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Default December 2002: Road to Starrcade, Part I


November 25th, 2002

From the Qwest Arena in Boise, Idaho

Attendance: 6,400

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

The show opened with Fit Finlay making his toughest title defense yet, against big Sean O'Haire. The former Natural Born Thriller looked to be set to hit the Widow Maker and win the title, but Chuck Palumbo ran in and attacked him. O'Haire won the match via DQ, but Fit Finlay retained the title and was credited with his 7th successful defense. (B)

Eric Bischoff comes to the ring as Palumbo continues to beat on O'Haire after the match. Bischoff places blame on O'Haire for "screwing" King Corino last night, and says Palumbo will make him pay for sticking around after the Thrillers had ended and he'd outlived his usefulness. Palumbo hits his former partner with the Thrill Ride as an exclamation point. (B+)

In an interview with Bobby Heenan, Davey Boy Smith admits his loss last night was a disappointment, but says his proudest days are still ahead of him. Winning the US title would've been a dream come true, but it'll be an even bigger dream to form a new tag team with his new partner--his son! Harry Smith comes out, thanks his father and says as a kid he'd always dreamed of teaming with him. Father and son hug in the ring. (C-)

With Booker T watching in the corner, Bobby Roode neutralized the kicks of Ernest Miller and beat him with the Western Lariat. (D+)

Booker cuts a promo after the match, taunting Rey Mysterio Jr. for thinking he's going to take his title at Starrcade. He suggests Rey re-think this, because once they sign the contract next week on Nitro, his fate is sealed. (A*)

In his office, Arn Anderson confirms that the Hardys will challenge True Heroes for the tag titles at Starrcade. He says that this will be the final showdown between the teams for at least one year, and it deserves something special. "The first match ended by DQ when the Heroes used a chair. The second match featured Jeff putting Punk through a table. The third match saw a ladder help decide the outcome. In the fourth match, chairs, tables and ladders will all be in play!" (B+)

In a match to determine who will challenge for the cruiserweight title at Starrcade, Jamie Knoble built off of the momentum from last night's big tag win by grounding the high flying Psychosis and tapping him out with a guillotine choke. (B)

With Rick Steiner nowhere to be seen (aka in Japan), Scott came to the ring and cut a promo on his brother. "I get it now, Ricky. You threw in that towel at Halloween Havoc because yer ashamed! Yer ashamed that you're the big brother, but I'm the one who made it to the top when you and I split! I'da never lost that match last night, not in a hundred million billion years!" (B)

The Unnatural returned to action with a decisive squash against Lash Leroux. (C)

Stacy Keibler and the Jung Dragons complain to Arn Anderson about yet another Hardys vs. Heroes match at Starrcade. "We didn't lose last night--that was Hayabusa and Shinzaki, so why are we being punished? Why won't you give the Dragons a chance?" Keibler demands. Arn thinks it over and says he'll give them a chance to make a big statement next week when Kaz Hayashi goes one on one with Rob Van Dam! (C+)

Bobby Heenan does a sit-down interview with Made in Italy. They say their goal is to bring a bit of fashion sense and style to WCW in place of the freaky fashion disaster that is the Hardys, or the boring plainness of guys like Lance Storm. (C-)

The debuting team of Aguila and Volador Jr. won a high-flying bout against 3 Count. (B-)

Post-show footage from Calgary Stampede: the rest of The Empire tries to console King Corino backstage after his loss to Rey Mysterio Jr, but he is furious and distraught. He tosses and breaks equipment, and even knocks out an unfortunate bystander. Bischoff sees that he's highly upset and suggests he takes "tomorrow" (also known as tonight's show) off. Corino reluctantly agrees, but says there will be hell to pay when he comes back. (B+)

Kimberly provided a timely distraction, allowing Shane Helms to hit the Nightmare on Helms Street on Konnan for the victory. (B-)

More post-Calgary Stampede footage: American Dragon and Chavo Guerrero Jr. argue backstage, drawing lots of attention from passers-by. One passer-by unafraid to step between the two is Roddy Piper, who invites them onto Piper's Pit to settle their grievances one way or the other; a graphic establishes that this will happen next week on Nitro. (B-)

AJ Styles and Mortis clashed to determine who will challenge Shane Douglas for the United States title at Starrcade. Douglas watched the match with interest from the aisle, though his poker face made it hard to tell whether he was hoping to face the innovative offense of the masked man or the aerial artistry of Styles. Whatever his preferences, the outcome was determined when AJ countered an Electric Chair Drop by shifting his weight and nailing a swinging DDT for the pin. It's Styles vs. Douglas for the gold at Starrcade! (B+)

A pyro greets Rey Mysterio Jr. as he comes to the ring, holding the Stu Hart Classic trophy. Rey displays the trophy for the fans, who applaud him. He again thanks them for the support. And as for Booker T? "I've never backed down in my life, Booker, and I'm not starting now. I'll see you next week when we sign the contract and make this official!" (A)

Show Grade: B+

November 30th, 2002

From the Sendai City Gymnasium in Sendai, Japan

Attendance: 6,990

Announce Team: Joey Styles and Tracy Brooks

Shinobu Kandori's judo techniques were too much for Sonoko Kato to handle in the opening match of the night. (D)

A video recaps the end of last week's main event tag match and reveals that Devil Masami will challenge Manami Toyota for the World Championship next week, and later tonight the two women will come face-to-face to promote it. (C+)

Takako Inoue confronts Kyoko Inoue and tells her she's made her choice, it was the wrong one, and now she'll have to live it. Kyoko, unfazed, says she doubts that. (C-)

Meiko Satomura followed up last week's successful debut by pinning LuFisto after a very effective kick to the back of the head. (C+)

Nattie Neidhart and Melissa Anderson are chatting with fans on when a cigarette-smoking Mayumi Ozaki walks in. She acts as if she has no idea who they are, and further disrespects them by blowing cigarette smoke in their faces. (C+)

Manami Toyota and Devil Masami come face to face seven days before their title match. Toyota gives the devil her due (heh) and says she earned this title match by putting her to sleep last week, but promises the outcome will not be the same next week. Masami is confident, saying Toyota went down just as easily as all her previous victims, and it'll be a simple thing to put her to sleep once again and take that championship away. (B+)

It wasn't officially sanctioned by WCW, but Aja Kong held her AAAW Singles belt up and motioned for Alexis Laree to come and take it from her. Alexis fought well against her menacing opponent, using her speed to combat her size. Whether it would ultimately have brought her to the pay window we shall never know, because Etsuko Mita came to ringside and hit her with a Death Valley Driver on the floor while Charles Robinson was arguing with Kong. Aja dragged Alexis back into the ring by her hair and pinned her with one foot across her chest. (B-)

Kong holds the belt up again after the match. She tells the fans that next week's supposed title match between Manami Toyota and Devil Masami is a sham, because the title Manami wears is meaningless. She recites the (true) story about how that title had been hers, and she never lost it. She vacated it when she left All Japan Women's, and Etsuko Mita beat someone else for the vacant title. Mita never could've taken it from her, and neither could Toyota. She left because she saw the writing on the wall about AJW being in financial trouble, and Chigusa Nagayo promised her GAEA would remain strong. But Nagayo was a liar, and now Kong had to come into WCW and listen to people try and claim some other woman was the true champion. Nagayo takes exception to Kong's rant, coming out and telling her not to blame her for her own career decisions. Kong shoves her, and the two women brawl to close the show. (B-)

Show Grade: B-

December 2nd, 2002

From Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California

Attendance: 8,403

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

The show opened with Rick Steiner in singles competition against Bobby Roode. Steiner seemed to have the match well in hand, at least until his younger brother Scott came to ringside to try and confront Booker T (who wanted no part of it.) The commotion distracted Rick and allowed Roode to hit the Western Lariat for a huge upset win. (C+)

Post-match, Booker grabs the microphone and demands that Arn Anderson confirm that his title defense against Rey Mysterio Jr. will headline Starrcade. Arn answers the summons but doesn't tell Booker what he wants to hear, saying his match as well as the huge ladder match for the tag team titles are both being given strong consideration for the main event slot. (B+)

Sean O'Haire promo; he challenges Chuck Palumbo to another one-on-one match where they can finally settle who truly carried the Thrillers. (B)

Davey Boy Smith and his son Harry lived out a dream by tagging together here tonight, and they defeated local tag team The Ballard Brothers with stereo running power slams. (C+)

American Dragon and Chavo Guerrero Jr. are welcomed to Piper's Pit. Far from playing peacemaker, Roddy riles the two men up. Chavo calls Dragon ungrateful for everything he's done for him, while Dragon says he never asked for Chavo's tutelage and never wanted his help in the first place. Roddy incites the two men to settle their dispute in the ring, and they agree to a match at Starrcade. (B-)

Vignette: Father Isaac reveals the identity of the newest member of Salvation (but only to the other members.) The Unnatural seems confused and skeptical about their new brother's suitability, but Mortis says he trusts the Father's judgment and will give their newest brother a chance to prove his worth. (A)

One week after a successful debut against 3 Count, Aguila and Volador Jr. defeated the makeshift pairing of Elix Skipper and Cash. (B-)

True Heroes set up a ladder in the ring. Lance Storm stands beside the ladder stoically as Punk climbs to the top, holding both belts. "This is what it's all about, Hardys. You took these belts away from us once, but at Halloween Havoc they came back where they belong," Punk says. "Now you probably think you'll have the edge at Starrcade with how many ladder matches you've been through, but you've forgotten one thing. We aren't those goofballs E&C, and we sure as hell aren't those cartoon hacks from 'Dudleyville.' We're the True Heroes, we're the best tag team on this planet, and you aren't knocking us off the top of the mountain--or the top of the ladder." (A)

Teddy Hart looked to build on some recent momentum, but he had a tough task against former Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms, with Kimberly at ringside. Helms wrestled well, but Kimberly's attempt to swing things in his favor backfired when she nearly hit him. Teddy Hart surprised him with a roll-up to steal the win! (C)

DDP steps into the aisle, laughing at Helms' misfortune. He cracks some jokes about there being trouble in paradise already, which doesn't please either Helms or Kimberly. Shane says DDP can laugh all he wants tonight, but he'll shut him up soon enough. He challenges Page to a match at Starrcade, and a smiling Dallas accepts. (B+)

Shane Douglas squashed Air Paris in short order. (C-)

Douglas cuts a post-match promo on AJ Styles, calling him an impressive athlete. "You were a fine Cruiserweight Champion, and it wouldn't surprise me to see you win every title there is to win here in WCW during your career. But not this title, not against this champion. You're good, kid, but me? I'm unstoppable." (B)

Psychosis rebounded from a few recent defeats by pinning Jason Jett with the guillotine legdrop. (C)

Backstage: Bobby Heenan interviews both Jamie Knoble and Christopher Daniels. Knoble says he's heard Daniels talking about himself like he's something special for months now, but at Starrcade he's going to prove that he's nothing special once the guillotine choke is locked on. Daniels scoffs and says that no one will be unseating God's gift to the Cruiserweight division any time soon, and when it happens it certainly won't be a "common country boy" like Knoble that does it. (B-)

We see Sting talking on the phone. What could that be about? (A)

In tonight's main event, Kaz Hayashi of the Jung Dragons had a chance to score the biggest win of his singles career against a former World Heavyweight Champion in Rob Van Dam. Hayashi acquitted himself well against the former champion, but Van Dam put him down for the count with a Five Star Frog Splash. (B)

Van Dam is celebrating his win when he's suddenly attacked by The Empire! He stands no chance against the full force of the group, and they all assist King Corino in spiking his head into the canvas with a piledriver. Corino grabs the microphone and places the blame on RVD for his loss to Rey Mysterio Jr. at Calgary Stampede. "You cost me my destiny!" he shouts. "You ruined everything, and now you must pay the price!" (A*)

Spotlight Segment:

We had Arn oversee the official contract signing between Booker and Rey, but he basically stood back and made sure all of the spotlight was on them. As is standard with Rey talking segments, I gave both guys a script to work off of here. Booker introduced a video clip of his vicious beating of Rey at Bash at the Beach, where he delivered a Book End on the concrete floor that got Rey stretchered out. He said that hiding behind his little mask again wasn't going to change anything, and if he was stupid enough to sign that contract, Booker was going to beat him up even worse at Starrcade. With his warning delivered, Booker signed the contract.

Rey actually thanked Booker for that attack, saying that it had given him even more motivation to come back stronger than ever. Now he was here, the 2002 Stu Hart Classic winner, ready to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at the biggest show of the year. The fact that his opponent was going to be the very same man who tried to end his career by slamming him down onto the concrete made it that much sweeter. Defying the odds, winning the title, beating the man who injured him, on the biggest show of the year? You couldn't script it out any better than that. (Thanks, Rey!) Rey put his name on the dotted line.

As the segment was wrapping up, Booker smashed Rey in the face with the world title belt! He shoved a protesting Anderson out of the way, pulled Rey up by his hair and drove him through the table with the Book End! Booker hammed it up with a spinaroonie in the middle of the ring, but quickly ran away when Rey's friends Konnan and Billy Kidman (along with Torrie Wilson) rushed out to his aid. This was a fantastic segment.

Grade: A*

Show Grade: B+

December 7th, 2002

From Gamagori Motorboat Place in Gamagori, Japan

Attendance: 7,011

Announce Team: Joey Styles and Tracy Brooks

Shinobu Kandori opened the show with a convincing submission win over Kaori Yoneyama. (C+)

Post-Nitro footage: Booker T gets into a backstage altercation with True Heroes over which championship means more and who is more deserving of the main event at Starrcade. (A*)

In the locker room: Mayumi Ozaki taunts and disrespects Nattie Neidhart and Melissa Anderson once again. She says she'll happily destroy either one of them in singles action next week. (C+)

In a combining of rivalries, Kyoko Inoue and Alexis Laree teamed up against Takako Inoue and Etsuko Mita. The finish saw Mita make a blind tag from the apron and catch her rival Alexis off-guard with a Death Valley Driver. (B-)

Officials kept them home to avoid any incidents, but Chigusa Nagayo and Aja Kong are both interviewed about their issues. Nagayo says Kong might have reason to be upset that GAEA closed down with her as its reigning champion, but no one was more disappointed to have to sell the promotion than Nagayo herself. All she can do is do her best to continue to try and grow women's wrestling on this new platform provided by WCW. Kong again states that no matter what WCW or Nagayo say, she's the most dominant female wrestler in the world and the true World Women's Champion, and anyone who denies it will have to prove her wrong inside the ring. (B-)

A video hypes up our huge main event tonight, with comments from champion Manami Toyota and challenger Devil Masami interspersed throughout. (B)

In order to continue her reign on top, Manami Toyota had to try and withstand the challenge of Devil Masami, who had run roughshod over Renaissance thus far. Both women took their time here, feeling each other out and probing for an opening. Toyota seemed as if she might pull away after hitting a beautiful missile dropkick, but Masami got her knees up to block a moonsault. Devil eventually locked on the sleeper, the very move she used to beat Toyota in tag team action two weeks ago! Toyota struggled to try and fight free, while Masami applied full pressure. Toyota was still on her feet and fighting when the bell rang. The momentary confusion was cleared up with the official announcement that the allotted television time had expired, and the match had been ruled a draw. (B)

Show Grade: B


December 9th, 2002

From Auckland, New Zealand

Attendance: 5,600

Announce Team: "The Professor" Mike Tenay and Bret "The Hitman" Hart

We opened with a six man tag pitting Jamie Knoble, American Dragon and Billy Kidman against Christopher Daniels, Brian Adams and Chavo Guerrero Jr. There was plenty of action to build anticipation for the pair of singles matches at Starrcade. Chavo tore at Dragon's mask, partially ripping it, and Daniels hit the Angel's Wings to beat him. (B)

Arn Anderson summons Sting, The Unnatural, The Destroyer and Chris Candido to his office, and informs the four of them that they'll be competing in a four way match at Starrcade which will determine the next challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship. (B+)

Earlier in the day, we see Stacy Keibler and the Jung Dragons walking around the outside of the arena in some form of protest. Hayashi holds a sign that says "Gold for dragons!" and Yang holds one reading "Give Dragons a chance!" They try to get fans to join in with some chants, but it doesn't work out too well. (D+)

Last week they were partners, but this week Cash and Elix Skipper fought in a qualifying match for a just-announced Cruiserweight Shootout at Starrcade. Cash prevailed in a match filled with big aerial moves, securing his spot alongside the likes of Hayabusa, Kidman and TAKA. (C)

Rick Steiner asks Scott to come out to the ring, and once there he asks Scott why he came down and got involved in his match last week when Rick had Bobby Roode right where he wanted him. Scott says he wanted a piece of Booker T, but he was also trying to bail his brother out and save him from another embarrassing loss. They get into an argument, with Rick trying to stay calm despite Scott taking some potshots about needing to carry him even in singles matches. Rick finally says he gets what the problem is. It's not jealousy, as Scott is claiming. He was never jealous of his brother's singles success, and he was proud of him for winning the world title twice. The problem is that Scott doesn't respect him, and Rick can think of only one way to change that: for him to beat Scott! Scott laughs and accepts the challenge, but warns him that once that bell rings "Big Poppa Pump" doesn't take it easy on anyone, not even his big brother! (B)

Backstage promo: Chuck Palumbo accepts Sean O'Haire's challenge. "But I wanna prove once and for all that I was the star of the Thrillers, and I don't want any stupid rules to get in the way like at Halloween Havoc. If we're gonna finish it, let's do it in a street fight!" (B-)

Hugh Morrus and Konnan got their hands raised without too much trouble against the floundering 3 Count. (B-)

Post-match, Morrus and Konnan are attacked from behind by Mortis and another masked man! Father Isaac cackles and introduces us to the newest member of Salvation, "but our new brother isn't ready to shed his mask and reveal his identity just yet." (C)

Jeff Hardy is warming up in a hallway, preparing for a huge singles main event against Lance Storm, with his brother cheering him on. Rey Mysterio Jr. walks by and wishes Jeff luck in his match, and says that while he'd love to headline Starrcade, he'll have no hard feelings towards Matt and Jeff if their match is put in the main event. He shakes hands with both Hardys to end the segment. (B+)

Shane Douglas sat in on commentary as AJ Styles went against Shane Helms. The match was a bit too short to truly showcase what both men are capable of, as DDP appeared in the aisle to taunt both Kimberly and Helms. Shane lost his focus and never regained it, eventually falling to the Styles Clash. (B-)

Booker T barges into the dressing room of True Heroes, and the three men continue their argument from last week (seen on Renaissance) about who should main event at Starrcade. (A)

Rob Van Dam's showdown with The Empire rages on. Commentary revealed that he'll face King Corino at Starrcade, but tonight he was in there against TAKA. The former Cruiserweight Champion gave RVD all he could handle in a fast-paced match, but Van Dam knocked TAKA off of the top rope and hit the Five Star Frog Splash for the win. (B+)

King Corino races to the ring after the match, but RVD is ready for him this time. Corino tackles him to the mat, and the two trade punches on the ground. Control shifts back and forth, and officials are unable to pry the two men apart. Eventually several of their fellow wrestlers are sent to the ring to try and restore order as we head to commercial. (A*)

No ladders involved and no titles on the line tonight, but that didn't mean Jeff Hardy and Lance Storm weren't going to give the match everything they had. They treated this like a PPV match, with Storm wrestling an effective technical match targeting Jeff's legs, and Hardy of course looking for any opening to pick up the pace and go for some of his high risk offense. Unfortunately we'll never know who would have come out on top, because Booker T ran to the ring and attacked both men for a no contest! (A)

Booker is pleased with himself for wrecking a main event that didn't feature him, but Matt Hardy doesn't appreciate it and runs to his brother's defense. That brings out CM Punk, and eventually the two teams start fighting each other. Booker laughs at his seeming escape, but then Rey Mysterio Jr. hits the scene and drops the champion with a springboard dropkick! It's anarchy in the ring until a flustered Arn Anderson steps into the aisle. "I've had enough of all this bickering and debate about who should main event Starrcade!" Arn shouts into the microphone. "It ain't gonna be up to me, not this time, and it won't be up to the fans either. It's gonna be you guys that settle it, and you're gonna do it inside the ring! Next week on Nitro, Mysterio and Booker, you're gonna have to put your differences aside for just one night. It'll be Rey and Booker against True Heroes in a non-title match, and the main event spot at Starrcade goes to the winner!" (A*)

Show Grade: A

December 14th, 2002

From the Tokuyama Sports Center in Tokuyama, Japan

Attendance: 5,559

Announce Team: Joey Styles and Tracy Brooks

Mayumi Ozaki competed in her first match (officially at least) since August 2001, and it was Melissa Anderson who answered the call. Melissa withstood her opponent's brawling and seemed to be closing in on the victory, but from out of nowhere was hit with poison mist from Daffney! Ozaki made the cover, and the unsuspecting referee counted the three. (C)

Highlights of last week's main event between Manami Toyota and Devil Masami are shown, and we learn an announcement will be made on the matter later in the night. (B-)

Meiko Satomura continued to impress with a win over Sonoko Kato. (C)

Takako Inoue didn't have too much trouble beating Kaori Yoneyama, pinning her after the Takako Panic (a knee strike off of the top rope.) (B-)

Video recap: the chaotic closing of Nitro leads to a tag team match between True Heroes and Mysterio/Booker, with the main event of Starrcade hanging in the balance. (B+)

The feature match of the evening saw Chigusa Nagayo tackle Etsuko Mita. The two former world champions appeared evenly matched, and perhaps that's why Mita decided to resort to introducing a steel chair to the match. Alexis Laree ran down to ringside and alerted the ref before the weapon could be put to use, and after the match was returned to a level playing field, Nagayo was able to connect with the Super Freak for a big win. (B)

Nagayo is cutting a post-match promo, thanking the fans, when Aja Kong blindsides her with the Uraken backfist! Kong places her foot on an unconscious Nagayo's chest and holds the AAAW Singles title in the air. (B)

Manami Toyota and Devil Masami gather in the ring. Devil says she was moments away from putting Manami to sleep last week and should just be handed the title, while Toyota acknowledges that Masami had her sleeper hold well applied, but she was still on her feet and fighting when the bell rang. An announcement on the screen reveals that the women will meet in a championship rematch, and it'll be the main event of the first ever Renaissance PPV event on January 12th! (B)

Show Grade: B

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
I'd put True Heroes vs. The Hardy Brothers in the Main Event -- Tag Team excellence is a time-honored tradition in the WCW. Could it be a Night of the Skywalkers sequel? I'm not sure what "match type" the Scaffold is in the WCW Lives mod, but I've seen it entered as "High Spots" before. I know TLC pretty much always gets classified under High Spots.

I think a manager would really bring some gravitas to that final encounter -- when does Lita's contract expire? Failing that, you could always bring back Michael Hayes for the role -- or maybe have Gangrel come in for a one-off? And for True Heroes... you've got Colt Cabana in Developmental, that'd be a great way to bring him in. Or, you could bring in someone from Right to Censor -- Ivory? Stevie Richards?

I hope, at some point, you do write a scaffold match. It'd be a fun read.
Bear in mind that the reason I was able to sign the Hardys was because the game generated a Lita/Shane McMahon romance, and I gave Matt & Jeff negative relationships with Lita and all the McMahons as the logical fallout of that. So she's out. Personally I don't think either of these acts really need a manager anyway.

I've never given much thought to doing a scaffold match. I guess it's possible if a storyline comes along where I think it would be a logical way to blow it off.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Just the mere fact you are entertaining the idea of having a tag match main event Starrcade is a testament of how far the division has come along.

A unification exactly one year after sounds kind of dumb to me especially with their stacked roster. Even without buying WCW they could feesibly do a brand split and be killing it.
Assuming a guest booker doesn't unify the titles at the Rumble or Mania, I'll probably temporarily take control of the WWF right after Mania and set up a brand split, with Smackdown becoming ECW with Heyman as the authority figure. I originally thought about letting two of you guys do a draft and make that a prediction prize, but things might end up unbalanced if I do that. (Like splitting up the women, tag teams, etc.)

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Quick, grab Scott Norton and make him the Jung Dragons bodyguard! #GiveDragonsAChance!
We're in the pre-hashtag era, but #GiveDragonsAChance is catching on! Isn't it funny how one line from a commenter can influence characters and stories?

You have definitely done a great worldwide expansion with WCW, I don't think I would even think of holding Starrcade outside of the US. Potentially Canada, but even that is a long shot. But here you're having done two season finale PPVs in two different countries. It's almost surreal to think about, but that's the joy of these WCW 01 games; you can't "copy real life" with any decisions or booking because there is no real life equivalent. The only thing someone can do is see someone do an idea that one person had planned better than what another would do, but that's just you keeping me on my toes
Canada is a major no-no for me. That's my single worst game area, which is ironic with me playing as Bret. I'll still do a quick few weeks up there every year for the Calgary Stampede PPV though, because that feels like something Bret would like to do.

Now I'm really curious what you're talking about!

Booker vs. Mysterio should be one hell of a barn burner, can't wait to see how that goes. I think unless you're playing with repetitive booking off, I would go with them as the main event. That way, just in case the Tag title match doesn't hold up compared to the last few, you won't get hit with that penalty, because it could possibly tank a PPV.
The first Hardys/Heroes match was Sunday, Week 2 in June. Starrcade will be Sunday, Week 4 of December. Unless I don't understand how the repetitive booking mechanic works, I should be in the clear, yes?

Originally Posted by Uncrewed View Post
Wait, NJPW is laying off Scott Norton & Shinsuke Nakamura? I smell a new tag team!
Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post

That's kinda scary.....
Not gonna lie--that's a pretty swaggy looking duo right there!

Originally Posted by smartman View Post
Trinity should be in the game at this point, and I think she'd fit in quite well as a valet for the Italians. Dawn Marie would work too, but I think she's in WWE at this point.

Amazing show as usual. I'd suggest putting the World Title match in the main event mainly because I could see that Booker T becoming sentient and reaching out a hand and choking you for keeping him out of the main event again. He's not CM Punk after all. Seriously, he was almost never in the main event during his WWE title run. Stupid Vince.
I guess smart minds think alike, because those were the two women I thought of and brought in to test out right away! Dawn was in the actual WWE by this point, but she didn't get signed until some time in 2002 and thus was never with them in this little alternate universe.

If he does get booted from the main event, at least it won't be for Cena vs. Big Johnny!

Originally Posted by DavidCorperial View Post
Can't believe I won the Stu Hart Classic prediction contest and it was only because I figured you'd make the main event a long one, that's having me feel really good.
I had a feeling a shorter contest like that one would come down to a tiebreaker. Congrats! I know AJ Styles is glad you won, because I had no firm Starrcade plans for him before you solved that!

Originally Posted by DiamondKnucklez View Post
Shinsuke Nakamura on WCW?!?!? DO IT!! 😀
Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
The man has a valid point TFC! lol
Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
I'm sure at least some of you remember that I used to have a Nakamura pic as my avatar, right? I'd love to grab him, believe me. He's only active in Japan though, so it's not an option until I get bigger. (If only I'd brought him in via talent trade for one of my Japan shows before NJPW fired him!) I'd be surprised if he's not gobbled up by AJPW or NOAH long before then.
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