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- Austin squashed 8-Ball to open. This was to set up Austin marching straight to the back and trying to attack Michaels, but getting detained by security, so I guess they're still keeping that rematch on the table. Outlaws defended their titles again, beating the Headbangers. Mankind returned to TV and beat Skull. Michaels beat Bob Holly, with help from Helmsley, following on from their draw at the PPV. And Kane over Vader in the main event. Okay show, nothing memorable.

- TAKA made his first defence of the Light Heavyweight Title against Jesus and retained thanks to a Boricuas beatdown. If that's the follow-up to the title tournament, it's not a great sign. Flash, Henry Godwinn and Brian Christopher got in a brawl, that's two weeks in a row Christopher was involved in something like this, so I guess they're running some kinda B-show angle. Phineas over Chainz. Thrasher over D-Lo.

- Hogan and Savage were talking 'NWO business' backstage, entertaining if only for the two guys involved. Page over Super Calo. Page then called out Hennig, wanting a US Title shot. Harlem Heat beat Disco and Alex Wright, who've been paired up as 'Boogie Knights', since they both dance. Buff and Rey no contest with NWO interference. Nash promo, interrupted by Sting showing up and brawling with him. Konnan over Hammer by DQ. Main event was Piper over Scott Steiner, with Piper cheating to win, cementing his heel turn. At least it had a finish.

- Lenny Lane and Kidman got into a brawl. La Parka over El Dandy. Dibiase was interviewed about Bret coming in. Jericho over Chavo. Mortis beat Hugh Morrus in the main.

December 14, 1997

We opened this week's show with Al Snow making his entrance, along with Head, ready for action.

Joey: "Hello everyone and welcome to another week of ECW's brand of extreme action, here on ECW Hardcore TV. Already in the ring, there you see, the Big Bull from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Roadkill, along with Chastity... and tonight, we're going to see if Roadkill can do what Chastity's other charge Paul Diamond couldn't recently and avoid getting Head.....

....I really need to start writing this stuff down before I say it out loud."

Once Al had, eventually, made it into the ring, Chastity commandeered the microphone, trying to shout down the crowd. Chastity got in Al's face and screamed that she was sick of that "stupid mannequin head" and they were going to take Al down tonight. Pretty to the point stuff, but it was just to provide a distraction for Al, allowing Roadkill to jump him from behind and jump-start our opening match.


Al Snow -vs- Roadkill w/Chastity

The gameplan seemed to work as Roadkill's sneak attack allowed him to control a decent amount of the match, beating down on Al with clubbing blows and using his size to his advantage. And it looked like Snow was going to struggle to ever get out of the blocks, resorting to reaching out to Head for 'guidance' as the beating continued.

Roadkill make the rookie mistake of not really trying to put Al away though and it inevitably came back to bite him, when Al avoided a charge in the corner. 'Urged on' by Head, Al would finally fight back into the match, rocking the big man and forcing Chastity to try and take action to help her man out. Drastic action, as she got into the ring and leapt onto the back of Al in the middle of his comeback in an attempt to choke him out. Al was able to throw Chastity off of him, at which point Roadkill made his move. Unfortunately, Al sidestepped and it was Chastity who took the brunt of the big man's charge. This gave Al the opportunity to retrieve Head and clock Roadkill, laying him out for the three and picking up another victory, inspired by his 'unique' sidekick.

Winner: Al Snow, by pinfall, in 6:29


From their locker room, we got comments from a frustrated Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten. Of course, Balls isn't a man of many words, remaining in the background pacing and leaving Axl to get some things off of their collective chests. Axl talks about how the two of them have spent months chasing the Full Blooded Italians up and down the country, but at every turn, they'd been screwed out of the Tag Team Titles by Jeff Jones. And at Better Than Ever, when they had the FBI right where they wanted them again, who should get involved again but Jeff Jones. But this time, he decided to help out Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon and they were sick and tired of it.

Axl: "You two boys wanna step into our world? Well you're gonna have to learn to play by our rules. This is ECW! And when we get our hands on you, we're gonna send you two punks back to Connecticut with a chair wrapped around each of your necks!"

Axl closed things out by warning Jeff Jones that they weren't done with him either and Balls held up a steel chair, with Jones's name on it. Literally.



From there we head to Joey at the announce position, where he recaps what happened on last week's show. Footage is shown, as Joey describes Mikey's unfortunate injury in the match and condemns Justin Credible for his actions, pointing out that a normal competitor would have pinned Mikey and took the win, but Justin wasn't content on winning the match, he wanted to put Mikey out of the sport. Infact, Joey gets himself so worked up over the whole situation that he has to stop himself from saying something he shouldn't about Justin and throws back to commercial instead.



Jerry Lynn and Tommy Rogers -vs- The Pitbulls

The burgeoning team of Jerry Lynn and Tommy Rogers were in action again, coming up against one of ECW's stalwart teams, former ECW World Tag Team Champions, The Pitbulls. It had been two-plus years since The Pitbulls were champions though and they'd been through some tough times since then, including Pitbull #1's serious neck injury and in some ways, they had as much to prove as their opponents did.

The match was certainly not the dominant Pitbulls of old, with Lynn and Rogers exhibiting their own teamwork and using their speed advantage to out-fox their bigger opponents. Any time The Pitbulls were able to catch either Lynn or Rogers one on one, they clearly still had the capability to put a hurting on them. But neither #1 nor #2 was able to keep up with them for long and were simply off the pace with this new, dynamic team. Pitbull #2 would be cleared out of the ring and Pitbull #1 was hit with a missile dropkick by Rogers for the win, as Jerry and Tommy continued to impress as a tag team force.

Winners: Lynn and Rogers, by pinfall, in 5:36


Joey took some time to discuss "The Franchise" Shane Douglas at the commentary position after the match, speculating on rumours that had been doing the rounds that following November To Remember, the ECW World Heavyweight Champion was contemplating his future. Douglas's elbow injury suffered during the match was documented and Joey relayed that Douglas was set to receive news from his doctor on the true severity of the injury in the past few days, but was keeping the details from ECW staff until he was ready to tell them.



In a dark area somewhere in the world, we found Taz, with a towel over his head and a sour look on his face as per usual. Taz spoke about how ever since he'd arrived in ECW, he'd taken on anyone and everyone that got in his way. It didn't matter the size, it didn't matter about the name, they all found out the hard way why they called him the Human Suplex Machine and they all wound up getting choked out in the end.

Taz: "I'm not the kinda guy who's gonna sit here and suck my own **** for the hell of it like you see on Monday nights. I'm not here to stroke my ego. Everything I say, I say because it's tha truth. And the truth is, there ain't a man big enough and there ain't a man bad enough in this business that I can't choke out in the middle of that ring! So you bring whoever you got. It don't matter to me. If you think some jakked up bodyguard is gonna stop me from doing what I do best, then you ain't been watchin' closely enough partna'."

Taz ended by speaking to the unidentified bodyguard directly, telling him not to let a "100 pound bag of piss" hold him back if he really wanted to fight him and any time he wanted to step in the ring with him, he'd be more than willing to show him why his motto is "beat me if I can, survive if I let you".



Sabu and Rob Van Dam w/Bill Alfonso -vs- The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer w/Beulah McGillicutty

Our main event for the week was a rematch from this month ECW Arena show a couple of weeks ago, pitting long-time rivals against each other in tag team action. Clearly, the match between the two teams at Better Than Ever did nothing to settle the scores between Sandman and Sabu or Dreamer and RVD and they were ready and more than willing to do it all over again.

Like the match from the Arena, this was a wild, all-out brawl between the two teams to start, the four men brawling around ringside for some time at the start. Unlike last time, the pairings didn't find themselves quite on opposite ends of the building though, so this did resemble a bit more of a tag team match. Emphasis on a bit.

Van Dam and Sabu were able to take Tommy out of the equation for a couple of minutes and double team The Sandman in the ring, but their attempts to get the pin on Sandman didn't get them too far. Sandman was eventually able to crotch Van Dam up top by falling into the ropes and brawled to the outside with Sabu, while Dreamer returned and hit a ring shaking superplex for a near fall on Van Dam. The feuding pairs split off for a while, Sabu and Sandman brawling at ringside, leaving Van Dam and Dreamer in an evenly fought match in the ring. And it was largely by the book, until Fonzie passed in a chair for RVD to use. However, that would backfire when Dreamer avoided a spinkick and wound up spiking RVD with a DDT on the chair instead.

Joey: "He got him! He got him! Dreamer got him! One, two and NO! Sabu breaks it up in the nick of time!"

Sandman returned to battle Sabu again but got sent to the floor, leaving Sabu to go after Dreamer. Dreamer would survive a couple of near falls of his own from Sabu before the pair went over the top and to the floor from a running clothesline by Sabu, meaning it was down to RVD and Sandman. Van Dam had recovered by this point and laid out Sandman long enough to attempt a Frog Splash, with Sabu and Dreamer still down and out. Sandman would roll out of the way though and put RVD down with another DDT. Laying the chair across RVD's face, Sandman would then scale the ropes, in his very precarious way and hit a flying leg drop off the top, into the chair! The cover would get three and Sabu was just unable to get back in in time, meaning Sandman and Dreamer had avenged their defeat from two weeks ago.

Winners: Sandman and Dreamer, by pinfall, in 14:24

Joey: "The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer pick up the victory here tonight... Bill Alfonso doesn't look too happy with that, but too bad!"

Dreamer congratulated Sandman in the ring post match and Beulah looked to be about to join them, but before she could get in the ring, Sabu and Van Dam would suddenly attack their opponents from behind, Fonzie apparently not the only one not happy with the result.

Joey: "Wait a minute, the match is over! Give me a break! Is that what passes for good sportsmanship in the halls of the World Wrestling Federation!?"

Sabu and Van Dam beat down Sandman and Dreamer, Sandman taking a chairshot to keep him down and Van Dam slamming the chair into Dreamer's formerly injured ankle as well. Sabu went up top and the pair repeat the finish onto Dreamer, with a legdrop onto the chair placed over his face by Van Dam, Fonzie going nuts with the whistle the whole time. Van Dam sure seemed full of himself at this point, considering he'd just lost the match, while Sabu starts choking Sandman in the corner before referees head out to try and put a stop to things.

Joey: "Rob Van Dam and Sabu may be standing tall right now, but we haven't heard the last of this situation. I can assure you that Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman are not done with these two yet, mark my words. I just don't know what it's going to take to settle the score between these four."




- My protege Gabe was caught doing some funny cartoon drawings on the back of the run-sheets of the boys before the show, who, thankfully for him, seemed to see the funny side.
- Terry brought us all together before the show and showed up Buh Buh, since he didn't join the rest of the boys for the post match party last night. Buh Buh wound up agreeing to buy drinks for everyone after tonight's show instead, which went down well. Terry's an invaluable guy to have around, because he has the respect of the locker room, whilst managing to be on the young guys level at the same time.

- I was impressed with what I saw out of Al and Roadkill. I thought the two of them worked great together and it's a pairing I might have to go back to if they're going to click that well.

- So, last week, I said how I wasn't done with The Pitbulls after I fined them for being a pain in my ass. Well, part two of that was tonight, having them put some people over on the way out. As it turns out, they're gonna be on their way out a lot quicker than they might have been, had they done a decent job. Pitbull #2 apparently didn't get the message and decided that instead of showing up to the show wasted, he'd get out of his mind before his match this time. I guess that way, he gets high and still gets paid. Great plan, right? Wrong. I'm done with the both of them. Important life lesson- if you're useful to an employer, you can get away with a lot more than you can if you're not. I think #2 at least took it well, albeit a little pissed, understandably. Tommy wasn't happy with the whole deal either, also understandable.

- We tweaked the tag match a little from last time and told them to keep it as a brawl, but didn't overbook things quite so much. The result was actually, probably, a slightly weaker match and Sandman struggled to keep up with the other three guys in more of a straight up match. Keeping things this way for a while might still be the way to go though, to re-train the crowd on what to expect.

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