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Default March 2003: Pre-Slamboree News and Notes

Big news in the Fed: Scott Hall's the new WWE Champion. He won the belt on the episode of Smackdown taped on March 11th, beating Eddie Guerrero and Big Show in a 3 way main event. Scott's a solid hand when his head's on straight and he's got plenty of charisma, but this feels like a downgrade to me.

Rey Mysterio Jr. and Christopher Daniels worked well together as opponents, and it showed. That was a fantastic match.

TAKA and Jamie Knoble did not work together well at all as a team on the March 10th Nitro. That's not a big deal because I had no plans to turn them into a regular pairing.

Aguila hurt his bicep during that same match, and the initial diagnosis was it'd keep him out for about a month.

I've signed Brian Adams to a short-term contract extension.

Jeff Hardy isn't generally a negative person, but he told me he doesn't think the fans will ever really care about Cash. He said the same thing about Shane Helms, and that surprised me since they came up together in the Carolinas and I'd always thought they were friends. I guess Shane's closer to Matt though.

Both CM Punk and Konnan have spoken up in praise of Harry Smith's work in the ring. Unfortunately he's pretty aimless right now with Davey gone.

"Jason Jett? What kinda stupid name is that? He gonna fly a toy plane to the ring? Even if he did no one would care, 'cause he sucks!" -Scott Steiner

They held another match for the vacant IWGP Heavyweight tag titles, and this time there was actually a winner. Manabu Nakanishi and Masahiro Chono beat Tatsumi Fujinami and Koji Kanemoto in the main event of the March 15th World Pro Wrestling TV show to win the belts.

All Japan held their 'Dragon's Fire Excel' PPV (what a catchy name) on March 13th. Hiroshi Hase retained the Triple Crown over Taiyo Kea in an excellent main event, and there was also a very good match earlier in the night when Keiji Mutoh beat Tomohiro Ishii. This was a fantastic show that was better than any PPVs the current leader in Japan, NJPW, has put on in quite some time.

Bad news for several of the major Japanese promotions, as Super Delfin broke his leg in a match for Osaka Pro and could be out up to a year. Aside from Osaka Pro, he also works dates for New Japan and Michinoku Pro.

ECWA put on their annual Super 8 tournament on March 22nd. It's considered something of a benchmark for up and coming indy wrestlers, and this year it was Cheetah Master who won the tournament by beating the Inferno Kid in the finals.

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
Rey-rey. I'm actually realising how awesome shane douglas actually was. Never cared about him before cause I found his in-ring lame.
Yeah, I never thought much of Shane's in ring work either. He was a really good heel promo though.

Oh, and something needs to be done about shane helms. Feels like he'll get stuck in a midcard hurricane...
Helms needs some direction for sure. Kimberly was supposed to help with that, but that pairing didn't work. Hopefully I'll eventually stumble onto something for him to do, much like I finally did with Knoble.

Originally Posted by The OGI View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques:
The roster is starting to become scarily stacked with talented guys. There'll be a lot of competition for top spots very soon. I do start to wonder when Vince might start aggressively poaching some of these guys to save his own sinking ship...
It's not like he doesn't have tons of great guys himself. (I'll be making attempts to try and steal some of them though, and I might actually be able to pull it off now that I've hit national.
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