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Default WWF Superstars & Challenge #6 (04/09 & 04/10)

WWF Superstars of Wrestling #6

April 9th, 1987

From the Balch Fieldhouse in Boulder, Colorado

Attendance: 3,493

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura

Viewers were informed at the start of the show, that "Rowdy" Roddy Piper will be here tonight to host his infamous "Piper's Pit". The announce team talks about how Piper will finally announce his decision on whether he'll be staying with the WWF or heading out into Hollywood.


Bobby Heenan was backstage with King Harley Race, in which he talked about Race's WrestleMania match against Junkyard Dog. Heenan expressed that "The King" is entitled to a rematch and that he will get one at The Big Event. Heenan ensures that Junkyard Dog will not get another victory over Race come April 26th.

Bobby Heenan: "You don't really think that you would get away with this did you? Your win was nothing but a fluke! You continue to think you can get away with disrespecting The King, well think again mutt! April 26th, The King will show the world, what a disgrace you are and why you don't belong in the ring with a king."

Harley Race was clearly upset about his lost, as he took the microphone from Heenan and expressed his displeasure with the match.

Harley Race: "Enjoy your success now, because it's the only success you'll achieve here in the WWF. I've traveled the world, won numerous world championships and headlined multiple events. If you thought for a minute that I would bow down to you, then you must be as dumb as you look! I won't let you disrespect me, because your nothing but a washed-up mutt! They say you can't treat a dog new tricks? Well I'm going to prove them wrong, because at The Big Event, I'm going to beat some manners into you and have you respect The King!"

WWF World Television Championship

15-Man Battle Royal Match

Billy Jack Haynes Vs. Bob Orton Jr. Vs. Brad Rheingans Vs. Brutus Beefcake Vs. Dino Bravo Vs. George Steele Vs. Hercules Vs. Honky Tonk Man Vs.

Iron Mike Sharpe Vs. Jim Duggan Vs. Kamala Vs. Koko B. Ware Vs. Magnificent Muraco Vs. The Crusher Vs. Tom Magee

Before all competitors began to make their way to the ring, the referee showcased the newly announced, WWF World Television Championship.

Many of the men who lost the battle royal at WrestleMania, had a chance to redeem themselves in this one to become the first WWF World Television Champion. While others, who haven't had much of an opportunity here in the WWF could prove their worth. All 15 men began to brawl it out in the ring once the bell rang and from there, they were trying to eliminate each other as quick as possible.

Hercules was a man on a mission in this one, as he was quick to clothline Brad Rheingans out and throw Tom Magee over the top ropes. In quick fashion, Hercules was able to pull off two eliminations.

The 60-year-old, The Crusher had a good performance, as he fought off elimination from Kamala, who was going after anyone he could get his hands on. Magnificent Muraco went after Kamala and delivered some hard-hitting offense, to send the big men over the ropes. Muraco celebrated the huge elimination briefly until he was eliminated by Hercules.

Jim Duggan played well on the offense, as he pulled it together and eliminated Mike Sharpe and George Steele. Though it didn't take long until Hercules came along and sent him over the top ropes.

The Canadian strongmen, Dino Bravo pulled off a good showing, as he was able to eliminate Brutus Beefcake, who made it to the end at the WrestleMania battle royal. Bravo would eventually get eliminated by Billy Jack Haynes.

Koko B. Ware prevented himself from getting eliminated several times, and as "Cowboy" Bob Orton tried to get him, it backfired. Koko delivered several strikes leading up to a big dropkick, that sent Orton over the top ropes. However, Koko would soon be joining Orton, as Hercules sent him over the top ropes with a big shoulder tackle. Orton & Koko got into a confrontation outside the ring and had to be separated by WWF officials.

While Hercules eliminated Koko B. Ware, Billy Jack Haynes eliminated Honky Tonk Man. The final two wrestlers in this match was Hercules and Billy Jack Haynes. Haynes was determined to get his revenge against Hercules, after their WrestleMania encounter. However, Hercules quickly locked in the Full Nelson and kept it locked on until Haynes began to tap. Hercules took advantage of the damage he caused and eliminated Haynes. The referee declared Hercules the winner and the new WWF World Television Champion. Hercules ended the match with a total of 6 eliminations, as the announce team noted.

Winner: Hercules

Match Time: 9:49

Finish: Hercules Sends Billy Jack Haynes over the top ropes and earns the win.


Bobby Heenan was ecstatic once Hercules was announced the winner, Heenan hurried into the ring and handed Hercules his WWF World Television Championship. Heenan told the viewers that Hercules is the perfect fit to be your champion, explaining to them that he has the "IT" factor.

Bobby Heenan: "Ladies and gentleman, I give to you your NEW WWF World Television Champion, the almighty Hercules! Now I hate to have to tell you that I told you so, but I told you so! The terrific thing about Hercules though, is that he's the perfect fit for this championship. Hercules has the charisma, the look, the strength and presence to make him a reliable champion. Whether he goes for the WWF Intercontinental or World Championship, you can guarantee he'll cash in and become even bigger!"


Gene Okerlund conducted an interview with the former tag team champs, The British Bulldogs. Okerlund asked them how they'll rebound from that WrestleMania loss, despite having the match practically won until Danny Davis showed up. Davey Boy Smith responded that Davis is the one to blame for sure, but they're not going to use excuses for what happened. Dynamite Kid ensured that they'll rebound from the loss and will make sure they get their fair rematch at The Big Event.

Davey Boy Smith: "We almost reclaimed our championships back from the self-proclaimed, best tag team in the world. Key word, almost. The win was only seconds away, until Danny Davis came in and filled the role as referee. I don't know who gave him that permission but I'm looking past it. Now isn't the time for excuses, right now we got Demolition to worry about."

Dynamite Kid: "We're not the type of team that make excuses, that’s only how The Hart Foundation see us as. Davey and myself will rebound from that lost and come April 26th, we'll make sure that we walk into The Big Event as the challengers for the WWF World Tag Team Championships."

Normal, Tag Team Match

The British Bulldogs Vs. Demolition

The British Bulldogs made good use of this match to prove to WWF President, Jack Tunney, that they deserve one more match against The Hart Foundation. As on the other hand, Demolition recently returned to WWF programming and would like nothing more but to put themselves in title contention. Demolition were aggressive in this one, displaying a good amount of offense in the early going. However, once Smith and Kid got into the rhythm, they would become too hot to be stopped. Davey Boy Smith would earn the pin over Ax, after performing a Running Powerslam.

Winners: The British Bulldogs

Match Time: 6:12

Finish: Running Powerslam by Smith onto Ax earns the pin.


"Rowdy" Roddy Piper welcomed the viewers to his Pit, as he finally ended the speculation on whether he's staying with the World Wrestling Federation or heading to Hollywood. Piper admits that the decision wasn't an easy one to make but believes it's the best decision in the long run for himself and his family. Piper announced that he would be headed to Hollywood in about a month's time, to begin the filming of "Hell Comes to Frogtown". Knowing that some of his fans would be upset about the announcement, Piper reassured them that wrestling will always be in his heart and that he will comeback every so often.

As Piper began to make his farewell speech, a few uninvited guests interrupted the Piper's Pit...

Ivan Koloff instructed The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff to grab ahold of Piper. They did just that, as Piper questioned what it was that they wanted from him. Ivan showed a slight smirk and began to talk about how it's the Americans, who always got to take the spotlight. Tonight, The Russian Alliance takes the spotlight.

Ivan Koloff: "Many of these fans are sad to see you gone, because many of your fans are Americans. The Russian Alliance is glad to see you go, as that is one less American taking over our spotlight. Your fans are sad to see you go, but they don't realize just how sad they really are to see you go. We'll make them realize."

Ivan and Nikita Koloff began to dish out strikes to Piper's face and gut, while still being held by Sheik and Volkoff. After they get their fair share of offense, Ivan instructs them to let Piper go. After they do, Piper attempts to fight back but the Russian brutes are too much for Piper to overcome. Nikita hits Piper with one of the set's stools, knocking Piper down on the ground. All four men begin stomping on Piper, making their statement loud and clear on what they think of Americans. Sheik then puts Piper into the Camel Clutch, until Piper is completely dazed out. Afterwards, Ivan Koloff spits in the face of Piper, before they toss him to the ground and leave the scene.


Bobby Heenan talks about why The Big Event will live up to its name and its mainly because King Kong Bundy gets his rematch with Hulk Hogan. Heenan mentions how at WrestleMania 2, Hogan defeated Bundy because he escaped a cage. Heenan adds that this time, Hogan must pin Bundy's shoulders to the mat in order to win. Heenan points out that good fortune is on the horizon for The Heenan Family and come April 26th, Heenan will finally witness the end of Hulkamania.

Bobby Heenan: "Hogan, I hope you know what is coming your way April 26th and I hope you're as prepared as King Kong Bundy is. A long time has passed since you and Bundy encountered each other face to face. Now, Bundy gets his moment to destroy you in front of all your Hulkamaniacs! As he delivers crushing move after crushing move, you'll see your championship fading away from you each step of the way. I must inform you that this isn't the same King Kong Bundy from WrestleMania 2. Oh no! This is a more destructible, more powerful, and a much more aggressive, King Kong Bundy! You'll soon find out Hogan, just like all of your Hulkamaniacs! Just like how Bundy will crush you, he'll crush the hope of each and every one of your Hulkamaniacs!"

Normal, Singles Match

Jake Roberts Vs. Paul Ordnorff (/w Bobby Heenan)

Paul Ordnorff came into this match looking lost in the shuffle, as he hasn't had much of a direction as of late. Heenan hasn't had much success with him, but he had high hopes Ordnorff could change things around in this main event. Jake Roberts on the other hand, was coming into this match with a lot of momentum. Making his statement clear last week on Wrestling Challenge, that he is the next #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Ordnorff delivered a decent amount of offense to Roberts in the early going of the match, but Roberts eventually caught a spark that ignited into flames. Roberts rallied his way to victory with offense and eventually closed the match off with a DDT, to earn the pin.

Winner: Jake Roberts

Match Time: 6:31

Finish: DDT by Roberts leads to the pin.


Bobby Heenan was clearly not happy with Ordnorff losing, as it is not doing any favors for The Heenan Family's reputation. Heenan left as soon as the referee declared Roberts the winner, while Ordnorff looked on, confused as to why Heenan would just leave him behind. Ordnorff soon left afterwards, as Roberts continued to play off the crowd. It wouldn't be long until a certain man came to approach Roberts though...

The former WWF Intercontinental Champion, Randy Savage came to the ring and stared Jake Roberts in the face. Savage claimed that despite what Roberts may think, he's the next #1 contender because he hasn't received his rematch that he is owed. Roberts disagrees with Savage and challenges him to a match at The Big Event to see who deserves the title shot more. Savage wastes no time in accepting, adding that the snake men will find out what macho madness is all about!

TV Rating: 1.37 (1,032,690 Viewers)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• N/A

WWF Wrestling Challenge #6

April 10th, 1987

From the Sioux City Municipal Auditorium in Sioux, Iowa

Attendance: 3,310

Announce Team: Lord Alfred Hayes & Gorilla Monsoon

The show starts off with Gene Okerlund recapping the end of WWF Superstars of Wrestling, in which Jake Roberts issued a challenge to Randy Savage, to see who the next #1 contender for the WWF Intercontinental Championship truly is. Okerlund confirms that the match will in fact take place on April 26th at The Big Event, and that the winner will either face Ricky Steamboat or Butch Reed for the title. (B-, 76)

In a tag team match, Velvet McIntyre & Itsuki Yamazaki defeated The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai) in 5:43 after Yamazaki delivered a German Suplex on Kai. The announce team hyped before the match, that the winning team would face off against each other next week to decide who faces The Fabulous Moolah. (D, 43)

Jesse Ventura interviewed the WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky Steamboat, on the situation between Savage and Roberts. Steamboat mentions that he wouldn't mind facing either man, as the one walking out victorious will certainly, deserve it. Steamboat makes note that he'll have to defeat Butch Reed first, but the comment makes Reed come off as an afterthought. (B+, 84)

Gene Okerlund is back with the audience, in which he talks to Junkyard Dog about having to face Harley Race for a second time now. JYD mentions that he put Race in his place at WrestleMania and that he won't mind doing it again at The Big Event. (B, 79)

Junkyard Dog went one on one against Iron Mike Sharpe, who was looking to kill JYD's momentum but JYD was too hot to be stopped at this point and won the match in 5:57 after delivering a Thump. (C+, 67)

A recap video is played from WWF Superstars in which Piper began his retirement speech during Piper's Pit only to be ambushed by the Anti-American group, The Russian Alliance. (C+, 69)

Paul Ordnorff has had a rough time coming up with momentum but he looked good against The Crusher, after dominating him and ending the match in 6:02 with a Piledriver. (C-, 53)

WWF President, Jack Tunney announces that The British Bulldogs will get their rematch at The Big Event and that he has banned Danny Davis from getting involved. Tunney mentions that in order to give Hart Foundation a positive from this, he's making it a match where if the Bulldogs lose, they won't get another opportunity at the tag titles as long as The Hart Foundation are the champions. (C-, 57)

Bob Orton Jr and Magnificent Muraco haven't quite been on pace as of late but they got the ball rolling again with a big win over the Can-Am Connection in 7:02 once Orton delivered a big Superplex on Tom Zenk. (C+, 67)

Gene Okerlund announces that the WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, will be at WWF Superstars of Wrestling next week. (B-, 76)

Ricky Steamboat took Honky Tonk Man in this action packed main event, in which HTM looked to prove himself to be a contender. However, his skills weren't enough to top Steamboat who put the match away in 7:30 after delivering a Flying Karate Chop. (B-, 74)

As the WWF Intercontinental Champion celebrated, an unexpected visitor came to crush the part. The #1 contender, Butch Reed came into the ring and delivered a big assault on Steamboat. He delivered two Gorilla Press Slams and shouted out that the locker room will recognize him. (B, 77)

TV Rating: 0.49 (367,630 Viewers)

Show Rating:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Tito Santana lifted everyone's spirits after drawing out some cartoons.

• Junkyard Dog suffered a Twisted Disco Knee and was clearly wasted on drugs for a 2nd time. Not to mention, he was also high off pain killers, all of this could explain why he ended up injured.

• After news came in that Junkyard Dog would be out of action for 26 days, Vince McMahon made the ultimate decision to cut ties with him. JYD has been given two warnings and nothing came out of them, he was originally going to be fined after Wrestling Challenge but that quickly changed after he got injured. Reason being, because he had a scheduled match at The Big Event against Harley Race. The best decision was to release him before he seriously injured somebody else. After his firing, JYD improved his behavior, so there is a chance he could comeback but for the long future, he'll have to find work elsewhere. Shame, because JYD is in the top 10 of most popular superstars in the United States.

• Paul Ordnorff and The Crusher have zero chemistry.

• Rick Martel is getting better with his gimmick.

• Adrian Adonis and Leilani Kai are now dating. Haircut must have made Adonis attractive I suppose. He has yet to make his return to the WWF after WrestleMania and some have to wonder, what is next?

This Week's News

• UWF & Eddie Gilbert have come to an agreement on a contract extension.

• PWI held a poll on who fans thought was the most entertaining wrestler in the world right now and many voted "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

• Many insiders believe that Marcus Laurinaitis has the potential to be a big star in the world of professional wrestling if he is booked right.

• World Class Wrestling Association Hall of Famer, Pepper Gomez, passed away on the night of April 8th. Gomez won multiple championships throughout his career, such as becoming a 13-time WCWA Texas Heavyweight Champion, 9-time WCWA Tag Team Champion and won the NWA Southern Heavyweight title. Gomez passed away at the age of 59.

• AWA seems to be making some harsh comments about several regional wrestling businesses in which could either be good for them or perhaps backfire and become bad. Reportedly there is bad blood between AWA (American Wrestling Association) and the following companies, UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation), WCWA (World Class Wrestling Association), WWA (World Wrestling Association), CCW (Continental Championship Wrestling), CSW (Central States Wrestling), G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) and even JCP (Jim Crockett Promotions).

• WWF Intercontinental Champion, Ricky Steamboat, was on a National TV Show this past week in which he helped promote the World Wrestling Federation. He did a good job representing the company and wrestling in general.

• 70-year-old Hall of Immortal, Lou Thesz has now called it an end with the wrestling business, as he has announced his permanent retirement from the sport and has left the business. People close to Thesz say he has big passion for the company and that he made this announcement because of age and health.

• Word is that the Rock N' Roll Express could be headed to the WWF. The rumor is now becoming truer, as Dave Meltzer reports that the Rock N' Roll Express lost to the Road Warriors on April 11th in the finals of the NWA Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup because of their new contracts with the WWF.

Originally Posted by Smasher1311 View Post
Great stuff, I'm glad that your big Mania bouts were able to get the high grades they did, plus a huge debut for DiBiase by defeating Chico! I'm downright insulted that Demolition's big return was shafted to the B Show, though.
Appreciate the comment! I have to say, I was really fortunate with WrestleMania. I was very surprise that the show didn't have a single C match and I have to believe it was because I contributed A LOT of money into the event (celebrities, set, star band). Got big things in store for DiBiase, I'm looking forward to it as much as I was with his debut. Demolition's return on the "B" show was mainly due to the fact that I needed to evaluate them first. I know after Superstars it may seem like nothing is in store for them, but rest assure, big things await them soon!

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