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Default March 2003: Slamboree Wrap-up

Slamboree was another big success for us, right on par with SuperBrawl. Vince is going to have a tough time putting on a better show for next week's WrestleMania!

I congratulated Shane Douglas for stepping up to the plate and contributing to an excellent main event. He was happy with the performance and the praise, but I'm sure it's bittersweet for him because he realizes this might be as close as he ever gets. Anything can happen though; I wouldn't have expected him to rise nearly this high when I first bought the company.

I praised Lance Storm for another great performance, and told him with his wrestling skill and ring generalship, he reminds me of me.

I shook Steve Austin's hand and said he'd proven beyond any doubt that he can still go at the highest level. Steve is going to be a huge difference maker as the war is well and truly reignited, and I have some big plans for him.

Jeff Hardy let me know he thinks the fans just don't care about Mike Sanders. That's funny, because I don't either.

There could be a bidding war in the making, because the Observer says that NOAH is interested in stealing Kensuke Sasaki from All Japan. Sasaki jumped to All Japan from his longtime home of New Japan just this past October, so he may receive a real mercenary reputation if he moves on again so quickly. But NOAH is the only major group in Japan showing growth, so it might be a good career decision for him.

It looks like Scott D'Amore's Border City Wrestling might have run its last show. The group has been losing lots of money, and they've really struggled to build their fanbase even in their local Ontario region. It'd be a real shame to see them go, because it would leave Stampede as the only Canadian-based group of note.

Prediction Scores (out of a possible 11 points):

2Sweet: 10
Smasher1311: 10

Satyr24: 9
James The Animator: 9
sportsfanmas: 9

Uncrewed: 8
Dead_Jester: 8
K-Nection: 8
michgcs: 8
The OGI: 8
deanohbk: 8
BHK6: 8
GingeyOne: 8

DGenerationMC: 7
JMike: 7
ElectricX: 7
Kijar: 7
bonnie: 7
cbacon87: 7
Rateddc: 7
crackerjack: 7
Wolfman84: 7
DavidCorperial: 7

evileddie10: 6
Happy0wns: 6
chrismday: 6
jscotty: 6
Nobby_McDonald: 6
Danny H22: 6

odan: 5
kinnikuniverse: 5
Beejus: 5
Cro Cop Rules: 5
Ian carlisle: 5

NathanielKern: 4
Warhawk8492: 4

Final Standings in prediction contest after four shows:

Satyr24: 32

Rateddc: 31
BHK6: 31
K-Nection: 31

cbacon87: 30
Uncrewed: 30

jscotty: 29
Dead_Jester: 29
deanohbk: 29
2Sweet: 29

DavidCorperial: 28
GingeyOne: 28

Wolfman84: 27
JMike: 27

odan: 26
evileddie10: 26
Happy0wns: 26
DGenerationMC: 26

bonnie: 25
Kijar: 25

Warhawk8492: 24
Ian carlisle: 24
chrismday: 24
crackerjack: 24
michgcs: 24

Beejus: 22
kinnikuniverse: 22
Cro Cop Rules: 22
GnarlsFunk: 22

sportsfanmas: 21

Danny H22: 19
The OGI: 19

tg01: 18

smw88: 16
Nobby_McDonald: 16

KnowYourEnemy: 13
ElectricX: 13

Destiny: 10
Smasher1311: 10

DiamondKnucklez: 9
James The Animator: 9

Inic: 8

thecoolestjedi12: 6

NathanielKern: 4

AJ vs. Storm was a 98, while Rey vs. Douglas just barely edged it out at 99.

My continued thanks to K-Nection for the Slamboree poster!

Originally Posted by Cro Cop Rules View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: Slamboree might shape up to be your best event yet grade-wise! Hopefully the game recognizes it.
Starrcade was still better, but it was a great one!

Originally Posted by NathanielKern View Post
If his promo skills weren't great and his position as an Upper Midcard Gatekeeper wasn't solidified, I'd think the only reason you kept Scotty around was to write up who he's badmouthing backstage in these updates.
They're great fun!

Originally Posted by TsuMirren View Post
Oh my God, the UK flag for German news. I mean, I know the Queen is basically German but still!
If it makes you feel any better. that was done out of laziness rather than ignorance. I didn't feel like going in and uploading the European flag graphic for that one instance, so I just used the UK flag that was already there.

...Does that make it better or worse?

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Damn I thought a show posted lol! I think Minoru is in development at the moment until "Bret" has a spot for him.
Nope, only Nakamura is in developmental. Minoru didn't want to go down, so he's just wrestling in dark matches until I'm ready to properly introduce him on TV.

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
Hell of a show, worth the wait that we had; but real life always comes first. I'm a little surprised to see no titles change hands during the show, but honestly all the champs are performing great, so there isn't much need to change things up anywhere. I'm guessing Shane may need to establish himself just a little more before he grabs the brass ring, but at his age he may start some light time decline any time now, so this may have been his last grasp for the top strap. And especially now with guys like Austin in the mix, it feels like only a matter of time before the hell he raises gives him the big gold belt. Once that happens, someone like Shane just feels like small potatoes. Even Rey holding the belt feels like a placeholder now until you drop it on a transitional heel and then Austin takes it from there.
Knoble was tentatively going to win the cw title, but I decided the ending I went with would work better for the story I'm trying to tell.

You've moved shows around a fair bit, so while I'm not sure what PPV we are going to start building for next, I'm excited to see the next Nitro that starts the push for it!
It's Clash of the Champions. It was in March last year, but I swapped COTC and Slamboree for 2 reasons:

1) I wanted to do the AJ/Storm rematch before having the winner challenge Rey at COTC;

2) I thought it would be fitting for the UFS to end at COTC.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Great Show as always bud! I just had surgery on my left arm so i cant type very much.
Hope you're doing alright!
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