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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 25 Day 4
Wednesday, Week 4, May 2018
Kira Messe Numazu, Shizuoka
1,600 Attendance
Show Rating 83 B+

Mike Bailey defeated SHO in 9:59 when Speedball used Ultima Weapon 75 B

Will Ospreay defeated Gedo in 4:10 when Ospreay used an OsCutter 77 B

Daichi Hashimoto defeated Tiger Mask in 6:00 when Daichi used a Brainbuster 71 C+

BUSHI defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 10:45 when BUSHI used MX 80 B

Takuya Nomura defeated Kaito Kiyomiya in 4:56 when Takuya used a Cross Armbreaker 66 C+

Rocky Romero defeated Alex Shelley in 7:41 when Rocky used Kurayaminoten 77 B

Volador Jr defeated YOH in 13:57 when Volador used Ataque Depredador 70 C+

Hiromu Takahashi defeated Ricochet in 21:26 when Hiromu used D for the submission victory 86 B+

Thanks for reading!
Kijar: 7/8
Uncrewed: 5/8
Atticus: 4/8
James The Animator: 4/8
Wolfman84: 3/8
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