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Default WCW Friday Nitro: 4/27/2001

Originally Posted by OOC
Wow, has it really been almost two months? I feel horrible guys, because while I've been trying to book ahead, time has just slipped on and on without an update. Sorry!
Last Week in WCW: “Last Sunday night, Scott Steiner became a victim of his own Pride as he was soundly and cleanly defeated by Goldberg in a non-title Indian Strap match! Sting was assaulted by a vicious Animal, Vampiro and Kanyon welcomed everyone to join their Dark Eden, and Rey Mysterio Jr. retained his WCW X Division championship! What will we see next in WCW as Envy looms around every corner?”

WCW Friday Nitro
Shown Live on April 27th, 2001 (Week 4)
Held at: The Hard Rock Cafe Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada (South West)
Announcers: Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson, and Arn Anderson
Attendance: 2,000 people (sold out!)
PPV Rating: 0.03
TV Rating: 1.08

Despite coming up on the losing end of his match at Pride, “Big Poppa Pump” opens Friday Nitro. He is quick to point out that last night didn’t matter because he’s still the champ and still the reason for why all these people pay to see WCW! He tells Flair that he knows he’s just trying to keep people buying the show now that we’re too broke a company to be on cable every week, but to put him in a title match right here tonight is bullshit! No censors for the American and Mexican audiences now that we’re on pay-per-view! But instead of Ric Flair, Scott is joined by Sid Vicious with his own microphone. Sid isn’t afraid, coming right into Steiner’s face and telling him that if he didn’t know any better, he’d say that Scott is scared of facing “The Man Who Rules the World” tonight! Vicious accuses Scott of trying to weasel out of Sid’s guaranteed title match, a one on one match that he hasn’t had since Starrcade last December. Sid actually really seems to be enjoying being off-script in this segment. Ric Flair finally joins us at the top of the ramp and says that if Scott can admit that he’s afraid of Sid and just upset at losing to Goldberg, then he’ll postpone the match, but Steiner’s pride is too much for that, screaming that he’ll beat Sid like only “The Genetic Freak” can! The crowd are hot for our main event, this got the show off to a great start despite some weak color commentary. (A+)


Kaz Hayashi vs. “The Prodigal Son” Dustin Rhodes
In a quick match designed just to give Dustin a nice win, he picks up the victory with a running bulldog.

Dustin takes a microphone after the bout and says that after Pride and now this win, he is looking to rise up the ranks of WCW quickly. Rhodes says it is his dream to become World champion just like his father before him, and one day soon he wants to be facing off against Scott Steiner for the gold! This comment however draws out the Steiner Brothers, with Scott actively laughing off Dustin’s potential challenge. He tells him “Beating some fat jobber or some flippy, filthy, slanty japper ain’t nothing compared to the man with the largest arms in the world!” Tenay apologies to our Japanese audience, saying that the views and words of Scott Steiner are not endorsed or condoned by WCW. Scott says that if Dustin wants to fight a Steiner, then he can see how he holds up to “The Dog-Faced Gremlin” as Rick heads down to the ring. With Scott yelling “Get him, Ricky!” the two being brawling, until Doug Dillenger and WCW Crack Security break things up.

Match Time: 3:06
Notes: Tenay’s announcing lifted the match. In the aftermath segment, Scott looked good despite struggling with a few words.

“Mean” Gene and Jeremy are backstage, with Okerlund saying that while Borash isn’t hip enough to understand their cool slogans, they are with the Filthy Animals. “Rap with me, Konnan,” says Gene, which draws a laugh behind his back from Jeremy and Rey. Kidman isn’t in a very good mood, saying that Konnan and Rey nearly left him for dead last night. They apologize, saying they were getting the party ready when Billy’s match was happening, but that isn’t the answer either as Kidman sees it as they weren’t even paying attention to him. Tygress tries to bring everyone together using her impressive “talents” but it isn’t working very well. A laugh comes from off screen as Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Boys enter the frame, Jarrett telling the Filthy Animals that they need to stick to what they can handle and stay away from “The Chosen One” and his US championship. An argument breaks out (as it does) but they leave it at words instead of action as “The Chosen One” and his muscle leave the scene. Gene and Borash got a little lost in the shuffle of this segment, but Jarrett looked good and it got the crowd hotter. (C)


General Rection vs. Animal
This is a match of power against power, but the experience of Animal wins out as he takes advantage after Hugh goes for a back body drop. Animal lands a ring-shaking powerslam to score the win.
Match Time: 5:27
Notes: Announcing helped the bout, as they sold the storyline with Sting well.
Rating: C+

After the match, Animal gets a microphone. He says that people have been asking him all week why he attacked Sting at Pride. He says that it was because Sting thinks he can just walk in and out of WCW and be the savior of the company, but he isn’t about to just jump right over Animal! “The Nature Boss” comes to the ring, saying that Animal has poked a hornet’s nest by attacking Sting, because he was in contact with Sting throughout this past week and all he could talk about was getting a match against Animal! Flair tells him that he has indeed set up a bout between the two at WCW Envy on May 13th! Animal did very well in this short promo segment at working the crowd, but Flair was superb, coming out of this looking excellent. (B+)

Backstage, Sid Vicious talks directly to the camera about proving that he will be the master and ruler of the world tonight by taking the World title away from Scott Steiner. (B)

Elsewhere backstage, Gene and Jeremy are alongside The World… but they are without Lance Storm. Gene quips that perhaps Storm has lost his Canadian pride and ran for the border, but Skipper tells him to shut up. “Primetime” says that he’s ruling The World right now, because he’s got the Gunns, pointing at Major Gunns at his side. Mike Awesome and Shawn Stasiak barely seem fazed by Skipper’s bragging, as Jeremy asks what Lance will think of this if he returns. Again, Elix tells him not to worry about it, what he should worry about is when he retires Goldberg right here tonight! Gene and Jeremy again seemed a little lost here, while Gunns on Elix’s side helped his point. (C)


Ernest “The Cat” Miller vs. “Das Wunderkind” Alex Wright
This would seem to be an easy win for “The Cat” who is reeling after his loss last night to Kanyon. However the odd song plays from last night again, which nearly puts Miller into a trance, leading to Wright’s German suplex scoring the pinfall on him in a short bout.
Match Time: 1:55
Notes: Tenay’s strong announcing helps another match look better.
Rating: D+

Kid Kash comes to the ring, apologizing to the fans who expected to see him pick up the victory last Sunday at Pride in his debut match in WCW. He says that if Chavo hadn’t cheated, it would have been “the K-I-D” on top, so he wants a rematch! Guerrero comes out, saying that he doesn’t chew his cabbage twice, holmes; he has no reason to face Kash again. It’s all a ruse though, as Kaz Hayashi comes in from out of the crowd and attacks Kash! Chavo and Kaz do a number on the WCW newcomer, shaking hands as they leave the ring together. (D-)

Totally Buff come to the ring with a microphone, laughing about the victory and attack that they pulled on Nash last night. They again tell Kevin to just leave WCW, he has no place and no friends here anymore so just leave! Madusa helps Luger in all his promos, maybe she’s feeding him lines? (B-)


The Filthy Animals vs. Totally Buff
Rey Mysterio Jr. and Billy Kidman don’t seem to be quite on the same page as they usually are, which is not good when facing a team as accomplished and well oiled as Totally Buff (heavy on the oil). The match ends with Rey going for a springboard dropkick on Bagwell, but Kidman had been trying to balance himself to do the Shooting Star Press on Luger and the ropes shaking causes him to fall. Luger, the legal man, scoops Billy into the Torture Rack to pick up the win.
Match Time: 8:01
Rating: B-

We go back to The WCW Panel in our halfway mark of the show, with Tony hyping the action we have seen and the action that is yet to come. Borash and Lovey are the weak parts of the Panel yet at this point, but they’re getting better. Stevie throws us to a pre-taped promo from Booker, saying that “Suckas got ‘ta know what my baby brother thinks ‘bout Pride!” (C-)

We do indeed go to a promo from Booker T’s home, as he says that Lance Storm definitely took him to the limit at Pride inside the steel cage, but just like will happen one day to Scott Steiner, Storm was left looking at Booker getting his hand raised. (C+)

Before we completely leave The WCW Panel, we go to a video of Low-Ki, who will debut soon. Chris Lovey narrates the footage, noting how dangerous Low-Ki is and what his arrival could mean for the X Division. (D-)

General Rection is seen backstage, still smarting from his loss earlier tonight. The Problem Solvers appear around him, and Simon has a problem; saying that someone of Hugh’s skill shouldn’t be losing like that. He tells him that if Rection were to join them, perhaps all of them would easily rise to the top of WCW! Hugh thinks about it, but politely declines, saying that he’s happy doing things on his own. But Simon’s problem now is that he doesn’t like being turned down, and after a slap to the General’s face, CW and Disqo begin to attack him! The three men leave Rection on the concrete floor after slamming his face into a locker door, with Simon saying that he hopes the bump on his forehead will give him a smart lump and make him change his mind. (D+)

A video shows that over the past few months (since January) Goldberg has been all over the world, and in that time he has picked up 29 other wins that have now been added to his record. That means his current Streak is standing at 57 out of 176 before he can get a World championship match! Clips show him during WCW live events picking up victories with the Spear and Jackhammer. (B+)


“Da Man” Goldberg vs. “Primetime” Elix Skipper
Skipper feels like he’s the man around here now, saying he rules The World because he has Major Gunns on his side; and on his side she really is, pushing him to start this match strong. Instead, he gets taken down with a hard kick, planted with a military press slam, Spear and Jackhammer is the end of this one.
Match Time: 1:50
Notes: The announcing lifted the match. Elix looked silly with Major Gunns at his side because in her high heeled boots she’s taller than he is.
Rating: C

Goldberg gets a microphone and says since his non-televised wins have been counted, this marks 85 victories under his belt. He tells everyone that 176 will be a cakewalk, and then he’ll defeat Scott Steiner all over again and that belt will be around his waist again! Who’s next?! (B-)


Yang vs. “Screamin’” Norman Smiley
This is a full on comedy match, as Norman does some comedic offense while Yang sells it. The end sees Leia Meow in the ring but leaning out through the top and middle ropes, and Norman does the Big Wiggle on her! Upset and embarrassed, she turns around and slaps him, drawing a disqualification on Yang.
Match Time: 3:58
Rating: E+

Tygress is backstage tending to Kidman, who will have none of it. He sends her away, telling her to go to Rey, since he’s the one everyone cares about. Billy starts to drink something but throws it away angrily, the cup hitting a mirror and smearing red juice on it. Kidman starts shoving his gear in his bag and leaving the arena. But as he leaves, the camera focuses on the mirror on the wall, which shows Vamprio watching from behind the red liquid with a smile. (C)

David Penzer is in the ring announcing the participants for our main event, with both Sid and Steiner looking like monsters as they come to the ring. Penzer is just dwarfed by them when they are all in the ring, though he looked to be settling back into his role better. (B+)


WCW World Heavyweight Championship
“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. Sid Vicious

This match was a punchy-kicky brawl from bell to bell, with several near-falls between the two and a lot of out of the ring brawling. At the end, Mike Awesome makes an appearance, which takes Sid’s attention before he could hit a powerbomb. That gives Steiner a chance to hit a low blow on Vicious, dropping him with a belly to belly suplex and locking in the Steiner Recliner to pick up the win and retain his title.

The bell has sounded but Scott refuses to release the Steiner Recliner! He finally does, but he still begins raining stomps onto Sid’s prone body. An elbow drop later, he puts the hold back on again! It looks like “Big Poppa Pump” wants to send a message by putting Vicious out of action. Ric Flair comes to the ring and starts trying to tell Steiner to leave, but he won’t. Finally Tully Blanchard appears, and he slaps Steiner across the face! Scott releases Sid at that, and it turns into a pull-apart between Scott Steiner and Tully Blanchard! These two were feuding a little back in February, and it looks like Steiner isn’t over it! We leave the evening with that scene, as Steiner is screaming for Tully’s blood and Blanchard wants a piece of Steiner!

Match Time: 14:06
Notes: Sid was visibly getting tired and there wasn’t much selling from these two. It needed better color commentary.
Rating: B- / B

Show Rating: B+
This show raised WCW’s popularity in 38 regions.

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