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Default WCW Thunder and Worldwide: Week 4

WCW Thunder
Aired February 21st, 2001 (Week 4)
Held at: The Pyramid in Long Beach, California (South West)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 5,000 people (sold out!)
TV Rating: 2.71

The Insiders come to the ring to open Thunder. Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash talk about how they are both former WCW World champions, so despite their friendship they will agree to “let the best man win” at Greed. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner comes out along with Rick Steiner as his backup, and Scott says that this whole “let the best man win” is a load of bulls***! He knows both “the big dumb wolf” and “DDPus**” are two of the biggest prima donnas WCW’s ever seen, so they won’t hesitate to stoop to putting the other out to try and win the title. But, Scott says they don’t have a chance, because while they’re being buddy-buddy with one another’s assh***es, he’ll be lookin’ fine and takin’ his time as he cruises right through another easy title defense! Nash and Page talk about how they’re not gonna do that, but it’s easy to see that Scott’s words hit a little close to home. Scott may have rambled and swore a little too much off-script, but Nash enjoyed it and performed well. The show is off to a strong start and the crowd are hot, despite the lackluster color commentary. (A)

A short video replays Disqo’s bragging to the Mamalukes about his self-help guru, leading to partner Alex Wright getting beaten up. (D-)

Alex Wright takes some revenge on that by pinning Big Vito with a German suplex at 2:33. As planned, they calmed the hot crowd after that big opening segment. Disqo came down to the ring with a cellular phone, supposedly on it with his self help guru to get “instant advice”. Wright doesn’t take the advice, but he does take the help Disqo offers when he hits Vito with the phone. (D-)

After the match, Disqo is bragging again, but in his boasting he doesn’t even take notice that the Mamalukes hit Alex in the ring, giving him the sky lift slam to leave him sleeping with the fishes. (D+)

“Mean” Gene is backstage with “The Nature Boss” Ric Flair. The segment is pretty short and sweet, as Flair talks about how his WCW is the best wrestling in the world and features the best wrestlers in the world; and that’s why tonight, he’s making sure that in our main event, there will be no outside interference like there was on Nitro, threatening fines and potential suspensions. Flair and Gene did some great work with improvising off one another, as they tend to do. (B)

Konnan comes to the ring, and he calls out “Big Poppa Pump”! He says that since his Filthy Animals familia are getting a World Tag title shot tonight, he wants a title match of his own – for the World Heavyweight championship! Scott The Steiners come out laughing, Scott saying that he doesn’t waste time with Mexican cock-a-roaches. Konnan says that since Scott is so good at bringing up people’s pasts, there was once a time that Scott would come out here and fight anyone, he wouldn’t hide behind his bitches – meaning both Midajah and his brother! It looks like the goading was enough, as Scott says he’ll “shut your whore mouth tonight!” Scott continues his off-night, being very poor compared to Konnan’s good improvising, but it was good enough to get the crowd hot for the rest of the show. (B)

In a rematch from SuperBrawl: Revenge, Palumbo & O’Haire put the World Tag Team titles on the line against the Filthy Animals. The Animals yet again have the Thrillers on the ropes, especially when Shawn Stasiak rushes in with one of the titles but accidentally hits Palumbo with it! Jindrak holds up his end though, knocking Kidman off the top turnbuckle and into a cradle from Palumbo to help the NBT retain the gold at 8:35. The crowd are buzzing after this one. (B)

The Thrillers may have retained the titles, but they aren’t very happy. Stasiak tries to tell his side of the story, but without Sanders there to put a stop to in-fighting, O’Haire and Palumbo go on the attack! They leave Shawn laying in the ring after a brutal assault, with Jindrak leaving at their side, brushing imaginary dust onto Stasiak’s fallen body. Shawn was pretty underwhelming here, but it got the point across: the Natural Born Thrillers aren’t playing around with their members anymore! (B-)

Totally Buff and Madusa come to the ring, with Madusa playing a “ring announcer” as she talks about how popular, muscular, and better looking her men are compared to everyone else in WCW, especially Goldberg and Kronik. She looked lost having a role other than “stand around looking pretty” so she likely won’t be doing this much more. Buff agrees with her, saying that he’s got the stuff, way better stuff than what Kronik has! Luger especially comes across well, as he says that at Greed in the six man tag Chicago Street Fight, they and Animal will put an end to the myth of Goldberg once and for all; he claims that the past few months have built up to this one moment, and they aren’t about to squander it. (B-)

Norman Smiley and Glacier have high hopes, but they stand no chance against a focused Totally Buff. Madusa does some good work cheering on her team at ringside as Buff puts Glacier away with a Doomsday Device-style Buff Blockbuster in 3:36. (D+)

Glacier is hurt badly from that move, and they bring a stretcher out for him. As they are wheeling him to a waiting ambulance, we hear him chanting something, before he produces a vial of liquid “from his body”. He gives it to Norman, saying that his day is over, this is all the power he had left – and he is giving it to Norman, so he may become the hero that he wanted Glacier to be. Norman takes the vial as Glacier is taken away. He vows to use these powers for good, from this day on! (D)

Booker T walks into the arena after that sincere display, and he asks Ric Flair to come to the ring. Booker says that he was out of line the last few weeks, but it’s only because he wants the WCW World title that badly; he says that surely Flair can understand that, and he can make things right by turning the triple threat at Greed into a fatal four way to include Booker! “The Nature Boy” says that he does definitely understand, as a sixteen time World champion he knows all about going a little mad at wanting the belt, even foreshadowing that he may want to try and make it seventeen one of these days. “But we don’t always get what we want, Booker, because sometimes the dice falls your way, but other times you knock the dice off the table yourself!” He says that Booker had his shot, and while he didn’t lose, he didn’t win it either. Ric tells him that under normal circumstances, he would take that into consideration. But the way Booker acted over the past few weeks was unworthy of a potential champion, and so Booker needs to build himself back up in Flair’s eyes before he can get another shot! Flair’s masterful dialogue really made him come across well here. Booker’s eyes show a firey rage at that refusal, but he says that Flair better be watching then, because if he has to go through everyone in WCW for that shot, he’ll do it. The color commentary may not hold up to the segments that are being put on, but the live crowd who don’t hear that are definitely hotter now. (B+)

General Rection successfully defends his WCW United States title over 2 Count’s Evan Karagias. The two calmed the crowd down after that emotional segment, and Evan showed he is getting better at his gimmick. But the end result was the No Laughing Matter moonsault scoring the victory at 3:23. (C-)

Ric Flair is in his office as an irate “Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett enters the room. He demands to know why he had to work his tail off to get a US title shot, a belt he should have been fast tracked to given he never lost it in the first place last April, but some punk kid dances his way into a shot here tonight! Flair tells him that whether Jeff likes it or not, Hugh said he wanted to defend the belt tonight, so he did. Ric tells Jarrett to let it go, but when he doesn’t, Flair says that he wasn’t going to have Jeff wrestle tonight, but now he’s going to go against someone he knows really well from last April – Diamond Dallas Page! Flair has the crowd in the palm of his hand tonight, looking excellent as a neutral CEO figure as he waves to Jarrett, telling him to go get ready! Jarrett complains, but there’s no use; “The Nature Boss” has spoken! (B)

Bryan Clark is in the ring waiting for his match as “The Franchise” Shane Douglas comes out alongside Crowbar and Daffney, who is wearing a shirt that says “Daffney for Mayhem 2 game” scrawled across it. Douglas says that “WCW braintrust” have said that he has to defend his Hardcore title tonight against Bryan Clark, but he’s decided that he doesn’t have to dirty his hands, citing this as a training exercise for his pupil, Crowbar! Clark’s menacing glare comes across well as he never changes it when he hears this new development. Crowbar doesn’t come out of this looking good though. He isn’t very pleased about this… (C+)

Crowbar does all he can against Clark in a hardcore environment, using any weapons that he can find to try and put down his large opponent. The two’s brawl spills all around the ringside area and back into the ring, where Clark makes Crowbar feel his Wrath by hitting him with his old Death Penalty slam and prepares to win the Hardcore title – but that’s when Shane Douglas slides into the ring, hits the Franchiser, and covers Clark for the pinfall to retain his title at 6:20! (C+)

Douglas holds up his title to celebrate his win, with commentary giving him the business because he did nothing but hit the final blow to win the match. He tells Crowbar to celebrate with him but slightly behind him, not seeing that Brian Adams has shown up at his partner’s side! Douglas finally takes notice, but he bails out, shoving Crowbar at them and leaving the ring as Crowbar is forced to suffer High Times! Kronik stand tall in the ring as Shane escapes with his title! (C)

A video highlight reel plays showing some of the history between Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett over the past year. (B)

Jeff Jarrett and Diamond Dallas Page faced one another quite a few times in 2000, and that’s the story that commentary put on that these two know one another very well. To the trained eye, Jarrett seems really off his game, but it doesn’t hurt the match too badly. Jeff goes for the Acoustic Equalizer when he realizes he can’t put Page away on his own, but Dallas dodges the guitar and hits the Diamond Cutter at 8:06 to pick up the win! (B-)

As Jarrett rolls out of the ring to stumble away, Page takes a microphone. He says that just like Jarrett just did, anyone who stands in his way is going to feel the BANG! Commentary question if that means his tag partner and friend, Kevin Nash? (B-)

The crowd are given a big moment as Goldberg makes his entrance to the ring for his upcoming match! (B)

Kaz Hayashi and Leia Meow try to cheer Yang on from ringside, but he’s against Goldberg. 42-0 at 1:23. (C-)

As the Jung Dragons are arguing at ringside, Goldberg gets a microphone. He says that if they think they can do any better, why doesn’t the extra man come in here and be next! Leia agrees, much to Kaz’s chagrin! (B-)

Hayashi lasts a little longer just by playing keep-away, but at 2:23 Goldberg moves up to 43-0. Goldberg really shone here. (C-)

Goldberg gets the microphone again, and he says that he can’t wait for Greed so that he and Kronik can take the streets of Chicago by storm and put down Animal once and for all! They’re next! (B-)

Konnan is finished getting ready and he gives high fives and hugs to the Filthy Animals, who wish him luck, telling him to bring gold to the team. As Konnan and Tygress head for the ring, Kevin Nash stops him, telling Konnan that he’s pulling for him and hopes he wins so he can main event Greed with him. (C+)

That’s a great sentiment, but yeah, not a chance. Midajah is held mostly off by Tygress at ringside, but by instigating a cat fight with her, she gets a chance to slide Steiner his lead pipe, which he slams against Konnan’s forehead! Scott throws it back out of the ring and locks on the Steiner Recliner, and Konnan has to submit at 8:39. Scott is looking pretty fatigued by the end of this night, but the crowd were definitely buzzing. (B-)

But Steiner refuses to drop the hold, until Kevin Nash finally comes down the aisle! Scott gets his lead pipe back, and he looks like he’s going to have a stand off with Nash, until DDP enters the ring from the crowd! Steiner laughs, throwing the pipe in between the two as he leaves the ring, telling them “You know you wanna hit each other, just do it! Just do it!” The crowd are at a fever pitch as the two of them eye up the weapon, and Thunder goes off the air with Tony asking if Scott Steiner is right about how the two of them would stab each other in the back for Greed! (A)

Show Rating: B
This show has increased our popularity in 10 regions.

WCW Worldwide
Aired February 24th, 2001 (Week 4)
Held at: The Long Beach Promenade Room in Long Beach, California (South West)
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 1,120 people
TV Rating: 0.09

  • Corporal Cajun is in the studio with Mike and Scott because next week is Mardi Gras! He won’t be call any matches, but they will be having an interview with him later this evening. (E+)
  • Jamie Knoble pins Evan Karagias with a quick roll up (D)
  •’s question comes from an MC Daniel Genner (Tenay wondering if he’s a disc jockey) as he asks Mike Sanders who of the Natural Born Thrillers he feels has the most potential to become WCW World champion? This must have been taped before SuperBrawl, as “Above Average” answers that as long as the Thrillers stick with him, then the one with the best potential is… himself! Scott Hudson cries foul, that the question didn’t involve Sanders, but Mike says that Sanders is well within his rights of free speech to choose himself. (C+) Sanders uses the freedom to improvise very well; it’s almost too bad I’m sending him to Wildside to improve his actual wrestling skills.
  • The sit-down interview with Corporal Cajun features him talking about getting his start in WCW on Saturday Night in 1998. He says that from there’s it’s been a bumpy ride as he got to know and meet some of his heroes such as Bret Hart, who used to draw caricatures with him, seguing into Lash showing off the drawing of himself that he had been doodling all evening. He talks about how much the Misfits in Action mean to he, Hugh, and Sgt. A-WALL, who he wishes a speedy recovery to so he can “get his big buddy back soon”. He then says that Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Jeff Jarrett are snakes, and being from Louisiana, he knows how to deal with snakes! (D+) Cajun and Hudson underperformed.
  • Back in the arena, Team Canada enter, with Lance Storm taking a microphone and demanding that they play the Canadian national anthem. It goes uninterrupted to huge boos from the crowd. (C-) I tried out letting Lance improvise, but he was very poor. Elix looked out of place, Awesome’s menacing performance was good, but the crowd are hotter and Tylene is getting better at her gimmick.
  • Mike Awesome and Elix Skipper defeat The Mamalukes when Alex Wright trips Johnny off the ropes, giving Skipper the chance to hit the Play of the Day and get the win (C) Skipper and Awesome showed excellent chemistry! Awesome’s great performance really stood out.
  • Video Recap: We found out on Nitro that Scott Steiner must defend his title at Greed against both Kevin Nash AND Diamond Dallas Page! Then clips from Thunder of Nash and Page having tension form between them thanks to the champion. What will happen next week? (B)
    {Elsewhere on the show but not booked for reasons of not having both men in WCW: “The Professor’s Pick” is showing some “Best of Monday Nitro on TNT” matches, this week being Brian Pillman vs. Jushin Liger from the very first episode}
    Show Rating: C+

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