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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 25 Day 7
Monday, Week 1, June 2018
Kobe Sambo Hall, Kobe
1,400 Attendance
Show Rating 80 B

Alex Shelley defeated Kaito Kiyomiya in 5:57 when Shelley used a Shellshock 62 C

Takuya Nomura defeated Volador Jr in 3:19 via Referee Stoppage when Volador injured his knee landing awkwardly on a suicide dive to outside the ring. 64 C

The commentary puts over that if Volador's injury is serious enough to keep him out of the final in three days, the match later on between Hiromu and YOH will determine who finishes 2nd in the group and may advance to the final

Ricochet defeated Rocky Romero in 9:01 when Ricochet used a Benadryller 79 B

Hiromu Takahashi defeated YOH in 14:40 when Hiromu used Time Bomb 77 B

Ryusuke Taguchi defeated Tiger Mask in 6:49 when Taguchi used Dodon 72 B-

Daichi Hashimoto defeated Gedo in 9:05 when Daichi used a Brainbuster 67 C+

Will Ospreay defeated SHO in 17:04 when Ospreay used an OsCutter 72 B-

BUSHI defeated 'Speedball' Mike Bailey in 13:40 when BUSHI used MX 82 B

The show ends with BUSHI & Hiromu in the ring saying if it comes down to a final between them they will put aside their friendship for one night and see who the better man is.

Thanks for reading!
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