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Default Winter 2003 Roster Breakdown

Winter 2003 Roster Breakdown: (Faces in blue, heels in red)


Main Event:
Diamond Dallas Page
Jeff Hardy (World Tag Team Champion)
Rey Mysterio Jr. (World Heavyweight Champion)
Rob Van Dam
Scott Steiner

Booker T
Chris Candido
Chuck Palumbo
CM Punk
King Corino
Lance Storm
Shane Douglas
The Unnatural
Upper Midcard:
AJ Styles (United States Heavyweight Champion)
Billy Kidman
Davey Boy Smith
Hugh Morrus
Matt Hardy (World Tag Team Champion)
Norman Smiley
Rick Steiner
Sean O'Haire

Brian Adams
Fit Finlay (World Television Champion)
Kaz Hayashi
Shane Helms
The Destroyer
Bryan Danielson
Ernest Miller
Jamie Knoble

Bobby Roode
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Christopher Daniels (Cruiserweight Champion)
Disco Inferno
Johnny Parisi
Mike Sanders
Shawn Stasiak
Lower Midcard:
Big Vito
Harry Smith
Jinsei Shinzaki
Volador Jr.

Tony Mamaluke
Air Paris
Jason Jett
Lash Leroux
Teddy Hart

Evan Karagis
Shannon Moore
Enhancement Talent:

Billy Kim
Elix Skipper

Mike Tenay
Color Commentator:
Bret Hart

Bobby Heenan
Road Agent:
Ricky Steamboat

Bob Orton Jr.
Arn Anderson
Ric Flair
Roddy Piper


Main Event:
Chigusa Nagayo
Manami Toyota (World Women's Champion)

Aja Kong (AAAW Singles Champion)
Devil Masami
Upper Midcard:
Kyoko Inoue
Nattie Neidhart

Etsuko Mita
Takako Inoue
Alexis Laree
Allison Corino
Meiko Satomura
Melissa Anderson
Toshiyo Yamada

Shinobu Kandori
Lower Midcard:

Sonoko Kato
Kaori Yoneyama

Enhancement Talent:

Joey Styles
Color Commentator:
Tracy Brooks

Road Agent:
Dusty Rhodes
On Vacation:
Tony Schiavone
Out Of Action:
Akira Hokuto (rehab)
Mark Jindrak (rehab)
Buff Bagwell (spinal column injury)
Toshie Uematsu (rehab)

Active Tag Teams:
3 Count (Evan Karagis and Shannon Moore)
Jung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi and Yang)
Made in Italy Johnny Parisi and Tony Mamaluke)
The Hardys (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy)
The Smiths (Davey Boy Smith and Harry Smith)
The Unbound (Mortis and Alexander)
True Heroes (CM Punk and Lance Storm)
Volador Jr. and Aguila
Salvation (Father Isaac, Alexander, Mortis, The Destroyer and The Unnatural)
The Empire (Chris Candido, Eric Bischoff, Etsuko Mita, King Corino, TAKA, Chuck Palumbo and Tammy Sytch)
Managerial Assignments:
Dawn Marie (Johnny Parisi and Tony Mamaluke)
Eric Bischoff (King Corino, TAKA and Etsuko Mita)
Father Isaac (Alexander, Mortis, The Destroyer and The Unnatural)
Kimberly Page (Shane Helms)
Stacy Keibler (Kaz Hayashi and Yang)
Tammy Sytch (Chris Candido and Chuck Palumbo)
Torrie Wilson (Billy Kidman)
In Developmental:
Brian Kendrick
Chris Harris
Colt Cabana
David Flair
El Generico
James Storm
Johnny the Bull
Kaoru Ito
Katarina Waters
Kevin Steen
Kid Romeo
Mariko Yoshida
Mercedes Martinez
Momoe Nakanishi
Paul London
TJ Wilson
Creative Meeting:

Franchise Players:
1. Rey Mysterio Jr.
2. Booker T
3. Rob Van Dam
4. Jeff Hardy
5. CM Punk

Next Big Things:
1. Meiko Satomura
2. AJ Styles
3. Volador Jr.
4. Alexis Laree
5. Johnny Parisi

Hot Prospects:
1. Bryan Danielson
2. Meiko Satomura
3. Melissa Anderson
4. Allison Corino
5. Alexis Laree

Talk the Talk:
1. Ric Flair
2. CM Punk
3. Roddy Piper
4. Dusty Rhodes
5. Booker T

Show Stoppers:
1. Rey Misterio Jr.
2. Jeff Hardy
3. Rob Van Dam
4. CM Punk
5. Manami Toyota

Ring Generals:
1. Rey Misterio Jr.
2. Lance Storm
3. American Dragon
4. King Corino
5. AJ Styles

Who's Hot:
1. Yang
2. Diamond Dallas Page
3. Brian Adams
4. Sean O'Haire
5. AJ Styles

Who's Not:
1. Big Vito
2. Mike Sanders
3. Sonoko Kato
4. Ernest Miller
5. Shawn Stasiak

Time Decline:
1. Sting
4. Diamond Dallas Page
3. Fit Finlay
4. Aja Kong
5. Rick Steiner

Hidden Gems:
1. John Cena
2. Nova
3. Jay Briscoe
4. Kenny Omega
5. Austin Aries

Originally Posted by DiamondKnucklez View Post
Rey Mysterio had an awesome moment and what you do with him going forward will really be exciting to see. Mysterio Vs Rhodes will be great, hopefully a nice heated rivalry. Because, Dustin should definitely win the world championship in this dynasty some day.

The end of the year awards were quite interesting, I'm sure by end of 2003, WCW will have a lot of winners.
At the beginning I wouldn't have thought Dustin would ever be in serious consideration for a world title run, but it's a real possibility now.

I was pretty happy with winning young worker and especially show of the year. I don't expect to have much shot at the big awards, like wrestler/company of the year, just yet. Maybe I can pull off match of the year?

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
Long time lurker here. Been reading you since your ROH diaries. Fantastic stuff! You're my favorite along tigerkinney ( wonder what he's up to these days)
Wow, that IS a long time! Thanks for following along for so many years, and welcome to the boards officially! (And great username, by the way!) I think I saw Tigerkinney's name on a forum I visited a few months back (somewhere discussing NJPW, I think), but haven't seen him around here in some time.

Now as for the thing with the cruiser weight belt, maybe you can unify the cruiser, tv and possibly the us belts so as to create the x division?
I've always felt the Cruiser and X Division are basically the same thing. If I were to drop the cruiser title though, I'd definitely do so in some sort of title unification match.

Whoa are the workers that improved the most? Cause booker t seems to be improving every match!
Booker's had some minor improvements in some areas, but he's basically static at this point. A lot of in-ring stats haven't seen massive improvement, even among the younger guys, but psychology is a notable exception.

Also, can you loan the Canadian wrestlers from your dev company to stampede? Cause I thought that instead of letting Steen and generico rot in the unemployment section, you could've used the editor or something to set them to work at stampede IDK..
I couldn't loan them out long-term, and even if I did I don't know how well it would work. I loaned Stampede Jimmy Yang one time, who is better and more over than anyone in their company by leaps and bounds, and they never booked him before the loan period expired.

Also, I hope that you get angle, benoit, guerrero and jericho back! Could be a nice invasion feud of the Fed's best technical wrestlers against WCW'S new stars!
I'd love to get Angle, Guerrero and Jericho. Benoit would realistically be a top target of Bret's, but I just don't think I can bring myself to book him.

Hope that you get samoa joe! How's he doing in-game?
Joe's definitely somebody I plan to bring in at some point. I'm in no rush to sign him because I have nothing planned for him in the near future, and he's been getting booked a ton as a regular with Zero-One, so there's no need for me to sign him and throw him in developmental.

Originally Posted by Nobby_McDonald View Post
A show of top quality.
Thanks Nobby! (And everyone else too!)
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