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Default November 2002: Pre-Calgary Stampede News and Notes

Mark Jindrak showed up to Nitro on November 4th in no fit condition to work, and we discovered he'd taken large amounts of painkillers. I considered simply firing him, as he's a mediocre worker at best and doesn't have the superstar look or charisma to make me look past his shortcomings. But I decided firing him would be excessive considering he's had no disciplinary issues before this, and others have had second and third chances already. I sent him to rehab immediately. Hopefully for his sake this is the last time I need to discipline him, because he's very expendable.

I was blown away by the match Lance Storm and AJ Styles had on the November 4th Nitro. I expected it to be very good, but it was fantastic and blew away the main event match between RVD and CM Punk. The Observer rated it as the third-best match we've run since I bought WCW, and the top singles match. All this despite not being given a ton of time, as it's hard for a match to be truly great in fourteen minutes. Imagine if we'd put that on PPV and given it an extra eight to ten minutes! Initially I'd planned for AJ to get involved in the cruiserweight title mix once again after he was bounced from the tournament, but it honestly might already be time to think higher with him. I'd thought that would come in another year or two, but maybe the timeline should be sped up.

Storm followed that up one week later with another amazing match, this time with Rey. Over a seven day period he had matches, and TV matches no less, that rank as the first and third greatest singles matches in the company since I took it over. Pretty tremendous stuff.

I guess putting over young Bobby Roode was the last straw for Animal, because a week later he requested his release from his contract. I could've kept him around and just had him put people over for the year and a half he had remaining, but I granted his request and cut him loose. He and Hawk were huge stars, but Animal's past his prime. Even in his prime he probably wasn't good enough in the ring to fit my vision of WCW.

Eric Bischoff's initial one year contract was coming due, so I signed him to an extension. I paid him a bit more than I would've liked, but The Empire has far too large a role in the company for me to even consider not re-signing the "CEO" of the group. And in fairness to him, he's generally done a great job on the mic and he's also one of our more recognizable characters.

We've had several call-ups from Wildside recently. Aguila has been asking to be called up for months, and I finally did as he asked. I also brought Volador Jr. up along with him, as I signed the two as a team and they've been working some matches together in Wildside. Tony Mamaluke had grown as much as he was going to down there, so I also called up both him and his partner Johnny Parisi, aka Johnny Swinger. The tag division should benefit with both of these teams joining the ranks.

Since these callups freed up some space in Wildside, I sent Johnny the Bull down to get some seasoning. Sting's been working with the kid, but he should be able to really hone his skills down there, and it's not like we were doing anything with him on the main roster.

My scouts have been talking up the potential of young Canadian workers Kevin Steen and El Generico, but they weren't exactly impressive in their enhancement match when we visited Montreal. Steen in particular looked pretty terrible, but I talked with him after the show and he said he felt terribly rusty because there just aren't many opportunities to work and get better in the Quebec area. I doubt either of them will ever improve and reach their potential if they're stuck up there. I was hoping they'd get work elsewhere and get a chance to improve and we'd look at bringing them in a few years from now, but maybe I should sign them both to developmental deals now and see what our guys in Wildside can do with them.

AJ Styles and CM Punk didn't seem to work too well together in their Nitro main event, which hurt the match a fair bit. That's pretty disappointing, since I envision both guys as future top stars. I guess I'll just have to keep that in mind and not pencil them in for any PPV main events against each other.

I've noticed RVD and Chavo hanging out together a lot recently, so I guess they've struck up a friendship.

Jinsei Shinzaki and Devil Masami are dating.

I'm hearing that young Katsuyori Shibata is rubbing some people in NJPW the wrong way with his attitude. Admittedly the kid is very talented, but that's probably not great for his career. Of course taking months at a time off so you can go train for MMA fights where you'll get hit in the head for real probably isn't the best thing for his career either, but he does it anyway.

Steve Austin worked a match with Nathan Jones, a big inexperienced guy with a great look and absolutely no wrestling talent, on the ongoing WWA tour. He carried the big goon to a match far beyond anything he's ever done before and will ever do again, but Jones, hack that he is, totally stiffed Steve with a big boot and fractured his cheekbone. If I were Steve I would've been on the first flight out of Australia so I didn't have to work with oafs like that ever again, but he honored his agreement and worked through the injury to continue the tour. Still a spot for you here in WCW, Steve.

Things just keep getting worse for Lex Luger. First I let his contract expire, and now Elizabeth has broken up with him.

Joel Maximo won the ROH World title from Hy-Zaya. I'm still not entirely sure who Hy-Zaya is, so that's probably a good move.

I guess the Honky Tonk Man has given his last shake, rattle & roll. Honky's told his friends that he's worked his last match and is looking to do some backstage work for somebody.

ROH owner Rob Feinstein is apparently dating someone from outside the business. I feel like that's worth mentioning, but I'm not sure why.

TNA's latest event, 'Back from the Dead' (are they that bad off already?) was held on November 12th. BJ Whitmer retained the TNA title against Matt Cross in the main event, but it was only the third best match of the show. The best was Matt Sydal over Bruiser Mastino in the semi main event. Mastino is best known for his brief and terrible WWF run as Mantaur. So Vince Russo's bright idea was to book a promising young high flyer against Mantaur...and it was the match of the night. This company is doomed.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I know the Jung Dragons are circling around that title match opportunity but I don't think Starcade is the show for them....I'm betting you made it a triple threat so they don't take the fall though. This young Bobby Roode kid just feels like he maybe special someday....maybe even GLORIOUS!
I know GLORIOUS is all the rage right now, but for me Bobby Roode will always be The It Factor. I really enjoyed his main event heel run in TNA. That was towards the end of my time following TNA, and I didn't really watch the NXT weekly show even when I had the Network.

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
World Tag Team Championship: AJ Styles and Sting vs. True Heroes {}
I think the Hardys will get these back sometime down the road. Eventually, CM Punk needs to go out on his own into the world of Big Boys.
Honestly I think Punk, Lance and Jeff are all destined to become big time main event singles guys for me. I'm not sure if Matt's ceiling is quite as high, but we'll see.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. "Sugar" Shane Helms
DDP on his way out. Shame, he's my favorite professional yoga instructor in the business.
I guess that's a hotly contested race between he and Trish Stratus?

( I know who my choice is.)

Originally Posted by michgcs View Post
TIEBREAKER: How long will the Stu Hart Classic Finals last? (minutes and seconds) I guess it wasn't Clobberin' Time, after all
Not quite yet. Only a matter of time though!

Originally Posted by DiamondKnucklez View Post
Comments : Really liked Halloween Havoc, thought you did an amazing job advancing the storylines. Also really like how the woman division has done. Do you have any plans of placing the championship match between them on PPVs in 2003? Or even perhaps Starcade?
A women's match at Starrcade is possible, but the women won't be used on my regular PPVs very often. Instead, Renaissance will host its own exclusive PPVs every few months.
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