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Week 3 August, 1996
El Generico Stadium (South East)
ATT: 51,000
Buy: 1.27


Welcome everyone, to the hottest event of the Summer....Welcome to the most anticipated rematch in WWF history.....Welcome to the ninth annual Summerslam.....the show opens with a barrage of pyro and panning shots of the crowd, before we head straight down to the announce table, where Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show.

They talk about the upcoming matches, hyping up the Championship bouts as well as the fact that just six days ago on Monday Night Raw, the KLiQ got more than they bargained half the WWF Locker room came to the aid of the Hart Brothers, sending the dominant faction running for the hills.....Lawler says that he can't wait, because tonight is going to be the night, that the KLiQ gets what's coming to them......

Rating: N/A



Speaking of the KLiQ, they are in action in our opening contest, as Hunter Hearst Helmsley puts the Intercontinental Champion puts the gold on the line.....against the Challenger....(who the announcers claim can't be anywhere near 100% after the brutal beating he took a few weeks back on Raw).....the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Bulldog makes his way out first and he has his ribs taped up tightly as he winces his way down the aisle way. He climbs into the ring and a replay of the beatdown he suffered at the hands of the KLiQ while we wait for the arrival of his opponent. Hunter is out next, with Sunny by his side as the duo walk arm in arm down the aisle. Helmsley stops at ringside and suddenly begins dramatically overselling back pain, before bursting out laughing and treating the Bulldog to a crotch chop.....clearly confidence is on side of the Champion.

The two men lock up to start the match....and this is where the Bulldog would usually have the advantage, being the powerhouse that he is....but Helmsley is able to put a stop to any possible momentum, with a stiff knee to the injured ribs that knocks the wind out of the Challenger. Davey Boy doubles over in pain leaving his back exposed for a series of ax handle blows from the Champion, which sends Smith crashing to the mat. Hunter struts around the ring cockily, and as the Bulldog gingerly gets back to his feet, Helmsley gives him a condescending little bow.....he regrets that move about two seconds later though, because despite the obvious pain, the Bulldog runs straight through Hunter with two big clotheslines that drop the Champion to the mat.....and a third which sends him flying over the top and to the floor.

The impact of those blows however clearly took something out of the Bulldog, meaning he is slow to react as Helmsley reaches under the second rope, drags him out to the floor, then drives him back first into the ring apron. Hunter uses all of the referee's count to punish Davey Boy on the floor, then rolls him back into the ring to inflict further punishment. It's a slow methodical pace, mainly focused on weakening the back and ribs of the Challenger. The slowed down, ground based offence gives the commentators chance to talk about the fact that Davey Boy Smith has held only one singles title during his WWF Career.....a lone Intercontinental Championship won almost exactly four years ago to the day at this very event, where he defeated his Brother In-Law and current Hart Foundation team mate, the Hitman Bret Hart.....only to lose it a few months later, ironically to current KLiQ leader and WWF Champion, the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Jim Ross informs us that the British Bulldog would like nothing more than to take that title away from the KLiQ tonight......but in the state he's in right now, McMahon questions whether that is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Pipe dream or not however, the Bulldog isn't going down without a fight.....and with Helmsley sat on his back in a Camel Clutch type hold, Davey Boy is able to power himself to his feet, before dropping backwards to the mat, crushing Helmsley as he does. The Bulldog rallies on with a flurry of offence and tries to hit that delayed vertical suplex, but he can't hold the man up, meaning that Helmsley is able to land harmlessly on his feet and delivers a big spine buster of his own, that very nearly gives him the victory. Bulldog ducks a clothesline attempt and counters it with a hard shoulder block.....then attempts to military press Hunter overhead.....again he can't hold the man up there.....this time however fortune is on his side, because as he loses grip of Helmsley, he drops him crotch first onto the top rope, which causes the Champion to cry out in pain.

Finally being able to catch his breath gives the Bulldog a second wind....and even though a lot of his usual power based moves are off the table, he still has enough about him to cause H3 serious much so that these men arrive on the scene.....

......Sean Waltman and Justin Credible, who come running down the aisle. Waltman immediately goes to work on keeping the official distracted, while Credible slides into the ring with the Intercontinental Championship in hand. McMahon says that it looks as though the Bulldogs face is about to be reacquainted with the Title Belt......but before Credible is able to inflict any damage, a hooded fan jumps the safety barrier, dives into the ring and snatches the Belt away from him.....before driving it into the face of the former Aldo Montoya. Helmsley grabs hold of the stranger and spins him round, ripping his hood down as he does so to reveal......

.......Skip? He hasn't been seen in the WWF now for over six months.....and apparently isn't very pleased at his managers choice of company in his absence. Helmsley stares wide eyed at Skip for a moment, but before he has chance to react, the Body Donna backs up, then smashes the Champion around the head with his own Title. The force of the blow spins Hunter around.....straight into the waiting arms of Davey Boy, who manages to hoist Triple H up onto his shoulder. Skip kicks Credible to the outside, walks straight past a screaming Sunny, without even looking in her direction.....and back into the crowd, away from an oncoming Sean Waltman.

Back in the ring the Bulldog takes a running start, then plants Helmsley smack bang in the middle of the ring with his patented Power Slam. He makes the cover.....and three seconds later the KLiQ are down one piece of Gold.

Winner: and......NEW.....WWF Intercontinental Champion.....The British Bulldog
Rating: B


We head to the back where Dok Hendrix is standing by with Billy Gunn and his Executive Consultant, Mr. Perfect. Dok says that it's clear from the way Bart Gunn was moving this past week on Raw, that he is fully recovered from the neck injury suffered at the hands of Billy some months back.....he says that Perfect and Billy may have bitten off more than they can chew. Perfect looks at Dok with disgust, before telling him that.....

"....looks can be deceiving little Bart's neck might LOOK to be back at full might LOOK like you have a full head of hair under that toupee.....the Smoking Gunns LOOKED like a great team.....until you realise that the only great part of that team, is stood here beside me right now. Bart Gunn, you're going to find out tonight first hand, what I've been telling Billy here for months....that you were never anything more than a weak link.....and just like your weak weak break real easily.....ain't that right Billy?"

"That's right......and Bart, tonight.....your free ride to the top is over....the days of ME carrying YOU to titles and greatness is over.....Bart, you spent so long riding my coat tails, that I'm surprised you don't have my spur marks in your ass.....but then, I only wore that stupid cowboy outfit to keep you happy, running around in your chaps with your cap-guns....thinking you were some kind of Bad Ass Outlaw......well Bart, this is 1996, it ain't 1896, and me, I'm a New Age Outlaw, and I don't need cowboy boots or a cowboy hat, cap-guns or spurs.....all I need is two fists, a steel chair.....and a Famouser to break your neck one more time."

With that Gunn and Perfect head off towards the ring area, because up next, it's Gunn vs Gunn.....

Rating: B


Before Dok can sign off however, the British Bulldog comes limping into sight, with the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder....and a huge smile on his face. He's clearly on his way back to the locker rooms to celebrate, but Dok stops him quickly to ask him a few questions. He asks him how it feels to once again be the WWF Intercontinental Champion.....but more importantly, how does it feel to have gotten one up on the KLiQ?

The Bulldog says that it feels amazing, to once again be leaving Summerslam as the Intercontinental Champion.....and while he didn't have 70,000 of his countrymen out there in the arena like in 1992, this win is just as satisfying, because it was taking a title away from the KLiQ.....just like Bret is going to do later......

"....BULLDOG!!! GET BACK HERE YOU FLEA BITTEN MUTT.....YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT BELONGS TO ME......" seems like the KLiQ aren't impressed with the loss, as Helmsley, Credible and Waltman come walking down the hall. Hunter tells Davey Boy that he never won that title fairly.....the only reason he has it is because some little bleach blonde midget came out of the crowd and attacked him with the unless the Bulldog wants a repeat performance of the last beat down they gave him, Helmsley suggests that he hands the title over.......

........suddenly the KLiQ don't look so confident, as Chris Jericho, the Sons of Samoa, Ahmed Johnson and Marc Mero walk into shot. Jericho tells Hunter and his pals to keep walking.....because they already lost one title tonight, Waltman should be back in the locker room, preparing to lose to Rey Mysterio......"and when you've finished kissing the belt goodbye, make sure you wipe all that lipstick off it".....Hunter looks furious, but clearly outnumbered the trio do back off and walk away.....with Helmsley telling Jericho to "watch your back punk"

Off camera there is a flurry of popping sounds, and as the camera turns back to the Bulldog, he's in the middle of being drenched by the cheering group of wrestlers, emptying bottles of champagne over the Beaming Brit, as we go down to ringside for the next match.

Rating: B



It's time for pistols at dawn now.....or pistols at late evening at Billy and Bart, the Smoking Gunns explode. Apparently we are still trying to sell these two as brothers, because Jim Ross talks about Summerslam being the place for sibling rivalries to unfold, citing the brother vs brother Steel Cage match for the WWF Championship back at Summerslam 94, between then Champion Bret Hart and the challenger Owen Hart.....with the last match and this one, we're getting quite the history lesson in Summerslam lore tonight.

McMahon questions just how healthy Bart Gunns neck really is, considering we have barely seen him for months.....and on the few occasions we have seen him, he's been in a neck brace in all but one outing. As if to answer that question for us however, Bart charges Billy before the official even has chance to ring the bell and this one is underway. The two men collide in an exchange of fists.....and while Billy may have switched to some more traditional wrestling boots, Bart is still wearing those big stiff cowboy boots....and he uses them to stomp the tar out of Billy on the much so that Mr. Perfect has to reach into the ring and drag Billy outside, away from his deranged brother.

Bart isn't anywhere near done however.....and he ain't waiting around for Billy to re-enter the ring either, because he slides straight to the outside, where he slams Perfect and Billy's heads together, then rolls the blonde Gunn back into the ring. He goes to follow, but Perfect hooks onto his ankle, giving Billy enough time to gather his senses, and drop a knee across the back of Bart's exposed neck, as he lies half in the ring and half on the floor. That puts a stop to Bart's offence......and Billy clearly smells blood, because he follows that up by dragging Bart into the ring, spinning him around so that his head is under the bottom rope....and hitting a slingshot that nearly crushes his larynx.

From there on out its all Billy Gunn, as he takes years of pent up frustrations out on Bart, with the majority of his offence focused on the neck and upper shoulders, be that a belly to back suplex, a swinging neck breaker, a stun gun.....or even at one point a piledriver, which would have given him the victory, had Bart not been close enough to the ropes that he was able to drape one foot over to break the count. Perfect shouts out instructions from the floor, doing his best to guide his client to victory as Billy slaps on a sleeper in the middle of the ring. Bart begins to fade, but before he goes to sleep he is able to hit a series of elbow strikes to Billy's gut that loosens the hold, then drops to the mat, using the top of his own head to connect with a jawbreaker.

Both men go down but with Perfect shouting on encouragement from the floor, Billy is first to his feet. He tried to connect with a series of fists, but Bart counters each one with a pinch of his own and before long this descends into a flurry of back and forth blows....with Bart coming out on top, finally knocking Billy to the mat with a big haymaker. He whips his former partner into the ropes, connecting with a nice looking dropkick, before sending Gunn into a daze with a flurry of offence that sees Billy finally bail to the outside, where he starts to head up the aisle and to the back, seemingly having had enough for today. The official begins the ten count but Bart isn't happy to take a count out victory and follows after his brother, bouncing his head off the safety barriers before rolling him back into the ring. Bart goes to follow, but as he ducks between the middle ropes to re-enter the ring, Perfect again grabs at his ankle, giving Billy the opportunity to connect with the Famouser on a tangled up Bart. He drags his brother away from the ropes and makes the cover, picking up a rather tainted victory....but a victory none the less.

Winner: Billy Gunn
Rating: B-


Following that we head once again to the back, where Dok Hendrix is standing by with a surprisingly lucid Al Snow and his partner for the evening Bill DeMott. Dok says that after all the trials and tribulations, it finally all comes to an end tonight one way or another.....and there is no surprise this week, because they already know their opponents.....Wrath and Crush, the Dogs of War.

Al pauses for a moment to look down at Head.....who is presumably offering him some last minute advice, but he cuts her off, placing a finger over her lips.....

", shhhh, I've heard enough.......She doesn't think we can do it Betty......I know she's only got my best interests at heart, but she doesn't think we stand a chance against His Dogs of War......but we've come too far to stop now......Bill here he tried to "cure" me.....tried to keep me out of His grasp.....but truth be told Betty, I never needed "curing"....this is me, 100% driven more hiding behind a more pretending to be someone I'm not.....and after we make the Dogs of War lay down and play dead tonight.....there will be no more hiding behind a mask for Him either.....and then just like me, Bill DeMott will finally be free too."

Rating: B



It's time for tag team action here tonight, as Al Snow looks to pass his final trial....because victory here tonight means that he will finally learn the identity of his mystery masked puppeteer.....although when you take into account the fact that his opponents are two big, burly, angry men in Crush and Wrath, you would be forgiven for not having too much faith in Snow and DeMott's chances. The Dogs of War make their entrance first, striding down to ringside with purpose and a permanent scowl etched on their faces. Al and Bill come out next.....Snow is hoisting Head up high in the air.....but he's obviously heard enough of her doubting, because she now has a piece of tape secured over her mouth.

The match gets underway and Snow starts off with Wrath....and while Al might have a lot of heart, he's not exactly known for his strength....and when the two lock up, Wrath effortless shoves Snow halfway across the ring. He tries again and gets the same result, this time crashing against the turnbuckles. DeMott suggests that maybe his partner should try a different tactic, but Al waves him off, telling him that he's got this. For a third time they lock up....and for a third time Snow gets sent across the ring, this time tumbling through the ropes and landing out on the floor. He gathers his composure before walking over to Head, where he peels the tape off her mouth and lifts her up to his ear. Satisfied with her answer he nods....but still replaces the tape across her lips....then rolls back inside, where he shoves Wrath hard in the chest, telling him to try that again. The two men go to lock up again, this time however Snow kicks his opponent right in the leg....then again....and again, until Wrath is down on one knee. He backs up against the ropes for some momentum, then charges his opponent....but Wrath is back to his feet and catches him by the throat. Hi lifts Al for a big Chokeslam, but Snow is able to shift his momentum in mid air, landing behind his opponent and hitting an impressive German Suplex on the big man.

Snow tags out to DeMott....who has plenty of power in his arsenal and uses it to full effect. Crush tags in for the first time but Bill catches him with a Powerslam. The babyfaces continue to shine, at least until Snow runs right into a big boot from Crush that knocks him down hard. From there the Dogs of War go to work....and for two men who have only teamed together a handful of times, they work well together and keep Al far away from his own corner....and waiting partner.....brutalising the confused star with big double team moved....and questionable tactics, with the illegal man often choking Snow with the tag rope (is that even still a thing?!?) while his partner distracts the official. Al won't give up though and despite the DoW's best efforts, they can't put him down for the three count.....not that Crush or Wrath are too concerned, because it means they get to beat on him some more. McMahon questions whether it would be in Al Snows best interest to stay down, but Jim Ross says that Al doesn't know the meaning of the word quit......allowing Lawler to quip that Al doesn't know the meaning of a lot of words.

In the end Snow is finally able to make the tag, as he sends Wrath crashing into Crush after ducking a clothesline attempt....then scurrying quickly to his partner, who is more than eager to get into the match. DeMott unloads on Wrath with rights and lefts, then again sends him crashing into his partner as Crush attempts to enter the ring. Snow gets back into the fray and he and DeMott hit a double Suplex to Wrath.....which Al follows up with a suicide dive to the outside on Crush, as DeMott heads up top looking for that Moonsault of his. He leaps and lands, covering Wrath for the pinfall....but before the referees hand can hit the mat for the third time, Crush reaches into the ring breaks up the count, pulling DeMott to the outside. Wrath follows suit and soon all four men are fighting on the floor.

The Dogs of War take great pleasure in introducing the skulls of both DeMott and Snow into the ring posts, while Al gets dropped throat first on the metal crowd barrier and Bill gets body slammed hard into the floor.....then with both men down, Crush and Wrath begin to stomp the shi....daylights....out of their hapless opponents, while the official screams at them to take the action back into the ring. The Dogs are paying no attention to him however, so he has little other option than to begin to count the men out. He reaches a count of eight before the DoW even acknowledge the fact that he's counting, with Wrath rolling the legal man Bill DeMott into the ring. He goes to follow, but in a last ditch effort Snow manages to drag the man off the ring apron and back to the floor......just as the referee reaches the count of ten....this one is over.....and it may be by count out, but Al Snow and Bill DeMott are your winners.

Winner: Al Snow & Bill DeMott (via Count-Out)
Rating: C+


With the victory in the bag Al grabs a microphone and drags himself back into the ring alongside DeMott, where he proceeds to call out the masked man.....he says that he's passed the trials....he's finished the test....graduated with flying colours....and it's time to see the man behind the mask......

......ask and you shall receive.....although it's the video screen that flickers to He comes into view.

"....Curiosity can be a dangerous thing.....sometimes the fear of the unknown is a safer haven than the reality behind the mystery.....your desire to reveal the man behind the mask may well lead to your undoing....behind this mask there is more than flesh....behind this mask is an idea....and idea's are can no more fight an idea, than you can fight your own shadow......idea's can inspire great cruelty......

(The Dogs of War enter the ring and each stand in an opposite corner)

"......ideas can offer redemption....revenge......the chance to right a wrong......"

(Doink comes walking down the aisle, rolling into the ring and taking up position on the third corner behind Snow and DeMott)

"........ideas can take a man from the brink of defeat and despair.....and inspire greatness......"

(Christopher Daniels is out next....and rather predictably takes up residence in corner number four, leaving Snow and DeMott surrounded on all sides)

".......ideas can offer salvation.....unity......belonging.....they can raise a civilisation to greatness....or they can bring governments to their knees..........

The masked man on the screen continues to talk.....but the crowd has suddenly lost interest.....why? Because for the first time since his appearance, the man in the mask is here in physical form, clearly the video on the screen has been pre recorded.....not that Snow or DeMott are aware of this, because he has emerged from the crowd, climbing over the safety barrier and into the ring, where he stands behind the duo, arms outstretched.

".......and yes, behind this mask I am an idea.....but sometimes when you wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were underneath it.....that's when you know it's time to take off the mask and end the facade...."

With that the masked man spins Al Snow around.....and drives his head into the mat with a hard DDT. DeMott stands frozen on the spot as He removes his black hat and mask to reveal (to the surprise of no one apparently).....

.......Raven! He stands over Snow for a moment before pulling a microphone from somewhere underneath his black coat.....

"......and so I end my for you Al....your ending is nearer than you is already written....all that is left to do, is for me to decide when your end should begin......Quote the Raven.....Nevermore."

Rating: B+


While the ring is clearing out ready for the next match, we head to the back where one of the competitors in that contest is preparing to make his entrance. He opens up his locker, pulling out the brand new Chris Jericho shirt that he's planning on wearing on his walk down the aisle.....unfortunately it would seem that someone doesn't want him to wear it, because across the front the word "KLiQ" has been spray painted in big black letters. Jericho looks at the shirt for a moment before angrily screwing it up into a ball and tossing it across the room. It would appear that Lionheart's actions as of late have garnered the attention of a certain black and white wearing group.

Rating: B



There is a quick promo package aired, highlighting the storied history between the two men in this contest, stretching back to May....which focuses mainly on Goldust's apparent obsession with the youngster, constant sneak attacks and the eventual interference in Chris Jericho's Light Heavyweight Title match against Sean Walttman, that finally saw Lionheart snap.

The package ends and Jericho makes his way out first.....shirtless obviously since the KLiQ vandalised his entrance gear. Goldust makes his grand appearance next, a long red carpet rolled out for him to walk as gold dust rains from the sky. Chris Jericho might have one eye on the future and KLiQ, but his other is firmly focused on finally getting his hands on his most recent tormentor, standing across the ring from him right now.

These two men are two of the most reliable and consistent workers on the roster. Jericho, who in the last six months has risen from virtual unknown to knocking on the door of main event status....(in fact a good showing here might even tip him over the edge).....has rarely put on a poor display.....while Goldust, despite a brief setback with injury, has solidified his main event status through hard work and determination much so that he was recently at the centre of a bidding war between the WWF and the competition WCW.....and even though we couldn't match WCW's offer financially, we did offer a slightly longer term and Goldust showed his loyalty by choosing to remain here in the World Wrestling Federation.

The crowd were really hot for this one....although considering the build for the match I would have been slightly disappointed if they weren't. Jericho and Goldust trade blows to open, there's no lock up here, these two men just want to hammer each other. Jericho gets the better of the brawl, much to the delight of the crowd, and backs Goldust into the corner, where he unleashes a stiff, stiff chop to the chest of Goldust....who furiously rubs the area in pain, before slowing down and seductively caressing his nipple area. I'm not sure what he thought this would accomplish, because Jericho exploded, showing a much more aggressive side as he hammered punches and kicks on the cornered Goldust, until the official finally had to drag him away with threats of disqualification. Goldust retreats through the ropes to the apron, looking to catch his breath, but Jericho hits a springboard dropkick from the turnbuckles that sends him crashing to the outside, then follows that up with another springboard move, this time a splash over the top rope.

On the outside Lionheart looks to continue his attack, but Goldust pulls Marlena in front of him to protect himself....and in the shuffle to move her to one side, manages to hit Jericho with a thumb to the eye that slows his momentum. He knocks Jericho down with a clothesline, then hits a series of stomps on the floor, before driving his opponent into the corner post and rolling him back into the ring. Back on the inside Goldust stands over Jericho and hits a pose, running his hands slowly up his own body with a hint of heavy breathing thrown in for good measure. Jericho fights back to his feet and whips Goldust into the ropes, but the Bizarre One is able to counter a clothesline attempt into an Abdominal Stretch. Jericho tries to wriggle free but he's caught and can't escape.....that's when Goldust takes advantage of his opponents vulnerable state, slowly tracing a finger along the waist and rib cage area of the youngster.....which seems to give Jericho a boost of adrenaline, because he is able to hiptoss out of the hold and floor Goldust with a running one handed bulldog.

Jericho whips Goldust hard into the corner, but Goldie gets his boot up on the follow up that spins Lionheart around. A waist lock on Jericho is a little to close for comfort, so he counters with a go behind, ducks a spinning clothesline attempt and then plants Goldust with a Northern lights suplex. A Lionsault gives Jericho the nearest fall of the match, but Goldust manages to just get a shoulder up at the last split second. Sensing the end is near Jericho takes a hold of his opponents ankles, presumably in perpetration for the Lion Tamer....but we'll never know.....

......because we have Triple H, Sean Waltman and Justin Credible make their way out from the back, all sporting that brand new (get it at the merchandise stands now) Chris Jericho shirts.....although you won't be able to buy this particular version, because much like the one earlier, these shirts have been customised with a fetching "KLiQ" paint job. Lawler remarks that "that idiot Waltman has spent all evening running around with Helmsley and Credible, when he SHOULD be in the back, preparing for his Light Heavyweight Title defence." The trio don't actually physically interfere in the match, but their presence at ringside is enough to draw Jericho's attention away from his opponent....big mistake, because there's nothing Goldust likes more than to take advantage of a man from the rear......he catches Jericho with the Curtain Call and just like that, this one is over.

Winner: Goldust
Rating: B+



It's time to rekindle the feud between the Undertaker and Mankind.....although it's not the match that the Deadman was waiting for, because he's got his sights set on his baby brother Kane....Kane however, no doubt under the instructions of Jim Cornette has refused point blank to interact with his brother, despite the fact that he, Cornette and Mankind spent the best part of four months calling him's because of that four month wait however, that Jim Cornette has not allowed his monster to fight, claiming that Kane spent his entire childhood bowing to the Undertakers every whim....and spent another twenty years waiting to extract his it's the Undertakers time to wait.

Mankind makes his way out first, he has Jim Cornette by his side but there is no sign of Kane.....he also has, instead of his usual brown leather covering over his hand, a heavy amount of tape protecting the damage that the Deadman inflicted by repeatedly slamming Mankind's Mandible Claw hand inside the lid of a casket on Raw. McMahon claims that The Undertaker has negated the use of that deadly Mandible Claw here tonight, but Jim Ross assures us that Mankind is more than a one trick pony, and is sure to have something else up his sleeve. The Undertaker is next out, with Portly Paul Bearer ever present by his side. It's quite the entrance, because following closely behind him are the same Druids from Raw, pushing the same casket from Raw down to the ring. Lawler asks what the Deadman is doing, telling everyone that this isn't a casket match, but Jim Ross claims its out there as a symbolisation of what's to come.

The bell rings and these two men instantly dive into action. Both the Undertaker and Mankind will be especially keen to pick up a victory here, since their last encounter back in April ended inconclusively in a no contest. The Undertaker hits a series of strikes and throat thrusts, Mankind is seemingly willing to take five hits just for the opportunity to deliver one of his own. He breaks up the onslaught with a back elbow, then delivers a clothesline over the top rope, the momentum of which carries both men down to the floor. The Deadman gets sent into the barricade and Mankind turns his attention to the floor mats, pulling them up to expose the concrete beneath. He turns around straight into a big boot however and it's his own skull that tastes the hard floor first. After a series of kicks The Undertaker takes the outstretched and bandaged hand of Mankind and stomps on it repeatedly on the concrete. Mankind kicks him away and gets back to his feet, but the Undertaker grabs a handful of hair and drives the back of his opponents head into the floor.

Mankind is rolled back into the ring and the Deadman follows, by the time he's made in through the ropes though Mankind is back on his feet and jumps on the back of The Undertaker. He attempts to reach around to apply the Mandible Claw, but the damaged hand won't let him. Taker breaks free with a series of elbows but as he charges at his opponent Mankind sidesteps him and hits a drop toe hold that sends the Undertaker's face crashing into the middle turnbuckle pad. Taker groggily gets back to his feet but gets clipped from behind with a chop block. Mankind then unleashes a flurry of stops to the limb and doesn't look like he wants to stop, in fact he only comes to a halt when the official physically pushes him away. Back on their feet Mankind blocks a kick attempt, countering it with a leg whip that causes even more damage to the knee.

Mankind tosses the Undertaker through the ropes and is finally able to utilise that concrete floor with a body slam, then climbs up onto the ring apron, flying off with that patented elbow drop to the fallen Deadman. That hurt both competitors but Mankind is up first and he drags him over towards the casket, driving his head repeatedly into the wooden lid. Back inside the ring and The Undertaker gets whipped hard into the turnbuckle and Mankind kicks at him until he's down into a seated position, then backs up to give himself a running start and drives his knee straight into the skull of his opponent. Mankind goes again for the Mandible Claw, but again his mangled fingers won't co-operate, so he tears the bandaging off in frustration and proceeds to throttle the Undertaker with it, until the official forces him to relinquish it under threat of disqualification. McMahon remarks that's it's been a long time since we have seen the Undertaker brutalised like this.

The Deadman rolls to the outside to escape the onslaught and Mankind follows him. He attempts to Irish whip the Undertaker into the steel steps but it gets reversed and it's Mankind himself that crashes into the steel. Again he charges the Undertaker, who counters again by side stepping the oncoming Mankind and driving him into the casket. Paul Bearer tries to harness the power of the urn, and the Undertaker responds by fighting back to an offensive position....and now it's Mankinds time to suffer. The Deadman goes on a tear as his second wind hits full effect, punishing his opponent in the floor, before rolling him back inside to continue the attack.

He hangs Mankind up in the corner in a tree of woe position and repeatedly stamps on the exposed face of his opponent, until Mankind finally crumples to the mat. He whips Mankind hard into the opposite corner, then charges....but Mankind gets out of the way and the Deadman hits the turnbuckles and staggers back. Quickly Mankind mounts the second rope and comes flying off, again landing on the back of the standing Undertaker, reaching round again to attempt the Mandible Claw, this time however, with the bandages removed, he is finally able to lock it in. The force of the hold, plus the additional weight of Mankind on his back means that the Deadman buckles, dropping down to one knee.....but the hand of Mankind is still injured, bandage or no bandage, so the Claw doesn't have the effect it usually does. The Undertaker fights back to his feet and reaches behind him, pulling Mankind up and over his shoulder, until he finally has him positioned for a Tombstone Piledriver. He takes one step to steady himself, then drives Mankind's skull into the mat and makes the cover....Mankind is done.

Winner: The Undertaker
Rating: B


Mankind is still down as Cornette looks on horrified....not as horrified as when Paul Bearer grabs him by the scruff of the neck however, as he rolls him into the ring towards the waiting Deadman. Undertaker grabs Cornette by the throat and tells him that he wants Kane and he wants him now.....

......he's here.....a pyro of flames erupts as the Big Red Machine makes his way down the aisle, before finally coming to a stop just before the casket. The Undertaker releases Jim Cornette, who goes scurrying to the outside and positions himself in relative safety behind Kane, who hasn't moved from behind the casket yet. The Undertaker motions for Kane to enter the ring, but the monster slowly shakes his head, before turning and walking to the back with the cowardly Cornette in tow. Taker screams at Lane to come and fight....or Mankind will pay the price, but Kane isn't listening, as he parts the curtains and returns to wherever it is he came from.

The Undertaker looks down at Mankind furiously....looks like he is going to pay after all.....and three more Tombstones later the masked man is finished completely. Paul Bearer opens the lid of the casket and the Deadman rolls Mankind inside, then drops to one knee and poses for the crowd, while the Druids return to wheel Mankind and the Casket away.

Rating: B+



It's time for the Light Heavyweights to put on a show, as their Champion Sean Waltman, puts the gold on the line against relative newcomer Rey Mysterio....and while Waltman may believe that Mysterio is undeserving of a Championship match, Rey did defeat Waltman's buddy Justin Credible to earn this shot. Even then, it shows how unconcerned Waltman is with his Challenger, by the fact that while Michaels, Hall and Nash have all remained in the back, preparing for THEIR up coming title matches, Waltman has spent most of the evening running around with Helmsley and Credible.

Waltman's cockiness shows the moment the bell rings, as he goes from the lock up position into a wrist lock.....that cockiness is almost his undoing immediately however, as Rey performs a little flip to escape, arm drags Waltman, and then connects with a springboard hurracanrana into a pin, that very nearly gives him the title. Waltman rolls to the outside to catch his breath, but he doesn't get to rest for long, as Mysterio immediately comes flying off the top turnbuckle to the floor with a flying body press. Waltman pulls himself up onto the apron....but Rey is way ahead of him, and hits a springboard dropkick that again sends Waltman to the floor.

Waltman re-enters the ring and attempts an Irish Whip, but Mysterio reverses it, sending the Champion crashing into the turnbuckles. Rey mounts the second rope and hits Waltman with the ten punch combo that he crowd counts along with. Waltman is able to hook the little luchador up on his shoulders though, and appears to be going for a running Powerbomb, but again Mysterio counters, this time with a head scissors that he transitions into a roll up for another close two count.

Waltman is clearly flustered from the ongoing onslaught....not prepared at all for what Mysterio has bought to the table, and he furiously motions to the back...... Justin Credible comes running down the aisle. He doesn't get far though......

......because Chris Jericho come running out behind him and takes him out before he can reach ringside.....and Waltman can only look on and watch as his back up is dragged up the aisle and back through the entrance before he can have any kind of impact on the match. Waltman realises he's on his own and turns back towards his opponent.....who's standing on the ring apron. Mysterio leaps to the top rope and jumps with a hurracanrana, hooking Waltman's legs on the landing for the pinning combination.....and three seconds later.....and in a major upset..... Rey Mysterio has embarrassed Sean Waltman with a very one sided victory....and to the victor goes the spoils.....because we have a new Light Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: ....and NEW.....WWF Lightheavyweight Champion.....Rey Mysterio
Rating: B


While Mysterio celebrates his victory, we head to the back....where Dok Hendrix is standing by with the entire Nation of Domination. He tells Faarooq that the time is finally's time to put up, or shut up. Faarooq snaps at Hendrix that the only one that needs to shut up around here is him. Faarooq says that they put up two weeks ago, when the Nation defeated the Hart Foundation......Dok interrupts, saying they beat two thirds of the Hart Foundation.....with a man advantage. Faarooq tells Hendrix to never interrupt him again.....

" fact, just stand there, shut up....and hold the I was saying, the Nation has already put up.....tonight, all I have to do, is put Owen Hart down....."

Rating: B



Coming into this match I was expecting a decent showing out of these two. Owen Hart couldn't have a bad match if he tried....and while the same can't be said about Faarooq, if you put him in there with the right opponent, he can give you gold.....turns out that tonight, Owen was the right opponent.....because these two put on a hell of a match. Owen is out to shut the mouth of the leader of the Nation, while the leader of the Nation is looking to put his group on the map. The Nation of Domination were once the number one group here in the WWF.....hell they were the ONLY group here in the WWF. But with the emergence of the KLiQ, the Hart Foundation, even the relatively now faction of the Son's of Samoa, they have found themselves slipping slowly but surely down the ladder....tonight Faarooq wants to put a stop to that, re establishing the Nation as a force to be reckoned with.

Speaking of the Nation, they are out in force tonight for this one. Kama, Nelson and Scorpio have got little else to do tonight, so accompany their leader to the ring....while Owen flys solo. The match begins and the pair lock up. Faarooq is easily the stronger of the two men and is able to over power the smaller Hart....but he's also surprisingly agile for his size, as demonstrated a few minutes into the match when he surprises Owen by charging at him and clotheslining him over the top rope. In a move straight out of the Shawn Michaels handbook however, Hart is able to skin the cat and pull Faarooq down to the floor with a head scissors.....followed by an impressive flying clothesline off the apron.

Back in the ring Faarooq catches Hart in a side headlock, but Owen leans back into the ropes to push him off. Owen attempts a leap frog on the rebound but Faarooq catches him in mid air and slams him to the mat with a big spinebuster. Faarooq picks the man up and whips him hard into the turnbuckles, then repeats the move in the opposite corner, this time however Owen takes the sternum first bump and staggers back to the middle of the ring, where he is met by a military press from his opponent. Faarooq lands a piledriver that scores him a near fall, then heads to the top rope. He waits for Owen to get to his feet, then leaps with what looks to be a flying shoulder tackle, but Hart moves at the last second and Faarooq eats nothing but mat.

Hart decides to fly now, and heads up top.....but with Scorpio distracting the official, Kama knocks his legs out from under him and Owen finds himself crotched on the top rope. Faarooq follows him up and scores another near fall off a Superplex. Owen tries to lock in an armbar from the grounded position, but Faarooq is able to dead lift Hart up from the mat and drop him with a one armed Powerbomb type manoeuvre. Faarooq needs a breather, so we have a brief rest hold spot where Faarooq has Owen trapped in a side headlock on the mat. Which Owen finally breaks by rolling his opponent over into a pinning position.

Faarooq whips Hart into the ropes but Owen ducks a clothesline attempt and levels Faarooq with a spinning heel kick that sends the big man through the ropes and to the floor. Owen looks to hit a springboard splash over the top, but Kama, Nelson and Scorpio position themselves in front of their leader. Hart assessed the situation for a second, then backs up and comes running, soaring over the top with a flying plancha, laying out all four Nation members. He tosses Faarooq back into the ring and goes to apply the Sharshooter, but Scorpio jumps up onto the apron and Owen releases it to run across the ring and sends him flying down onto Kama and Nelson, causing the three men to hit the floor again. Owen turns his attention back to his opponent, but Faarooq is waiting and lifts Hart up, slamming him into the mat with the Dominator....three seconds later and the Nation have another victory over the Hart Foundation, bringing to an end a very good match.

Winner: Faarooq
Rating: A


Following that match was never going to be easy....luckily we had a quick promo package to give the fans chance to catch their breath. It was pre recorded comments from each of the three teams in tonight Triple Threat Tag Team Title match. First up were the KLiQ, the reigning and defending Tag Team Champions. Hall and Nash weren't their usual wisecracking selves here tonight, claiming that people around here don't seem to be taking the KLiQ tonight, things are about to get very serious for their opponents. They say that Austin, Pillman and the Steiner's have been trying to make a name for themselves on the back of the KLiQ for too long....tonight, that all comes to an end.

The Steiner's words are short and to the point, they're going out there tonight and taking the tag titles away from the KLiQ, then if Sid still wants to stick his big stupid nose in the Steiner's business again, they'll be more than happy to cave his head in.

Pillman and Austin don't really say anything, they spend more time pushing and bullying the camera guy for having the nerve to bother them, before finally telling him that the next time he comes to their locker room for a pointless interview, they'll be shoving their brand new WWF Tag Team Titles straight up his ass....and that's the bottom line.

Rating: B+



It's time for the third title match of the evening.....and it's a far we have seen two new Champions crowned and two KLiQ members coming out on the losing end.....and they're not going to find this it any easier here, because Hall and Nash don't even have to be pinned to lose this match....there's no elimination rules here, it's one fall to a finish. Unlike last months triple threat match however, tag rules are in effect and there can only be two men legal at any one time.

The match starts and it seems as though Hall and Nash are happy for Scott Steiner and Steve Austin to be those two legal men, because neither man makes any effort to interject themselves into the match, instead they stand on the apron, waving at the pair to go ahead and fight.....not that either man needs any encouragement....they dislike each other just as much as they dislike Hall and Nash. The two men come face to face, and instantly begin trash talking one least until Austin throws a punch, and then this one is on. There's unfinished business between these two men and they beat the holy hell out of each other, with Steiner driving Austin back into the corner, where he continues to hammer him with blows. Pillman runs the length of the apron looking to break up the attack, but gets knocked to the floor with one swift punch the moment he arrives. Steiner goes to whip Stone Cold across the ring to the opposite corner....Austin counters it, but Scott counters the counter and slams Steve back into the same corner he started in, where he kicks him down to the mat and stomps the s##t out of him. The official finally comes to the rescue, breaking up the attack and Austin stumbles to the nearest corner looking for a tag, unfortunately it's the Steiner's corner and Rick hits him with a big haymaker that drops him on his ass. Austin shuffles back to the next corner....wrong again, because Hall and Nash are there, who both drop to the floor, refusing to make the tag. A desperate Stone Cold gets to his feet and Scott runs through him with a Steinerline before Austin finally makes it to his corner to tag in Pillman.

Pillman charges into the ring but runs right into a belly to belly Suplex from Scott. Irish whip into the corner, but Pillman is able to get both boots up into the air, connecting with the face of an oncoming Scott Steiner. Scott staggers backwards, using the ropes to keep him on his feet, but Pillman sends him out to the floor with a clothesline. Pillman attempts a slingshot pescado, but Steiner catches him in mid air and slams him hard back first into the ring post. He picks up Pillman and looks to be about to drive his head into the post, but Austin comes of the apron with an ax handle, which stuns Scotty, but only for a moment as he turns and throws Stone Cold with an overhead belly to belly on the floor. He rolls Pillman back into the ring and heads in after him, but Scott Hall makes the blind tag, slapping Steiner on the back to bring himself into the match.

With Pillman still down, Hall taunts Steiner for a moment, indicating for him to get out of the ring, then turns his attention to the Loose Cannon, arrogantly slapping the man about the head before sending him into the corner, where he tags in the big man. Nash steps over the top rope to enter the match, and immediately begins choking Pillman with the heel of his boot. He backs up and the Loose Cannon charges Nash, but gets backdropped out of his boots, catching so much air that Lawler says they'll have to contact the local airport to warn any low flying planes to look out for Air Pillman. Brian rolls over to the nearest corner, where Rick Steiner is waiting for a tag. Rick comes in and runs around the ring barking, before locking up with Nash who powers him back into the corner. Nash tries to connect with an elbow strike but Steiner ducks it and hits an impressive spinning belly to belly, then connects with a flying bulldog from the second rope. Steiner makes the cover but Austin is quickly in to make the save. Steiner turns and attacks Stone Cold, which gives Nash chance to make it to his corner and tag in Hall, who blindsided Rick to regain the advantage for the Champions.

Hall spends some time working over Rick, tagging in and out with his partner. Hall tries to send Rick into the ropes, but Steiner reverses it hits a Steinerline and then begins to crawl over to his corner. He gets cut off by Austin however, who had made the blind tag on the back of Hall as he came off the ropes. He drags Steiner over to his corner and props him up in a seated position, before proceeding to stomp a mud hole in him. Before tagging out to Pillman who enters the action to inflict more damage on Rick. The commentators spend some time talking about the fact that Rick Steiner has now been worked over by all four members of the opposing teams....and could really do with making a tag to his brother, who is currently pacing the apron, desperate to get back into the match. Pillman heads up top and crushes Rick with a splash. He makes the cover, but Hall is there to break it up. Pillman turns to brawl with Hall, which brings Nash and Austin into the ring. The four men proceed to fight amongst themselves, which gives Rick the opportunity to crawl towards his corner and make the tag to the restless Scott Steiner.

Scott and Pillman are legal as Steiner rushes into the ring...Hall, Nash and Austin are still in there though, and Steiner goes mad with suplexes, giving a belly to belly to everyone, before hitting a Bridging German on Pillman for a near fall. Rick decides that he may as well re-enter the ring since everyone else is in there, and soon we have absolute chaos, as all six men battle. Scott and Pillman are still legal, while Austin, Hall, Rick and Nash, all find themselves brawling around on the floor. Stone Cold is bouncing the Bad Guy's head off the announce table, while Rick sends Nash flying over the safety barrier and into the crowd. In the mean time Scott has taken control of Pillman in the ring and has locked on the Camel Clutch type move that he's been utilising as of late, which Jim Ross has informed us has been christened the Steiner Recliner.....and just when it looks like we may have new tag team champions, a new arrival proves to be the difference maker.......

........because Psycho Sid makes his way menacingly down to the ring, where he clubs Rick Steiner in the back of the head and proceeds to drag him back towards the locker rooms. Scott sees this and releases his grip on Pillman, turning to go and help his brother....unfortunately he turns right into Steve Austin, who has left Hall laying on the floor outside. Austin kicks Scott in the stomach and then drops him with the Stone Cold Stunner, drags Pillman on top of Scott.....and after a count of three, the KLiQ's night gets a whole lot worse.....because we have new Tag Team Champions of the World.

B]Winner(s):[/b] ......and NEW....WWF Tag Team Champions.....Steve Austin and Brian Pillman
Rating: B+


Following that tremendous match we head to another promo package. This one features the storied history of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, stretching all the way back to the days of the Rockers and the original incarnation of the Hart Foundation, and showcasing their paths crossing on every level. Singles runs, Intercontinental battles, they even show clips of the rarely seen ladder match between the pair, all the way through to Wrestlemania and the birth of the KLiQ.

It finishes off with some pre recorded comments from both men, who say pretty much the same thing.....that they NEED to win this match. Michaels promises that there will be no interference from the KLiQ, citing a desire to finally shut the mouth of the Hitman once and for all. While Bret says that it's time for someone to put an end to the KLiQs reign, and that someone is going to be him, because they day Shawn Michaels is the better man of the two, is the day that Bret should hang his boots up once and for's time to see who the better man really is.

Rating: B+



Well it's time for the main event and it's time for another Chapter in the Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart story. Both of these men put on a hell of a performance against their respective opponents at last months In Your House event, the question was could they do that again here tonight? Of course they could......this was a fantastic match which drew a fantastic reaction from the live crowd. Bret comes out first.....alone......then the champion, who after claiming that there would be no interference from the KLiQ, lives up to his word by also coming out alone.

There's a real big match feel for this one, as the two men square up before the bell and the introductions aren't made until both men are in the ring and the official has the WWF Title held high in the air, before handing the Gold to the time keeper and signalling for the bell to start the match. We have some basic wrestling holds to open this one as the two men feel each other out, counter after counter in a show of real chain wrestling as these pair try and one up each other. The wrestling ends in a stale mate however, with both men back to their Michaels just slaps Hart right across the face. The Hitman isn't happy with that, and drops Shawn to the mat with a takedown, before the chain wrestling descends into a brawl fest as these two roll around on the mat, nailing each other with rights and lefts. The official finally separates them and they get back to their feet, where Bret returns the favour from earlier with a big openhand slap of his own.

Shawn charges Bret, who takes him down with a drop toe hold that transitions into a hammerlock. Counter by Shawn who sends Bret into the ropes, but Hart is able to drop him with a shoulder block. The two men wrestle into a corner, where Michaels shoves Bret away and then slaps him AGAIN. The intensity level of the match is kicked up another gear as Bret once again answers the strike with a slap of his own, followed by an upper cut that Shawn sells by propelling himself up and over the top rope, down to the floor. Hart hits a baseball slide, then follows Michaels to the outside, only to bounce his face off the ring apron and roll him back inside again. The opponents again wrestle themselves into a corner, this time though they trade punches until the official has to finally break it up. Another side headlock by Hart is countered again by Michaels sending the Hitman into the ropes, Bret counters a clothesline attempt into a crucifix pin and scores the first near fall of the match. The commentators sell us on the face that it might take just that to win this one, a surprise pinning combination out of nowhere. Bret sends Shawn into the corner and follows him in, Michaels is able to use the ropes to leap over Hart however, sending him halfway across the ring with an arm drag, a dropkick, and finally a hurracanrana that gives The Champion his first near fall.

The two stars are evenly matched so far, with neither man gaining a clear advantage. Shawn ducks behind a punch attempt, and drops Bret down with his old teardrop suplex finishing move, but the Hitman is able to get a shoulder up at the last Shawn covers him again......and again.....and again, with the Hitman kicking out each time. Jim Ross says that this shows how much Shawn wants to win, but it also serves as a wearing down move, because the Hitman is having to expend energy with each kick out. The two men are back to their feet and Bret swings a right hand, which Michaels ducks under to apply a backslide, forcing another kick-out from the Challenger. Irish whip into the corner from Shawn is reversed and it's Michaels that hits the corner, flipping upside down and then staggering back to the middle of the ring, where Bret takes his legs out from under him and attempts to lock on the Sharpshooter....Shawn kicks him away however, sending Bret back into the ropes, but Hart answers that by hitting a sunset flip for a two count.

Lawler remarks that it's not very often that you'll hear him cheering for Bret Hart, but if the Hitman wins tonight, and takes that WWF Championship away from the KLiQ, then Lawler will cheer him on until he's horse. Bret lays Michaels out with a running clothesline, then hits an elbow and a leg drop for another two count. Backbreaker from the Hitman, followed up with that driving elbow from the second rope. Bret goes to apply the Sharpshooter, but Michaels kicks him away, straight into the official, who gets hit hard and tumbles to the floor. Michaels tries for the Sweet Chin Music, but Bret catches the foot, sweeps the opposing leg.....and finally is able to lock in the Sharpshooter. He leans back until The Champion is screaming in agony, smacking the mat in submission, but there's no official to make the call.

Bret finally releases the hold when he realises that the bell isn't coming and heads out to check on the official. He shakes him enough to slowly make him come back around then climbs back into the ring to continue the attack....and walks straight into Sweet Chin Music. Bret collapses to the mat and Shawn crawls over to make the cover.......but the official is still on the outside of the ring. Michaels pounds the mat in frustration, and slowly....ever so slowly the referee reaches into the ring and counts,, Hart gets a shoulder up. The Champion can't believe it.....and apparently neither can the KLiQ, because....... they come.....every single one of them down the aisle. Lawler screams that he knew there was no way in hell that Shawn Michaels wouldn't resort to using the KLiQ......but Michaels proves everyone wrong. He stops the group in their tracks and screams at them to get back....back in the locker room.....he told them not to interfere, he's going to beat Bret Hart on his own and no one will be able to question it. The group don't look happy about it, but they comply with the orders of their leader, and slowly head back to the locker room.

Hart is back to his feet and the two men come together again in the middle of the ring and just start beating each other with rights and lefts. Bret finally backs Shawn up into the corner and lifts him up onto the top rope where he attempts a Superplex....Shawn shifts his weight in mid air however and crashes down on top of Hart for a very near pinfall. Irish whip sends Bret Hart sternum first into the turnbuckles, followed by a school boy from Shawn for another near fall. Sweet Chin Music attempt is ducked, but as Bret drops his head Shawn catches him with a DDT, then heads up top to deliver that patented flying elbow drop. Michaels backs up and starts stomping the mat, warming up the band. This time Bret sidesteps the kick and drops Shawn with a clothesline. Back to their feet there's a Russian Leg Sweep and Backbreaker by Bret. He lifts the legs up to apply the Sharpshooter, but Shawn is able to counter into a small package for two, Bret counters into a small package of his own for two, before Michaels reverses it a second time, cinches it in tight......and Bret is unable to escape before the referees hand it's the mat for three.....this one is excellent match, an excellent victory.....and the excellence of execution has been executed clean, by the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels......where oh where does Bret Hart go from here?

B]Winner:[/b] ......and STILL....WWF Champion.....The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels
Rating: A

Final Rating: B+

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