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Default October 2002: Halloween Havoc Wrap-up and Hall of Champions

The first thing I did after the show went off the air and I returned to the back was check on the health of Dustin. The news was positive in the sense that his eye suffered no lasting damage, but the doctor did recommend that we keep him out of action for about a month. Dustin himself confirmed that he'd hurt the eye on his face-first bump into the turnbuckle, so Mysterio was not at fault and there is no heat between the two. I gave Dustin a pat on the back and told him he was a good example to the rest of the locker room for not trying to pass the blame off. After those creepy segments in the program with Rey, I think I've gotten more of a handle on this Unnatural character.

I figured Booker could use a pick me up after his disappointing main event, so I made sure to give him a few words of encouragement which did seem to help. I also shook Jeff Hardy's hand and thanked him for yet another amazing performance, and he was very happy with the acknowledgment.

Tonight marked the end of the contracts for Lex Luger, Alan Funk and Kaori Nakayama. Lex's recent comedic character had built a cult following on the net, but he's not good enough in the ring for me to justify paying the kind of money he'd probably have been asking for. And that's even if he wasn't currently in rehab. I wish him well and hope he cleans himself up, but there's just not a place for him in my WCW. Funk was fine as a jobber but I think it's a good idea to swap out the bodies in those roles after awhile, plus we can always just use local talent. As I noted before, Nakayama chose not to re-sign with me so she can explore other options. Her other options are basically our developmental territory and very small independent shows in Japan, so best of luck to her on this bright idea.

Bobby Roode is gaining more support in the back, as Rob Van Dam told me he thinks the kid will be a huge star. On that note, I think I've come up with something for him to do. He won't be shot to the moon or anything, but he will be rubbing shoulders with some big names right away.

Scott Steiner's opinions on other members of the roster are usually negative, and he didn't break that habit. He let me know that Jamie Knoble isn't charismatic and "won't never be a star." He may not have the charisma of a true top guy, but I've never had any complaint with his work. Knoble's a guy I've always wanted to do more with, but the stars have just never aligned. I had a long-term storyline all set up for him earlier in the year, but an injury scrapped that and I've yet to come up with anything else of significance for him to do, so he's just kind of drifted aimlessly.

Evan Karagis might be a comedic lower card guy struggling to get any real TV time, but CM Punk seems to be impressed with the work he's been putting in. I'm not sure that I see it. In my view, he's decent but nothing special.

We've extended our PPV deal with StarChoice in Canada for another six months.

Prediction Scores (out of a possible 11 points):

Uncrewed: 10
Warhawk8492: 10

GnarlsFunk: 9

evileddie10: 8
K-Nection: 8
Beejus: 8
Nobby_McDonald: 8
deanohbk: 8
Cro Cop Rules: 8

Dead_Jester: 7
2Sweet: 7
Happy0wns: 7
odan: 7
Satyr24: 7
Ian carlisle: 7
bonnie: 7
tg01: 7

DavidCorperial: 6
DGenerationMC: 6
Kijar: 6
Rateddc: 6
DiamondKnucklez: 6
Danny_H22: 6
crackerjack: 6
BHK6: 6
Wolfman84: 6
sportsfanmas: 6

cbacon87: 5
michgcs: 5
jscotty: 5

smw88: 4
chrismday: 4
Current Standings in UFS Prediction Contest after 4 shows:

Warhawk8492: 41
Uncrewed: 41

bonnie: 38
Satyr24: 38

deanohbk: 37

Dead_Jester: 36
GnarlsFunk: 36

crackerjack: 35
jscotty: 35
odan: 35
evileddie10: 35

sportsfanmas: 34
smw88: 34
Happy0wns: 34

chrismday: 33
BHK6: 33
Ian carlisle: 33
K-Nection: 33

DGenerationMC: 32

Rateddc: 31
Wolfman84: 31
Beejus: 31

michgcs: 30
LordofGustav: 30

cbacon87: 29
Purotastic: 29

SIser187: 26
Nobby_McDonald: 26

Cro Cop Rules: 25

Danny H22: 24

Kijar: 23

shawn michaels 82: 22

The Lariat: 20

tg01: 19

franticloser: 18

GingeyOne: 17

DavidCorperial: 16

Jackets: 15
KnowYourEnemy: 15

2Sweet: 14

Gravyb0y: 11

Crossface: 10

Greggyb: 9
Briskout: 9

smartman: 8
Destiny: 8

DiamondKnucklez: 6

Hall of Champions:

World Heavyweight Champion:

Booker T (5th reign)

Won: May 19th, 2002 from Rob Van Dam at Mayhem in Worcester, Massachusetts

Previous Champions (since March 2001):
Rob Van Dam: December 30th, 2001-May 19th, 2002 (140 days)
Scott Steiner: July 15th, 2001-December 30th, 3001 (168 days)
Booker T: March 26th, 2001-July 15th, 2001 (111 days)

World Women's Champion:

Manami Toyota (4th reign)

Won: October 5th, 2002 from Etsuko Mita on Women's Wrestling Renaissance in Tokyo, Japan
((This was formerly the WWWA World Championship, the top title in All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling. The title was renamed the WCW World Women's Championship upon WCW buying AJW, and its title lineage was kept intact.))

Previous Champions (since January 2002):
Etsuko Mita: January 9th, 2002-October 5th, 2002 (269 days)

United States Heavyweight Champion:

Shane Douglas (2nd reign)

Won: April 1st, 2002 from Rey Misterio Jr. at Monday Nitro in Pikeville, Kentucky

Previous Champions (since March 2001):
Rey Misterio Jr (#2): October 14th, 2001-April 1st, 2002 (169 days)
Kanyon: August 5th, 2001-October 14th, 2001 (70 days)
Rey Misterio Jr: May 13th, 2001-August 5th, 2001 (85 days)
Booker T: March 18th, 2001-April 30th, 2001 (44 days)

Cruiserweight Champion:

"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

Won: September 22nd, 2002 from American Dragon at War Games in Greensboro, North Carolina

Previous Champions (since March 2001):
American Dragon: August 11th, 2002-September 22nd, 2002 (42 days)
AJ Styles: April 21st, 2002-August 11th, 2002 (112 days)
TAKA: December 30th, 2001-April 21st, 2002 (112 days)
Jushin Liger: August 5th, 2001-December 30th, 2001 (147 days)
Shane Helms: March 18th, 2001-August 5th, 2001 (140 days)

World Television Champion:

Fit Finlay (2nd reign)

Won: July 29th, 2002 in a tournament final against Hugh Morrus at Monday Nitro in Bozeman, Montana

Previous Champions (since July 2002):

World Tag Team Champions:

True Heroes (Lance Storm and CM Punk, 2nd reign for both individually and as a team)

Won: October 27th, 2002 from The Hardys in a 2 out of 3 falls match at Halloween Havoc in Las Vegas, Nevada

Previous Champions (since March 2001):
The Hardys (Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy): July 14th, 2002-October 27th, 2002 (105 days)
True Heroes (Lance Storm and CM Punk): December 30th, 2001-July 14th, 2002 (196 days)
The Natural Born Thrillers (Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire): January 14th, 2001-December 30th, 2001 (351 days)

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
OH MY GAWD! Joey Styles in WCW! I think that even in real life he would do great with a women's promotion, as in ECW he always came off as knowledgeable about people from puro and all, like how Mike Tenay was back when he was the cruiserweight specialist in his early years in WCW. The problem would be if he and Traci don't end up working well. It's a pretty cool thing to see a female commentator for the women's show. Now I'm only looking at my own diary save from the Jan01 mod, but stats aren't very different between Jan to May mod-wise. I don't know who all is debuted by the time of yours, but there are a few women with average color skill, such as Selina Majors and Simply Luscious. But the one you could go with is Katarina Waters, who you already have on payroll anyways. It's not a very high rating, but it's better than a zero! The slow, sultry cadence voice would be interesting to hear alongside Joey's over-excited style too. Just food for thought!
Yeah, Joey was a guy who always seemed to do his homework. While he did bellow about "cat fights" in ECW, I feel like he'd have treated the women seriously if that had been his job.

I actually used the editor to give Tracy some color skills. She's only mediocre, but I definitely wouldn't have used someone with 0 color skill in that role full-time. The guideline I assigned for myself was color = best entertainment stat minus 15, but perhaps I should change that to microphone skill specifically since that would be the best indicator of whether or not someone might be able to do color. If so I'll probably need to replace Tracy with someone else, because her microphone skill isn't very good. Of course there are really no women in the mod with good microphone skills, so it's a tricky situation.

I felt justified in doing all this because I don't think it's really accurate for someone to have 0 color skill simply because they were never used in that role for real, but part of me thinks maybe I should use a woman who did actually call some matches.

Originally Posted by smartman View Post
Uh-oh, you might still be fine because it isn't likely that WWE fired a bunch of people or let their contracts expire to where they dropped below the International roster level, but that could lead to them re-signing Stone Cold. I do hope you get him as that could reignite the Monday Night Wars, though doesn't he have a hatred of Bischoff? I don't remember if that's in this mod, but like Flair, it's a very justifiable one. Meh, if it is between Eric or Austin, the Empire can find a new leader.
There's a strong dislike between Bischoff and Austin, yeah. That definitely won't be a dealbreaker for me. Eric will just have to live with it if that happens!

I'm glad you're making plenty of money. I made my comment based on some of your other comments about not signing certain people because they were making about what your main eventers were thinking the budget was tight. And you likely know this, but be incredibly careful with your budget because I went from making over $1 million per month (with a horrible economy and only 1 A show btw) at Cult to barely keeping my head above water so far in my diary game at National with a much better economy and 2 A shows. And that's with drawing double what you've been getting in attendance. That $3.1 million you spend on marketing, administration, and production is sizeable.
Now you've got me worried! The only transition I've ever made in the game that I had time to fully see the effects of was when I rose up from National in TGAAB, but that was obviously a different situation. At the rate you're talking about I'll be lucky to break even when I hit National! I feel like the economy has always been in the toilet in every TEW game I've run.

Originally Posted by tg01 View Post
Good show there, and look at that....NEW Tag Team Champions....and I liked the way you got King Corino through to the next round while also advancing the story line with Chuck and Sean!
Maybe it's just because I planned the tournament out and knew it was coming all along, but I figured some people would see that draw coming.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Very good show man! I was having a really bad day but a good write up helps bring me out of those. I'm trying to avoid spoilers but I think you are unfolding that tournament nicely.

I did a few shows on the pic update but I have not had a lot of free time lately. I will get back on that horse when time allows me to though.
I'm sorry to hear you had/were having a bad day, but I'm very happy to hear I could help make it better!

No worries at all on that! I've done several months' worth (I think I've made it from the beginning through either Fall Brawl or Halloween Havoc '01), but haven't touched it at all in weeks. I've been focusing on new shows/watching the G1 Climax in my spare time, plus I really need to buy a mouse pad!

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
So two pay-per-views that end roughly the same way, that feels like something that can get played up in the near future...

Mighty fine show man, there wasn't anything that went on that didn't keep my attention. Even the Jung Dragons. Give them their shot, Arn!

...Or it could just be mere coincidence.

(They really were very similar finishes though.)

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