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Default WWF WrestleMania III (03-29-87)


Ted DiBiase made his WWF in-ring debut against Rick Martel, in which DiBiase won in 6:56 With the Million Dollar Dream. (C,63)

WWF WrestleMania III

March 29th, 1987

From the Pontiac Silverdome in Detroit, Michigan

Attendance: 93,173 (Sold-Out)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura


Vince McMahon welcomes everyone to WrestleMania III and announces that 93,173 people are in attendance, which is a new attendance record. Afterwards, McMahon introduced the fans to the "Queen of Soul", Aretha Franklin, who performed "America the Beautiful" to kick off the show.

Winner Earns WWF Intercontinental Title Match

15-Man Battle Royal

Brutus Beefcake Vs. Bob Orton Jr Vs. Brad Rheingans Vs. Butch Reed Vs. Dino Bravo Vs. George Steele Vs. Jim Duggan Vs. Jim Powers Vs. Kamala Vs.
King Kong Bundy Vs. Koko B. Ware Vs. Paul Ordnorff Vs. Paul Roma Vs. S.D Jones Vs. Tito Santana

The match kicks off with everyone going after everyone, with every man trying to come out of this as the winner. The Young Stallions attempted to get King Kong Bundy eliminated, but Bundy was too much to overcome and he ended up eliminating them both.

Eliminated: Paul Roma & Jim Powers

The Canadian Strongmen, Dino Bravo recognized the team of Paul Ordnorff and King Kong Bundy and attempted to break that teamwork up. While he attempted to do so, Koko B. Ware battled it out with Brad Rheingans and eventually eliminated Rheingans to earn himself an elimination.

Eliminated: Brad Rheingans

Dino Bravo was almost successfully able to eliminate Paul Ordnorff after breaking up the teamwork between him and Bundy. Although, King Kong Bundy came to the save last minute and racked up his third elimination when he eliminated the Canadian Strongmen.

Eliminated: Dino Bravo

Jim Duggan quickly went after King Kong Bundy, as did Kamala, as both big men tried to eliminate perhaps the biggest men in this battle royal. Ordnorff came to the rescue and helped Bundy but at the cost of rescuing him, Duggan got Ordnorff out. However, Bundy avenged his fellow teammate by eliminating Duggan.

Eliminated: Paul Ordnorff & Jim Duggan

S.D Jones and Tito Santana was battling it out on the other end, with neither men getting the advantage over each other. S.D Jones came close to the elimination but Butch Reed came out of nowhere and delivered a double clothline, eliminating both men. Reed's double elimination made for a strong debut on his first PPV.

Eliminated: S.D Jones & Tito Santana

Kamala retreated from his battle with King Kong Bundy, as he was on the verge of being next on the list of guys who were eliminated. "Cowboy" Bob Orton was determined to take out the seemingly exhausted King Kong Bundy, but as soon as we went after him, Bundy lifted him over his shoulders and over the top ropes.

Eliminated: Bob Orton Jr.

Afterwards, Koko B. Ware is shown fighting Brutus Beefcake, while Butch Reed is fighting in the corner with George Steele. Kamala went back on the offense of trying to bring King Kong Bundy down and was very close to doing so. Bundy was almost eliminated but he was able to fight back with some hard-hitting elbows. Butch Reed saw that Bundy was a big threat in this match and turned his attention onto him. He began to help Kamala out, but it just wasn't quite enough. Bundy began to fight back again, but more help came with Koko B. Ware. The three men pulled together and was finally able to eliminate Bundy from the match.

Eliminated: King Kong Bundy

All three men began to show signs of exhaustion after that big elimination, which helped Brutus Beefcake quickly take advantage and eliminate Koko B. Ware.

Eliminated: Koko B. Ware

We were now down to only four men in this match, Butch Reed, Kamala, Brutus Beefcake and George Steele. Steele, not knowing who to go after, attacked Beefcake and both men began fighting. Reed took this time to restore some of his energy. until Kamala went after him. Beefcake and Steele fought endlessly, until Beefcake finally got the advantage he needed and earned himself the elimination.

Eliminated: George Steele

"The Natural" Butch Reed and Brutus Beefcake knew they were at a disadvantage when it came to Kamala, which led to both men working together attempting to get Kamala eliminated. Kamala wouldn't get tossed out without a fight, but eventually the strength of Reed and the help from Beefcake helped get Kamala eliminated.

Eliminated: Kamala

It came down to Butch Reed and Brutus Beefcake as the last two men in the ring and with a chance to headline the next PPV for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Reed went after Beefcake instantly, trying to get him out. While, Beefcake did his best to prove himself as a singles competitor. Both men brought the fight to each other, as they wanted to make a name for themselves at WrestleMania. Eventually, Reed showed he had a slight bit more stamina left in the tank then Beefcake, as he began tossing strikes at Beefcake, who was looking lost. Reed eventually delivered a Gorilla Press Slam and threw Beefcake over the top ropes to win his first PPV match and earn himself a future WWF Intercontinental Championship match.

Eliminated: Brutus Beefcake

Winner: "The Natural" Butch Reed

Most Eliminations: 5 (King Kong Bundy & Butch Reed)

Match Time: 9:32

Finish: Reed eliminates Brutus Beefcake to earn the victory.

Full Nelson Challenge Match

Billy Jack Haynes Vs. Hercules (/w Bobby Heenan)

We now had the Full Nelson Challenge match, in which was a basic match with the ending having to be a Full Nelson submission victory. Billy Jack Haynes knew that this was his moment to shine, all he had to do was overcome the massive strength of Hercules. He attempted to do so in the early going, but Hercules brought him down with some strong grapples. Hercules attempted the Full Nelson early, but Haynes was able to escape in time. Haynes began to deliver some left and right blows to Hercules, who was becoming dazed by the punches. Haynes tried the Full Nelson himself, but Hercules was able to get out and dominate afterwards. It wouldn't be long until Hercules finally stole Haynes' moment and made him tap out to the Full Nelson.

Winner: Hercules

Match Time: 8:26

Finish: Full Nelson by Hercules leads to submission.


Backstage, the audience was welcomed a celebrity guest interviewer of "Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker. Uecker announced his guest tonight as the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan. Uecker asked Hogan on how he was feeling about the biggest match in his life in front of 90,000+ fans packed here in the Silverdome. Hogan responded that he has never been more prepared for a fight than he is tonight. Hogan added that words could never express how thankful he is for each and every one of his Hulkamaniacs, who came out here tonight to witness him slay the giant. Hogan finished up the interview by throwing one direct message to his opponent, Andre The Giant.

Hulk Hogan: "Andre, all of these people here and around the world used to look up to you. You were once my friend, and yet you threw that bond and the support from the fans, all away. You threw it all away and for what? To be another one of Bobby Heenan's goons? Look at where it got you now, brother! A showdown between you and me, here at WrestleMania III, in front of 90 thousand Hulkamaniacs here in the Silverdome and millions more around the world. Andre, whenever it's all over, I hope that you can live with the decision that you made and more importantly, with yourself. Because when it's all over, you're going to realize that you threw it all away for NOTHING! So, Andre, whatcha gonna do when 93,173 Hulkamaniacs run wild on you?!"

Hair Vs. Hair Match

Adrian Adonis (/w Jimmy Hart) Vs. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

One of the most anticipated matches was about to happen as Adrian Adonis and Roddy Piper looked to square off in what could possibly be Piper's last match in professional wrestling. The hate between these two men was clear enough ever since Adonis' Flower Shop that had replaced Piper's during Roddy's absence.

Both men were eager to show that they were the better men, knowing that the winner would get to shave the hair of the loser and cement a WrestleMania moment. Both men fought each other to the edge numerous times and looked like any one of them could come out of this as the winner. Jimmy Hart did his best at ringside to distract Piper, so that Adrian could get the advantage. Both men had a very intense and physical match throughout, but eventually, Piper fell for Hart's distraction.

The distraction helped Adonis apply the Goodnight Irene submission hold, Adonis began to smile as he was confident this was the end. The smile only got bigger from there, as Piper began to fade fast. The referee checked on Piper to ensure he was not unconscious and almost called the match off, until Piper began to show that he still had some fight left in him. Using the last of his strength, Piper was able to reach the ropes and the referee declared rope break.

Adonis was frustrated and began to go after Piper, but Piper threw the offense to Adrian and started to make a comeback, which the fans cheered loudly for. After a few punches, Piper went for his famous Sleeper Hold and had the hold locked in good. Hart began to shout some words of encouragement through his microphone but they did no good for Adonis. The referee checked on Adonis and after 5 seconds of no response, the referee declared Adonis unconscious and announced Roddy Piper as the winner of the match.

Winner: "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Match Time: 11:11

Finish: Sleeper Hold from Piper led to referee's decision.


The sleeper hold from Piper really paid off in the aftermath, as it helped Piper cut Adrian Adonis' hair with ease. Piper was in no rush, as he took his time, playing to the crowd and taunting Jimmy Hart, who was at ringside panicking. After his enjoyment with Adrian, Piper decided to go after Jimmy Hart with the scissors, who ran around the ring terrified. Hart hurried in the ring to wake Adonis up, Adrian woke up as Hart quickly ran out the ring to escape Piper. Outraged by his hair being cut off, Adonis tried to attack Piper, who was in the ring. Piper blocked his shot and sent him over the top rope. Hart hurried to Adonis' aid and covered his head up with his jacket, as they escaped up the ramp.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper celebrated inside the ring, as fans gave him a standing ovation as Piper's future in wrestling was uncertain.

WWF World Tag Team Championships

Normal, Tag Team Match

The British Bulldogs Vs. The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation was on their own in this match, as Jimmy Hart would not be seen for the rest of tonight after almost losing his hair to Roddy Piper. The absence of their manager didn't bother The Hart Foundation, as they looked calm and collective in this match. They clashed with the former champions in an exciting contest that continuously went back and forth. The excitement of this match proved that these two teams were the best in the WWF today and they didn't fail to live up to the fans expectations. Both teams made frequent tags, double team moves and had multiple near falls for both sides.

The Hart Foundation looked great and seemed like they were on the verge of defending their tag team titles, but Davey Boy Smith reclaimed the momentum with his strength over Bret Hart. He went on a tear on both Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart, as he looked unstoppable and really made this match look good for The British Bulldogs. However, an accidental bump to the referee, Dave Hebner, made The British Bulldogs lose momentum. Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart tried to cheat their way into earning momentum as the referee was down but instead something else happened...

Danny Davis, the crooked referee who helped The Hart Foundation defeat The British Bulldogs for the tag titles back in January, made his arrival. He took over the referee job of Dave Hebner and The British Bulldogs were not pleased. The surprise arrival of Danny Davis, helped tag team champions get the upper hand. As Jim Neidhart went after Dynamite Kid on the outside, the attack distracted Davey Boy Smith and it helped Bret Hart get the victory roll over Smith. Davis made a fast count of the pin and declared The Hart Foundation as the winners. Davis quickly escaped with The Hart Foundation, as The British Bulldogs stood in the ring furious over what just happened.

Winners: The Hart Foundation

Match Time: 12:03

Finish: A Victory Roll from Bret Hart on Davey Boy Smith led to a fast count by special guest referee, Danny Davis.


"Mr. Baseball" Bob Uecker returned backstage, where he held another interview session about the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, only this time it was Andre The Giant. The interview was mainly Bobby Heenan answering Uecker's questions, while Andre stared down Uecker, who did his best to not seem nervous by the giant. Heenan discussed his displeasure with the battle royal but said that Hercules proved exactly why he's the alpha male of The Heenan Family. Now while The Heenan Family have enjoyed a little bit of success with that win, Heenan promised more to come.

Bobby Heenan: "I must say I'm quite disappointed that neither Bundy or Ordnorff couldn't get the job done. However, I can say that I'm impressed with "The Natural" Butch Reed to come out victorious. The guy has the size and skills to make it big and he'll be on my radar. I'm not impressed with Hercules winning, because I already knew he would. They don't call him the master of the Full Nelson for nothing now! Coming up, the great Harley Race will make that mutt that they call the Junkyard Dog, bow down. Whether he likes it or not, he'll be force to bow down to the king of the WWF. If that wasn't enough for you Bob, then get a load of the main finale! This man right here by my side will destroy Hulk Hogan and prove why he made the best choice for his career. So, all you so-called "Hulkamaniacs" get prepared for the biggest disappointment of your life."

Loser Must Bow Match

Junkyard Dog Vs. Harley Race (/w Bobby Heenan)

Junkyard Dog came out to the arena with a huge pop from the Detroit, Michigan crowd. Harley Race came out to a negative reaction, but it didn't faze the self-proclaimed king none. The match started off hot, with Junkyard Dog looking to beat some sense into Race. Though, Race looked like he wanted nothing to do with Junkyard Dog, as he left the ring multiple times. Junkyard Dog finally had enough and went out chasing Race. This led to Race getting into the ring quickly and as soon as Junkyard Dog got into the ring, Race went on an attack. He was able to get some good momentum in but it wouldn't last long, when Junkyard Dog rebounded on the offensive end. Junkyard Dog delivered several punches to Race's face, which followed by a body slam.

Afterwards, he went for his signature Dog Headbutts, as Bobby Heenan looked on nervously. He then finished the match off with a big Thump to earn the pinfall victory.

Winner: Junkyard Dog

Match Time: 9:43

Finish: Thump! By Junkyard Dog leads to Pin.


After the match, Junkyard Dog began to wait on Harley Race to bow down to him, as that was a part of the match stipulation. Race tried to reason with him, but Junkyard Dog wasn't having any of it. Bobby Heenan then got involved and began to yell at Junkyard Dog. Race took advantage of the distraction and delivered a hard strike to Junkyard Dog's jaw. Race and Heenan hurried out of the ring before he could get them. Junkyard Dog stayed inside the ring to play to the crowd.

Normal, Singles Match

Jake Roberts Vs. Honky Tonk Man

This was Jake "The Snake" Roberts' night of revenge and he made that clear the moment the bell rang. Roberts hit Honkey Tonk Man with various jabs, clothlines and kicks, sinking in the enjoyment he was getting for that guitar shot he took to the head awhile back. HTM just looked lost without Jimmy Hart by his side and executed poorly on the offensive end. Roberts wasn't taking no loss tonight and he made sure to stay on HTM in case he tried taking an easy way out by losing to count out. HTM did just that too, but Roberts was quick to follow and stay on the offensive end throughout.

This was clear in the books for Roberts, but HTM turned it all around when he raked Roberts in the eye. HTM followed up on the offense and didn't waste a minute to execute the Shake, Rattle and Roll finisher of his. HTM was confident that he had the match won, but Roberts would end up breaking out at 2 in a half. Jake reclaimed control of the match and ensured that that was the closet Honky was going to get to a win against him. The momentum of Roberts, eventually led to his finishing DDT and a pinfall in which the referee declared Jake Roberts the winner.

Winner: Jake Roberts

Match Time: 10:54

Finish: DDT by Jake Roberts leads to Pin.


Jake Roberts celebrated the victory for a brief minute, as he seemed to be relieved to have finally earned his revenge. Afterwards, Roberts had an announcement to make...

Jake Roberts: "Well, it seems to be that your biggest hit just so happened to be your biggest flop, like I had imagined. That's okay though, cause Detroit and I never really thought of you as a big hit to begin with. Though, I got a special guest here tonight that I can certainly say is a big star here in Detroit, Michigan..."

Suddenly, "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" begins to play through the stadium, as Detroit's own, Alice Cooper made his arrival here in the Silverdome, wearing a Jason Voorhees hockey mask. The crowd erupted with cheers as the rock star made his way down the ramp. Cooper didn't come alone though, as he walked down the ramp with an expensive rock n roll guitar.

Cooper took off the mask and got on the apron, insisting Roberts take the guitar and smash HTM in the head with it. Jake takes the guitar and as he turns around, HTM tries to attack Roberts. Roberts quickly dodges the attack and instead of using the guitar, delivers a second DDT. Roberts then insists that Cooper hits HTM in the head, as he lifts him up. Cooper doesn't hesitate as he smashes the guitar into HTM's head. The crowd eats up the moment, as Alice Cooper and Jake Roberts celebrate together inside the ring.

A Video package is shown displaying the heated rivalry between Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. A feud that has been brewing up for months now, finally reaches its climax here at WrestleMania III.

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Ricky Steamboat Vs. Randy Savage (/w Miss Elizabeth)

The world watched as the rivalry between Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage finally clashed on the biggest stage after months of escalation. The feud has been highlighted by the vicious attack of Savage jumping off the top rope with the ring bell onto Steamboat, which sent Steamboat to the hospital with an injured larynx. Watching Jake Roberts get his revenge, made Steamboat determined to get his and walk out with his first WWF Intercontinental Championship reign. Many expected this match to an all-out brawl, considering the heat that has been building up between these two for months. Despite that, this match was the complete opposite of that, as both men took their time on the offense and made every little move and hold count. They took their time, as both men wanted to avoid defeat here on the biggest stage of them all. The intentions of both the champion and the challenger was as simple and historical than anything, to walk out of WrestleMania III with the prestigious WWF Intercontinental Championship. Savage and Steamboat fought for honor and the payoff was a classic match, that will forever live on in professional wrestling as one of the biggest matches ever.

The match was as open as it could be, with both competitors trading moves after moves, holds after holds. Neither one of them could get the advantage over each other, as they fought and clawed their way to the finish. Many pinfall attempts occurred, showing that both men were trying to put this match away as soon as they could. As the match progressed, more and more fans began to cheer louder and louder for the match, becoming more invested in it every minute. The match was becoming so much of a classic that it wouldn't even matter who actually won, as they tore the house down, with many regarding them both as winners.

Though, only one could leave as the WWF Intercontinental Champion, which made this match so memorable. As the match entered the 20-minute mark, Randy Savage looked to have the match in his hands after a big scoop slam. Savage looked at the turnbuckle and seen that he had Steamboat positioned where he wanted him. Savage went up top and delivered a hard-hitting elbow drop onto Steamboat, which at this point, many thought this match was over.



Somehow, someway, Steamboat broke out of the pin and it caused a huge uproar of cheers for the dragon. Savage couldn't believe it, as he was almost certain he had put Steamboat away. His temper and frustration became noticeable at this point, as he went outside to grab the ring bell. He entered the ring with it, as the referee warned him that if he hits Steamboat with the weapon, he'll be disqualified. Savage didn't seem like he cared anymore, as he waited for Steamboat to rise up.

Miss Elizabeth hurried into the ring and made the attempt to stop Savage, who was outraged with her. Savage argued with her a brief minute before turning his attention on Ricky Steamboat, who unloaded a barrage of karate chops to the champion. Steamboat realized that this was his moment and so he got on top of the turnbuckle, prepared to capture the moment. He waited for Savage to get up and when he did, Steamboat delivered a Flying Karate Chop, that sent shock waves through the Silverdome. Steamboat then went for the pin...




The referee then got up and declared Ricky Steamboat the winner by pinfall, the arena erupted with cheers as Steamboat tried to pull himself together to realize he had just won the WWF Intercontinental Championship. The fans were livid for this match, as it was an absolute epic match between two great competitors.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat

Match Time: 25:32

Finish: Flying Karate Chop by Steamboat leads to Pin.


Ricky Steamboat celebrated the biggest match of his career and perhaps one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, that will live on forever. Savage finally stood up in the ring, as the disappointment was clear in his face. Steamboat approached him and offered a handshake, signaling to put their pasts behind them and to look at what a match they had. Savage looked at the handshake for a minute, thinking whether he should or shouldn't. After a minute, Savage finally slapped it away and left the ring with Miss Elizabeth, without saying a single word. Steamboat stayed in the ring to receive his WWF Intercontinental Championship and celebrate with the fans, as if this was truly the main event of WrestleMania III.

The audience at the arena and at home get shown a final hype video of the highly anticipated WWF World Championship match between Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan. The video showcases that Andre The Giant has been undefeated for 15 years and that he walks into this match with the clear advantage. While the video also showcases Hogan's 3 year run with the WWF World title. The video takes us back to how this whole feud broke out on the Pipers Pit, with Hogan getting a big trophy for being world champion for three years. While, Andre was presented a small trophy for being undefeated for fifth-teen years. The tension only escalated when Bobby Heenan announced himself as Andre's new manager, which led to attacks on Hogan by the giant himself.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Andre The Giant (/w Bobby Heenan) Vs. Hulk Hogan

The highly most anticipated match on the card was upon us, Andre The Giant versus the WWF World Champion, Hulk Hogan. It was already clear that this match was going to have a hard time living up to the semi-main event, but these men did their best to deliver. Gorilla Monsoon noted that two things were on the line in this one, Hogan's three-year reign and Andre's 15-year undefeated streak. Either way, only one men was walking out of here as a true winner.

The announcers talked heavily about Hogan's injured ribs and made note that that gives Andre a huge advantage over Hogan already, as if he wasn't already at an advantage. The attacks by The Heenan Family several weeks ago and by Andre's giant bearhug just this past Thursday, made it all clear that Hogan was really injured. Andre knew that as well, as he delivered punches, kicks and elbows all aiming at Hogan's ribs. Hogan expressed pain, as he did his best to fight off the giant. Heenan could be heard yelling at Hogan, telling him that he underestimated Andre and that he's now paying for it.

We hit the 10-minute mark and it had seemed as though, Andre was ready to finish Hogan off with the same devastating bearhug he used on Thursday's Superstars. The fans watched in concern, hoping Hulkamania is still alive, while Heenan had a big smile on his face. It had looked like Hogan was in no shape to compete anymore, Hebner began to raise Hogan's arm. He raised it once and got no response, he raised it twice and got no response, he raised it for a third time but this time, he got a response. Hogan's arm stayed up...

All the Hulkamaniacs raised up from their seats, delighted that their hero was still in the match. They all began to cheer him on, as Heenan began to shout to at them to shut up. Hogan began throwing punch after punch to Andre's face until Andre was finally forced to release the hold. Hogan was up on his feet, while staggering just for a bit. Hogan would not rest though, he continued his fury of punches and has Andre staggering himself. Hogan then bounced from the ropes to hit a hard clothline, that many thought would bring the giant down, as he barely stood tall on his feet. Then, Hogan did what nobody expected...

Hogan put all his strength, ignored all the pain in his ribs, and delivered a thunderous body slam to the giant. The fans erupted in cheers, as they could not believe what they had just seen. Heenan was shocked himself, as he could not believe it either. Hogan then bounced off the ropes again and delivered the big leg drop, earning himself the pin and officially slaying the giant.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Match Time: 11:39

Finish: Leg Drop by Hogan leads to Pin.


As much confidence as Hogan had in himself during the buildup to this match, it was clear to see that this was even a shock to The Hulkster. Hogan dropped to his knees from exhaustion and digested all of the cheers he was receiving from the 93,173 fans in attendance. Hogan soon got up on his feet and celebrated the victory with all his Hulkamaniacs. He was handed his championship shortly afterwards and he raised it high. WrestleMania III ended with a big scene, as Hogan celebrated in the ring with his music playing, while Andre The Giant and Bobby Heenan headed up the ramp in disappointment. As much as Heenan wanted to see Hulkamania dead, Hogan proved tonight that Hulkamania is very much alive.

WrestleMania III Overview

• Butch Reed made a big statement in his first PPV, by becoming victorious in the 15-man battle royal to become the new #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. This win could possibly signal a big run for Reed's career, as he'll now look forward to facing Ricky Steamboat at The Big Event on April

• Hercules proved himself to be the master of the Full Nelson, after a huge win over Billy Jack Haynes. Hercules will be looking forward to continuing his dominance in the weeks to come after such a win.

• "Rowdy" Roddy Piper celebrated a huge WrestleMania moment when he came out victorious and cut off the hair of Adrian Adonis. In what seems more and more likely to be Piper's retirement match, the fans sent him off into the sunset with a huge ovation.

• The British Bulldogs came close to reclaiming their tag team gold, but once again came up short due to the crooked referee of Danny Davis. Falling short at WrestleMania makes many wonder whether or not The British Bulldogs are out of the WWF World Tag title picture.

• Junkyard Dog came out with the victory over Harley Race and received a big pop from the crowd, but the feud between both men certainly seems far from over. Where this feud goes from here? There is no telling.

• Jake Roberts sent Honky Tonk Men packing in a big way, not only did he do so with the win but also with the surprise appearance of Detroit Rockstar, Alice Cooper. WrestleMania III is highlighted with their celebrities and this was truly a WrestleMania moment.

• In a match that will no doubt be remembered for year, perhaps decades to come, Steamboat and Savage had one epic match. There is no clue whether they'll continue to feud but one thing is for certain, Steamboat is the champion and he achieved it in a big feel good moment.

• The Andre The Giant Vs. Hulk Hogan match may not have lived up to its height, but it created one of the biggest moments in WrestleMania history. The sight of Hogan body slamming Andre and coming out as the winner, despite being injured, highlighted what a special moment this was. The only question is, what's next for Hulk Hogan now as he looks to continue his 3-year run as WWF World Heavyweight Champion? Only time will tell.
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I'm almost certain I got everyone's score right, but I'll triple check tomorrow to ensure. If I messed up, I'll post on it. Long show but definitely glad to have it finally done. I'm overwhelmed with how many of you guys commented and predicted, as I wasn't expecting 8 on my first dynasty. I'll be posting a post-show wrap-up later in the day, as long with World News #1 & Championship History Update #1, so stay tuned! Thank you again!

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