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Default June 2003: Pre-Great American Bash News and Notes

Austin's been hitting the gym hard, and he's looking more ripped recently. If it's possible for the fans to view him as even more of a star than they already did, I guess this will help.

Nigel McGuinness impressed me at Mayhem and again the next night in his singles match with Minoru Tanaka, so I decided to sign him to a full-time deal. He reported to Wildside to further hone his skills.

Our Canadian TV deals with The Score (Nitro) and Much Music (Renaissance) were both coming due, and I was able to strike six month deals to move both onto Global TV. This is a nice step forward for Renaissance, but a massive leap for Nitro. The station heads aren't fans of wrestling in general, which may be why I couldn't get them to give us a prime time slot, but getting into more homes makes it a worthwhile tradeoff. Canada is the one region we're lacking in popularity, but this big increase in TV exposure will help change that. That's good, because I'd love to eventually run in my homeland more often than just the brief trip for the annual Calgary Stampede show.

This is a random one: Ric Flair did an out-of-character interview for a wrestling radio show recently, and he went on a huge rant about Jinsei Shinzaki, so I guess there are problems there.

Tracy Brooks signed an extension. I haven't been thrilled with her performance as the Renaissance color commentator so far, but she has shown some improvement and I don't feel like there are any more suitable options out there.

Akira Hokuto and Toshiyo Yamada both signed contract extensions to remain on the Renaissance brand.

Brian Adams agreed to a pay-per-appearance extension.

Kaori Yoneyama chose not to renew her contract so she could go work freelance. There's really nowhere else for her to work, but okay.

Elix Skipper asked for a pay raise, but I refused. He was furious about it, but he's welcome to leave if he wants.

Judgment Day was held at Yankee Stadium on May 25th. This show featured The Rock carrying recent call-up Leviathan to a great match in the midcard, as well as Kurt Angle retaining the ECW title against young Brock Lesnar in a great semi main. Both of those matches were slightly outperformed by the main event in which Jericho defended the WWE title against Big Show. It was their best PPV since No Way Out in February, but not as good as Mayhem.

Bad news for Jeff's group. Apparently they've been severely mismanaged and misled by their accountants from the very beginning, with Jarrett and the other people in charge having no clue how bad things were. They've lost millions upon millions of dollars, though based on what I've heard they aren't in financial crisis mode just yet.

The day before that news broke, they held their Retaliation event on May 26th. They brought in NWA champion Kazushi Sakuraba for the show, and he retained the title over Jeff Jarrett in one of the best matches in company history. Unfortunately that was only the semi main event, because Russo devoted the main event to Mantaur defending TNA's world title against BJ Whitmer. That match wasn't even close to the level of the one right before it, and it turned what could have been the group's best show by far into one right in their usual range.

They turned right around with 'Epic Event' on June 3rd. Mantaur was nowhere to be seen on this show, and it was to everyone's benefit. The main event was actually the best match on the show for a change, as Marc Mero and Sonjay Dutt won a tag match over Matt Sydal and Eddie Colon. This was on the same level as the Sakuraba/Jarrett match from the last show, and since it was in the main event spot, this wound up being the best show TNA has put on. Hopefully they learn from this.

Road Warrior Hawk is now a free agent after his contract expired.

They decided not to hold their annual Best of the Super Juniors tournament this year, but still called their sold-out Budokan show on June 7th 'Best of the Super Juniors' for some reason. That naming quirk didn't make sense, but foregoing the tournament was probably a good decision for the quality of the show. The main event in which Manabu Nakanishi beat Koji Kanemoto was a match of the year contender, and based on the strength of that match this was the best big event they've put on in years. Kanemoto has been their standout performer this year without question, so if I were them I'd go all the way and put the heavyweight title on him.

'Blue Army' took place on May 26th. This show was fine for their level, but nowhere near as good as the awesome string of PPVs they'd been on the past few months. Keiji Mutoh beat Takao Omori in a match well above anything else on the show. The next best match was the main event in which Hiroshi Hase and Genichiro Tenryu retained the Unified tag titles over Johnny Smith and Masanobu Fuchi.

They re-signed Sabu to a long term extension. I tried to jump in and sign him, figuring he'd be a natural fit with the new Van Dam/Heyman pairing. I probably could have gotten him if I'd pulled out all the stops, but it wasn't vital and I didn't want to make too long or large a financial commitment on him given his age and all the damage he's done to his body.

"Classy" Freddie Blassie passed away at 85. A nice guy who lived up to his nickname. He'll be missed.

Everyone has seen it coming for awhile, but Big Japan is officially out of business. The business has evolved past the hardcore fad at the turn of the century, and BJPW never adapted.

Zero-One's Heavyweight title was vacated when Ricky Marvin didn't return for the current tour, so Katsuyori Shibata beat Mr. Gannosuke to win the vacant title. That's an interesting choice since he splits time between wrestling and MMA.

Speaking of wrestlers who dabble in MMA, apparently Tomoaki Honma from Zero-One and DDT is going to give it a shot.

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: I didn't think this diary could get more interesting, but the backstories for this PPV have done just that! Lots of good twists and turns going into The Bash. Oh, and GO PATS
When you watch the movie Armageddon, do you root for the asteroid?

Originally Posted by Danny_H22 View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: the new format has really grown on me and I might adopt something similar when/if I ever revive my dynasty, it you donít mind.
I don't mind.

Out of interest, do you play with promotion loyalty on? And if so, who is loyal to WCW?
I can't figure out how to check it in-game, but I think I may have turned it off at some point, at least in the US. Corino still wound up with loyalty to me somehow, and Sting has had it from the beginning.

Originally Posted by GingeyOne View Post
General diary comments/questions/critiques: Awesome to see Heyman in the diary. I wonder what his manager / talking skills are like and if they are up to his run as CM Punk and Brock Lesnar's manager?
He's not the best talker in the company, but I think he'll be good enough to do the job.

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Fan Scorecard:

World Heavyweight Championship: Eddie Guerrero vs. The Unnatural vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. {©}
Unnatural is obviously here to take the fall and allow a true Eddie-Rey match at...BatB?
Like most of my multi-man matches, this is actually elimination style ala ECW. I've never liked the idea of a champion being able to lose his title without being beaten. Generally the only exception is the six man 'Cruiserweight Shootouts' I sometimes run, but those are to earn a shot at the title rather than being for the title itself. (There will probably be a different match in a couple of months that will go against everything I just said, though. )
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