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Default July 2003: Road to Wrestlemarinepiad

The Backstories:

Crowning New Champions

By early June there were four teams left in the tournament to crown new Women's World Tag Team Champions. In an all-babyface battle on June 7th, the veteran leadership of Chigusa Nagayo played a crucial role as she led the way for herself and Meiko Satomura past Our Generation. June 14th was headlined by Manami Toyota and Toshiyo Yamada taking on Aja Kong and Devil Masami. It was a sensational main event; the best in Renaissance history, the best women's match in many years, and almost certainly the best women's match ever broadcast in the United States. It probably should have been the finals, but instead it was merely the semis. Regardless, Masami trapped Yamada in a sleeper, and Toyota could do nothing but watch her partner fade away since the team had already used their one allotted save. That meant it was official: it would be Nagayo and Satomura against Kong and Masami to determine who would become the champions.

On June 21st it was revealed that the final match to decide the new champions will take place at the next Renaissance PPV, Wrestlemarinepiad (a mouthful, but it's an old All Japan Women's event and I figured I might as well make use of it) on July 6th. Both teams cut pre-taped promos to hype the announcement. Nagayo and Satomura were focused squarely on the prize, while Masami made sure to mention how happy she was to have the opportunity to get her hands on Meiko again after her stunning flash pin defeat at Unified.

After a squash win on the 28th, Kong and Masami began bragging about how they were going to dominate the tag team division and would eventually retire with the belts due to lack of competition, but Nagayo and Satomura came out to warn them not to get overconfident. They were more than capable of winning the finals, which Kong and Masami knew VERY well after Meiko pinned Devil at Unified! That did not go over well with the heels.

The go-home show saw Satomura do it again, this time pinning Kong in a singles match that also saw Nagayo brawl with Masami on the outside of the ring. This match is currently slotted as the main event, but I'm second guessing that call after Satomura and Kong's match was good but not great.
An Ultimate Opportunity

One week after their elimination in the semifinals of the tag team title tournament, Our Generation chatted about what was next. They agreed that they were going to keep their eyes on the prize and try and work their way into a title shot against whoever emerged as champions, but in the meantime Melissa hinted that she had "big plans" for the near future.

We found out what that meant on June 21st when Melissa asked Manami Toyota to come to the ring. She talked about how much she respected Manami and how close she thought she came to pulling the upset in their UFS match back in February. Her team had kept her hopes alive, and she was happy to have done her part in their ultimate victory by winning her final match against Daffney. That meant she had another chance at Manami, this time for the title, and since she and Nattie were out of the running for the tag belts, she was going to use that chance at Wrestlemarinepiad. Champion and challenger shook hands to seal the deal, showing their mutual respect.

Toyota took on Melissa's Our Generation partner, Nattie Neidhart, in a non-title match on the 28th. Melissa accompanied her partner to the ring and offered her moral support. Things momentarily got tense when Anderson seemingly inadvertently got in the way when Toyota was preparing a flying attack to the floor, but Melissa did not get physically involved and watched on as Toyota defeated her partner.

The two women had a sit-down interview in the middle of the ring on the go home. Manami said she respected Melissa and thought she was a good young wrestler and might be able to become a world champion some day, but she was not at that point yet and Sunday was not going to be her night. Melissa also expressed her respect for the champion, but said that she didn't intend to leave Wrestlemarinepiad empty-handed. I planned for this to be the semi main event, since it's an all-babyface match and also to give the tag titles the spotlight and establish them as important. But do I dare leave the star performer on the brand out of the PPV main event? I'm not so sure.
A Returning Darkness

The meaning behind the mysterious vignettes about the darkness that would soon envelop Renaissance became clear after Kyoko Inoue's win over Allison Corino on June 7th, when she was attacked by--

The returning Akira Hokuto! After laying Kyoko out with a Northern Lights Bomb, Hokuto grabbed the microphone and proclaimed that darkness had fallen on Renaissance. Hokuto returned to action with an easy victory over Mary Apache on the 14th, after which Kyoko confronted her and said she isn't afraid of the darkness and she isn't afraid of her either. The two women were on opposing sides of a tag match on the 21st, and Hokuto pinned Momoe Nakanishi to secure the win for herself and Etsuko Mita. It was announced the following week that Inoue and Hokuto will go one on one at Marinepiad.

Kyoko got her hand raised against Daffney on July 5th, but after the match Hokuto appeared on the video screen and told her she might be feeling great at the moment, but she would fall into darkness at Wrestlemarinepiad. Still unimpressed, Kyoko said she would see her there--and she'd leave the lights on for her. It's great to have Hokuto back from rehab, but she may need a bit more time to get back into the swing of things before she's ready for true main event consideration.
Payback is Beautiful

After Nattie Neidhart beat Toshie Uematsu on the 21st, she was suddenly attacked by Takako Inoue. Inoue flipped her hair and explained that she'd targeted Neidhart because she and Melissa Anderson eliminated her team in the first round of the tag tournament. Those belts would've looked great around her waist, but now that that was ruined, she would make Nattie pay by rearranging her face so she'll look uglier than her dad The Anvil!

Takako reared her head again the following week when Nattie took on Manami Toyota in a non-title match. She didn't directly interfere, but her presence at ringside couldn't have helped the concentration of Nattie, who would've been an underdog against the world champion no matter the circumstances. The two rivals met in tag action on the go home show, with Nattie and her partner Toshiyo Yamada prevailing over Takako and Sonoko Kato. Now they'll go one on one on the PPV. Nattie's probably the non-Japanese woman on the brand who's closest to becoming a top tier worker, and Takako is a reliable heel hand, so this should be pretty good.
A Clear Path to Success

Sonoko Kato took the mic after a squash on the 21st and said she was tired of not having the chance to show her skills in big matches, specifically on PPV. If it were up to the matchmakers she would surely be left off of this PPV just like the first two, but she was going to take matters into her own hands. And how was she going to do that? By defeating the regular partner of the current World Champion, Toshiyo Yamada! Yamada, looking annoyed, stepped out from the back and nodded her acceptance of the challenge. Yamada watched from the aisle on the 28th as Kato picked up another singles victory, but it was Yamada who got the win in a tag match against her rival on the go home show. Kato was previously glorified enhancement talent but she wanted a bigger role, and with her talent level I had to agree with her. She makes her PPV debut here.
No More Mist!

Allison Corino was technically the winner over LuFisto on the 28th, but she didn't look much like a winner laying there with Daffney's mist covering her face at the end of the match that was ruled a disqualification. The mist attack did not sit well with Alexis Laree, who ran to the ring and chased them off. After checking on Allison, she said that she was tired of Daffney and her mist, and she was challenging the two of them to a tag match against her and Allison. Daffney accepted the challenge and threatened to cover them BOTH in mist when it was all over!

Daffney attempted to use her mist once again during a match against Kyoko Inoue on July 5th, but Alexis and Allison ran down and called the referee's attention to it. Daffney's tactic was stifled and she went on to stare up at the lights minutes later. Alexis and Allison are two of the more promising prospects on the brand so it's good to get them PPV time here, and obviously the chemistry of Daffney and LuFisto will help give this match a boost.
Let's round out the show, shall we?

It's a match that has received no build, but we've also announced that 'flash pin expert' Momoe Nakanishi will take on former judoka Shinobu Kandori. It should be a decent match despite the lack of story (and also despite Kandori's occasional backstage problems.)

We've also promoted Eric Bischoff having a 'surprise' for Etsuko Mita that he will present in person.

Show Summaries:


Notes from this show:
-All four women worked hard in the main event, but Chigusa was definitely the standout.


Notes from this show:
-I'm not sure what Katarina Waters did, but I guess she broke some unwritten rule, because Dusty brought her before the wrestler's court.

-This was Hokuto's first match since checking into rehab last August, so it was natural that she still had some signs of ring rust. I had that match called in the ring, which was a mistake since Mary Apache really isn't ready for that.

-Handa and Sakai clashed horribly as a team. Sakai's enhancement talent and Handa was only here for one night, so no big deal.


Notes from this show:
-Sumie Sakai brightened the atmosphere backstage just by being so cheerful and greeting everyone politely.

-I hear that Joey Styles brought in a video game system for the women to play during their downtime.


Notes from this show:
-I hear Akira Hokuto had the rest of the locker room cracking up when she spiked her hair up like her old friend Bull Nakano and did a perfect impression of her.

-Melissa Anderson kept the good mood going by bringing in the latest WCW video game, Revenge 2003, which includes many of the top Renaissance women as playable characters for the first time.

-Corino and LuFisto didn't work too well together as opponents.

7/5 (taped 7/1):

Notes from this show:
-Manami Toyota entertained the girls with some anime-style drawings. I hear that the anime version of Aja Kong got huge laughs.


Fan Scorecard:

Women's World Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: Chigusa Nagayo and Meiko Satomura vs. Aja Kong and Devil Masami

Women's World Championship: Melissa Anderson vs. Manami Toyota {}

Kyoko Inoue vs. Akira Hokuto

Nattie Neidhart vs. Takako Inoue

Toshiyo Yamada vs. Sonoko Kato

Alexis Laree and Allison Corino vs. Daffney and LuFisto

Momoe Nakanishi vs. Shinobu Kandori

What will be match of the night?

What is Eric Bischoff's 'surprise' for Etsuko Mita?

General diary comments/questions/critiques:

This show officially begins the contest to decide the field for the next Ultimate Fan Series, so don't miss out!

Originally Posted by James The Animator View Post
I think you should let Rock go to Hollywood. I wanna see what kind of wacky things WWE books with their biggest star not there anymore. Who knows, when the guest booker takes over, they could make a new top star for the Fed!
I think the guest booker spots actually have the potential to help WWE a lot in the future, even if it stays at only three big PPVs a year. Brock Lesnar is a really interesting case study for that. The AI wasn't using him as anything special and actually jobbed him a lot, but the guest bookers would always do something with him that gave him nice overness boosts. Rateddc put the IC title on him at Mania, and now he autopushes as an upper midcarder and the AI actually books him pretty competently. He's only lost two matches since Mania--an ECW title challenge against Angle on PPV, and a six man tag on Raw where his opponents were Angle, Big Show and Regal, all upper card guys. He's had 7 wins mixed in with those 2 losses, so rather than killing the gains the guest bookers gave him, they AI has actually gotten him a little bit more over. If the guest bookers continue to book Brock well on PPVs, he could eventually wind up as a main event player for WWE--and his 100 star quality could make him a major factor in the national battles. If the guest bookers can succeed in helping guys like Cena and Orton get over too when they get called up, it could make a major difference in keeping WWE competitive despite the AI.

Originally Posted by DGenerationMC View Post
Let Rocky go, you want to win don't you?

Honestly? I don't know if I really want to completely "win" in the sense that I drive WWE out of business. Overtaking them for the #1 spot is a goal, and I even wouldn't mind if I knocked them down to Cult, but I think the game world will be more interesting if they can stay alive. If it got to that point I could always buy them out and do an invasion angle, which I think could be interesting. But if that happens I'll probably weave some kind of story that either gives a massive artificial boost to an existing company like TNA and turn them into a major player, or introduce a new promotion that comes in big. I guess what I'm saying is I don't want a monopoly.

Originally Posted by Jazz49ers View Post
I say keep Rocky in wrestling. But maybe set him to be a movie star, so that every once in a while, he'll leave to film a movie?
He's already set as a movie star, but I'm not sure if he's ever left to do a movie. I don't see any long gaps in between matches that would suggest he was gone for more than three weeks or a month, and I'm assuming the movie sabbaticals last longer than that.

Originally Posted by Satyr24 View Post
l Know i'm still kicking my self should of had faith in my boys
You still took first place in the contest, so it's not like it cost you. It's just fun to tease you about it.

Originally Posted by Hashasheen View Post
So it's really up to you if you want Rocky to go away, but if it's a matter of game balance then there's really no reason why you couldn't have Vince nick one or two of your more suitable stars.
That yearlong sim I did to test the viability of a WWE brand split suggested that WWE might try and do that themselves, if you look at the list of names they stole from WCW. (They're stealing Dustin over my dead body though!)

Originally Posted by cbacon87 View Post
I'd say do what you think is best for the game, as opposed to what's more realistic, at least in this instance.
This is probably the way I need to look at it, yeah.

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