with WWF Champion Shawn Michaels.....while victory for the Steiner Brothers means that the one on one match turns into a triangle match....with Scott Steiner getting another shot at the gold.

After wrestling three matches last night in Steve Austin's case.....and the fact that Scott Steiner is still probably not medically cleared to compete....means that it's Brian Pillman and Rick Steiner that pick up the majority of the slack in this one. The fans are definitely behind the Brothers Steiner.....probably because Pillman spends a lot of time at ringside antagonising them.....even going to far as to spit in one particularly vocal fans face.....causing Vince McMahon to apologise, saying that he's not called the Loose Cannon for nothing.

The match eventually breaks down....and Austin and Scott Steiner wind up face to face, absolutely hammering one another with stuff right hands. Austin hits Steiner with a Thez Press, followed by a series of blows to the face, but Steiner is able to hook him around the waist and spin him over, pinning him to the mat and raining blows down of his own....(I can't be the only one who would have paid good money to watch Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner going up against Peak 1998 Stone Cold Steve Austin?)......Rick sends Pillman over the top rope and follows him out to the floor, before Scott hoists Austin to a sitting position on the top turnbuckle.....head up with him.....and nail a huge Frankensteiner from the top rope.....which WOULD have given him the victory, had it not been for.....

.......the arrival of this band of miscreants.....who hit the ring in force and begin to beat the holy hell out of both Steiner AND the official no choice other than to call for the bell.

Winner(s): No Contest
Rating: B-


The assault continues, with the KLiQ going after both the team of the Steiner Brothers, as well as Austin and Pillman. It's not a one sided beatdown, because Rick, Scott, Stone Cold and the Loose Cannon certainly get their licks in.....but it's six against four and before long the numbers start to overwhelm them.....which is when the cavalry.....of sorts.....arrives.....

......why of sorts you ask? Well for one, Owen remains at the top of the aisle way.....on his crutches he's no use in a fight, he's simply there for the moral support......and as for Bret and the Bulldog....they're there to help out the Steiners, but Hart wastes no time in going after Austin as well. It's now six against six......or should that be six against four against two? It's not really clear because the arena is in total chaos, The Steiners are brawling with Austin, Pillman AND the KLiQ......The Hart Foundation are brawling with the KLiQ AND Austin and Pillman......The KLiQ are brawling with everybody.....Owen is watching on from the ramp.....the crowd is going mad and the announcers have no idea what to call......other than to tell us that we are out of time, just as Brian Pillman breaks away from the pack and begins to stalk up the aisle way towards Owen Hart......what does he do when he gets there? We'll never know, because we are out of time folks..........

Rating: B

Final Rating: B

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