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Default Raw #1306

Live from Toyota Center, Houston, Texas!

The opening of Raw saw Seth Rollins make his way to the ring, calling out Elias for the attack on him last week. Instead of being joined by “The Drifter”, Seth Rollins was confronted by Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel - who appear to be doing the bidding of Elias.
Seth Rollins told Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel that they were more suited to getting their asses kicked by “J & J Security”, but also that he was more than happy to face both of them. Dallas and Axel fancied their chances in a handicap match. Rollins then said that he had been permission to issue an open challenge tonight, but if Dallas & Axel wanted to face him, then the match was on.

Seth Rollins was able to defeat the pair, albeit by DQ when Elias jumped the rallying Intercontinental Champion.
Bringing his guitar into the ring, Elias played over the downed Seth Rollins, making it clear that he is interested in the Intercontinental Championship.

Having challenged Baron Corbin to a match this week, Chad Gable looked to take the fight to “The Lone Wolf”. While he was fired up, looking to bring Corbin to justice for his recent behaviour, Gable was unable to defeat Corbin. The finish came from nowhere, as Baron Corbin reversed an athletic move from Gable to hit the End of Days.
In the fallout of that match, Apollo Crews came out to confront Baron Corbin, who attacked him last week. Before the two men could get into it, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler came out to the top of the ramp, telling Apollo that he didn’t get hurt last week because of Baron Corbin, but because of Titus Worldwide.
They then told Apollo it was time for him to look in the mirror and ask himself whether he cares more about being a “nice guy” or whether he wants to be a winner.

Before that, seemingly having had a change of heart, Sasha Banks approached Nia Jax, offering her help against The Riott Squad tonight. Nia Jax was forced to decline the offer, having already agreed to team with Bayley and Ember Moon. The decision paid dividends, as Bayley, Ember Moon and Nia Jax defeated The Riott Squad.
After the match, Ember Moon made it clear that with Money In The Bank coming in just under two weeks time, her eyes are on the Women’s Championship.

Elsewhere, Breezango brought their best men into the “Authors of What?” case, informing The Ascension that they didn’t have “go by the book” in their investigation of The Authors of Pain tonight. Looking to beat answers out of The A.O.P, The Ascension didn’t get very far, as they were destroyed by The Authors of Pain.
Coming to the ring after the match, Breezango claimed to have made a breakthrough in the case, and confronted The A.O.P. This turned out to be a poor decision, as Akam & Rezar simply laid them out in the ring, shaking their heads at the shenanigans of the two teams who lay out on the mat. Later in the evening, The DELETERS of World offered their support to Breezango, saying that a match between the two teams next week would be perfect for them to transmit their energies and help with the case.

Scoring an impressive victory over Dana Brooke, it soon became clear that Mickie James still had reservation about facing Ronda Rousey, as she was ran off by the woman who has challenged her for Money In The Bank. Despite an arrogant promo before the match, where she had mocked Rousey, Alexa Bliss also wanted no part of the former MMA Champion.
Instead, Ronda Rousey would address the audience, with footage showing her recent issues with Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. Rousey said that the two women have vowed to show her what a “Real Raw Superstar” looks like, but all she had seen is a pair of cowards. Rousey would then announce that at Money In The Bank, she will share the ring with Mickie James, vowing to “humble” the veteran and prove that she does belong on the Raw roster.

Continuing the issues of recent weeks, Finn Balor spoke to Kurt Angle early in the evening, sharing his feelings about Roman Reigns’ recent actions.
Tired of Roman Reigns overshadowing him, Finn Balor requested a match with Reigns. Instead, Finn Balor was told that he would be in a match with Reigns tonight, as a team. Angle told Finn that their real issue isn’t with each other, but with Jinder Mahal. As a result, they would team up against Jinder and Sunil Singh later in the evening. Approaching Roman later in the night, Balor told “The Big Dog” that while they might not like each other, a victory tonight would get them both what they want.
However, when it came around time for that match, Jinder Mahal informed Kurt Angle that Sunil Singh was not fit to compete, requesting the cancellation of the contest. Instead, Angle told Mahal that he would have to find a new partner - in a very short space of time - otherwise he would be allocated one by the General Manager himself. When it came to bell time, Jinder Mahal had yet to find himself a tag team partner. As promised, Kurt Angle had someone on standby, introducing Jinder Mahal to his partner…

Even before the bell, it was clear that Jinder Mahal was disgusted by his General Manager’s choice of partner. Annoying Jinder with his happy-go-lucky outlook, Curt Hawkins’ insistence that the streak would come to an end tonight further frustrated “The Modern Day Maharaja”. Standing no chance from the opening bell, Jinder Mahal eventually lost his patience with Curt Hawkins. Leaving the apron and backing up the ramp, the cocky Hawkins was left for Finn Balor and Roman Reigns to deal with.

When Finn Balor hit a front dropkick to Curt Hawkins, he looked to set up for a Double Footstomp. However, as he stood on the top rope, Roman Reigns tagged himself in, hitting Curt Hawkins with a Spear as he returned to his feet.

Finn Balor & Roman Reigns bt. Curt Hawkins & Jinder Mahal

After the match, having been once again upstaged, Finn Balor looked furious as he sat on the top turnbuckle. Roman Reigns stood tall, with a smirk that made it obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing.

Remaining at the top of the ramp, Jinder Mahal began to cut a promo on Roman Reigns. Jinder Mahal spoke about being banned from Money In The Bank, and vowed that next week he would ensure that Reigns won’t be able to make it to the Pay-Per-View either. It was at this point that Kurt Angle joined Jinder on the top of the ramp, informing him that his ban from Money In The Bank was lifted. Delighted by this, Jinder’s face soon dropped when he was informed that at the show, he would be going one on one with Roman Reigns.

Celebrating this announcement in the ring, Roman Reigns looked delighted, until he turned into a Swingblade from Finn Balor. Dropping “The Big Dog” in the middle of the ring, Finn Balor aggressively shouted towards Reigns on the canvas, telling him “don’t take your eye off Finn Balor!”

And that wasn’t the end of the issues between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor on the evening, as Balor declared that he was tired of being overlooked in favour of Roman Reigns. This led to a backstage confrontation later in the evening, that saw Finn Balor and Roman Reigns almost come to blows.
When they were eventually pulled apart by a large group of backstage workers, Kurt Angle came between them, telling them that if they’re going to cause chaos, they can do it in the ring - next week - in a one on one match!

Returning to in-ring action, it was time for another match, this time between Bobby Roode and Mojo Rawley. Before the match, as Bobby Roode tried to get something off his chest (in regards to his defeat to Elias last week), he was cut off by a hyped up Mojo Rawley, who told Roode he was “killing the crowd” and boring him to tears. This riled Roode up, and may have been the decisive factor in Mojo losing the match between the two.

Reacting to the words of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre earlier in the evening, Titus Worldwide spoke backstage about “getting serious”. Titus O’Neil said that if those two think that Apollo Crews is too good for Titus Worldwide, then how about they prove them wrong. Titus then challenged Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to team with Baron Corbin, to go up against the team of Apollo Crews, No Way Jose and Titus O’Neil at Money In The Bank. Later in the night, when Titus O’Neil and No Way Jose were defeated by The Revival, Apollo Crews struggled to mask his disappointment, as Titus Worldwide suffered yet another loss.

Hyped throughout the night, the scheduled Main Event of Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens - in a No Disqualifications match - was given a last minute change. Having gone back on his promise last week, where he told Kevin Owens he would happily hand over his spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match, Sami Zayn was made to pay for his actions.
Just moments before going out to the ring, Kevin Owens told Zayn that despite him changing his mind about letting Owens replace him, Owens didn’t hold it against him. In fact, Owens said that he is willing to do what Sami wouldn’t, and that’s give him his spot in tonight’s match. Sami Zayn laughed at this, but Kevin wasn’t laughing. Zayn said that he couldn’t be serious, but Owens added that he had cleared it with Kurt, and the new Main Event was Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn.

Returning the favour of last week, Bobby Lashley stood in the corner of Braun Strowman for the Main Event of Raw, but it quickly became apparent his input wasn’t required. Despite the No DQ nature of the match, Kevin Owens remained completely detached from it, watching vacantly, even as Braun Strowman began to bring weapons into play. Watching on as his “best friend” was thrown from pillow to post, Kevin Owens’ actions were questioned by the commentators, who suggested that missing out on the Money In The Bank has hit the former Universal Champion hard. Hitting harder was Braun Strowman, and eventually he was able to score the victory, nailing Sami Zayn with a Running Powerslam through a table.

Braun Strowman bt. Sami Zayn

Following the match, Braun Strowman celebrated with Bobby Lashley at his side. When the two men left the ring, Kevin Owens climbed the steps and leant against the ropes on the outside of the ring. As Sami Zayn pulled himself out of the rubble of the Table, he looked up to Kevin Owens, who had offered nothing throughout the match. Staring blankly at his best friend, Kevin Owens offered zero support or sympathy to the suffering Sami Zayn. Giving dead eyes to Sami Zayn, it seemed clear that the chasm between the two has become much deeper than previously thought.

Quick Results:
Seth Rollins bt. Dallas & Axel (DQ)
Baron Corbin bt. Chad Gable
Bayley, Ember Moon & Nia Jax bt. The Riott Squad

The Ascension bt. The Authors of Pain
Mickie James bt. Dana Brooke
Finn Balor & Roman Reigns bt. Curt Hawkins & Jinder Mahal

Bobby Roode bt. Mojo Rawley
The Revival bt. Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil
Braun Strowman bt. Sami Zayn [No Disqualifications]

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