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Default February 2003: SuperBrawl XIII Wrap-up

SuperBrawl was an exercise in frustration for most of the night with several matches that underachieved, but the show ended on the strongest note possible. Between a couple of great promos and two absolutely amazing final matches, it actually wound up being our second best event ever, ahead of last month's Sin and behind only Starrcade, 2002's Show of the Year. There was no real distinction between the last two matches, both of which were nearly perfect. I heavily praised Punk for his great delivery in both the match and the promo earlier in the night, and said I had no doubt he would be the world champion one day. I also complimented Styles and Storm on their match. It would have worked just fine as the main event and world title match, and I said as much. Between those three guys and Mysterio, the last two matches featured guys who never would have been given a legitimate chance to headline under the old regime. That's why that regime failed, and we're gaining momentum.

Vince ran his No Way Out PPV head to head with SuperBrawl. I'll be fair: it was a great show. The ring work in the main event wasn't the greatest, but the star power had the fans eating out of their hand anyway. It was a six man tag where Hollywood heel Rock joined forces with original nWo members Hogan and Scott Hall to defeat Hunter, Kurt Angle and Big Show. That was match of the night based solely on the crowd reaction.

Not far behind it was the great semi main event where Benoit retained the ECW title over William Regal. That was obviously much better as an actual match, but the crowd reaction in the main event put that over the top. WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero did not wrestle on the show, because he got into a brawl with Rock at the very beginning of the show that led to Big Show taking his spot in the main event. Royal Rumble winner Chris Jericho was left off the show entirely. While this was admittedly a great show, I think everyone would agree that SuperBrawl was even better. Try harder next time, Vince!

Ron Simmons hurt his back in a dark match with Marty Jannetty, and he's expected to be out for two or three months.

Prediction Scores (out of a possible 13 points):

K-Nection: 11

2Sweet: 10
Rateddc: 10
Nobby_McDonald: 10
GingeyOne: 10

Uncrewed: 9
Warhawk8492: 9
deanohbk: 9
DiamondKnucklez: 9
BHK6: 9

Happy0wns: 8
jscotty: 8
JMike: 8
Dead_Jester: 8
evileddie10: 8
odan: 8
cbacon87: 8
Kijar: 8
Satyr24: 8
Cro Cop Rules: 8
crackerjack: 8
Danny_H22: 8

DGenerationMC: 7
michgcs: 7
sportsfanmas: 7
kinnikuniverse: 7
chrismday: 7
GnarlsFunk: 7
Ian carlisle: 7
Wolfman84: 7
tg01: 7

bonnie: 6
ElectricX: 6
DavidCorperial: 6
Beejus: 6
The OGI: 6

smw88: 4

Standings in prediction contest after three shows:

Rateddc: 24

Satyr24: 23
cbacon87: 23
jscotty: 23
BHK6: 23
K-Nection: 23

GnarlsFunk: 22
Uncrewed: 22

DavidCorperial: 21
Dead_Jester: 21
odan: 21
deanohbk: 21

Wolfman84: 20
JMike: 20
evileddie10: 20
Happy0wns: 20
Warhawk8492: 20
GingeyOne: 20

DGenerationMC: 19
Ian carlisle: 19
2Sweet: 19

bonnie: 18
chrismday: 18
tg01: 18
Kijar: 18

Beejus: 17
kinnikuniverse: 17
Cro Cop Rules: 17
crackerjack: 17

smw88: 16
michgcs: 16

Danny H22: 13
KnowYourEnemy: 13

sportsfanmas: 12

The OGI: 11

Nobby_McDonald: 10
Destiny: 10

DiamondKnucklez: 9

Inic: 8

thecoolestjedi12: 6
ElectricX: 6

The last two matches both scored a 99, so both of those counted as MOTN. The 'correct' answer for who Austin speaks to was Bischoff, but I gave Nobby credit for 'the fans' as well, because it amused me and he technically wasn't wrong.

Originally Posted by JMike View Post
Bring in Low Ki as a manager. I don't know why, just do it.
A manager with no popularity and horrendous promo skills?

Originally Posted by Happy0wns View Post
THE FANS? THE FANS? I hope he just shows up now and says absolutely nothing
Like the Chris Jericho gimmick in his 2012 comeback, where he wore the light-up jacket, walked around with a cheesy smile on his face and said nothing? I seriously loved that!

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
Toryumon closing, hopefully to become dragon gate?
I think the way the game is set to handle it is to use a narrative to turn Toryumon into Dragon Gate. That's obviously not going to happen now, so Dragon Gate will never come to be unless I use the editor to import them as a new promotion (which I might very well do.)

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Yeah Adam said in the dev journal that time is a factor in match grades. anything under 15 minutes can create a ceiling on the match grade.

And I think I'm the only one who guessed him and Bischoff would be having a confrontation! And it appears Corino and and Austin are going to be walking into some epic matches!
Yeah, I'm aware of the match length thing--I thought it was 20 minutes though? Or maybe I just have 20 in my head because that's what you need to hit for the slow build note to be useful.

I think there were actually 4 or 5 people who guessed Bischoff. And there was certainly a tease for Austin/Corino!

Originally Posted by The OGI View Post
So we got a good old country boy in Knoble forced into the Empire, who are now at war with wrestling's most famous redneck? That could lead to some real interesting things.

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
Srsly though, you should thank true heroes, aj and rey for saving the show.
I did, as you can see.

Punk plunge? 1/10 not sponsored by Pepsi.
I renamed it for obvious copyright reasons...but maybe I COULD just say that Pepsi has taken notice of WCW's recent rise in importance and offered to partner up with them, especially with the dude with the Pepsi tattoo on his arm.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Maybe SuperBrawl was hampered by being "one of those nights"? Does TEW even do that? I remember EWR used to have a random RNG that caused everyone to just have an off night.
I'm about 99% sure that that feature didn't make it past the EWR days. Thank goodness for that too, because it made no sense. Within an individual segment, sure, but for an entire show? That was one of my least favorite things in EWR.
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