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Default WCW Monday Nitro: 3/21/2001

Last Week in WCW: “Scott Steiner beat the odds at Greed with the use of an equalizer, but Ric Flair announced that he must defend the title one more time by the end of the month in a steel cage match against Kevin Nash! Goldberg finally defeated his enemies in Totally Buff and Animal with the help of Kronik! What is going to happen now as Monday Nitro closes it’s chapter on TNT?”

WCW Monday Nitro
Shown Live on March 21st, 2001 (Week 3)
Held at: Forbes Arena in Atlanta, Georgia (South East)
Announcers: Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson
Attendance: 6,000 people (sold out!)
TV Rating: 3.16

The Forbes Arena is on fire tonight with Nitro! “The Nature Boss” Ric Flair comes down to start the show off, as he talks about how World Championship Wrestling is his home, and will continue to be his home until they burn this house down around him! He says that next week is the final Nitro on TNT, closing an era for the company, but they’re closing it with a huge event as all WCW titles will be on the line! This brings out “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner and the World champion isn’t very happy. He orders Ric to cancel that cage match, because he’s defended his title and now it’s time for him to work his peaks, settle back with his freaks, and watch this company die. Flair refuses, telling Steiner that he doesn’t give a crap about his freaks, because the number one thing on his mind should be toughening up his tough hide for when Kevin Nash throws him into that steel cage! Steiner says that if Flair doesn’t cancel the match, Scott will cancel Flair! But before he can enter the ring and do anything, the wolf howl brings out “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash! Nash has a bandage around his head as he saunters out of the back, a wound from the lead pipe shot he took to the head last night. Nash tells Steiner that he better hold that belt tight for the next week, because Kevin Nash will be the new champion as we enter the next era of World Championship Wrestling! Tony and Scott were pretty weak on commentary, but the three guys in the main segment did great improvising in various levels. This definitely got the show off to a strong start and got the crowd hotter, with Nash in particular coming off looking good. (A+)

Out of the back comes Lance Storm and Major Gunns, with Shawn Stasiak, Mike Awesome, and Elix Skipper following along. Storm does the talking, as he says if he can be serious for a moment, as of last night, Team Canada is dead! Scott Hudson does a horrible job selling his surprise at this, but Storm goes on to say that it’s because they have evolved into a higher form. No longer are they only representing Canada, they obviously need to represent a bigger problem; all of America’s oppression of talent. He says that the United States looks down on those who can rise better than their heroes, and that is why they have banded together to encompass something greater – that’s why there is no more Team Canada, there is The World! And The World will always be better than the United States! The boos finally change when the Natural Born Thrillers come to the aisle, with O’Haire telling The World that while they may have pulled one over on them at Greed, they need to savor that victory as much as they can. Because next week, those belts are coming right back around their waists! They got the crowd hotter very well, the fans have really taken to the Thrillers now, and it sounds like they can’t wait to see them face off against The World next week! (C)

In a fatal four way cruiserweight match, Elix Skipper, Jamie Knoble, Air Paris, and Yang have a very fast paced match. In the end Yang gets distracted on the outside when Leia Meow and Kaz Hayashi argue on the outside, when Kaz tells her that he quits! As Kaz walks off, Yang watches on, losing all focus on the match. Knoble gets thrown from the ring from a charge, dazing him, and that leaves Elix a chance to hit the Play of the Day on Air Paris to pick up the victory at 6:02. (C-)

Ric Flair is backstage, and he has Goldberg walk into his office! There’s been a battle royal announced for tonight’s main event where the winner will receive a future WCW title match, and Goldberg wants in on that. Flair apologizes, saying that while he feels bad for Goldberg, he can’t do anything to give him a title shot. Instead, he’s giving Goldberg another match to continue his streak tonight, which will place him one step closer to that shot. Flair urges Goldberg “All I ask is please, don’t kill the kid.” Flair does some great improvising here and looked good, but Goldberg is not well improvising although his performance was good. Goldberg and the fans may not like this decision, but he’s going to keep trying to get back the World’s championship! (B+)

We take a moment to drop down to Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson as they discuss the future for WCW. They reveal that while it may not be getting the same fanfare as the series finale of Nitro, Thunder is ending this week as well. It is going to be a show featuring an hour of new content, but also a special hour of The Best of Thunder. Then next Monday will be the final Nitro on TNT, as we bid farewell to Time Warner, who had broadcast pro wrestling since 1971, but will no longer be doing so. They again admit that they have no idea where the company is going from here, but hope that you will tune into to find out news for the future of World Championship Wrestling. (D)

In some good tag team action that calms the live crowd down a little after the Goldberg and Flair segment, two of the Filthy Animals in Konnan and Billy Kidman defeat 2 Count in 2:55 when Kidman pins Shannon Moore with the Kid Krusher. (C-)

“Mean” Gene is backstage alongside “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Boys. Jeff does some major bragging about having become the new WCW United States champion last night at Greed, saying that he told everyone that he couldn’t be held back, and now that “The Chosen One” has gold around his waist all over again there’s no common slapnut who’s gonna take it away from him! Jarrett turns his attention to later tonight, as he says he is in the battle royal this evening and he’s going to follow up his win last night with another one tonight, cruising into a World title shot – maybe he’ll even hold both belts at the same time! (C)

Disqo is in the ring confronting the Mamalukes, who are taunting him about being in the ring by himself when he was supposed to be bringing down his “self help guru”. Disqo has a microphone, and he says that he’s told everyone that his self-help guru would be here tonight to help fight off those non-believers, who didn’t think he could be a part of something, who didn’t think Disqo could believe in himself with the right motivation! He tells the Mamalukes and the fans to sit back and believe in this man!

Out he comes, with Disqo revealing him as Simon Diamond, along with his personal hired bodyguard C.W.! Simon takes the microphone, proclaiming that “Simon has got a problem, and it’s people who act like big bullies when someone has gone out to get help for themselves! Disqo here knew his career and his life was in a slump, so I found him and gave him a purpose. I gave him the best advice he’s ever gotten: do what Simon says, and glory will soon follow! But since no one could believe in him after he believed in Simon, well then Simon says you can believe now!” Simon debuted an Obnoxious (Cocky) gimmick, rating above average, while the silent C.W.’s Enforcer gimmick was average. (D+)

The Mamalukes aren’t thrown off by much, and this debut was not one of them. However, the cell phone that Disqo had been bringing to ringside with him to get Simon’s advice certainly surprised Johnny as it connected with his head, leading to C.W.’s spinebuster. Diamond makes the cover and at 4:38 gets their debut victory over one of the tougher teams currently in WCW. (D)

“Mean” Gene is backstage with Kronik, who say that in this coming new phase of WCW, they are ready to get back to the business of breaking necks and cashing checks. Their services are open to anyone who has the green! (C)

“Sugar” Shane Helms has quite a bit of fan support behind him from the female demographic in the audience, but when he takes on Shawn Stasiak those screaming girls can’t help him when Mike Awesome powers him to the mat with an Awesome Bomb! Stasiak pins him with one finger at 4:09 just to prove that he can, as commentary give him a lot of shade for not earning his win. (C-)

Stasiak stays in the ring and gets a microphone, saying that it feels great to be a part of a stable that can appreciate that he’s one of the elite professional wrestlers of the future, as opposed to a bunch of snot-nosed punks who thought they could escape the Power Plant. He calls O’Haire and Palumbo “a couple juiced up freaks” which brings them out – but it’s a bad move, as the rest of The World swarms them once they have left the curtain! The two of them are left laying in the aisle by the time security is able to stop this. Will they be able to make it to their title rematch next Monday? (C+)

Kanyon comes to the ring sporting his new music and new attitude, saying that he’s been saying for years that nobody is better than Kanyon, and no one wanted to believe him. But now, he’s going to make people admit through their pain and anguish that Kanyon is the best! And if they don’t, then it means they need hurt more. (C+)

Kanyon’s Nitro return is met by a man who he attacked backstage a few weeks ago in Kwee Wee. Kwee Wee is pretty upset about having missed some time, and he puts on a good show when “Angry Alan” comes out, but despite Paisley cheering him on at ringside, this is never in any doubt. The Flatliner lays Kwee Wee out at 1:51 for the win.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes down to the ring, and he talks about how it looks like he really was the best member of the Misfits in Action because he easily defeated Lash last night (despite Tony and Scott mentioning that video footage shows he had his feet on the ropes) and Hugh lost his title last night whereas Chavo retained his. An opposing view comes into picture though when General Rection makes his way down to the ring, chasing Chavo out of it. Rection tells Chavo exactly what was spelled out earlier, that he cheated Corporal Cajun, and now, the General is going to have some corporal punishment for his former Lieutenant! (D+)

The crowd are buzzing as General Rection takes on Chavo in an obviously non-title match given the size difference between the two. Guerrero does a good job of playing keep-away from his former commanding officer, but when he tries to hit Hugh with the Cruiserweight title belt, Cajun appears and pulls the belt away! That leads into a big splash in the corner and then the No Laughing Matter to put the former Lieutenant Loco away at 4:18. (C-)

We go now to a series of rapid fire promos from some of the wrestlers in tonight’s battle royal. It starts with Totally Buff, who say that it’s about time that one of them get some gold for around one of their waists, Madusa adding that one of her team members is definitely getting that title shot… and if they don’t, then maybe she’ll find someone who can. Luger especially comes across well, as he doesn’t like the sound of that. Animal is elsewhere, no longer with Madusa, saying that he’s finished with being known only as “one of the Road Warriors” it’s time for him to become the Animal that he’s named for! Sid Vicious says that he hasn’t gotten a fair title shot since Starrcade, even when he was promised one; and tonight he proves he is still the master and ruler of the world. Rey Mysterio Jr. and Tygress are on next, with Rey talking about how it isn’t all about size and muscles, it’s who can hang on and stay the course longest, and that’ll be him! Mysterio’s performance was fairly poor, he needs something personality-wise that people can latch onto if he’s going to be in bigger circles. Lance Storm and Major Gunns are next, and if Storm can be serious for a moment, he’s held every current title in WCW but one and that means it’s time to stake his claim for the big gold. Major Gunns helps by motioning the title around his waist. Booker T closes the segment by saying that he was one second from being the champion for a fourth time right now, so when he gets the shot promised to the winner of tonight’s battle royal, Scott Steiner or whoever holds the belt needs to remember not to hate the playa, just to hate the game! Tony and Scott talk about the match and make some predictions, but they came off as weak despite the segment getting the crowd hotter for the upcoming main event. (B+)

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas comes to the ring with the Hardcore title around his waist, saying that he’s getting pretty sick and tired of Ernest Miller just deciding to send him opponent after opponent while he leaves other champions alone. He says that if Miller wants a piece of him, he should just come and get his ass Franchised like everyone else! “The Cat” comes out with Ms. Jones at his side, and he explains why he’s taken to sending opponents after “The Franchise” is because the last thing Miller will stand is some loudmouth out here thinkin’ he can call his own shots! The Cat brings up Douglas inserting Crowbar into matches while he was his protege, saying that’s when he started disliking Douglas, and now he’s going to face a hardcore icon in his own right: Screamin’ Norman Smiley! But instead of Smiley, Crowbar comes out of the back, with Daffney trying to stop him. Crowbar tells The Cat that he wants one final chance, and he’ll rip the hardcore torch out of Shane’s hands. Miller asks Ms. Jones what she thinks, and she tells him that it sounds like “the greatest” idea, with Cat agreeing and turning this into a triple threat match! Shane is pissed about this, but there’s nothing he can do about it! Daffney, no wig or homemade shirt tonight, is telling Crowbar not to do it, but he doesn’t listen as he charges the ring! Douglas really came across well here, and both Jones and Daffney helped their clients during this segment. (C-)

The triple threat Hardcore title match is almost exclusively a fight around ringside. Anything not nailed down gets smashed into someone’s back or forehead, with one funny bit as Daffney screams at Norman and he screams back at her. She spends most of the match telling Crowbar to stop this, because “the man is just writing you out for a little while, you’ll be back to go for a more important title soon!” The end of the match comes at 3:39 when Daffney takes up a stop sign and bashes Crowbar with it, and Douglas drops him with the Franchiser to pick up the win. Daffney walks away from the ring without looking back. (C-)

A pre-taped segment is shown next with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, as he talks about how good it’ll be to get Scott Steiner in a cage on the series finale of Nitro. This is a short segment just to put over next week’s match, with Kevin warning Scott that it’s never a good idea to get in a cage with a big, bad, angry wolf. He says that “This one’s for Dallas and Scott; it’s gonna be sweeter than too sweet.” (B-)

Back in the Steiner Brothers’ dressing room, Scott is telling his brother Rick that he needs to go in there tonight, take that battle royal, and make it his bitch! He says that once Rick is the next number one contender, not that it’ll matter because ain’t no way ‘the man with the largest arms in the world’ is gonna lose the title, but it’ll mean they dominate the World title scene. He tells Rick that if they do end up facing one another, it’ll be like a night off for them because they’ll just have an honest match and shake hands after it’s over, they’ll have each another’s backs. Scott’s performance was fantastic here, though it needed some better color commentary to actually sell that Scott gives a damn about his brother. As it was, Tony and Scott completely jumped on board that Scott is using Rick to shut out other contenders. (A)

Young Cassidy O’Reilly is a solid prospect down in NWA: Wildside, but his “big break” on the big stage of Nitro was as a wooden post intended for Goldberg to plow over in just 51 seconds. Goldberg really shone here, and the match calmed the crowd as it was intended to. (C-)

Before the main event, Tony and Scott talk about next week being the final Monday Nitro on TNT. Tony says that it is set to be a night of champions, with all five WCW titles on the line to see who will lead us into whatever the next phase of World Championship Wrestling will be. Scott adds that this week is also the finale for Thunder on TBS, which will feature an hour of content and an hour of the Best of Thunder. Tony then gets something on his headset telling fans that he’s just gotten word that… we will hear from the new owner of WCW, and they will tell us news regarding the future of WCW! All the more reason to tune in next week, folks! (D-)

Tony says that the winner of this ten man battle royal is set to get a World championship match in the immediate future, though we don’t know yet where, when, or against who that will be. The match features Animal, Booker T, Buff Bagwell, Dustin Rhodes, Jeff Jarrett, Lance Storm, Rey Mysterio Jr., Rick Steiner, and Sid Vicious all going at it. Booker personally makes sure to eliminate Rick Steiner, which got a huge pop from the crowd. Jarrett gets eliminated by Mysterio, while Booker back body drops Animal to the outside. Rhodes makes no real impact in the match, and is fairly quietly tossed out by Bagwell. Storm gets huge heel heat by eliminating Booker by surprise, and Luger gets eliminated by Mysterio. Rey puts on a great showing, making it to the final four, but he gets cut off from his speed advantage when Storm dropkicks him in the knee. Buff chucks him out, and he makes a pact with Lance Storm to take on Vicious. But Sid comes back with a big boot to Bagwell that puts him over the top rope and out of the match! Storm does what he can to attack Sid’s legs, hoping to stagger the big man near the ropes. He nearly takes him over, but Sid fights him down with clubbing forearms before grabbing Storm around the waist and hurling him over the top and down to the floor! At 17:58, we have our next World title contender, and next week will we find out who the champion will be on the series finale of Monday Nitro! (C+)

Show Rating: B
This show raised WCW’s popularity in 10 regions.
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