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Default Raw #1305

Live from Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia!

Looking for revenge at the top of the show, Roman Reigns called out Jinder Mahal, unhappy that going through the guardrail cut him short last week.
Instead, Sunil Singh came to the ring, telling Roman Reigns that Jinder Mahal was not in the building. Kurt Angle would join them in the ring, demanding that Sunil makes sure that Jinder is here tonight. As Jinder wasn’t there at the moment, Kurt Angle told Roman Reigns that if he was looking for a fight, then he has a match with Sunil Singh!

Making quick work of Jinder Mahal’s sidekick, Roman Reigns discarded Singh from the ring. He then stated his belief that Mahal was indeed in the building, and promised to search every inch of the Richmond Coliseum to find him. Later in the night, Roman Reigns was confronted by Finn Balor, who told him that he had a match with Jinder Mahal, and asked “The Big Dog” to keep out of his business.

Prior to Roman Reigns’ entrance of Raw, a cold opening saw Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the Locker Room. Appearing to have been at each other’s throats, Zayn tried to calm his partner down, saying that if he could, he would give Owens his shot in the Money In The Bank.
This led to Kevin Owens approaching Kurt Angle, asking that the opportunity be passed on to him. Zayn claimed he would love for that to happen, but unfortunately it can’t be done. Not a fan of either man, Kurt Angle said that he was happy for Owens to take Zayn’s place, leaving Sami in an awkward position. Backtracking from his earlier statement, Zayn told Owens that he couldn’t give him his spot “because… the rules”. Despite this, Sami Zayn still wanted Kevin Owens to have his back later in the night, which KO reluctantly agreed to.

Having targeted Titus Worldwide as a prime example of what they feel is wrong with the WWE, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler cut a promo on the group, highlighting these feelings before they defeated the team of No Way Jose & Titus O’Neil. After the match, when Apollo Crews checked on his partners, Drew and Dolph asked him what he is doing with Titus Worldwide. Before Crews could react, Dana Brooke pulled him away from the situation, not fancying Crews’ chances against the ruthless duo.

Later in the night, when speaking out against the attack, Apollo Crews was attacked by Baron Corbin. Seemingly shocked into silence, Dana Brooke did nothing, as “The Lone Wolf” took Apollo Crews out. Reacting to this later, Chad Gable talked to Kurt Angle about the chaos that has descended over Raw, requesting a match with Corbin next week.

Closing the first hour of Raw, Elias went one on one with Bobby Roode, in the deciding match in their series. Elias would win the match in a decisive manner, leaving a disappointed Roode to reflect on his defeat.
Leaving the ring, Elias was questioned on his victory, telling Renee Young that “The Drifter’s work is never done...” What Elias meant by this would become clearer, later in the night.

Returning to the show, Kurt Angle was approached in his office by Alexa Bliss. She complained about her match later in the night, due to two of the competitors in it being on their second chances to enter the Money In The Bank. Kurt Angle offered Alexa the option to pull out of the match, and instead face Ronda Rousey at Money In The Bank. This technique successfully shot Alexa down, and she would go on to defeat Sasha Banks and Ruby Riott later in the night, earning her opportunity to win the Money In The Bank.
Before that match, Ronda Rousey called out both Mickie James and Alexa Bliss, but the two women had no interest in engaging her. Mickie James even refused to come to the ring, meaning that Ronda had ensured no support for Alexa, during her match, much to Bliss’ annoyance.

Another match which took place between the Female Superstars of Raw saw Nia Jax get her first measure of revenge against The Riott Squad. Having confronted her fellow Raw Superstars last week, Nia Jax was joined at ringside by Ember Moon, and went on to defeat Sarah Logan.
After the match, Moon made it clear that she had eyes for the Raw Women’s Championship. Later in the evening, high spirits between Bayley, Ember and Nia in the Locker Room resulted in an awkward moment as the downbeat Sasha Banks entered the room. Having lost both of her opportunities to compete in the Money In The Bank, Sasha was left to feel an outsider as she approached the trio.

Making an appearance to issue another Open Challenge, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins spoke about the month that he has had.
Having defended his Championship all over the world, Seth Rollins said that he has truly put the Intercontinental back into the Championship. He then quipped that maybe that’s where Brock Lesnar has been, defending his Championship throughout the Universe. Officially issuing the challenge, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel both appeared ready to face the Intercontinental Champion.
When Seth Rollins said that he would be happy to face both men, Dallas & Axel made it clear that they weren’t interested in taking the challenge, instead jumping Seth Rollins. The pair were unsuccessful in their attempt to take down Seth Rollins, but caused enough of a distraction that Seth was caught off guard as Elias entered the ring.
Grabbing the Champion from behind, Elias smashed a Guitar over Seth Rollins’ head, taking him out completely. Elias then stood over the Intercontinental Champion, with some suggestion that he may be interested in Seth Rollins’ title.

Another story developing on the show was a new case for “Breezango”. Opening up the fashion files once more, the Raw newcomers were investigating the case of the Authors of Pain. Throughout extensive research (Fandango searching Amazon), it came to their attention that The “Authors” of Pain had not written a single book. Vowing to crack the case, Breezango were joined in their “crime lab” by The DELETERS of Worlds.
Apparently teleporting into this realm, Matt and Bray wished Breezango luck on their voyage of enlightenment, encouraging them ahead of a match with Akam & Rezar. Despite this, The Authors of Pain would go on to handedly defeat Breezango, within just a few minutes.

Despite Finn Balor’s request earlier in the night, Roman Reigns refused to stay out of his business, confronting Jinder Mahal during his entrance.
Frustrated by this, Finn Balor left the ring, running to confront Roman Reigns. As the two argued on the ramp, Jinder Mahal was able to take advantage, hitting Finn Balor with a Khallas to the Steel Ramp. Quickly, medical personnel (and security) came to the top of the ramp, ensuring that there could be no more action outside of the ring. Agreeing to leave, Roman Reigns’ involvement had clearly put Finn Balor at a huge disadvantage, and while he was eventually allowed to start the match, the pre-match damage was too much. Scoring a victory, largely aided by that cowardly act, the second Khallas of the night secured the win for Jinder Mahal.

Jinder Mahal bt. Finn Balor

Not happy with just the victory, Jinder Mahal looked to hit another Khallas on Finn Balor after the bell. Dragging him back to his feet, Jinder Mahal was unable to hit the move again, instead finding himself on the end of an Overhead Kick from Finn Balor. Looking to regain credibility after the defeat, Finn Balor rallied, and eventually had Jinder Mahal set up for a Slingblade. It was at this point that Roman Reigns sprinted back down to the ring. Hitting “The Modern Day Maharaja” with a Spear, Roman Reigns got his revenge, albeit while upstaging Finn Balor. As Roman Reigns stood tall on the second rope, it was clear that Finn Balor was furious with “The Big Dog”.

Coming back for the final hour of Raw, Roman Reigns was confronted by Kurt Angle, who accused him of being just as bad as Jinder and calling him “out of control”.
Kurt told Reigns that if he isn’t careful then he will join Jinder Mahal in being barred from the building at Money In The Bank.

Prior to the match kicking off, Kevin Owens’ presence at ringside was counterbalanced by the emergence of Braun Strowman.
Both qualified for the Money In The Bank, along with Sami Zayn, Braun Strowman told Bobby Lashley that he had his back. This proved to be true, as he thwarted the attempts of Kevin Owens to get involved in emphatic fashion. As a result, Bobby Lashley was able to overpower Sami Zayn, picking up the victory following a Delayed Vertical Suplex.

Bobby Lashley bt. Sami Zayn

Standing tall in the middle of the ring, Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley both looked up to the “Money In The Bank” Briefcase hanging high above the ring. Competing against Finn Balor, Sami Zayn and the Smackdown representatives, the two men in the ring were put over as the favourites to take home the Briefcase in three weeks time.

Quick Results:
Roman Reigns bt. Sunil Singh
Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre bt. No Way Jose & Titus O'Neil
Elias bt. Bobby Roode

Nia Jax bt. Sarah Logan
Authors of Pain bt. Breezango
Jinder Mahal bt. Finn Balor

Alexa Bliss bt. Ruby Riott and Sasha Banks [MITB Qualifier]
Bobby Lashley bt. Sami Zayn

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