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Default The Trials and Tribulations of running a new WCW

Originally Posted by Back at SuperBrawl…

“Look, Kevin, I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but I know one thing: that I can’t offer you a guaranteed World title.”

“Well, then it looks like you only have two options; you can let me walk, I’ll head to Houston and get myself a contract where I can definitely get paid, or you can bring Scott back.”

I do some quick figures in my head, thinking it over. We need all the stars we can get, and with the amount that I’d be saving on Kev, I probably could bring Scott in once he’s done in Japan. And Scott Hall will allow us one more big star who can lend us a shot in the arm.

“You have a deal.”

“A deal? Which one?”

“As soon as Scott comes back from Japan, I’ll try to sign him. But if he doesn’t agree, that won’t be on me.”

“I’ll tell you what, Eric. You’re a good guy. Don’t take this as I don’t trust you, but I don’t know if I’ll trust you. I will do this contract, at this price that has no clauses on it, for the next four months. In four months, Scott will be back – or else we are calling up Hunter.”

“I can deal with four months.”

We shake on it, and Kevin signs the deal. As he leaves, I have a sigh of relief. Unfortunately he won’t start making this smaller amount for another month, because of how his current contract is a Turner deal, but once that’s done, that’ll be done.

World Championship Wrestling is starting to get itself together.

Originally Posted by Calling TV Stations
“I’m sorry, Eric, but MTV airs Heat already; we can’t put a competing brand on our American stations, even if it would be on MTV2 or VH-1.”


“Our apologies, Mr. Bischoff, but the USA Network aren’t looking to air any more wrestling at this time.”


“Mr. Bischoff, we at PAX TV are a family channel. I think your show needs to find Jesus before it can even consider being aired on our station.”


“We don’t feel a pro wrestling show would be a good fit on our Sci-Fi channel, Mr. Bischoff.”


“We at WGN America just don’t get a feeling that you would be a big enough company to invest our programming in.”


“Look, we appreciate your drive and wanting to make this work, Mr. Bischoff. But Fox executives just don’t want your wrestling on any of our stations. We have seen that your ratings have risen dramatically over the past year, but after the tapes you sent us and what Vince informed us about-”
“Wait, what did you say?”


“You just said that ‘Vince’ informed you of something? Vince who? And I never sent you any tapes. What are you talking about?”

“The tapes, with your wrestling show on them! We had some of the interns watch them. Why would we want to put a show with a geriatric woman trying to undress, or some badly acted soap opera where a woman loses her baby tripping on a ring apron, or even that vampire character spitting blood at the audience?”

“Sir… WCW have never done any of those things. Who sent you those tapes?”

“Vince did! He wanted us to see what you were trying to sell, and it was complete smut! We want to try and be a little edgy on FX, but that is going too far!”

“Was it Vince McMahon? Because his company is the one who booked all of those things!”

“Look, just stop calling us! We aren’t putting a low-brow, nearly bankrupt company on our stations. Good bye!”


So that’s it, huh? Vince went out of his way to cost us potential TV deals. Was it McMahon or Russo? Is there much difference between the two of them? Those sons of bitches think they can silence me and my new WCW. He actually convinced them that our show was theirs! No wonder they wanted nothing to do with us! He sent them a bunch of their crap “slop opera” stories! Russo’s BS, that crap that he tried to bring to WCW.

It’s starting to look bleaker and bleaker for WCW… we need a miracle, or a new idea… we only have one episode left of Nitro and of Worldwide left, no pay-per-view outlet, and Thunder is officially finished – finally, I might add. I never liked having that show forced on me by Ted Turner in 1998, let alone four years later when I was just stuck with it. But that doesn’t help me now. I put my head in my hands. I’m just not sure where to go from here.

Just then, there’s a knock at my door. “Hey, Eric?”

I look up to see Jeff and Jerry Jarrett in the open doorway. “Sorry guys, I didn’t see you there. What is it?”

Jerry speaks, saying that they heard that last discussion. “It sounded a lot like we aren’t gonna be back on TV anytime soon, are we?”

I sigh under my breath. “It sounds like a Vince – not sure if it’s McMahon or Russo – cost us a deal with FX, which was probably our best hope. I’m just not sure what to do from here. I was kinda banking on that FX deal.”

Jeff speaks up now, a smile on his face. “Well it wouldn’t have been Russo, I just talked to him the other day. He would’ve bragged about something like that.”

I bite my tongue; I know Jeff was friends with Russo, but I’m not clearing him of anything just yet.

“Look, Dad and I had an idea not long ago for a new wrestling company, if WCW didn’t work out. But if you’re planning to stick with this, then we’ll share it with you. A little ace-in-the-hole that nobody would even dream of for a wrestling organization. It may be just what you need right now.”

I listen intently, as they explain, and a light goes off in my mind. I will need to make a few new calls, obviously, but this could be it.

This could just be the answer to all of my problems.


From the desk of Eric Bischoff:
What a week it was! The series finale of Nitro, and also WrestleMania. I didn’t actually get to watch the show, but I looked at the results, and I have to say…

Are they ****ing kidding with this?

Look, Steve Austin is a solid heel, don’t get me wrong. I pushed him as a heel for years before dropping him from WCW. He makes a good heel. However, this isn’t the same Steve Austin as 1994, and not the same fans. The Southern fans who ate up his Hollywood Blonds golden locks and cocky attitude are not the ones who watched him since 1997 as the ass kicking beer drinker. And to actually align him with Vince? It just screams of a desperate shock move… a lot like the one we did with Goldberg last June, and that completely blew up in our face. Maybe Russo really is working with the WWF again, though everyone swears that he isn’t. I guess we’ll see how it goes, and if it impacts their numbers for the better or worse.

Then again, maybe I’m just criticizing because I had pitched the idea of “huge babyface turns heel to align with his greatest rival” around our locker room to use toward the summer, and it looks as though Vince beat me to it. Now if I use that, it’ll just look like I’m copying off the WWF, and that sort of stigma is the last thing we need right now.

Back at the final Nitro, I had a problem arise when Sting got to the show. My plan was to have a big match featuring he and Ric Flair to really close out Nitro on TNT. I even went ahead with having Flair make the challenge to him, but the more the night wore on, the more I could tell that Sting was hiding that he wasn’t quite ready for in-ring action yet. I left him on the show, but used it as a vehicle to put some more heat on the Steiners by having them stop the match before it ever started. I pleaded with Sting to get himself back into fighting shape by Big Bang, and he said he would do so for his first pay-per-view main event since Fall Brawl 1999. Backstage at Nitro, Shane Helms was the life of the party by proving that “Sugar” wasn’t only a wrestling related nickname, showing that he had some cooking skill by setting up a barbeque outside Club La Vela to make food for wrestlers and some of the early fans who showed up. Scott Steiner turned his attention toward CW, saying that he should be written off because there’s no way that a – and I’m paraphrasing here – “ugly dumb slob like him” would ever make a connection with fans. I didn’t say anything, as letting Scott rant can be in someone’s best interest sometimes, but Chris isn’t any better or worse off than Rick Steiner was back in the late 1980s when he arrived in the NWA, and nobody jumped on his case. I have plans for CW, and I don’t care what people may say about him, because unless something serious happens, he’s going to be sticking around. In better notes, Tony Schiavone let me know in no uncertain terms that he wasn’t a big fan of the move I was taking WCW in by heading to Vegas, saying that his children and wife like their Atlanta home and so he wouldn’t be moving along with it. I told him that is admirable, but that he wasn’t going to be changing my mind about it as I really feel like WCW need a change of scenery in our new era. Kaz Hayashi, however, seemed very excited as he let me know that he had completely relocated himself from the Kanto region of Japan to Colorado, to ensure that he would always have WCW closer to his home and thus would be easier to book.

I gave World Championship Wrestling a two week break so that everyone could be rested up, but also to give fans a short rest as well. I would have set Big Bang up in May, but I didn’t feel like we could financially wait that long. Wrestlers need paid, and if I don’t keep up momentum with that $5,312,500 that Dallas gave me in order to leave his contract, then we are going to be right back where we started. I was also looking to try and shore up a few new talents before the big show. At the same time, I am also looking into moving Nitro onto a different night. As I’ve said, I will freely admit that Vince won the Monday night war for now; however, thus far I only lost due to Time Warner’s restrictions and my own hubris. Both of these things have been dealt with, but we need to step back and regroup. Maybe one day we will make another push for the top, but WCW is clearly regarded as second rate right now in comparison to the WWF. I will be getting with our webmasters to get the news out on how to watch Big Bang and further WCW shows later today, as well as getting out our new branding. I never really liked the 1999 rebrand logo, it just felt like a rushed first draft idea that we ended up stuck with for the past two years. Sadly that era will be defined by failure, but hopefully our red logo will show that we are finished with those days. It has been shown on-screen in the background here and there and has been on the cover of WCW magazine for some time now, but I’m going to force the change to make it what we are associated with in the new times.

Despite our poor finances and an overall bad few years – along with the numerous times that I’ve had to try and stave off Shane McMahon trying to get his claws into my WCW – overall, God help me, I’m getting hopeful for the future of WCW again.


Originally Posted by OOC
I know, I had said that I was going to post WCW and WWF rosters and then I didn't do it. Don't hate on me please! I just ended up deciding that it would be better to do that after week one for the WWF and after Big Bang for WCW. So I am going to just continue on at the moment. There will be two WWF weeks before I post The Big Bang, but in between them I will be posting a prediction card for Big Bang. But judging by some of the things I've put into this backstage post, maybe people will figure out where I am going with WCW before it gets announced for real. I also have finally revealed for sure what BigBad told me to do at SuperBrawl with Kevin Nash, which I appreciated highly because I was inwardly hoping that whoever had won that prize would ask for that! I had intended on losing Page no matter what happened with Kevin, so not losing him and also being told to try signing Hall when he becomes available should help the star quality in the future, but may also hurt the backstage in the long run. Meh, what are ya gonna do? In really great news, somehow that $6m wage bill that I had back in January is now only claiming to be $2m, so hey, maybe I will be turning profits soon!
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