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Default January 2003: Ultimate Fan Series Preview

The 2003 Ultimate Fan Series is set to begin this week on Renaissance. The first round will wrap up at SuperBrawl, and the plan at the moment is to conclude the final round at April's PPV. The big change this year is we dropped the old tag team tiebreaker mechanic and have integrated the women into the series, with each manager drafting four men and one woman to their team.

#1: Uncrewed's Crew, managed by Mike Storm (Uncrewed)

Round 1: Rey Mysterio Jr.
Round 2: Bryan Danielson
Round 3: Chuck Palumbo
Round 4: Devil Masami
Round 5: Shane Helms
#2: The Phenomenal Enigmas, managed by Dean Daley(deanohbk)

Round 1: Jeff Hardy
Round 2: AJ Styles
Round 3: Sean O'Haire
Round 4: Alexis Laree
Round 5: Rick Steiner
#3: Sin-free Society, managed by Eddie Lopez (evileddie10)

Round 1: CM Punk
Round 2: Lance Storm
Round 3: Fit Finlay
Round 4: Daffney
Round 5: Kaz Hayashi
#4: Satyr's Hopeful Few, managed by Satyr24

Round 1: Mortis
Round 2: The Unnatural
Round 3: Alexander
Round 4: Christopher Daniels
Round 5: Melissa Anderson
#5: The K-Nections, managed by Kevin Gaines (K-Nection)

Round 1: Rob Van Dam
Round 2: Scott Steiner
Round 3: Manami Toyota
Round 4: Diamond Dallas Page
Round 5: Harry Smith
#6: The Dead Jesters, managed by Marshal Van Black (Dead_Jester)

Round 1: Shane Douglas
Round 2: Matt Hardy
Round 3: Etsuko Mita
Round 4: Bobby Roode
Round 5: Jamie Knoble
#7: Bonnie's Dingos, managed by bonnie

Round 1: Booker T
Round 2: Chris Candido
Round 3: Aja Kong
Round 4: Sting
Round 5: TAKA
#8: Scotty's Band of Misfits, managed by jscotty

Round 1: King Corino
Round 2: The Destroyer
Round 3: Kyoko Inoue
Round 4: Billy Kidman
Round 5: Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Who will win the 2003 Ultimate Fan Series?
(Worth three points in the next prediction contest)

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
You might have to raise the owner skill of the owner of NJPW.....he seems to be too worried about his wallet....which in turn makes him payout so many contracts. Yeah it don't pass the smell test.
Inoki's business reputation is 75, his roster size is large, roster turnover is medium and finance is flashy. Maybe someone who understands the mechanics better can provide more insight into why this would happen, but I don't see anything in Inoki's ratings that would be the cause. It's not like they've experienced a recent drop in company level either; they fell to Cult last February, got back to National in August and have remained there ever since. They're also in debt and are 49th out of 49 companies in finances. I'm guessing that's mostly due to these erratic firing sprees, but maybe they've been losing money ever since they got up to National and that's why this is happening?

Originally Posted by JMike View Post
Dr. Wagner Jr, Minoru Tanaka and Shinsuke Nakamura all cut, damn. I didn't see anyone notice this, but NJPW cut Shibata too. Inoki, stop
Shibata I could at least understand since he does MMA fights too. But yeah, whatever is causing this, it feels like it's going to wind up killing New Japan.
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