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Default World Championship Wrestling presents WCW Pride

Our opening video for the show is narrated by the voice of Vampiro: “Of all the deadly sins, perhaps the worst of them all is pride. Pride is the father of all sins, the devil’s most prominent trait. It’s pride that drives men to feel bigger and better than they really are, pride that makes them feel like higher beings than all those around them. Pride makes you fight for only yourself, to put your foot down on all others to climb above them. Selfishness leads men to the highest of highs… but also, the lowest of lows. Remember; pride goeth before a fall.”

During the video, images were shown of Goldberg and Scott Steiner, Totally Buff, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and The World, while occasionally cutting back to Vampiro in a dark room. The final line is delivered while looking at Vampiro, who blows out a candle to lead into the WCW Pride logo. (B-)

WCW Pride
Shown Live on April 22nd, 2001
Held at: The Reno Events Center in Reno, Nevada (South West)
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson, and Arn Anderson
Attendance: 10,000 people (sold out!)
PPV Rating: 0.18
TV Rating: 0.26


“The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes vs. C.W.
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Mark Johnson
Ringside: Simon Diamond and Disqo (C.W.)

This is a good little opening match that warms the crowd up for action to come, while not overwhelming the home audience while Tenay, Hudson, and “Double A” discuss the matches that have more hype than this one. C.W. shows an improved performance as he hammers the veteran Rhodes to the mat, getting a few very close near falls after a delayed vertical suplex and his Ferris Wheel Suplex (half nelson exploder suplex). Dustin makes his comeback, hitting a bulldog on C.W., but before he can make a pin, Simon rushes the ring and attacks him, blatantly drawing a disqualification.

Disqo joins in as well when Simon says to do so, and the Problem Solvers lay heavy stomps into Dustin. The three of them do a number on him, with Simon telling Disqo and C.W. to hold him up – but Rhodes gets away from them, and he starts hitting Bionic Elbows on all three men! “The Prodigal Son” is back on his feet, and he shoves Simon and C.W. into one another to send them out of the ring before getting Disqo into the corner. He starts setting him up for the Shattered Dreams field goal kick, but the self help guru and his enforcer are able to release him before his Disqo balls get shattered. Dustin celebrates with the crowd as Simon, Disqo, and C.W. flee the ringside.

Match Time: 6:05
Notes: Tenay and Hudson showed good chemistry on commentary, their announcing lifting the match. These two got the show off to a strong start.
Ratings: C+ / D+

“Mean” Gene Okerlund and Jeremy Borash are back in the interview area, welcoming everyone in their own way to WCW Pride. Gene says that he has a special guest with him tonight, that guest walking in being Sid Vicious! Okerlund asks him what he is doing here tonight, with Sid saying that he’s here to watch what happens in the main event. He tells Goldberg to make sure not to hurt Steiner so badly that he has to vacate the title, because Sid is coming for Steiner and the World title very soon!

Notes: Gene and Jeremy play off one another so well.
Rating: B


Kid Kash vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Billy Silverman
Ringside: None

One of WCW’s newest signings debuts here, as Kid Kash comes to us with big fanfare and the Kid Rock song from the WCW Mayhem album, “Shotgun”. Tenay does a great job talking him up, and Kash lives up to the hype by putting Chavo on the run for much of the bout. Both men have spent over a decade in the sport, but it appears that Guerrero’s years in the big spotlight of WCW as opposed to the smaller leagues elsewhere have left him with the wherewithal to bide his time. He also seems to have upped his performance game while preparing for this match. In the end, Kash may have the fan support after a big no-touch-over-the-top-rope plancha, but what it took out of him when the two re-enter the ring ends up leaving him open for Chavo to roll him up, placing his feet on the middle ropes to score a surprising three count!

Match Time: 6:39
Notes: Kash’s new gimmick came off as average; passable is fine as long as it didn’t fail. The two showed great chemistry against one another, and the announcing helped the match tremendously.
Rating: D+

We go backstage and earlier tonight, where cameras caught The Steiner Brothers entering the building. Scott, noticing the camera, begins yelling at it, saying that he has arrived, so “Green-berg can start crapping his panties right about now, because ‘The Big Bad Booty Daddy’ is here to make him and any other Reno whores into his lil’ bitches!” While Scott stops to breathe, Rick adds that he’s gonna wipe that white paint off Sting’s face and replace it with his boot print. Scott then adds that “The Genetic Freak is in town, and I’ma show that bald headed bastard what my freaks already know – that size does matter, and the largest arms in the world and The Big Dipper are both gonna get some horizontal action tonight in Reno!”
Notes: Scott really enjoyed being unscripted, as he generally tends to do, even if the segment was a bit short and rushed as we moved him along.
Rating: B

In live action, we see Goldberg’s dressing room door. Security are standing in front of it and we hear him slamming lockers and in general banging around as he prepares himself for his match tonight.
Notes: This was short too, fans would have rather seen Goldberg instead of just hearing him.
Rating: B

We go to Mike, Scott, and Arn, who are talking about the match coming up next between “The Cat” Ernest Miller against Kanyon. But Mike says that he is getting word from the back that something is going on. Cameras are sent into action, and we find that a huge pull-apart brawl is going on between members of The World in Elix Skipper, Mike Awesome, and Shawn Stasiak, and the three Natural Born Thrillers! As the fight intensifies, “The Nature Boss” Ric Flair steps in, and he says that since their matches are all done anyways, he orders security to throw all six men out of the building! Separately, so that they don’t just keep fighting outside. Tenay says that it looks like their own problems have caused Lance Storm and Booker T to not have any backup or support during the Pride match later tonight!
Notes: Elix looked completely out of place among all the huge musclemen throwing haymakers, but O’Haire came across very well. Flair was a real star, taking charge of the whole situation.
Rating: B-


“The Cat” Ernest Miller vs. Kanyon
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Scott James
Ringside: None

This wasn’t a comedy bout like it tends to generally be with Miller, as this one is all business after Kanyon put out Ms. Jones. Kanyon plays a lot of keep-away, constantly pointing at his head as if he’s smart for doing so. “The Cat” catches him though, delivering a barrage of effective kicks. Kanyon takes back over with a russian legsweep, but isn’t able to get anything more than a near fall using several of his signature maneuvers. He definitely seems to be showing that he can run his own match better. Ernest Miller fights back, “Full of his own pride and fighting for Ms. Jones” says Mike Tenay, but when he goes for the Feliner kick, Kanyon ducks and it hits Scott James! The match spills outside the ring then, fighting up the aisle. Things turn strange when we get to the top of the entrance way, though…

Red lights flash over the competitors as strange, slow music plays. The lights suddenly turn out for a few moments, and when they come back on, the music has stopped, Kanyon is back in the ring – and Ernest Miller is covered in blood! “It’s a bloodbath out there,” shouts Scott Hudson, as “The Cat” is completely disoriented, making his way back to the ring even in his confused state. He walks right into the Flatliner, as Arn wonders what was in that liquid that made Miller so goofy. Tenay says that he hasn’t been so confused since he saw the trailer for Freddy Got Fingered; that movie just came out two days ago, WCW are hip, kids! Scott James seems confused, but he does his job and counts the 1-2-3 to give the bout to Kanyon.

The segment doesn’t close yet, as that strange music starts playing again. In the darkness of the red, flashing lights, Kanyon meets up with Daffney at the top of the aisle, with Vampiro standing above them! The music plays as Vampiro says that “Pride goeth before a fall… the sinners are everywhere, but we are the chosen who will lead them to the promised land.” Kanyon takes the microphone from him, saying that he used to be full of pride, always asking who is better than Kanyon. But he needs not ask questions anymore, because he is full of his own self-worth, thanks to Vampiro! Vampiro tells everyone that Kanyon has left behind his pride, his ego, just as Vampiro did. They have bonded together, along with Daffney, to cleanse WCW of its sins, and they will lead them all, all the sheep who are simply lambs to the slaughter, they will take all the sheep and all the sinners, and bring them into their promised land; “for salvation lies within our Dark Eden.” The lights go out, and the music stops when the lights come back on, but Kanyon, Vampiro, and Daffney are all gone.

Match Time: 8:50
Notes: The announcing lifted the match up. During the promo segment, Vampiro worked the crowd really well, his off-script freedom was utilized to his great advantage, and Kanyon also improvised quite well.
Ratings: C / B-

After shuddering about what we just saw, “Mean” Gene and Jeremy welcome their next guest to the interview area, none other than Booker T! Asking him about the Pride match later tonight, Booker tells them that he isn’t afraid for his achievements tonight, because just like when he won all those things, he is going to fight to his last breath. He tells Lance that when he strips him of all the Maple Leaf BS he’s been spouting for years, not to go hating the player; just hate the game.
Rating: C

Mike, Scott, and Arn throw us to a slightly abridged version of the recap video that we saw during the pre-show that led us to this match between Kevin Nash and Lex Luger.

“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash vs. “The Total Package” Lex Luger
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Nick Patrick
Ringside: Buff Bagwell, Madusa (Lex Luger)

All of Totally Buff are out, with Buff and Madusa remaining at ringside. The two of them get involved at any opportunity, stunting what Nash can do in the bout. But all in all, this is mostly just a match featuring two guys hitting their signature moves to get relative pops and jeers from the audience, depending upon who is hitting what. In the end, “Big Sexy” starts to hit his five moves of doom, pulling the straps down and setting up for the Jackknife. But Madusa grabs the attention of Nick Patrick, which allows Buff a chance to climb up the turnbuckle and hit the Buff Blockbuster on Nash! Buff helps Luger to lift Nash into the Torture Rack before leaving the ring, and Patrick can only call what he sees – which is an unconscious Kevin Nash in the submission hold. When Kevin is unresponsive, he calls for the bell, awarding the bout to Luger.

Madusa shoves Nick Patrick aside when he tries to tell Lex to put him down, when Bagwell enters the ring with a microphone. Buff tells Nash to just “Go home and stay there, while you can still walk there!” Bagwell touts Totally Buff, saying that Nash may have at one time been a new generation, but now he and Luger are leading “the Totally Buff generation!” Luger finally throws Nash aside, getting the microphone to scream at Nash that at one time, Nash was doing all the two and three and four man attacks, but that’s all dead now; Kevin has no friends left to attack anyone for him, he’s on his own and doesn’t have a good leg to stand on! “Leave WCW to Totally Buff – we’ll take it further than you ever could!” They finally leave the ring, allowing trainers and medical personnel to come help Nash up and out of the ring.

Match Time: 8:29
Notes: There wasn’t much selling in the match, but the star power alone got the crowd hotter. Madusa did some good work at ringside, and the announcing helped it come off better. The post-match also ignited the crowd, even though the color commentary was left lacking.
Ratings: B- / C+ / B

We see “Mean” Gene Okerlund shake his head in disbelief over what just happened as we cut to the WCW Panel! But mostly just Gene and Jeremy right now, as they throw it to a pre-recorded interview that they had with Lance Storm. Okerlund is asking Storm about the Pride match coming up later, with Storm telling him that he is going to be even more than just serious – he’ll be deadly serious when he steps into the steel cage against Booker T. Major Gunns bounces in joy behind Storm’s shoulder as he lists off Booker’s WCW career achievements; his ten World Tag Team title reigns, six World Television title reigns, three World Heavyweight championship reigns. Lance says that Booker needs to kiss those goodbye, because when he causes Booker to scream in pain that he submits tonight, which he’s caused him to do twice already in the past month, he won’t even be a player in his own game, because all of those will belong to Lance Storm and The World! “Don’t blame the player; don’t blame the game; don’t blame Canada, just blame yourself!”
Notes: Gene and Jeremy played off one another well, with Gunns helping Lance during this interview.
Rating: C

It’s halftime of the show, which means it is time for the WCW Panel to join us to talk about what we’ve seen so far this evening and what is to come. Tony, Chris, Gene, Jeremy, and Stevie are joined by Stacy Kiebler, who says that she has been absent from WCW because she has been watching and waiting for someone worthy of her managerial services. Stevie seems to have some more charisma as he talks about how he can’t wait for the Pride match, because it’s time to see Booker T “shut the slap-yap of that fruit booty bitch” Lance Storm. Tony says that the Pride match is all about the legacy of Booker T against the persona of Lance Storm, and their careers and perhaps even WCW may never be the same once the bout is over. They also talk about the Indian Strap match, with Jeremy and Chris both agreeing that they are so excited that their first few pay-per-view events with WCW have featured such huge main events. After talking briefly about what we’ve seen so far with Kid Kash surprisingly coming up short in his WCW debut and the attack on Kevin Nash, Schiavone sends us to a special look at an incoming new superstar to World Championship Wresting!
Notes: Tony and Jeremy performed poorly and Chris didn’t really come out of it looking very good.
Rating: C-

It’s another video featuring the man called Low-Ki, this time less about seeing him in the ring and more about his training regimen. It shows him decimating a heavy bag with his high impact kicks, and then some footage of him talking about how he may not be the biggest dog in the fight, but it’s more about the size of the fight in the dog. He is bringing his fight to WCW!
Notes: Low-Ki’s new gimmick is shown off as a legitimate style Bad Ass, which comes off as average. But by the end of the segment, fans already feel like he’s better at it.
Rating: F


Sting vs. “The Dog-Faced Gremlin” Rick Steiner
Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Charles Robinson
Ringside: None

Honestly, you’ve seen this match before. If you know how Rick Steiner wrestled in 2001 (repetitively, rarely selling, with somewhat dull brawling that the announcers treat as “hard hitting” or “methodical”) and you know how Sting wrestled in 2001 (mostly his big moves that pop the crowd, taking a beating in the middle of the match before coming back at the end) then you know how this match went pretty much note for note. Sting ends the bout by slipping out the back of an attempted Steiner Driver to hit the Scorpion Death Drop, getting the pinfall victory.

Sting takes some time to celebrate this win, slapping hands around the ring. He goes to the top of the aisle and starts making the “I want the belt” motion around his waist, showing that he wants the World championship again.

But what he gets isn’t Scott Steiner – it isn’t even Rick Steiner again, or even Midajah; he gets blindsided out of the curtain by Animal! The painted behemoth runs through a tired, weakened Sting, planting him on the concrete floor with a running powerslam! What has brought this attack on, and what is the state of “The Stinger” after it has been perpetrated?

Match Time: 13:51
Notes: I didn’t expect the crowd to be so hot before this match, so telling this match to lift the crowd fell flat. The angle after the match got the crowd very hot again, even though Arn’s color commentary didn’t come off well.
Rating: C+ / A

An abridged version of the Booker T vs. Lance Storm video that played during the pre-show runs, helping give time for the staff to set up the cage for the Pride match.

Pride Match
Booker T vs. Lance Storm

Announced Time Limit: No Time Limit
Official: Scott James
Ringside: Major Gunns (Lance Storm)

After the video and a brief intermission while the cage is set up, it is time for the Pride match! Mike, Scott, and Arn talk about the phrase that Tony coined earlier, that this is “Legacy vs. Persona” for these two athletes. Tenay likens Storm not being able to talk about Canada anymore to the soul searching that Mexican luchadores have to go through when they lose their mask, wondering if he would even be able to recover from such a huge blow to what he is so used to doing. They do add that as per the contract that was signed, Storm will be suspended from WCW if he talks about Canada being better than America after this match if he loses. Booker is in control at the beginning as soon as the bell sounds, roughing Storm up with some heavy body slams and a sidekick that has Lance reeling, trying to escape, but there’s nowhere he can go with the cage surrounding the ring! Lance uses his brain though, as he waits for a chance to dodge a leaping sidekick that puts Booker into the steel cage!

From there, Storm begins working over Booker, especially his left arm and shoulder – notably, the same arm that he caused Booker to tap out from on the final episode of Thunder. Mike Tenay does point out that this is different for Storm, as his usual offense is focused on setting up the Canadian Maple Leaf, but it shows how versatile Lance Storm really is. Booker may have a strong never-say-die attitude, but he gets tested very strongly here as Lance puts his arm through a meat grinder, applying submission after submission to it, going from short arm scissors to fujiwara armbar to a keylock. Each time, Booker refuses to give in, refuses to give up the career that he has worked so hard for! But it definitely doesn’t look good for him.

Lance does lock in the Maple Leaf, but it doesn’t cause a submission, as Storm had not set Booker up for it previously. What it does do, is help to slow Booker’s strong legs. However, Booker crawls over to the cage and actually starts crawling up the side of it, shoving Storm away – and he pulls himself up before hitting the Harlem sidekick! Booker drops to the mat and he hooks in a crossface, a hold that Mike says that he doesn’t think Booker has ever used before! Lance screams in pain, but he doesn’t give away his Canadian pride, refusing to give up as he rolls the hold over, and flips it into the armbar submission that he has used to make Booker tap out on two previous occasions! How much can Booker take?

The pain is excruciating, and Booker…

… starts to stand up! He only has one arm to use, but he gets up onto his knees, before rolling and throwing Storm across the ring!

The match ends up with Booker showing that he’s done some work on his aerial offense by flawlessly breaking out one of his old signature moves, the missile dropkick. The match moves airborne in other ways though, as Major Gunns finds a way to inject a steel chair into the match while Storm is standing on the ropes. Booker also stands up on the ropes, and the two men do battle above the ring, before Booker is able to take advantage and blasts Storm with the chair! He doesn’t fall to the mat, but he’s holding weakly onto the top of the cage. Lance is in a daze, and he tries to escape by going over the cage. But Booker follows him, and the two men throw punches at one another on top of the cage!

But Booker takes over again, and actually starts setting Lance up; he’s going to deliver the Book End! Is he going to throw him over the cage or into the ring?!

We never find out – Storm screams that he quits! The match is over!

Booker throws the limp Storm aside, letting him fall into the ring where Scott James is able to help give him a safe landing. Booker also goes back into the ring, but he stands on the top turnbuckles and starts celebrating this win! The fans cheer him on, as Booker has cemented his legacy tonight – and Lance Storm has lost Pride!

Match Time: 17:27
Notes: These two really got the crowd going here, with both of them showing great psychology for this spectacle. However they both struggled with living up to the slow build in their own ways, with Lance mostly using up his big repertoire of signature moves too early and Booker not performing to the level worthy of the build.

“Mean” Gene Okerlund and Jeremy Borash are walking backstage, with Gene telling Jeremy to “Just stand behind me, kid. Me and Goldberg go way back, I’m the only guy who’s allowed to even call him ‘Bill’ anymore. If you say the wrong thing to him, he’ll tear your head off! So you just leave this to me and keep quiet. Make sure you’re taking notes.” They get to the locker room door of Goldberg, with the security beginning to stop them until Gene tells them that he’s here for some words from Goldberg. Jeremy (behind Gene, so he doesn’t see it) shows them a press badge, and they allow them through. Gene (telling Jeremy “See, that’s how it’s done”) knocks on the door, loudly calling for Goldberg to answer. The door cracks open, and the icy stare of Goldberg glares at them. Gene, jovially, turns to look at the cameraman and starts off his interview spiel; “I am ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, and everyone, I am here for an exclusive interview with none other than ‘Da Man’ Goldberg! Goldberg, what can you tell us about your upcoming Indian Strap match against World champion Scott Steiner?” Goldberg glares at Gene, looking him up and down, before screaming “He’s next!” and slams the door, nearly taking the microphone right out of Gene’s hand! As they walk away, a flustered Gene says that this was “All your fault, Jeremy, you must have looked at him wrong! They ruined my damn interview!” Jeremy just shrugs at the cameraman as Gene blares on through the corridor.
Notes: This was kept brutally short, but what shone was the pairing of Okerlund and Borash.
Rating: B


WCW X Division Championship
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Announced Time Limit: 30:00
Official: Charles Robinson
Ringside: Tygress (Rey Mysterio Jr.)

Shane shows that he has learned from his match at the beginning of the month against Mysterio by stalling him out. It isn’t full-on Memphis heel territory, but he does slow the bout for a sparse few moments until Rey starts chasing him around the ring! But that is what Douglas was after, as he enters the ring and stomps the champion on his way in. The slow, methodical approach of “The Franchise” leads to plenty of potential comeback spots for the underdog Mysterio to utilize, as Shane looks to have been improving some of his in-ring performance before this match. The crowd are in stunned silence when one of Rey’s comebacks leads to a springboard that Shane actually turns into the Franchiser! But the force of the move sends Mysterio too close to the edge of the ring, and the time Shane has to take in order to pull him toward the center of the ring gives him the chance to get a shoulder up before the three count. Douglas tries to hook Mysterio up for the Pittsburgh Plunge, but Rey slips away before it can be hooked in, and he starts dazzling “The Franchise” with arm drags and spinning headscissors, before getting things in place and landing a springboard hurricanrana! There’s no flukey roll-up this time as Mysterio takes his time to hook the leg and Charles Robinson counts three to leave the new champion as the reigning champion on this night!

Match Time: 9:05
Notes: The match was kept a little short, but it achieved what it needed to in keeping the crowd buzzing.
Rating: B

The cameras follow the X-Division champion backstage, where right behind the curtain he meets up with Konnan and Billy Kidman. Tygress is pleased, asking when they go to the party, with Konnan telling her that they got one more pandejo to knock down and then it’s time to party hearty, chica! She turns to head out with Kidman, who, despite being all smiles and high fives for Rey, also jokes that when he’ll beat Jarrett quicker than Rey did to Shane. After that awkward moment passes, Konnan slaps Kidman’s shoulders and tells him to go bring home that gold, holmes!
Notes: Tygress’s ever present, bouncing personalities helped Rey and Kidman during this segment.
Rating: C


WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Billy Kidman vs. “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett

Announced Time Limit: 45:00
Official: Scott James
Ringside: Tygress (Billy Kidman), The Harris Brothers (Jeff Jarrett)

Jeff Jarrett doesn’t seem very amused at being part of a friendly wager between the Filthy Animals, as he brings the Harris Boys with him to the ring. They stand guard at the aisle like two looming pillars of destruction, just waiting for a chance to earn their pay. Hudson makes a reference to Bridget Jones’s Diary (since that movie is the top at the box office right now, WCW really are hip to you kids!) when Kidman makes Jarrett slip off the apron, saying that the clumsy Bridget took less pratfalls. “Double A” is playing his best Bobby Heenan impression by constantly deriding Kidman for making promises about how fast he could win this match, by keeping a timer going. Billy does nearly win the bout on several occasions, but in the end Big Ron and Heavy D play a part, grabbing the attention of Scott James while Jarrett gets the Acoustic Equalizer and blasts Kidman with it! After shoving the evidence away, he lifts the limp body of Kidman up in order to make a big show out of giving him The Stroke, covering him to retain his title.

Kidman may not have won the bout, but he showed a great fire in the match and made Jeff look bad a few times, and that doesn’t suit well with “The Chosen One”. Jarrett calls in his men, and they stomp him into the mat! Heavy D whips Kidman into the big boot of Big Ron, and they drop the H-Bomb on him as it starts to look as though Jarrett wants to put Billy out of wrestling entirely!

But out of the back rushes Konnan and Mysterio! Once the odds are a little more even they are able to push back, sending the Harris Boys out of the ring with a clothesline from “K-Dawg” and a spinning headscissors by Mysterio. Jarrett bails out of the ring, leaving the Animals all behind as he takes his championship with him. They may have kept Kidman safe, but it’s after the fact for him to bring home the title.

Match Time: 10:23
Notes: This match succeeded at calming the crowd, who had been just red hot previously and were in danger of blowing the roof off if they didn’t get a breather. Tygress did some good ringside work here, even if the color commentary didn’t hold up it’s end; the timer bit just wasn’t very good. Arn is getting better, I promise!
Rating: B- / C+

An abridged version of the hype video that we saw during the live pre-show airs to hype our main event! It’s time to strap them up!

The ring introductions wait until both men are in the ring, much like how a boxing or puroresu title match does. David Penzer gives his best job at hyping up both men by running through all of their nicknames. “Big Poppa Pump” flexes and poses, constantly running his mouth during his intro, but Goldberg is the visage of intensity. He barely moves a muscle, staring daggers through his opponent as the leather strap is fastened to each man’s wrist. The bell sounds, all the talking is through as we are ready to go!

Indian Strap Match
“Da Man” Goldberg vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Announced Time Limit: TV Time Remaining
Official: Nick Patrick
Ringside: Midajah (Scott Steiner)

The bell has barely sounded and Goldberg rushes forward and hits the Spear! Scott Steiner is down on the mat before he even had his bearings about him! Goldberg doesn’t get much further than that however, as Steiner rolls out of the ring. He tries to shake the cobwebs loose and starts leaving the arena – but he’s attached to Goldberg! “Da Man” starts pulling him back to the ring, and it’s a tug of war! Midajah enters the ring behind Goldberg and hits a low blow on him, and Steiner’s cocky smile returns immediately. He gets into the ring and starts beating on Goldberg with clubbing double axe handle smashes. He drops elbows on Goldberg’s back, doing all he can to make sure that Goldberg is unable to get on his own two feet. Once Goldberg finally looks like he’s down on the mat catching his breath, Steiner starts doing push-ups – but Hudson does point out that, unlike usual when Scott starts showboating like this, Steiner is keeping an eye on his opponent.

The no disqualifications and no count outs nature of this bout rears it’s ugly head as this match spills out of the ring. Much like the majority of WWF main event brawls from about three years ago, the match heads up the aisle as these guys just keep throwing clubbing punches at each other. The live crowd stay right with them rather than calling out how we’ve seen this before, as the two men involved here are definitely the top heel and face of World Championship Wrestling. The leather strap comes into play numerous times, with each man both giving and receiving some harsh slaps across the back with it. Scott shows that he has been training up his brawling for this match. Steiner takes over the match by moving out of the way of a Spear attempt, which sends Goldberg crashing into a stack of unused ring barricade pieces.

As the match comes back to the ring, Scott is growing cockier and mouthier as he slaps Goldberg’s head, before laying into his back with the leather strap. He finally gets tired of this, doing some push-ups right in Goldberg’s face as he taunts him relentlessly. “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” says that this is all over as he locks in the Steiner Recliner, using the strap around Goldberg’s throat to pull harder on the pressure. “Will this be all for Goldberg’s career?” questions Mike Tenay, as Steiner keeps screaming that “He’s done! It’s done! C’mon ref! It’s done!”

But is it?

Is it?!

No! Goldberg gets probably his third or fourth wind under him, and he starts getting to his feet, carrying Scott Steiner on his shoulders! He backs into the turnbuckle, breaking the hold, but Steiner recovers and turns Goldberg around with a spinning belly to belly suplex!


He is running completely on adrenaline as he grabs the leather strap and pulls Steiner off balance, and he hits him with the Spear! This time it has to be……

Time for The Jackhammer!

Goldberg goes for the cover!



Scott Steiner somehow kicks out! He escapes the Jackhammer! Goldberg looks frustrated, but not flustered. Commentary start debating on if anyone has ever kicked out of the Jackhammer in the past, this is almost inhuman between these two men! With plenty of struggle, he lifts Steiner off the mat, and he starts hooking him up – but Steiner turns the second Jackhammer attempt into a small package!




NO! Goldberg just barely broke free! Scott starts harassing Nick Patrick, saying that had to have been three! He shoves Patrick around, but finally (after a few loud expletives that probably shouldn’t even have made it on pay-per-view) he admits to it having been only a two count.


This Spear puts the wind right out of Steiner’s sails, and this time when Goldberg peels Steiner off the mat and hoists him over his head, the Jackhammer succeeds again! If Steiner kicked out of one Jackhammer, surely he can’t get out of a second one?




No kickout this time, this match is over!

Match Time: 19:59
Notes: David Penzer just looked tiny compared to the men he was introducing, but during the introduction, Steiner’s performance was good and Goldberg looked a real star. There was a bad lack of selling and psychology during the match. Scott was very suited to the brawl, and the crowd were made red hot due to the star power involved. Arn came off pretty weak on commentary.
Rating: B / B


WCW Live Post Show Coverage
The pay-per-view may have gone off the air officially, but we are back with the live coverage as Goldberg celebrates his big victory! Scott Steiner is being helped from the ring with Midajah at his heels, looking as concerned as her acting level will allow. (B+)

We go backstage to The WCW Panel, who talk about how exciting that main event was for all to witness! They talk over the replay of a few of the big moments from it, with all of them feeling like it was over during the Steiner Recliner and during the first Jackhammer. But the second Jackhammer closed the show with a huge moment, which Tony says will perhaps be looked upon as a moment that shook professional wrestling in years to come. (C)

Elsewhere backstage, cameras catch up with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard as they are heading out of the arena. They get some thoughts from the three men after the night of action we just saw, with Flair especially commending Goldberg and Booker T for rising above their enemies and being victorious. Arn jokes that it was the best action he’s called, before adding that he’s only called three shows in his life, and Tully laughs at Scott Steiner for losing such a big match. (B-)

The WCW Panel turn their attention to the Pride match, with Stevie Ray saying he told everyone that Book would take home the win. They question what impact this will have on Lance Storm in the future, now that he had to give up the match and his Canadian pride under threat of suspension from WCW. (D+)

Before the show closes completely, Tony gets word from the production staff that our main event is set for next Friday Nitro: Scott Steiner must get into the ring all over again and defend his World Heavyweight title against the man who was deemed the number one contender before WCW left TNT: Sid Vicious! After Steiner just went through such a huge, grueling match against Goldberg, are we going to be seeing a new champion this Friday? (C-)

Show Rating: B
This show raised WCW’s popularity in 8 regions.


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My Christmas gift to all of you! I hope you enjoy the show, and later on this week (probably Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday) I will be posting the winner for both the Pride and the three events prediction contest with a backstage segment from Eric that talks about the week that WCW had leading up to and following the show. I kept this show a little short in my opinion, but that should just make it easier for you all to read through for this busy time of year. Also, let me know what you think of the versus screen being the button to look at the matches! I think it looks a little neat myself, but I may be biased because I thought of it Have a great holiday, everyone!
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