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Default April 2003: Unified Wrap-up

April 7th, 2003
On a plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

I really wish I had enough confidence in Tracy Brooks to let her be the sole color commentator on these Renaissance PPVs, but I knew my presence was needed in Sapporo for Unified. Still, having to hop straight onto a plane so I can be at Nitro is never fun. At least the PPV turned out well.

I made sure to praise Chigusa Nagayo and Etsuko Mita after the show for their match of the night, and also applauded Manami Toyota for performing at the 'ace' level for Renaissance. All three women seemed pleased. Now we're down to just the one singles belt for the brand, which was always the plan. I suppose we could possibly introduce a midcard title somewhere down the road, but I don't see a need for it right now. We will, however, be introducing tag team titles very soon, and that will be one of the major stories unfolding on Renaissance TV in between PPVs. While in Japan I also worked out a contract extension with Katarina Waters, who has been working in our developmental territory 5SSW. She seemed to want to come up to the main roster rather than signing an extension to keep her in 5SSW, so I agreed to bring her up to Renaissance imminently. We could probably use another body on the roster anyway, especially if we'll be doing more tag matches now.

I was in the midst of passing the time on the plane by reading The Summons, the latest book by John Grisham, when my open laptop dinged to let me know I'd gotten a new e-mail. I took a half-hearted glance out of the corner of my eye while keeping one finger in the book, but the book soon fell off my lap and to the floor, forgotten. I stared at the sender, and more importantly the subject line, with wide eyes. Was this for real? Surely it couldn't be.

Eagerly I opened the e-mail up, and my eyes widened further as I read its contents.

Vince didn't even try to improve his original offer, even though I told him yours was better and I was seriously thinking of taking it. Maybe he thinks I'm bluffing, but I'm not. Send the papers over to the house, and I'll have them signed as soon as I'm back home. See you when my contract's up next month, Hitman.

A smile slowly spread across my face as the message sank in. Maybe Vince was so focused on trying to steal my guys that he wasn't worried about protecting his own roster, or maybe he believed we were the bush leagues and no one would turn him down to jump ship. Whatever the reason, I'd just stolen one of the best wrestlers in the world right out from under his nose.

Your move, Vinnie.

Prediction Scores (out of a possible 8 points):

Satyr24: 6
Warhawk8492: 6

Kijar: 5
Happy0wns: 5
James The Animator: 5
kinnikuniverse: 5

K-Nection: 4
JMike: 4
DGenerationMC: 4
Theheel: 4
michgcs: 4
evileddie10: 4
jscotty: 4

Dead_Jester: 3
chrismday: 3
Rateddc: 3
GingeyOne: 3
Beejus: 3

DavidCorperial: 2
cbacon87: 2
KnowYourEnemy: 2

deanohbk: 1
bonnie: 1
Danny_H22: 1

If you're curious: Chigusa vs. Etsuko got an 88 (so on the high end of the B+ range, nearly an A) while the main event was an 83 (right on the fence of B and B+). The matches really weren't very close despite both technically being rated B+.

Originally Posted by DHK1989 View Post
Will a new WCW Women's Title belt eventually be revealed, or will they continue to stick with the old WWWA belt? Just curious.
I'll probably be sticking with the WWWA belt. Partially because I like the look and the heritage of it, and partially because my options for replacements are limited. There are a couple of different WCW women's title designs already with cuts I could use, but I'm not a big fan of the way either of them look. Plus I kind of associate those titles with the real WCW's previous attempt to establish a women's division, which was a complete failure.

Welcome to the board, by the way! Thanks for making your first post here!

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Loved this show! I know Toyota is going to be a great champion for you but it is interesting to see Mita holding it down in the midcard like she is! At the moment she is the clear number 2 as far as ring performances go in Renaissance. She has the long term potential of eventually winning that belt back one day.
Manami's the obvious choice as champion right now. She's the most over person on the brand, and the only one the game rates as an Excellent in-ring worker.

Etsuko's doing good work, but I'm not so sure she's the clear #2 right now. It feels like Chigusa Nagayo exceeds my expectations every time I put her in a match, and this show was no exception. She may be the second oldest person on the roster (Devil Masami being the oldest), but she's been doing a great job and is someone I feel like I can rely on to put on good TV main events.

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
YASS, my best prediction result yet! UFS, HERE I COME!!
The prediction contest for the UFS doesn't start until July.

As for the WWE side of the bidding war, it can't be jericho, as he just won the belt. I hope it's eddie and/or angle. I'd love krispin wah too, but...yeah.
Title or no title, you'd better believe Bret will be making a strong push to sign Jericho if and when he becomes available. Benoit....probably not.
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