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Default September 2002: Pre-War Games News and Notes

Some big things are going on in our women's division. For one, Chigusa Nagayo and I agreed to terms on a buyout of GAEA. We purchased the company's titles and brought in about a dozen employees, Nagayo included. I didn't stop there though. In the immediate aftermath of that purchase I began planning for the launch of a new developmental territory in Japan which we'll use exclusively to develop our female prospects. The new child promotion will be called 5 Star Supreme Wrestling (5SSW), and I've appointed legendary former joshi wrestler Bull Nakano as the owner/booker. I'm also sending Johnny Ace over to help train the girls. A few of the GAEA acquisitions will be heading there, as will any of the girls who'd been down in Wildside and still aren't quite ready. I'm also sending Katarina Waters over there, as her angle with Luger is dead and she could use a lot of seasoning if she's going to be part of our main roster women's division. All of this set us back a few million dollars, but I think it's worth the investment.

Two injuries occurred during the September 2nd Nitro, but they were on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I think anyone who saw it knew right away that Buff Bagwell was severely injured, and they weren't wrong. He injured his spinal column and will likely be out for at least a year, if he even wrestles again. He'll still be collecting a nice paycheck though, because there's still over a year left on the long-term deal he was under when we first re-launched. Shane Douglas strained his right calf during the main event that night. It did slow him a bit for the duration of that match (which may very well have been match of the year otherwise. I'm not even kidding. It was very nearly that anyway.) He was good as new by the time the next Nitro rolled around though.

I guess Chris Candido was hard at work during his suspension. He returned looking noticeably more ripped. He looks more like a superstar now, but I hope this isn't a sign of further failed drug tests to come.

We're doubling the field of the Stu Hart Classic this year, going from 16 entrants to 32. As a result we'll be starting it on Nitro the night after War Games. There will be several tournament matches at Halloween Havoc, and we'll end it at Calgary Stampede in November just like last year. With it being dedicated to Stu, I decided to do a favor to Bruce's relaunch of Stampede by including one of his top guys in the tournament and plugging the company in the process. He'll be sending us Kenny Omega, a 19-year old from Winnipeg who is already showing great promise and is someone my talent scouts are high on. We'll loan Yang of the Jung Dragons to Stampede in exchange. I'm also in negotiations with New Japan about sending over one of their top stars to participate in the tournament.

Scott Steiner suffered a strained back doing that belly to belly off the top on The Destroyer during the September 16th Nitro, but he was looking fine days later and should be good to go for War Games.

NOAH held their 'Departure' PPV on September 7th. It was a very strong show; one of their best so far this year. For a change, Misawa wasn't the standout this time. He did have a pretty good match in the semi main event, as he and Yoshinari Ogawa beat The Last Hard Men (Kentaro Shiga and Takashi Sugiura), but the easy match of the night was Akira Taue retaining the GHC Heavyweight title against Kenta Kobashi in a fantastic main event that will probably appear on most peoples' top ten lists of matches at the end of the year.

Rumor has it that New Japan took their tag titles off of TenKoji so they could split the team up, and perhaps even position them for a big feud.

The company held their 'Temples of Flight' PPV on September 14th. It wasn't their best big show of the year, but it was above average in comparison to their usual PPV outings. The booking was interesting here, as Tatsumi Fujinami retaining the IWGP Heavyweight title over Masahiro Chono was only the semi main event. It's hard to argue with that decision, since the main event of Manabu Nakanishi and Kensuke Sasaki retaining the IWGP Tag Team titles over Riki Choshu and our own Shane Douglas (there on loan) was slightly better. The runaway match of the night actually happened in the midcard though, when Koji Kanemoto beat Osamu Nishimura.

After putting on their best show last month, TNA fell back down a bit with one of their worst thus far. BJ Whitmer retained the TNA Heavyweight title over Sonjay Dutt in the main event.

AJPW held their 'Front of War Lines' PPV on September 17th. It was basically the definition of an average show by their current standards; not among their best big events of the year, but in line with normal performance. They headlined with Hiroshi Hase making his first defense of the Triple Crown against Jim Steele.

In sad news, Gangrel and Luna Vachon have gotten divorced.

I saw footage of Jerry Lawler doing color commentary on a recent show for Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, and he seemed a lot bulkier than I remembered.

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