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Week 3, October 1996
The Pyramid Arena
ATT: 17,884
TV: 18.17


Ladies and Gentlemen, you are watching the number one show in all of professional are watching the number one promotion in all of professional are watching Monday Night Raw....Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are at ringside, and the King is in a particularly jovial mood following the apparent meltdown of the KLiQ that has been unraveling over the last few weeks. Lawler says that he had hoped to have had a hand in the downfall of the WWF's most prominent stable.....but it looks like they are going to implode all by themselves if recent events are anything to go by.....

......and speaking of everybody's favourite black and white contingent, they are out in force to open the show....but you can clearly see the tension between the group as they make their way into the ring. Michaels picks up a microphone and paces around the squared circle for a moment, looking at each KLiQ member in turn. He lets out a long sigh and raises the mic to his mouth.....but before he can say a single word Kevin Nash reaches out and plucks the microphone from his hand, telling him to stop.....

"'s not your time to's not the Shawn Michaels's NOT all about you......what it IS the most dominant group in all of professional wrestling....the remember the KLiQ right? The little band of brothers that we set up so that WE....not that WE could take over this whole damn company......"

.....Nash says that they accomplished just that.....they stepped on everyone and everything in the WWF.....they took every title there was to take.....beat every opponent there was to beat.....and they did it all as a a team.....Nash says there might be no "I" in team.....but somewhere down the line, that "I" in KLiQ became all about Shawn Michaels....

"......and frankly, we're sick of it.......I'M sick of it......and I'm sick of've gone around for months now, puffing your chest out, throwing around your orders and your threats of expulsion from the group.....let me ask you this Shawn.....what's to stop US from getting rid of YOU?.....see we always said that when you were KLiQ, you were KLiQ 4 life......but the way I see it, you can't be KLiQ 4 life.........if I take your life away from you......"

.......with that the group closes in around Michaels, who is starting to look increasingly nervous with each passing moment. Nash looks down stone faced at Shawn, before slowly reaching out and patting the WWF Championship that is draped over his shoulder. He tells the Heartbreak Kid that right now, the only reason he's still able to walk and because THAT title is still in the hands of the KLiQ.....

".......but that could all change Sunday night.....see on Sunday night, you've got to come down to this ring and face a seven foot psychopath......and you're going to be doing it alone....see me and Scott, we're gonna be a little pre-occupied taking back those tag team straps from Austin and Pillman.....the Kid's got a score to settle with that little body-donna Chris Candido......and Credible.....well, Credible learned his lesson last week when you kicked him in the face......but you can do it right? The great Shawn Michaels who single handedly won and defended the WWF Championship for seven months now, shouldn't have any problems putting Psycho Sid away.......just like you won't have any problems putting Austin away later.....alone......hopefully for you Austin comes alone too.....good luck......Champ......"

With that Nash shoves the microphone into Shawn's chest and pats the WWF Championship one more time for good measure, before Michaels gets treated to a now familiar sight....the KLiQ walking away from him as a unit and heading to the back, leaving the Heartbreak Kid alone in the ring.

Rating: A*



It's time for the first match of the evening, featuring another chapter of the Al Snow/Raven Bill DeMott has the daunting task of going one on one with the deranged Mankind. Raven has yet to receive a reply to his counter offer to the challenge that Al Snow levied a few weeks back on Raw....Snow requested a return match with Raven, with the stipulation that should Al be victorious, Raven is to leave both himself and Bill DeMott alone for good.....Raven agreed, under the condition that should HE win, then both Al Snow and Bill DeMott shall be forced to join the folds of Ravens family.....

......if this match is any indication, then DeMott had better hope that Snow chooses wisely.....because he's taking a whipping here tonight, from a Mankind who is focused on using Bill as a warm up match before having to step into the ring with the Big Red Machine on Sunday Night. Raven's words seem to have an almost hypnotic quality to them when it comes to dealing with the more 'damaged' minds of the WWF....and Mankind has found himself falling deeper under his spell as the weeks go on....despite Al Snows warnings that Raven is using him, just like everybody else has done.....

......either way, what that essentially means for Bill DeMott tonight (even after a particularly strong showing from the big man) is that he is on the receiving end of a crippling Mandible Claw from Mankind, that gives the masked mutilator an impressive victory heading into In Your House.

Winner: Mankind
Rating: B


With the match over, Mankind sits rocking in the middle of the ring, while Raven makes his way slowly down the aisle. He's not alone though, as Doink, Christopher Daniels and the Dogs of War walk out behind him. The group enter the ring, where Raven stands stoically over the fallen DeMott. He picks the big man up by his hair before whispering something inaudible into his ear.....then hooking his head into position for the Evenflow. Before he can drop DeMott however.....

.......Al Snow comes rushing out from the back with a microphone in hand. He tells Raven to let Bill go......telling him that he wanted an answer to his proposition....well Al Snow accepts.....IF......he lets DeMott go right now.....

"......let him go.....and you have your vs you.....I win, Bill DeMott and Al Snow are off your radar for win......(Al lets out a heavy sigh)......then both Bill and myself will become reluctant members of your little cult there....."

Raven drops DeMott, just long enough to pick up a microphone to address Snow....

", no, will not be reluctant members of will be willing....and active members of the fold......this isn't a cult.....I'm not some kind of totalitarian dictator.....this is a family.....I am a shepherd and these are my flock.....everything that I do is for the betterment of you not understand that? Do you not understand that everything I do is for the greater good?.....I spend MY days ensuring that the path to glory and immortality for each and every member of my paved with the bones of those that would wrong us.......well what about me? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN?.....

......know this.....if you accept my WILL WILL join me......and eventually, whether you like it or WILL thank me....for herding you through the dark clouds of doubt and uncertainty....and into the promised lands......but we do this on MY terms.....and by MY rules.......and Ravens Rules say there are no rules.....but I guarantee this......not one of these men....not Mankind.....not Doink.....not Daniels or the Dogs of War.....not one of them will play a part in this match......."

Raven asks Al if he is sure that he still wants to play the game.....and after brief moments hesitation Snow agrees....

"......then it is written.....and so shall it come to pass.....your fate is sealed Al.....enjoy your final days as a free man.....because come Sunday will belong to me.....Quote the Raven......Nevermore....."

Rating: A


It's time for another dose of Road Warrior training for the Hardy Matt and Jeff are out once again to see which team their mentors have chosen this week.....with victories over the Orient Express and the Beverly Brothers under their belts, the Hardys are looking pretty confident as they wave out their opponents for the evening.....

......and as always they don't have to wait for out from the back come Paul Roma and Hercules.....or Herc and the Jerk as Gorilla Monsoon was keen to call them.....Power and Glory are another team that haven't been seen in the WWF for some time....but they're here tonight and ready for battle.


This is a slightly different pairing that the Harry's have been used to this they not only have Roma's speed to deal with, but Hercules' strength too.....Power and Glory were an excellent team back in the early 90's....and their Power-Plex finishing move (which saw Hercules delivering a Superplex on their opponent, which was immediately followed up by Roma crashing down with a diving splash from the top rope) was one of the most (IMO) impressive double team moves around at the time.

Roma and Hercules will be looking to do better here against the Hardys than they did against the Legion of Doom back at Wrestlemania VII, when Hawk and Animal put them away in less than a minute, in what was essentially the beginning of the end for the under-rated duo. The pair do better here than in their encounter with the LoD.....they last longer than a minute....but the result is still the same.....Romeo Roma counts the lights after Jeff nails him with a Swanton Bomb.

Winner(s): The Hardy Boys
Rating: C+


We come back from commercial just as the fire erupts and Kane walks out from the back, along with his manager, Jim Cornette. The duo climb into the ring, where Cornette has (predictably) got something to say. He starts out by addressing Mankind.....telling him that he really must be some special kind of stupid.....because after coming out here crying and complaining that Jim Cornette booked him in matches with the Undertaker, he's going to let Raven convince him that it's a good idea to step into the ring with Kane.....

".....with evil personified.....with the Big Red Monster that walked through purgatory, just to find his way to the World Wrestling Federation.....just to find the man.....his own flesh and blood.....that destroyed his think it's a good idea to step between these ropes with Kane....mere weeks before the twentieth anniversary of his parents murder? Like I said, you must be some special kind of stupid....and I don't care what pep talks Raven is feeding you......hell bring Raven....bring that whole flock of seagulls.....bring Old Jack, whoever the hell that is......because it doesn't matter who that is......this right here is Kane.....the man that stared the devil himself in the eye....and he made Satan wet his little red britches in fear, so much so that he tucked his tail behind his pitchfork and ran for cover......"

Cornette tells Mankind that he would LIKE to tell him that Kane will make it quick and painless.....but he won't.....because Kane is going to use and abuse Mankind like the mangy little mutt that he is.....and then, once he's picked your bones from his teeth, and the appetiser is out of the will be time for the main course at Survivor Series....

"......because Undertaker.....that will be your final resting place.....and no better date for Kane to begin his journey to the top.....than twenty years to the day, that YOU nearly stopped his journey for good.....Undertaker, you said that you left the World Wrestling Federation for months on end after the arrival of your brother, to prepare for your plan your next move......Kane has been plotting and planning for twenty years so believe me when I say that you are out of your depth......this man is d younger.....and his hatred has been burning for two decades strong.....I guarantee you, whatever twisted thoughts you came up with in those few won't be enough.....YOU won't be enough.....and come Survivor'll be the Deadman that Rests in Peace....."

With that Cornette drops the microphone, just as Kane raises his arms......he snaps them down again, but we don't get the usual burst of flames........we get......

.......:::!!!GONG!!!:::....... the lights go out.........

.......:::!!!GONG!!!:::....... the lights come back on........

.........and the Undertaker is standing smack bang in front of Kane......

........the two brothers stare each other down for a moment, at the atmosphere is electric. The crowd is eating it up as the two men go face to face....and neither man is giving an inch, despite the fact that Jim Cornette is desperately trying to convince Kane to walk away and save it for Survivor Series. Suddenly in a blink of an eye, both the Undertaker and Kane snatch forward with their respective arms and grasp each other by the throat. Cornette is having a meltdown and frantically motions to the back for support to break this up......which he every single backstage worker, official and security guard comes tearing down the aisle in an effort to separate the two men mountains. They desperately throw themselves between the warring brothers, who look about ready to tear each other apart, and it takes some time.....and more than one man is the recipient of a right hand as The Undertaker and Kane scratch and claw to attack each other.....but finally the Deadman is locked behind a wall of staff members as Jim Cornette eventually manages to convince his Big Red Monster to walk away and fight another day and Vince McMahon sends us to commercial so that this chaotic scene can be resolved.

Rating: A*



We return to a sense of normalcy now, as Son's of Samoa member Rocky Maivia looks to gain some revenge on Nation of Domination member Scorpio, who cost him the victory last week against Faarooq. The SoS haven't had much luck against the NoD as of late.....but that's arguably due to the fact that the Nation aren't above bending the rules to gain a victory.....

.......and that's evidently the plan tonight, since Scorpio is accompanied to the ring by Kama. It's a shame, because these two put on a hell of a match....Maivia is improving week by week and Scorpio's performances often go under the radar but he really is a hell of a hand. A perfectly good bout is almost ruined when Kama jumps into the apron, presumably to try and turn the tide of the match......but it backfires when Rocky sends his opponent crashing into his own Stablemate, before picking up the victory with the Running Shoulder Breaker.

Winner: Rocky Maivia
Rating: B


Following the conclusion of that match, the announcers frantically send us to the back, where there is apparently a situation unfolding......or has already unfolded in this we find Brian Pillman lying motionless on the floor amidst the broken remains of a wooden catering table. Standing over him are Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Sean Waltman and Justin Credible. The Bad Guy has Pillman's WWF Tag Team Championship draped over his shoulder, as he crouches down to tell the Loose Cannon that ".....this was just a little taste In Your House, you gonna get the main course......shine this belt up real nice for us man.....because on Sunday.....the KLiQ gonna take them back....."

With that Hall drops the Championship onto the chest of Pillman, as he and the other KLiQ members walk away. Lawyer says that he doesn't know if that attack was a warning shot for the Champions ahead of the Pay Per View.....or if it was the KLiQ ensuring that Steve Austin had no backup tonight......either way, they just did Shawn Michaels a big favour.

Rating: A*


Back to ringside, and its promo the Million Dollar Corporation make their way down the aisle. Ted DiBiase takes the microphone, flanked by Rich Steiner and Southern Justice. He tells the crowd that in six short days, the Million Dollar Corporation will finally be sporting some gold around here.....because after ditching the riff raff and the incompetent, he finally has a Corporation that he can be proud of......because this man right here, Rich going to send the Bulldog running back to Calgary with his tail tucked between his legs, whining like the little mutt he is.

Steiner takes the microphone and tells the morons in the crowd to shut up....adding that they should be showing a man of his class and stature the proper respect....he says that Ted DiBiase finally has a client that's capable of living up to his high standards.....the driving force behind the success of the Steiner Brothers......the man who was constantly overlooked in favour of his baby brother.....until The Million Dollar Man showed everybody what a wise investment he was......and in six days, he's going to repay that investment with the WWF Intercontinental Championship.......

........which brings out the Intercontinental Champion himself, Davey Boy Smith......along with Ahmed Johnson, who was on the receiving end of a Corporation ass kicking last week. The Bulldog tells Steiner that if he's that confident, why doesn't he act like a man right now.......because The British Bulldog will happily take a bite out of the Dog Faced Gremlin.....and show the world right here and right now, who the real top dog is......

Steiner refuses however, telling Smith that he's far too classy to be rolling around in a common brawl.....especially six days before his big title match......but if Davey and Ahmed are looking for a fight tonight, then Southern Justice will happily accommodate them.

Rating: B+



Ahmed is never shy of a fight.....and the Bulldog likes a good obviously they accept the challenge. Ahmed still has a bone to pick with the Corporation, after Steiner cost Johnson a shot at Shawn Michaels and the WWF Championship at Sunday's In Your House, so he's chomping at the bit to go.....while The Bulldog will be looking to take out Steiners team mates to build up some steam towards his title defence on Sunday.....

......and both men get their wishes.....because Southern Justice just aren't up to the task this evening.....and Knight and Canterbury get put away with a stereo Pearl River Plunge and Running Powerslam.

Winner(s): Ahmed Johnson & The British Bulldog
Rating: B-


The second the bell sounds, Rich Steiner is in the ring with a steel chair in hand. He runs at the Bulldog, but Davey Boys sees him coming and sidesteps, using Steiners own momentum to send him flying over the top rope and down to the floor. Rich looks as though he is considering heading back into the fray, but DiBiase starts whispering in his ear and he backs down.....leaving Southern Justice to be on the receiving end of a pair of clotheslines from Ahmed and Davey, which leave them sprawled on the floor on the outside, while the Bulldog stands taunting Steiner with the Intercontinental Title.

Rating: B+


We head to the back....and to the locker room of the KLiQ, where Shawn Michaels is preparing to walk out for his match against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Michaels tells the group that he saw what happened to Brian Pillman earlier.....and that he knew that he could count on them to even up the odds for as for Austin.....

Nash cuts him off there though.....

".....woah, woah, woah.......what happened to Brian Pillman had nothing to do with you......and it certainly wasn't done to help you......what happened to Brian Pillman was a simple case of us softening him up for Sunday.......because YOU weren't up to the task last week......

.......and as for Austin......anything that DOES happen to him tonight.....isn't to help Shawn's to help the KLiQ.....a concept that YOU seem to have forgotten......good luck out there......"

Michaels shakes his head before snatching his WWF Championship up from beside him and storming out of the room for his match, slamming the door behind him while Nash smirks in the background. He turns to the rest of the KLiQ and asks them ".....what's got him all rattled up...." before the whole group breaks out in laughter......apart from Sunny who sits like a scolded school girl in the corner, clearly desperate to be out there with Shawn.

Rating: A*



To say that we had a huge main event tonight would be somewhat of an understatement. We have Champion vs Champion....and two men that don't find themselves on the losing side of a contest very often around Shawn Michaels the WWF Champion goes one on one with Stone Cold Steve half of the WWF Tag Team Champions. Austin's partner Brian Pillman holds the distinct honour of being the only man to defeat Shawn Michaels in singles competition on Monday Night Raw this while Austin will be looking to equal his partners accomplishment, he won't be in any rush to receive the same treatment from the KLiQ that the Loose Cannon did earlier.

Steve Austin truly is on the cusp of greatness here in the WWF....propelling him self from midcard obscurity in January, to the number three guy in the company, with only The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels ahead of him in the pecking this match against Shawn is a big test.....especially since neither man is your traditional fan favourite (even though they both have a following) and heel vs heel matches don't go down so well here in the when you take that into account, the reaction this match got was phenomenal.....and the match that this crowd received was just as good.

Neither man backed down as they went full on for almost twenty minutes......both men were able to connect with their respective finishing moves.....but on each occasion they were too close to the ropes and the only thing that prevented a pinfall, was the force of the moves sending their opponents rolling to the outside......unfortunately for was while Michaels was on the floor recovering from a Stone Cold Stunner that the match went wrong.........

........because while the official is focused on giving the Heartbreak Kid the mandatory ten count.....Kevin Nash and Scott Hall make their way down to ringside.....and while Hall tries to rouse HBK, Nash slides into the ring with a steel chair and absolutely kills Stone Cold with it, before rolling back out to the floor. Hall rolls Michaels back into the ring, who drapes a single arm over the chest of Austin for the one, two, three.

Winner: Shawn Michaels
Rating: B+


Michaels slowly comes to his senses and sees Hall and Nash standing over the fallen Austin....he smiles telling them that he knew they would come to their senses, before holding up his hand in a 'too sweet' gesture....Hall and Nash just look at him though.....before telling him that they didn't do this for why doesn't he walk his little Boy Toy ass to the back......this is KLiQ business.

Nash and Hall turn back towards Austin, but Shawn Michaels has had enough.....he throws the WWF Championship down to the mat and spins Nash around, screaming in his face. Nash stands there with that cocky smirk on his face, before disregarding Michaels with a gentle shove......but Michaels snaps......and slaps Big Sexy right in the face......Nash isn't smirking fact he looks downright p####d off and Shawn immediately realised his mistake, as he backs away with his hands up in surrender and apology. Nash tells him to ".....Walk!!!!!!.....I'll give you that shot.....and only that leave......"

Shawn drops out of the ring in a flash and begins to make his way up the aisle......which is when two pink and black blurs come flying out of the crowd and into the ring......

........and Bret and Owen Hart pounce on Hall and Nash. Between various blows the camera picks up the Hart Brothers telling Big Sexy and The Bad Guy that this is for costing them the Tag Titles four weeks ago.....and finally they manage to beat the Two KLiQ men down enough that they are able to go for simultaneous Sharpshooters.....with Bret trying to turn Nash, while Owen spins Hall over.

Seeing a chance for redemption, Shawn Michaels stops in his tracks and comes sprinting down the aisle, where he's able to break up the submission holds......but by now Steve Austin is back to his feet, and we soon have a wild brawl on our hands.....and while technically The Harts and Austin are on the same doesn't stop Stone Cold from throwing a stiff shot Bret Harts way when he comes within arms reach. Hart and Austin square up.....and look to be seconds away from exploding, when Shawn Michaels comes flying across the ring with the Sweet Chin Music.......Michaels hasn't had the best of luck when it's come to the Superkick recently however.....and tonight is no different.......because both Hart and Austin see it coming and move at the last minute.......leaving Shawn's boot with nothing to connect with......other than Kevin Nash's head......

........Nash drops to the mat like a lead balloon, as Waltman and Credible come running down the aisle.....and along with Hall the three men start screaming at Michaels.....who in turn starts screaming back......again, protesting his innocence. The sight of a public KLiQ melt down is such a sight to see, that even Austin and the Harts stop brawling long enough to enjoy the view....and that's how the show comes to a close........but not until the camera pans back..... show Psycho Sid standing at the top of the entrance ramp, laughing maniacally.....because it's clear that his opponent on Sunday night is going to have a lot on his mind.

Rating: A*

Final Rating: A

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