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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 25 Day 3
Sunday, Week 3, May 2018
Yokohama Bunka Gynasium, Yokohama
4,000 Attendance
Show Rating 80 B

Volador Jr defeated Rocky Romero in 7:59 when Volador Jr used Ataque Depredador 78 B

Alex Shelley defeated Takuya Nomura in 6:51 when Shelley used a Shellshock 71 C+

Hiromu Takahashi defeated Kaito Kiyomiya in 1:05 when Hiromu used a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the apron to the floor before rolling him back into the ring for the pinfall 55 C-

YOH defeated Ricochet in 14:26 when YOH used the Red Ink 81 B

SHO defeated Tiger Mask in 7:01 when SHO used Shock Arrow 67 C+

BUSHI defeated Gedo in 5:53 when BUSHI used MX 73 B-

Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Daichi Hashimoto in 12:59 when Taguchi used Dodon 79 B

Will Ospreay defeated Speedball Mike Bailey in 26:19 when Ospreay used an OsCutter 80 B
After the match the two shook hands

Thanks for reading! Simmed the first few G1 shows yesterday and finally happy with plans going towards Wrestle Kingdom, definitely the most talented G1 field ever so looking forward to sharing that soon.
Hollywood: 7/8
Atticus: 6/8
Uncrewed: 6/8
Wolfman84: 6/8
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Kijar: 4/8
Lob5ta: 4/8
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