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Default Stu Hart Classic Preview

2002 Stu Hart Classic Prediction Game:


Opening Round:
Sting vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Konnan vs. Mortis
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Chris Candido
Norman Smiley vs. The Unnatural

Second Round:
Sting/Chavo vs. Konnan/Mortis
Rey/Candido vs. Smiley/Unnatural

Group Winner:


Opening Round:
Billy Kidman vs. Lance Storm
American Dragon vs. Kenny Omega
AJ Styles vs. Jamie Knoble
Hayabusa vs. The Destroyer

Second Round:
Kidman/Storm vs. Dragon/Omega
Styles/Knoble vs. Hayabusa/Destroyer

Group Winner:


Opening Round:
Diamond Dallas Page vs. Shane Helms
King Corino vs. TAKA
Mark Jindrak vs. Chuck Palumbo
Sean O'Haire vs. Disco Inferno

Second Round:
DDP/Helms vs. Corino/TAKA
Jindrak/Palumbo vs. O'Haire/Inferno

Group Winner:


Opening Round:
Rick Steiner vs. CM Punk
Ernest Miller vs. Davey Boy Smith
Rob Van Dam vs. Hugh Morrus
Teddy Hart vs. Yuji Nagata

Second Round:
Steiner/Punk vs. Miller/Smith
RVD/Morrus vs. Hart/Nagata

Group Winner:

(Group A Winner) vs. (Group B Winner)
(Group C Winner) vs. (Group D Winner)

2002 Stu Hart Classic Winner (worth 3 points):

Hopefully this prediction setup isn't too confusing for anybody. If you have any questions, feel free! Keep in mind that the winner of the Stu Hart Classic challenges for the world title at Starrcade.

As planned, this will be kept separate from the ongoing prediction contest and will be its own thing with its own prize. I'm pretty sure the winner will be allowed to choose an opponent for a particular wrestler at Starrcade.

I combined/modified a couple of K-Nection's suggestions and came up with 'Women's Wrestling Renaissance', which I think has a nice ring to it and captures the spirit of what the show is supposed to represent. It's a bit wordy maybe, but I could shorthand it as WWR in my writing. Any thoughts on that name? And feel free to keep throwing suggestions at me, because maybe we can come up with something better.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I have a hunch you want to run this show primarily in Japan because that is where most of the women's roster is over. I'm also curious of how close you are to be considered National?
The plan is to run it exclusively in Japan, at least to begin with. Obviously all of the Japanese women I signed are far more over there, and none of the North American women I signed had much starting overness to speak of so their pop is pretty even across the board. I'm also planning on keeping the women off of my regular PPVs (with the possible exceptions of Starrcade and maybe Clash of the Champions) and giving them their own exclusive big shows every 3 or 4 months.

I'm right on the doorstep of National. I have 7 US regions at the threshold of 65% importance or higher, and two others at 63%.
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