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Default May 2003: Mayhem Wrap-up

Starting with the bad news: Teddy Hart broke his pelvis and will be out for a few months. That's a tough break, but he'll bounce back and we'll get things going with the Shooting Stars again. Until then, Kidman will be on his own.

In some cases, bringing in somebody from WWE and having them win a big match like Mayhem their first night in might have angered the locker room. That wasn't really an issue here though. Eddie still has friends here, including our current world champion. He's also someone many of our younger roster members were heavily influenced by and have great respect for, plus he's considered an all-around great guy. The only objection was from Dustin, but that had more to do with him believing he was a bigger star. It was only a minor complaint though, and he's still very happy with his recent booking overall. I also made sure to thank him for doing the favor during my post-show speech, in between praising Corino for his great performance and complimenting Goldberg with the assurance that he still has 'it.'

Mike and I made sure to stress Eddie's history in WCW during his entrance, basically reminding everyone that he first rose to prominence in the US with our organization. We're hoping to stave off accusations of relying on a 'WWE star' by really playing up his past with us and presenting him as a true born WCW star, and the initial reaction to that portrayal has been very good.

Knoble continues to grow more comfortable in his position as a slimy lackey for The Empire.

The fans didn't know what to make of Kaz Hayashi's "Objection!" sign. We're trying to play up the "Give Dragons a Chance!" thing by turning him into a cocky conspiracy victim, but it seems to have missed the mark. Hopefully the fans will warm up to it over time.

The fans are getting tired of seeing Rick Steiner, so we might need to move away from his simple bad ass character and try to come up with something new.

Fatu was a one night only deal. I couldn't resist the temptation of teasing our fanbase that this was going to be the big surprise entrant instead of Eddie. Fatu sure took his sweet time accepting my offer to appear on the show though. If he'd taken any longer to confirm, I probably would've called up Misawa and asked if we could fly in one of the NOAH guys on short notice.

Akira Hokuto has been checked out of rehab and cleared to return to the ring. Good news.

Prediction Scores (out of a possible 21 points):

((+3 = correctly predicted Satyr's Hopeful Few to win the UFS))

Rateddc: 16 ((+3))

Satyr24: 15 ((+3))
Kijar: 15

Happy0wns: 14
James The Animator: 14
kinnikuniverse: 14
crackerjack: 14

Smasher1311: 13

Uncrewed: 12
K-Nection: 12
michgcs: 12
deanohbk: 12
GingeyOne: 12
The Lariat: 12

The Pitbull: 11

cbacon87: 10
DHK1989: 10
jscotty: 10
ElectricX: 10
Theheel: 10

Danny_H22: 9
Dead_Jester: 9
Wolfman84: 9
Spirophore: 9
Cro Cop Rules: 9

bonnie: 8
Warhawk8492: 8
evileddie10: 8
chrismday: 8
Beejus: 8
DavidCorperial: 8

DGenerationMC: 7
JMike: 7
Nobby_McDonald: 7

Standings in prediction contest after three shows:

Kijar: 30
Satyr24: 30

Happy0wns: 28

James The Animator: 27
Rateddc: 27

kinnikuniverse: 26

Warhawk8492: 23

Theheel: 22
K-Nection: 22

michgcs: 21
Smasher1311: 21
crackerjack: 21

chrismday: 20
Dead_Jester: 20
DGenerationMC: 20

jscotty: 19
ElectricX: 19
GingeyOne: 19

evileddie10: 18
deanohbk: 18
Uncrewed: 18

DavidCorperial: 17
JMike: 17
The Pitbull: 17

Danny_H22: 16

Beejus: 15
Cro Cop Rules: 15
DHK1989: 15

Wolfman84: 14

Nobby_McDonald: 13
bonnie: 13

cbacon87: 12
The Lariat: 12

Spirophore: 9

Texasrangers13: 6
2Sweet: 6
KnowYourEnemy: 6

WilburTrey: 5
Ian carlisle: 5

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
WUT??? JOE EXCLUSIVE IN JAPAN??? Now that, I didn't see coming! How long is his contract? Since when are michinoku pro able to do written contracts??? Will you make a working agreement with them so you can bring joe back to the states?
M-Pro are at Cult, so they have the ability. I thought I'd set it up so all the Japanese companies with touring schedules would only bring in foreigners on touring deals, but I guess not. It was originally a three year deal, but I used the editor to shorten it to one year. My justification for that is I assumed they were only making a PPA or tour offer, and if I'd known they were offering him a written deal I would've swooped in and signed him. So I'll let them have him for a year, and then we'll see where we're at. By then I'll probably be ready to sign him. No need to do a working agreement. I'll wait until I can sign him to a written deal and use him full time.

As for new japan, look, I don't know if it's possible in game, but the way I see it, in real life, bret would have bought NJPW, and inoki would retire from NJPW, bret would hire a better booker ( presumably jado and gedo) and just let them run the show themselves, only providing them financial help. Basically, what disney does with marvel studios.
I'd love to do something like that, but it's not really possible. My only real options are to give them more money via the editor, or buy them out and either do title unification matches or turn them into a developmental territory. If I bought them, I'd probably go with the developmental option just so the heritage of NJPW could live on in some form.

Originally Posted by JMike View Post
EDIT: If you want WWE, a company who really doesn't have enough workers to have a brand split to have one, why not have them buy NJPW? That could really shake things up
Hmm...I took a look, and WWE currently has 57 active wrestlers (I'm assuming their women's division is counted into that.) They've got 10 main eventers and 10 upper midcarders. Is that a sufficient amount for the AI to maintain a brand split in the game? I don't know since I've never run a true split in TEW, so I'd like to hear if anyone has any insight to offer.

Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
Actually I could see the New Japan roster being very useful for a ECW brand....
The problem with that is none of those guys have any popularity in the US, so I'm assuming AI WWE would either use them as job guys or fire them outright.

Originally Posted by Danny_H22 View Post
It would be a shame to see NJPW disappear, so I wouldn't be opposed to you stepping in and either buying them or using the editor to save them.
I'd really rather not see them go away either. The Japan scene would probably be okay since NOAH is doing great and AJPW is healthy as well, but I have a personal attachment to NJPW since they're pretty much singlehandedly keeping me interested in modern wrestling. But even if they hold on financially and make it back to National, I think they're destined to be destroyed by the national battle. IIRC, the negative effects of losing a national battle are amplified if you have antagonistic relationships with the companies that beat you, and they have hostility with WWE and declared war on me after I ended our working agreement. I guess I could use the editor to get them out of debt and then limit them so they can't rise above cult.

Originally Posted by kinnikuniverse View Post
JAPANESE TABLES IS UNBREAKABLE! ( or is not crash, whatever!)
Jericho found a way! (He also cut his leg open though...)

Nice that Kendrick is getting support from punk. Is Paul London coming soon?
London's been down in Wildside as well. He's probably at the point that he's not improving much down there anymore, but he hasn't complained yet and I don't have any plans lined up for him, so I'm content to leave him down there for the moment. I'm not sure he'll be teaming with Kendrick when he does come up. I tried more than once to force Wildside to use them as a team, but they simply would never book them together, so they have zero experience as a team.

So, two Mexicans will headline the great American bash? EXCELLENTE!!!
Well, Mexican Americans.

Oh boy, you totally got me with rikishi!
Originally Posted by Uncrewed View Post
Amazing show! Loved the fake out with Fatu.
Originally Posted by JMike View Post
What a show! The Fatu fake out was great! Mysterio vs Corino was great! Eddie was great! Nigel McGuinness... huh? It's all great! I screwed up predictions and I don't care! I've waited so long for this and it all feels fine
Originally Posted by K-Nection View Post
I loved the Fatu swerve you threw in there!
Given that you all knew someone was coming in, I couldn't resist that little tease!

Originally Posted by Beejus View Post
It looks like Jeff Hardy isn't turning out to be the future of WCW right away, if he can't get over the psychology hump. I mean I guess that's about right because he didn't really turn into a major headliner in real life until like 2008? So he does legitimately have a few years to go before he can be a huge star. I guess in this world, Lance Storm just made him look like a million bucks and no one else is on his level!
Honestly, his in-ring skills in general aren't as impressive as one might think. I have 15 guys the game considers 'Excellent' in ring workers, and he's not one of them. (Neither is CM Punk, come to think of it.)

Originally Posted by James The Animator View Post
First off, I'm going to pat myself on the back for correctly predicting the winner of every single match (especially the Mayhem match).

Originally Posted by KnowYourEnemy View Post
Oh, but it was, and it was glorious in... ROH.

But, yes, Smooth is great choice here, suprised no one in the fed ever picked it up -- Alberto Del Rio or Juventud Guerrero, for example, would've done well with it.
You saved me the trouble of having to explain it! Yeah, I can claim no credit for Eddie getting "Smooth." I think it fits him really well though.

Personally, I would have booked him to come in under a mask and later reveal himself in a program with the champion -- I don't know what moveset he had as "Black Tiger" in Japan, but I think he wrestled at least a little differently. Really play up the "career long" rivalry between the two stars.

But, that wouldn't be as fun for the readers, so this was probably for the best.
A storyline like that can be interesting. I've even done something similar with Corino as Mr. Wrestling III in my ROH game, but I don't think think it would've worked in this scenario for a few reasons.

It's been many years since I've watched Eddie as Black Tiger, but I think a lot of his moveset was similar, aside from using the Black Tiger Bomb as his finisher. (He'll probably use it as a signature/second-tier finisher in here as well.)
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