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WWF Free for All 1987

May 24th, 1987

From the Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts

Attendance: 50,000 (Sold-Out!)

Announce Team: Gorilla Monsoon, Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura


Gene Okerlund welcomes the viewers and fans still packing into the arena, as he takes center stage of the ring. Okerlund says that tonight is jam packed and that he can officially conform a sold-out crowd here at Fenway Park, with 50,000 people.

Okerlund then runs down on tonight’s biggest matches which include, Hulk Hogan defending the WWF World Heavyweight Championship against Harley Race. Butch Reed and Ricky Steamboat’s rematch for the WWF Intercontinental Championship. 2 Out 3 Falls Count match between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage. Paul Orndorff taking on King Kong Bundy in a match between two former teammates.

WWF World Tag Team Championships

Normal, Tag Team Match

The Can-Am Connection Vs. The Hart Foundation © (/w Jimmy Hart)

The show kicks off to a hot start with the tag team championships being on the line in the first match of the night. Rick Martel and Tom Zenk came into this match looking determined to dethrone the the tag team champions and looked even more determined to prove many wrong. As the duo were going into this match, with the odds stacked against them. The Hart Foundation on the other hand, came into this match looking more confident than ever.

Rick Martel and Bret Hart locked up in the opening minutes, with neither men getting the advantage over the other. Eventually, Hart was able to perform an successful counter elbow strike to Martel, that led him the way to some offense. Hart began to make frequent tags with Jim Neidhart, as they both looked to wear out Martel. Zenk stayed in his corner, but it was noticeable from his face that he wanted to step in the ring and stop the on-going attack.

Martel would soon make a comeback though, countering one of Hart’s strikes and dishing out a few of his own. Martel attempted a Boston Crab, but Hart was able to successfully get out of the submission hold. The offense continued on Martel, until Martel was able to rebound with one big powerslam. He crawled to Tom Zenk, who was more fired up than ever to get in the ring.

Martel made the tag to Zenk, while at the same time, Hart made the tag to Neidhart. The big men quickly brought Zenk down and killed a lot of his momentum. Neidhart continued to use crushing offense on Zenk and made frequent tags to Hart after several minutes. The Hart Foundation finished Tom Zenk off by performing a Hart Attack. Martel attempted to break Hart’s pin attempt but Neidhart quickly delivered a huge shoulder tackle to knock Martel out of the ring. The referee counted to three and afterwards, declared the The Hart Foundation as victorious and still the WWF World Tag Team Champions.

Winners: The Hart Foundation

Match Time: 11:53

Finish: The Hart Attack by Hart Foundation leads to pin by Bret Hart on Tom Zenk


The Hart Foundation stay in the ring to celebrate their hard fought victory, as The Can-Am Connection head up the ramp in disappointment. Once Martel and Zenk are at the top of the ramp, they get ambushed from behind...

Demolition made easy work of the tag team, who were already worn out from their big tag team match. Demolition didn’t just have their eyes on the tag team that defeated them in the finals though, they had their eyes on the tag team champions. Demolition Ax and Smash headed towards the ring, as Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart urged them to bring it. Demolition entered the ring and both teams clashed, giving fans a very rare, bad guy versus bag guy moment. Demolition came out on top and sent the tag team champions over the top ropes.

The attack made it unclear to fans as to what just happened, one thing for certain was that it left them shocked and speechless.


“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and his business partner, IRS, head into the ring, in which DiBiase will make his announcement on his next move here in the WWF. DiBiase start his promo off by claiming that he’s the real reason why 50,000 people showed up here tonight in Fenway Park. He adds that it’s because his announcement matters more than even the WWF World Heavyweight Championship mega-match between Harley Race and Hulk Hogan.

DiBiase then says that after talking with his business partner, IRS, he has came to the conclusion on what his next move will be in the World Wrestling Federation… To take part in next month’s King of the Ring tournament.

Ted DiBiase: “Money is great, those of you who have money in attendance know that, but what’s also great is achieving victory. Now, that is something none of you will ever know. You’ll never know how it feels to be as rich as me, because your just not as talented, handsome and of course, wealthy, like I am. You’ll never know what the taste of victory is like, because none of you have the guts to lace a pair of boots. I’ve defeated Tito Santana twice, regardless of how I won, I was announced the official winner. Now, I’m moving on to new endeavors and that begins next month as I’ll be competing in the King of the Ring Tournament. Once I win, you may all refer to me as “The Million Dollar King! HAHAHAHAHAHA”

Suddenly, Tito Santana is seen jumping over the guard rail, he quickly enters the ring to a big cheer from the crowd as he attacks Ted DiBiase. IRS comes to DiBiase’s aid, as DiBiase quickly swirms out of the ring. Santana decides to lock on the Figure Four Leglock on IRS. DiBiase looks on, as he seems to not want to save his partner due to him being in a suit. DiBiase decides to leave by heading up the ramp. Santana releases the submission hold on IRS and celebrates with the crowd.


The audience is brought to a pre-recorded interview in which Gene Okerlund interviews Paul Orndorff. Okerlund reminds Orndorff of King Kong Bundy’s strength and that he will not be an easy opponent to get the win over. Orndorff tells Okerlund that he didn’t take Superstars and Wrestling Challenge off to hide from The Heenan Family. Orndorff says he took the week off, to train his hardest to prepare for the match.

Paul Orndorff: “For the past week, I’ve been training my tail off for this match! Tonight, I’m up against the challenge of defeating King Kong Bundy and honestly, I’m looking forward to it. Bobby Heenan, you’re going to realize that I was the star in the family! King Kong Bundy, I hope you’re ready, because I’m coming to bring you down!”

Normal, Singles Match

Paul Orndorff Vs. King Kong Bundy (/w Bobby Heenan)

Paul Orndorff knew he needed this win more than anything else, not only that but he needed to perform well if he wanted to keep his job. Bobby Heenan walked down the ramp with King Kong Bundy as they both looked confident that Orndorff would not emerge out of this match victorious.

Orndorff threw a series of punches at King Kong Bundy, but every strike seemed like it it did little to nothing on Bundy. Bundy responded back, delivering some crushing punches and elbow smashes. He soon got Orndorff cornered in the turnbuckles. He delivered several chops to Orndorff before ramming into him really hard. Orndorff looked beaten and battered, but “Mr. Wonderful” was not going to give up.

Orndorff fought back against Bundy, delivering more strikes, with one strike hitting Bundy hard to stun him for a minute. Orndorff carried the offense for several minutes, performing well but it wouldn’t be long until King Kong Bundy rebounded. Bundy began to return the offense, delivering some crushing blows and even performed an Avalance, as Bobby Heenan looked on, satisfied with the punishment. King Kong Bundy knew he had the match won at that particular moment, but decided to continue his dominance for a few more minutes. He eventually performed a second body splash, to earn the pinfall victory.

Winner: King Kong Bundy

Match Time: 12:03

Finish: Body Splash by Bundy leads to Pin.


Paul Orndorff was laid out, as Bobby Heenan laughed at the fan’s disappointment in King Kong Bundy’s victory. Bobby Hennan then entered the ring and began to tell the fallen Paul Orndorff that he was right all along and that Orndorff didn’t belong in the spotlight. Heenan continues by praising Bundy and reminding everyone that it is King Kong Bundy who seizes the spotlight.

Bobby Heenan instructs King Kong Bundy to perform another Body Splash, in which Bundy does. Orndorff collapses in the ring, as Bobby Heenan and King Kong Bundy stand over Orndorff in victory.


The audience is brought back to the backstage area again, where Gene Okerlund is with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, in another pre-recorded promo. They hype up the big 2 Out Of 3 Falls Count match in what is next to come in several minutes. Roberts says that tonight, him and Savage are going to war and only one men is leaving alive. Roberts adds that at first, his goal was to chase the WWF Intercontinental. Now, his goal is to defeat Randy Savage and show why he is the real #1 contender.

Jake Roberts: “It all comes down to this Mean Gene, Savage and I are going to do battle in a 2 out of 3 falls count match. We’re going to war no doubt about that and only one of us is walking out. If Savage thinks for a minute that he’s the number one contender, than he’s going to have to defeat me. I’m not holding anything back in this one and I’m going to ensure these fans get a finish. I’m coming for that WWF Intercontinental Championship!”

2 Out Of 3 Falls Count Match

Jake Roberts Vs. Randy Savage (/w Miss Elizabeth)

This match was set the settle the score between the on-going rivalary between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage. Both men knew what was on the line in this one and they didn’t hesitate to give fans one hell of a big match. The match started off with several holds, as both men clearly were not trying to slip up. Savage would get the upper-hand though and would run with it in the opening minutes of the match.

After delivering well on the offensive end, Roberts found his way back into the match and began to take control. He executed a kneelift and went for the pin but Savage broke out at one. Savage reclaimed the advantage and delivered a scoop slam on Roberts. Savage looked determined to earn the first fall of the night by finishing Roberts off with a Flying Elbow Drop, but Roberts quickly dodged the bullet. Roberts took advantage of the successful counter and delivered a DDT on Randy Savage to get the 1...2...3. The pin would officially put Roberts over Savage, which meant Roberts was only one pin / submission away from winning the match.

Roberts took his time waiting for Savage to get back up after that tremendous DDT, which made the sold-out crowd cheer hard for Roberts. Savage would then get back up and the two began to fight once again. Savage was delivering more vicious strikes and moves, as he was desperate to rebound in the match. Roberts managed to kick Savage in the gut, and almost hit Savage with another DDT but Savage was quick enough to reverse the move. Savage landed a fury of strikes and was able to deliver another successful scoop slam. Afterwards, Savage went for a second attempt at the Flying Elbow Drop and this time around, he pulled it off. Savage quickly went for the pin and tied the match up 1-1.

We were now down to the final fall, as both Roberts and Savage were laid out in the middle of the ring. Exhaustion was beginning to settle in with both men, as they reached 20 minutes in the match. They both managed to get up around the same time and began going at each other like they had in the opening minutes. The fans knew that the end was near, they just didn’t know who was walking out victorious as they watched on the edge of their seats. They traded punches until Savage was beginning to hit more than Roberts was. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Roberts landed a kick to Savage’s gut, which was instantly followed up by Roberts’ finisher, the DDT. A few seconds passed before the exhausted Jake Roberts went for the pin...



Rope Break!

The referee noticed Savage’s hand on the ropes and instantly called it, as Roberts couldn’t believe the referee. Roberts began to have a small attitude with the ref, while Savage would use the time to recover. Roberts would then turn his focus his attention back on Savage, who would reclaim his momentum by delivering a low blow. Savage delivered a modified version of the DDT, he then followed that up by once again getting back on the turnbuckle, only this time taking a lot longer. Savage would soon jump off and execute a second Flying Elbow Drop, afterwards Savage crawled to pin Roberts…




Once the referee counted the three count, Savage raised his arm while laying on the mat exhausted as sweat poured down his face in what was a memorable 24 minute match. Miss Elizabeth quickly entered the ring to check on Savage. The announce team talked about how both men in this match were winners, which was in fact true.

Winner: Randy Savage

Match Time: 24:10

Finish: Flying Elbow Drop by Savage leads to Pin, 2-1


Minutes passed as both Jake Roberts and Randy Savage were now up on their feet, looking at each other eye to eye, in the middle of the ring. Both men looked like they were about to erupt and go into another one of their brawls. This time though, no brawl broke out. It was a tense showdown between them both, as fans were going crazy for the moment. The fans wondered whether this was about to be a moment of closure or chaos between them. They were soon about to find out an answer and it was something they had not expected…

The Russian Alliance began to make their way down to the ring, as Ivan Koloff held a microphone to send a message to both Jake Roberts and Randy Savage.

Ivan Koloff: “These fans go crazy for their American superstars, when they need to go crazy for the higher power, which is us! Awhile back I said nobody is safe in the World Wrestling Federation… Just look at Piper. Look at The British Bulldogs. Now… You two are next...”

Each member of the alliance is on one side of the ring, as Savage and Roberts shared a slight glance of no trust. However, they knew they had to team together if they were to have any chance against this dominant stable in the WWF right now.

The Russian Alliance entered the ring under Ivan’s count, all four men began to attack Savage and Roberts. Both men were barely able to put up much of a fight, considering they had just competed in a 26 minute match against each other. The Russian Alliance began to dominate once again, as they showed their strength against two of WWF’s popular superstars. The Russian Alliance than stood over both Roberts and Savage, as they raised one fist in the air.

A video package is played showcasing the build up between Butch Reed and Ricky Steamboat’s rematch, for the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

The build goes back to WrestleMania III, in which Butch Reed came out victorious against 14 other men in a battle royal match, to crown a new #1 contender for the championship. After Steamboat’s victory over Randy Savage at WrestleMania III, Reed has had his eye on him.

The build up to their previous encounter at The Big Event, featured brawls and interviews, in which both competitors took shots at one another. The package than focuses on the build to the big rematch here tonight, in which both men will give it their all to walk out as the champion.

WWF Intercontinental Championship

Normal, Singles Match

Butch Reed (/w Slick) Vs. Ricky Steamboat ©

Two months ago, Butch Reed won his first ever PPV match, making a clear statement by eliminating 14 other men to win a shot at the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Despite losing against Ricky Steamboat in their previous match, Reed has made it clear that he is a threat in this business. Unfortunately, Steamboat would have to find a gameplan to overcome Butch Reed for a second time.

Butch Reed was very aggressive in the beginning, striking Steamboat hard with left and rights. Reed executed several powerslams and eblow drops to wound the champion. Steamboat turned the tide later on with a nice kick to Reed’s head, which made an impact as the match went on. Reed continued his assault but it became noticeable that Reed wasn’t okay after that hard kick to the skull.

Steamboat steamed his way to high momentum streak, delivering strikes and kicks to bring the heavyweight down. Reed’s offense began to drift as he tried to pull together to not let Steamboat get another win over him. Reed showed effort in trying to secure himself a win, but it just wasn’t enough. Steamboat high rolled through Reed and finished him off with a Flying Karate Chop to earn himself the pinfall and a second victory over Butch Reed.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat

Match Time: 16:28

Finish: Flying Karate Chop by Steamboat leads to Pin.


Right before his big match against “King” Harley Race, Hulk Hogan was interviewed by Hulk Hogan. Okerlund makes note that Harley Race will not be no easy challenge, as he has won multiple championships in the professional wrestling industry. Hogan claims that while that may be true, Race has yet to hold the most prestigious WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Hogan ensures fans that he isn’t going to let any of The Heenan Family members take the world title. Hogan adds that he’s going to take down Harley Race and the rest of The Heenan Family.

Hulk Hogan: “Tonight is a big night Mean Gene and Imma tell you why, brother! Because tonight my Hulkamaniacs around the world, are gonna see me drop Harley Race in front of 50,000 screaming fans and bring The Heenan Family down! So, Harley Race, I hope you’ve trained because your up against not only me, brother, but against all of my Hulkamaniacs. So whatcha gonna do when myself and Fenway Park run wild on you?!?!?!”

WWF World Heavyweight Championship

Normal, Singles Match

“King” Harley Race (/w Bobby Heenan) Vs. Hulk Hogan ©

It was now time for the main event, in what was a highly anticipated match between one of wrestling’s greatest, Harley Race facing off against WWF’s top and global superstar, Hulk Hogan. The 50,000 fans in attendance were no doubt excited to see this match. Once both men were in the ring, they had a long staredown in the middle of the ring.

Race began shouting at Hogan, demanding him to bow down to him this instant. Hogan refused, which led to Race spitting in Hogan’s face. Hogan wiped the spit off his face and looked raged, suddenly Hogan began throwing punches at Race, as he tried to flee off to the outside of the ring. Hogan chased him down, which led to Race hurrying back into the ring. Hogan followed and fell into Race’s trap. The commentators talked about how Race will use his experience in this business to his advantage.

Race delivered several stomps to Hogan, doing his best to keep The Hulkster down but it was not working. Hogan got back up and looked ready to knock Harley Race down to the mat. Hogan went after Race, who quickly went behind the referee. Hogan tried to grab Race, but Race would toss the referee into Hogan. Race quickly fled to the outside, as Hogan quickly followed from behind. Race hurried to Heenan, and attained some item that he used to strike Hogan in the head, as the referee was down. Race tossed Hogan into the ring and attempted a pin, the attempt was longer than three seconds and would had guaranteed Race the win, had the referee not been knocked down.

Race went to the referee and demanded him to count the pin, as Race went back to Hogan, Hogan delivered a jab to Race’s jaw. Hogan dished out a few strikes to Race, before irish whipping him into the ropes leding Race to rebound off the ropes and get a taste of the big boot. Hogan flexed in front of the fans, as he went on to deliver the Big Legrop to earn the pinfall victory.

The fans erupted in cheers, as Hogan came out victorious against Harley Race, in what is sure to go down as one of the greatest WWF matches of all-time.

Winner: Hulk Hogan

Match Time: 22:19

Finish: Big Legrop by Hogan leads to Pin.


Hulk Hogan celebrated his hard fought victory, in front of the sold-crowd of 50,000 people here at the Fenway Park. In a big match that lasted over 20 minutes, this was perhaps one of Hogan’s biggest matches to date and he was certainly in for a challenge.

Hercules and King Kong Bundy came down the ramp while Heenan stood at ringside with a big look of disappointment. Hercules and Bundy went after Hogan, who used whatever strength he had to fight off the rest of The Heenan Family. However, exhaustion was beginning to show for The Hulkster, as Hercules and Bundy began to dismantle Hogan. All hope was beginning to fade until…

Paul Orndorff came charging into the ring and attacked Bundy, Hogan eventually fought back against Hercules. Orndorff and Hogan teamed together and sent Bundy, Race and Hercules over the top ropes. The Heenan Family began to flee up the ramp, as Orndorff and Hogan stood face to face in the ring.

Orndorff extended his hand to Hogan, who looked at it and wondered whether he could trust Orndorff. He clearly thought about it before finally making the decision to accept Orndorff’s handshake. Both men then celebrated in the ring, as the show was going into the final minute. The announce team informed us to not miss this upcoming Superstars of Wrestling, as it will begin the road to the King of the Ring PPV.

PPV Buy Rate: 0.54 (273, 195 Buys)

Show Overall Grade:

Backstage News / Incidents / Opinions

• Paul Orndorff sustained a damaged achilles tendon during his match against King Kong Bundy. It is rumored that Orndorff suffered the injury during the aftermath of his match against Bundy. It is unknown at this time when Orndorff will return or if he even will.

• The Iron Sheik reportedly believes that Demolition Smash does not connect with the fans and that he is a waste of everyone’s time.

• Hulk Hogan thinks that Demolition Smash needs to learn how to sell first, before a push can even be considered.

• Butch Reed even believes that Demolition Smash doesn’t connect with the fans and that it’s not going to get him far.

Prediction Scores

RyanR93WKU – 22pts

Smasher1311 – 20pts

James The Animator – 16pts

The Final Countdown - 16pts

Beejus – 8pts

Colonel Phantom – 8pts

There you have it! To me, this has been by far my best show that I have ever done rating wise. The match card looked promising and it sure did deliver. I had big hopes for Savage and Roberts, as I thought that match was easily a A* match. The 96 rated match between Race and Hogan was really great to see, it really was the deciding factor of the final show grade.

All in all, this has been a very fun PPV to create and I’m excited for what’s down the line. Thank you to anyone who continues to follow. The final scoreboard will be up on the #12 edition of Superstars & Challenge. Once the show gets posted, I will PM the top three users. Thanks again to everyone who has predicted!
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