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Default WWF March 2001: Week 3


Venue: Pepsi Arena in New York (Attendance: 17,441)
Broadcasters: Foxtel, Sky Sports 1, TNN, TSN
Rating: 14.98
Card Rating: B+

Shane McMahon opens the show, challenging his father to a match at WrestleMania X-7 to defend the honor of his mother. Vince comes to the ring and accepts, saying he’s disappointed in his son. The two are interrupted by Mick Foley, who says that he will be the special referee! (Rating: A*)
Dean Malenko defeated Chris Benoit after a distraction by Eddie Guerrero (Rating: B-)
The Radicalz agree to meet at WrestleMania X-7 in a fatal four way! (Rating: C+)
Vince and Trish talk about Shane and Foley, when Trish says to leave Mick to her... what's that mean? (Rating: B)
Jeff Hardy defeated Edge and Bubba Ray Dudley in a Triple Threat match (Rating: B-)
Steve Blackman defeated Raven and Hardcore Holly (who joined the match late trying to win the belt) in a Hardcore match for the WWF Hardcore title (Rating: C-)
Michael Cole interviews Triple H, who says that at WrestleMania, in honor of his Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, he will relieve Chris Jericho of the Intercontinental title to show that you don’t mess with “The Game” or his wife! (Rating: B+)
Backstage, Kane defeated Steve Blackman and The Big Show in a Hardcore match for the WWF Hardcore title (Rating: C)
The Right to Censor come to the ring and talk about censoring Chyna, when Chyna and Billy Gunn come out. They argue with RTC, who say that their numbers will help make them superior, but Chyna and Billy are ahead of them as they paid ahead for APA protection! (Rating: C+)
Shane McMahon meets up backstage to Stephanie, trying to convince her to be on his side, but she isn't sure. She says she will give him an answer on SmackDown. (Rating: B+)
Christian defeated Matt Hardy and D-Von Dudley in a Triple Threat match (Rating: C+)
Kane and Big Show brawl around the backstage area, but Show isn’t able to force a Hardcore title change (Rating: C+)
Backstage, Edge and Christian pump up Rhyno, who is looking for violence and destruction! (Rating: C)
Elsewhere backstage, Trish tries comes on to Mick Foley to make him be biased in favor of Vince McMahon at WrestleMania, but he turns her down! (Rating: B+)
With that strategy failing, Kurt Angle attacks Mick Foley for Trish, in the name of Vince McMahon! (Rating: B)
Jerry Lynn defeated Funaki to retain the WWF Light Heavyweight title (Rating: C)
Bubba and D-Von pump up Spike ahead of his match with Rhyno (Rating: C)
Rhyno defeated Spike Dudley (Rating: C-)
Raven sneaks in during the continued brawl between Kane and Big Show and wins the Hardcore title back! (Rating: B-)
The Undertaker defeated Triple H after a distraction from Chris Jericho (Rating: B-)
Chris Jericho stands tall after a brawl with Triple H! (Rating: B-)
In a pre-taped segment, JR held a sit down interview with The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock talks about how he respects Austin, but he is going to retain his title at WrestleMania because it’s the time of The Rock. Meanwhile, Austin tells Rock that with all due respect, he has to win the title, he must win the title! The two end the show with a tense glare. (Rating: A*)

Venue: Providence Civic Center in Rhode Island (Attendance: 15,000)
Broadcasters: Foxtel, Sky Sports 1, The Score, UPN
Rating: 11.26
Card Rating: A

The Rock opens the show, talking about how he is going to retain the World title for all the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans, until Vince McMahon tries to ruin his night by making him defend against Rikishi tonight! (Rating: A*)
The Goodfather defeated Scotty Too Hotty after interference from Steven Richards (Rating: D)
With the help of Billy Gunn and Chyna, Too Cool chase away the Right to Censor, and then they dance! (Rating: C)
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley arrived at the show alone tonight (Rating: B)
Eddie Guerrero defeated Dean Malenko with a tainted roll-up (Rating: C+)
Al Snow calls out Kurt Angle over his attack of Mick Foley on Raw (Rating: B+)
Kurt Angle defeated Al Snow (Rating: C-)
Undertaker and Kurt Angle meet in the ring and set up a match at WrestleMania X-7 (Rating: A*)
Lilian Garcia meets with Stephanie, who says that tonight she say will show where her loyalties lie between her brother and father (Rating: B-)
Stephanie McMahon then is heading for the ring, right now! (Rating: B-)
Halfway through the show, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra arrive (Rating: C)
In the ring, Stephanie McMahon confronts Shane McMahon, and despite teasing a few times that she’s been very upset about Vince’s “dalliance” with Trish, she knows where her bread is buttered and slaps Shane in the face, telling him to leave “Daddy” alone! (Rating: B+)
Backstage, we see that Right To Censor lay out Billy and Chyna backstage! They can't be a factor anymore tonight in their way! (Rating: C+)
And what are the RTC doing tonight? Well, a very happy Vince McMahon tells Steve Austin and Debra that if he is going to just show up, then he's going to wrestle tonight just like The Rock is, and he’ll be going up against Val Venis! (Rating: A)
William Regal comes out to the ring and says that while he may not be WWF Commissioner right now, he is still able to throw some fisticuffs! (Rating: B)
William Regal defeated Sean Casey (Rating: C-)
Right To Censor come to the ring, Steven and Ivory talking down on Austin and Chyna, wanting to censor them both! (Rating: B-)
Steve Austin defeated Val Venis (Rating: B-)
Stephanie meets with Vince backstage, telling him that she is on his side against Shane, and since there’s no way Mick Foley will have no chance of making it to WrestleMania, she will be the referee for their match! (Rating: B+)
As Shane McMahon is leaving for the night, Jonathan Coachman stops him to ask about earlier tonight. Shane says that he should've known that “Daddy’s Little Girl” would side with Vince, but this isn't over. (Rating: B)
X-Factor (Albert and Justin Credible) defeated The Hollys (Rating: C-)
Jonathan Coachman talks to The Rock, and after picking on Coach he says that he's beating Rikishi tonight and hopes Austin is watching (Rating: B+)
The Rock defeated Rikishi by DQ when Haku interferes to retain the WWF World Heavyweight title (Rating: B)
The Island Tribe attack The Rock, but Stone Cold surprisingly makes the save for his WrestleMania opponent! (Rating: A*)

Venue: Pepsi Arena in New York (Attendance: 17,441)
Broadcasters: Syndication
Rating: 0.09
Card Rating: C+

Steve Blackman defeated Lance Cade (Rating: D)
Perry Saturn defeated Chris Chetti (Rating: C)
K-Kwik defeated TAKA Michinoku (Rating: C-)

Venue: Providence Civic Center in Rhode Island (Attendance: 15,000)
Broadcasters: Foxtel, MTV, Sky Sports 1, Sportsnet East
Rating: 0.80
Card Rating: B

The APA and Jacqueline are at WWF New York for tonight's Heat! (Rating: C+)
Crash Holly and Molly Holly defeated Raven and The Masked Ninja in a Mixed Tag match (Rating: C)
While Raven berates the Ninja, Crash rolls him up to win the Hardcore title! (Rating: C-)
Faarooq, Bradshaw, and Jackie play poker with a group of fans (Rating: C)
While Hardcore and Crash tussle over the Hardcore title, Molly wins it from Crash! (Rating: C)
Test defeated Essa Ríos (Rating: D)
The Hardy Boyz defeated Lo Down (Rating: B-)
Lo Down rebel against Tiger and leave him laying in the middle of the ring! (Rating: D-)
Raven takes back the Hardcore title by pinning Molly (Rating: C+)
Cole and Tazz talk to the APA about the RTC (Rating: C+)

April 1st, 2001 from the Houston Astrodome

Announced WWF WrestleMania X-7 Card As of March 18, 2001
Card Subject to Change

WWF World Heavyweight Championship – No Disqualification: The Rock © vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
Street Fight: Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon
WWF Intercontinental Championship: “Y2J” Chris Jericho © vs. “The Game” Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon
WWF World Tag Team Championships – Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match: Edge & Christian © vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz w/Lita
WWF Women’s Championship: Ivory © vs. Chyna
Number One Contendership to the WWF World Championship: Kurt Angle w/Trish Stratus vs. The Undertaker
Fatal Four Way: Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn w/Terri
20 Man Gimmick Battle Royal
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