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Default April 2003: Road to Unified

The Backstories:

The Unification

-We've been slowly building to this match basically from the moment we bought GAEA over the summer: the big title unification match, where Manami Toyota puts her WCW World title on the line against Aja Kong's AAAW Singles belt. This is a natural PPV headliner, and after both women came up big in the top two matches of our first Renaissance PPV back in January, I have high hopes here. This match was already made official with the contract signing, so the last two weeks of build were just about trying to get the fan interest even higher.

On the March 29th Renaissance, Toyota teamed with Meiko Satomura against Kong and Devil Masami in a big TV main event. Toyota won that match for her team by pinning Masami, but the heels got the last laugh by laying their enemies out to close the show. The champions were kept apart on the go-home show taped on April 1st (aired April 5th), where we aired pre-taped promos from the two women.
No Tomorrow

-After Etsuko Mita failed to regain the World title from Manami Toyota on the February 15th Renaissance, Chigusa Nagayo attempted to offer a little veteran wisdom and assure Mita that she'd have another chance at stardom. (A little strange since Etsuko's a 15 year pro, but Chigusa has her beat by eight years, so there!) Etsuko didn't appreciate it, saying that she didn't need any advice from a "washed-up former star." Thus began a war of words, though we kept them away from actually wrestling each other, wanting to save it for this show.
A Devilish Encounter for the Future Ace

-We view 23-year old Meiko Satomura as a potential future top star on Renaissance, and we make no secret of that on television. She's in for her biggest match yet on Unified, where she'll wrestle Devil Masami one on one. This feud started when Masami attacked Satomura backstage on the February 1st Renaissance. When asked to explain her actions, Devil said that she attacked Meiko for no other reason than that she could, and she felt like it. Satomura subsequently stood up for herself, refusing to be bullied, and also acted to try and stop her from attacking anyone else. The slow build led up to this being set up for the PPV.

As noted earlier, Satomura was on the winning side of a tag match with Manami Toyota against Devil and Aja Kong, only for Devil to put her to sleep after the match.
No Beauty in Playing Second Fiddle

-After Toshiyo Yamada won a singles match on the March 22nd Renaissance, Takako Inoue came into the aisle and taunted her, saying it was odd to see her actually standing on her own since all she's basically Manami Toyota's glorified sidekick. Obviously Yamada didn't take kindly to that, and a match was soon agreed to. On the go-home show, Toshiyo vowed to mess up the vain Takako's looks with some kicks to the face! It can be hard to build storylines with Toshiyo because talking on the microphone is not her strong suit at all, but she's really talented in the ring, as is Takako, so this should be a good one.
Ladies' Night in the UFS

-It just so happened that the Ultimate Fan Series finals between the Sin-free Society and Satyr's Hopeful Few coincided with this PPV, so it was only natural that we include the match between the Society's Daffney and Melissa Anderson from the Hopeful Few here. They've been at each others' throats for months now, along with their respective partners LuFisto and Nattie Neidhart. That portion of the feud ended when Our Generation beat Daffney and LuFisto on the March 22nd Renaissance, but the following week Daffney confronted Melissa backstage and told her she would have the last laugh by beating her and helping her team win the UFS (and naturally, she punctuated this with a laugh that resembled one of her high-pitched screams.)

The finals began on the March 24th Nitro, where Alexander beat Finlay to draw first blood for the Hopeful Few. CM Punk responded the following week with a win over Mortis, so the series is tied at one win apiece heading into this match. Whoever wins will put their team just one win away from ultimate victory, so I'm sure both team managers will be watching this one closely.
Rounding Out the Card

-There are two more matches on the show that didn't receive any noticeable build, though we did have some interaction between the women in question on the go-home Renaissance. Momoe Nakanishi will wrestle LuFisto, and that match was set up when Momoe pinned LuFisto with one of her famous sudden flash pins in an eight woman tag. That match also included Nattie Neidhart on Momoe's team and Shinobu Kandori on LuFisto's team, and those two women will have a match of their own.

Show Summaries:



Fan Scorecard:

WCW Women's World Championship/AAAW Singles Championship Unification Match: Manami Toyota {} vs. Aja Kong {}

Meiko Satomura vs. Devil Masami

Chigusa Nagayo vs. Etsuko Mita

Ultimate Fan Series Finals (#3 Sin-free Society vs. #4 Satyr's Hopeful Few): Daffney (Society) vs. Melissa Anderson (S.H.F.)

Toshiyo Yamada vs. Takako Inoue

Nattie Neidhart vs. Shinobu Kandori

Momoe Nakanishi vs. LuFisto

What will be match of the night?

General diary comments/questions/critiques:

Let me know what you think of the new format. Any comments and suggestions are welcomed and encouraged.

I was happy to get this done today, because tomorrow is WrestleKingdom day for me!

So a big thank you to TFC for giving me the opportunity to book WrestleMania XIX, I had a blast. So without further ado I present to you WrestleMania!
You did a good job with it! And thank YOU for setting all those contracts back a day so we can make sure WWE doesn't mysteriously lose like a fourth of their roster!

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Wow good job booking Mania! I'm utterly shocked that Scott didn't show up a drunken mess so that probably helped a lot.
I'm not sure if Hall was, but I can say for sure that X-Pac worked impaired because I had to handle that incident the next day (before I got rid of the user character controlling Vince.)

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Nice WM card, keep the pressure on good ole Bret ��

Looking forward to the continued rise of WCW
Pfft, my Nitro the next night got a better grade. I don't sweat WWE!
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