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Week 3, December 1996
The Pit
ATT: 18,000
TV: 19.69


We are just six days away from the final WWF Pay Per View of 1996, but tonight's show opens with a quick recap of the closing scenes of LAST weeks show.....which interestingly enough could have ramifications on the first WWF Pay Per View of 1997, as Vince McMahon was (reluctantly) forced to enter Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman into the Royal Rumble match.....where (despite the stipulation that unfolded at Survivor Series) should either man win, they will be eligible to Challenge for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania.....whether Shawn Michaels is the Champion or not.

The promo comes to an end and we go live to the arena, where the owner of the WWF himself, Vince McMahon is power matching his way down the aisle. He climbs into the ring and there's no KLiQ with him tonight.....tonight the Boss is taking the spotlight. He tells the crowd to first of all shut up and let him speak....before saying that last week, Steve Austin and Brian Pillman showed the world exactly what sort of men they that renege on a that do not honour their who try to back out of stipulations that are levied upon them.......

".....well Vincent Kennedy McMahon is not such a man.....Vincent Kennedy McMahon is an honourable man, and unlike Steve Austin and Brian Pillman, his word is his the 1997 Royal Rumble, both Brian Pillman and Stone Cold Steve Austin.....WILL be in the Royal Rumble match.....and should either man win, they WILL go on to Wrestlemania, where they will Challenge for the WWF Championship.....even if Shawn Michaels still holds that prestigious prize....."

There's a big pop from the crowd at that announcement.....but Vince isn't finished......because he says none of that matters......because neither Austin nor Pillman are going to be walking out of the Royal Rumble.....and the reason for that is simple.......there will be no need for them to choose their random entry numbers.......because Stone Cold Steve Austin will be entering the Royal Rumble match at Number one.......and the Loose Cannon Brian Pillman.....well, surprise, going to be walking in at Number two.....not only that, both men have been barred from the arena tonight AND Sunday night.....and unlike last week, should they violate that order, not only will they lose their Royal Rumble spots, they will also be fired.....and that ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you cross the boss.....

"......and there's one more person who needs to realise exactly what happens when you cross the boss.....and that man's name is Scott Steiner......who just last week, walked down that aisle with a big metal pipe in his hand, waving it around the place like he was trying to compensate for something.......maybe Big Poppa Pump isn't so big where it matters....."

He tells Steiner that instead of worrying about Shawn Michaels and the WWF Title, he should be concentrating on Titles that are at his the Intercontinental Title shot he has on Sunday.....

"......because Steiner, if I WANTED you to be the Champion of the World Wrestling Federation, I wouldn't have gone to so much trouble to ensure that your so called Championship "victory" against Shawn Michaels was stricken from the record books.....and because of your insubordination these last few weeks, tonight, you've got a little warm up match ahead of In Your House........against the Big Red Monster.....Kane....."

Rating: A



Our first match of the evening sees young Chris Jericho going up against Billy Gunn. Both of these two have all the talent in the world, and should have big futures ahead of them here in the WWF.....but while Jericho is happy to go it alone, Gunn is not averse to having a little help along the way, which is why he employed the services of Mr. Perfect to act as his executive consultant....a job that saw him perform so perfectly (obviously) that he appears to have extended his clientele to one Jesse James now as well....and both men accompany Billy Gunn to the ring here tonight.

Chris Jericho is good......very fact you could argue that the youngster is a future WWF Champion in the making.....and he could probably beat Billy Gunn in a straight one on one match.....he could possibly beat him with Mr. Perfect in his corner......but Perfect and James? That's a big ask.....especially when Perfect used every trick in the book to monopolise the attention of the official, meaning that Jericho often found himself fighting two men.....which is exactly how this one ended.....with James nailing Jericho in the back of the head with a stiff kick as Jericho was attempting to set up the Liontamer....that was all Gunn needed to connect with the Famouser for the three count and a huge victory.

Winner: Billy Gunn
Rating: B-


The match is over, but it looks like Perfect's Posse haven't finished with Jericho, as all three men hit the ring to put the boots to the youngster after the bell. They stomp Lionheart down for a while, before James picks him up to deliver a Pumphandle Slam, before Perfect drags Jericho into position for another Billy Gunn Famouser. Before he can hit it however......

......Lance Storm of all people comes tearing down the aisleway with a steel chair in hand. Remarkably he swings the chair wildly, sending Perfect, Gunn and James running to the outside. Storm then stands, chair in hand over Jericho's battered body, protecting him from further attack until the young man can finally stand up of his own accord.....

.......and that's when Lance Storm levels him with a hard chair shot to the head......

.....he kneels down beside Jericho, asking him if he really thought for a second that he was out here to help him? He says that the only reason he's out here, is to let Chris know that unlike Billy Gunn, Lance Storm won't need any help to defeat Jericho at In Your House.....and his little Liontamer won't be any help to him....because (since he broke his ass the last time he hit his Piledriver) Storm has a move of his own.....and since he's twice the man Jericho is, he only needs half the move to defeat him......

.....he hooks Jericho by the ankle and turns him over into a Single Leg Boston Crab which has Lionheart screaming in agony until a number of officials finally manage to pry Storm off his In Your House opponent.

Rating: B+



Young Billy Kidman had a good showing last week on Raw, just coming up short in his match with Brian Christopher, but the newcomer is clearly destined for big things here in the Light Heavyweight division, but he has another big test tonight against the very talented Chavo Guerrero.

Both of these competitors have youth on their side, so this is a fast paced match up, with plenty of high flying offence.....although it was ultimately that high flying offence that cost Chavo the match.....because as he tried to hit with a top rope dropkick, Kidman was able to counter before it connected, driving Guerrero into the mat with a Sit Out Spinebuster for the one, two, three.

Winner: Billy Kidman
Rating: C


We go backstage following that assault, where we find Raven stood in the centre of a dim room surrounded by the members of the Flock. He looks each man in the eye one by one, saving Al Snow and Mankind for last.....with Mankind receiving the longest look of them all.....before he begins to speak.....

" matter how much you give in this world, for some people it's never can serve them the heavens and the earth on a silver can suffer for them.....sacrifice for them.......risk your very soul for them.....and yet when the time comes to return the favour, they vanish in a puff of smoke......and all their promises of loyalty and love are replaced by lies and betrayal......Saints with the lips of a Sinner.....Angels with the Demons kiss.....

.....I ask for so little in this life.....I give so much......but instead of giving me what I need......YOU Mankind chose to entertain the ramblings of a fool above the advice of a genius......"Dude Love" is nothing more than the folly of a child......"Dude Love" is the plaything that entertains before the realities of life take over......."Dude Love" is NOT the man that will lead Mick Foley to glory......but then maybe glory is not what you truly desire......because I know.....and you know....."Jack" could carve a path of pain and destruction through the WWF like no other....."Jack" could see you lay claim to the WWF Championship......"Jack" could lead you to glory as easily as he leads others to suffering......but because YOU won't embrace the dark, now all around you must suffer......why can't you see that without the darkness, the stars wouldn't shine so bright.....and Jack could shine the brightest of them star of the north....."

Raven reaches behind him and once again pulls out the same shirt he has been desperately trying to get Mankind to take for weeks now.....before forcing it into his hand, telling him very well.....if he won't do it for Raven.....then do it for your newfound friend Al Snow......because Al has a match next......and he's going out there alone.......against the Undertaker. Mankind shakes his head, telling Raven to reconsider.....Al Snow is a lot of things.....

"......but he's not like us.....he's not equipped to deal with the levels of evil that the Deadman can bring....he's....."

......he's not like ME.......but he's exactly like YOU......a scared little boy.....only where you want to hide behind masks and tie-dye shirts......he hides behind a mask of madness and a mannequin head.......he WILL face the Undertaker......he WILL suffer.......YOU could alleviate that suffering......whether you do so or down to you.......Quote the Raven......Nevermore......."

Rating: A*



So after dismantling Bill DeMott last week, tonight it's Al Snow's turn to face the Reaper......except tonight, Snow doesn't have the Flock at ringside.....and The Undertaker is in an even worse mood tonight following the vicious assault of Raven after last weeks victory. Snow gives it the good old fashioned college try....he really does......but he's absolutely no match for The Undertaker tonight......and a Chokeslam is all it takes to put the eccentric Al Snow down for the three count.

Winner: The Undertaker
Rating: B


The Undertaker may have picked up the victory.....but it has done nothing to quench the thirst for violence that is coursing through his body. He picks up Snow and delivers another hard Chokeslam, screaming Raven's name as he does so, demanding that the man behind the macabre make his way out.....

......which he does......along with Mankind, who is still clutching the shirt in his hand. Mankind goes to make his way down the aisle.....but Raven stops him....telling him that this is no concern of Mankind's......only Jack can deal with this. Mankind looks down at the shirt in his hand, and appears to be seriously contemplating his next move.....but from the ring Al Snow begs him not to do it......telling Mankind that he doesn't need Jack......and Snow would rather suffer at the hands of The Undertaker, than see Dude Love die at the hand of Jack......and so reluctantly Mankind stands back and watches as the Undertaker pick poor Al up.....and drives his skull into the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver.

The Undertaker drops to one knee, inviting Raven to join him in the ring.....but Raven simply turns to Mankind, telling him that all of this is on HIS hands.....before slowly turning and walking to the back, without even acknowledging the presence of The Deadman.

Rating: A*



Time for a little bit of Tag Team action now, as the Hardys take on the Texas Long Riders. The two Texans haven't been on TV much since an injury to Barry Windham bought their momentum to a screeching halt, and there hasn't been a great deal for them to do since his recovery. The Hardys on the other hand have seen plenty of screen time....and are just six days away from possibly the biggest match of their young careers, when they face of against their mentors the Legion of Doom. Speaking of Hawk and Animal, they are out with their protégés tonight, determined to deliver one last lesson before their In Your House showdown.

Unfortunately their presence causes to be more of a distraction than a help, because as the Hardys are busy trying to wrestle their own match, they have the advice from the LoD ringing in their ears throughout the match, as Hawk and Animal bark instructions from the floor. This eventually leads to Matt Hardy turning his attention away from the match to inform the Road Warriors that they've got this.......however.....they don't 'got this'......because as Hardy has his back turned, Windham rolls the youngster up from behind....and hooks a handful of tights for good measure to capture a much needed victory for the Long Riders.

Winner(s): The Texas Long Riders
Rating: B


Understandably the Hardys are less than amused at the way they lost this one.....and are quick to (rightfully) point the finger of blame in The Legion of Dooms direction. Hawk and Animal aren't as quick to accept the blame however.....stating that if Matt and Jeff plan on defeating them at In Your House, then they had better not be so easily distracted....before a shoving match finally breaks out.....and just six days before they clash, this friendly little teacher/student match has got a lot more intense.

Rating: B-


It's time to head to the back now, where Dok Hendrix is standing by with the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Dok asks Scotty about both Vince McMahons comments from earlier in the night, as well as word on his opponent tonight Kane...AND his In Your House opponent.....his own brother, Rich Steiner....

Scott pauses for a moment to stare Hendrix out, before bringing his lead pipe up and resting it against his massive shoulder....


"........yes.....I think we all caught that.....all over the country you say?....."


" you hear the things that come out of your mouth at the same time that we do? Or do you actually think about what you're going to say before you speak?....."


".......never mind........"


Alright Scott you've started to ramble now.....but we get the's a good job that what Scott Steiner lacks in cohesive sentences, he more than makes up for in intensity.....and he's up next, so he turns and heads in the direction of the ring.....

.......which is when the KLiQ pounce.....clearly unhappy with Steiners actions last well (you would assume) as Big Poppa Pumps insistence that once he's done with his brother, he's coming for Shawn Michaels and the WWF Championship, the pack of dogs beat the snot out of Steiner, bouncing his skull off the wall for good measure.....although to be fair Shawn Michaels doesn't do much of the dirty work, he's too busy directing traffic in the background.....he does put the final nail in a Steiners coffin however, laying him out with a Sweet Chin Music, before declaiming that Steiner should listen to Vince McMahon, and concentrate on the Intercontinental Championship....because the Heartbreak Kid and the WWF Title, are just out of his league.

Rating: A*



You've got to admire the guts of Scott Steiner.....if not slightly question his brains.....The Big Bad Booty Daddy are only one brief commercial break removed from a vicious assault at the hands of the KLiQ, and yet here he is, slowly making his way down the aisle to square off with arguably one of the most dangerous men in the WWF, Kane.

Steiner may have been better served in sitting this one out considering his big title opportunity against Rich Steiner coming up in just six days.....that's just not the way Scott Steiner operates however, and he goes right for the Monster.....he does a good job out there holding his own against Kane, but he's clearly unsteady on his feet and feeling the affects of the beating.....and as if that wasn't enough, his night goes from bad to worse......

.....when Rich Steiner makes his way down the aisle......and with Jim Cornette holding the attention of the official, Rich picks up Scotty's lead pipe and nails his brother right in the back of his already punished head. Big Poppa Pump is out like a light.....but Kane being Kane, he still feels the need to destroy Steiner with a big Tombstone Piledriver, as Kane's path of destruction continues.

Winner: Kane
Rating: B+


Happy to have punished someone, Kane heads to the back, leaving an unconscious Scott Steiner at the mercy of Big Brother Rich. The Intercontinental Champion still has the lead pipe in his grip and he stalks menacingly around the ring, waiting for Big Poppa Pump to get back to his feet. Scotty does eventually get back to a vertical base (with the help of the ring ropes), but Rich is waiting, wielding the pipe like a baseball bat as he drives it into his brothers mid-section, doubling him over.....before smashing it down on the upper back area of Scott Steiner's huge frame.

Big Poppa Pump has NOT had a good night,and Vince McMahon has got to have a big smile on his face in the back, knowing that he's at least partially to blame for Steiner's downfall tonight....while Jim Ross remarks that Scott Steiner will be hoping to have a better evening come Sunday Night if he plans on capturing his first "official" singles title here in the World Wrestling Federation.....the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Rating: A



It's time for the main event of the evening.....and while Ahmed Johnson can now officially be classed as a main event player, the Sons of Samoa must be risking nose bleeds finding themselves so high on the card. It was a bit of a gamble putting this main event together, especially after last weeks disappointing main event between Michaels and Rich Steiner.....fortunately the face side of this contest really stepped their game up, which made for a surprisingly good......very good actually.....television main event.

If Johnson, Rikishi and Kokina could pick up the victory here tonight it would have sent them into Sunday night on a huge wave of momentum....unfortunately, defeating the KLiQ has always been easier said than done....especially when you take into account Sunny, Sean Waltman and Justin Credible on the outside sticking their noses in......not to mention the fact that Vince McMahon had decided to join the commentary table for the main event, to ensure that Steve Austin and Brian Pillman do not step one foot inside the arena this evening.

Unsurprisingly it was those outside factors that influenced the outcome of the match.....because after Shawn Michaels had spent the majority of the match on the apron directing traffic to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (who's face must be hurting from wearing that fake smile daily)....Ahmed Johnson was able to make the hot Tag into the match and clear house on the KLiQ least until Waltman and Credible were able to distract the attention of the official, long enough for Nash to nail Ahmed in the back of the skull with his WWF Tag Team Title. Michaels is quick to capitalise on Kevin Nash's hard work, shoving Big Sexy to one side so that he can make the cover.....and three seconds later, the KLiQ have the victory in the bag.

Winner(s): The KLiQ
Rating: B+


The Sons of Samoa rush into the ring to try and break up the pin, but they're too late.....they are just in time however, for a big five on two beatdown courtesy of the KLiQ. Ahmed tries to fight back to his feet in order to help out his team mates....but the numbers game soon overwhelms him as well.....and it looks like things are going to be going from bad to worse for the KLiQ's In Your House title least until the video screen at the top of the entrance ramp flickers into life...... reveal Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Loose Cannon Brian Pillman......actually we can only see Brian Pillman, as his face and wide crazy eyes take up most of the shot....but we can hear Austin in the background. The beat down comes to a halt as everyone turns to see what The former WWF Tag Team Champions are planning today......which is about the same time that Vince McMahon slams the headset down, picks up a microphone.....and screams that he gave explicit orders that neither Austin or Pillman were to step foot inside the arena.....and since they are violating a direct order again, then they leave him no choice but to declare that.....

".......Steve Austin.....Brian're fir.........

".........Woah, woah, woah.....not so fast........."

....Pillman's uniquely raspy voice cuts the Boss off, as the camera pans back to reveal the pairs location.....which appears to be the parking lot outside the arena. Pillman says that they followed McMahons orders to the letter.....they haven't put one foot INSIDE the arena.....although it's been tough convincing Steve Austin not to storm in there and whip everyone's fact, I had to get him a little plaything to keep him amused.....although he seems to have gotten a little......carried away......

Pillman grabs the camera by the lens and turns it so that the shot lands on what appears to be a huge monster truck........which in turn is parked on top of a mangled police cruiser......with Stone Cold Steve Austin sat atop the whole in his hand, throwing out threats and insults one.....there's no one else there......Austin just likes cursing out the world clearly....

Pillman grabs hold of the camera again, before asking Vince McMahon if that's his Limousine over there as he brings McMahons personal ride into shot. McMahon answers in the affirmative, just as Stone Cold tosses an empty beer can, climbs back inside the truck and starts it up. Pillman says he thought it was......and if that's the case, Vince probably isn't going to want to watch this......Pillman turns the camera back on himself, wincing as we hear the sound of a monster trucks engine roar.....followed by and almighty crunching sound as Brian shakes his head.....

" see, Steve......he gets kind of antsy when he's got nothing to do Vince.....and I can only keep him occupied for so long.....(Pillman gives another big wince as another crunching sound echoes behind him).....but as you can hear.....(CRUNCH).....he gets bored should probably reconsider that whole banned from the arenas rule......(CRUNCH......CRUNCH)......oh, that's not good.....I gotta go Vince.....think about it......"

With that the screen fades to black as McMahon screams at security and The KLiQ to get out to the parking lot and stop that maniac......The KLiQ are a little bit pre-occupied however.....because during all the commotion Ahmed Johnson, Rikishi and Kokina have regained their senses.....tossed Waltman and Credible from the ring.....and are currently dismantling Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.....eventually sending the Tag Champs flying, leaving Ahmed Johnson to hit the Pearl River Plunge on the Heartbreak Kid......and Vince McMahon has no choice but to look on at the sight of Ahmed Johnson and The Son's of Samoa standing in the centre of the ring.....each man holding high the respective title that they will be challenging for on Sunday Night as the show comes to a close.

Rating: A*

Final Rating: B+

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