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Default Raw #1314

Live from American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida!

Looking back at the events of last week, an in-depth recap packaged showed the closing segment of the show. During that segment, Braun Strowman interrupted a face-to-face meeting between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, who were scheduled to go one on one for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Allowed in the building by Kurt Angle, against direct instruction from his “superiors”, Braun Strowman joined the “Champion and Challenger” in the ring, declaring his intention to cash in the “Money In The Bank” Briefcase at SummerSlam. Coming into the show, a graphic displayed the updated Main Event of SummerSlam, which will now see Brock Lesnar defend against Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman! The commentators then put over the Main Event of Raw, where Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will go one on one. Throughout the night, that match was heavily promoted, with interviews from both competitors.

Opening the show, Stephanie McMahon made her way down to the ring - making her first appearance since the night after WrestleMania. As soon as she entered the ring, Stephanie McMahon demanded that Kurt Angle came down to the ring too. Clearly, she was not happy with Kurt Angle.
Once Kurt Angle was in the ring, Stephanie McMahon ranted at him, making it clear that she was not happy with the job he was doing. Making threats to his future throughout, Stephanie McMahon read Kurt Angle his “rap sheet”, particularly focussing on him repeatedly going against direct orders from his bosses. After Stephanie’s long promo, where she essentially told Kurt Angle that he was going to be out of a job soon, Kurt fired back. Angle said that when he was named Raw General Manager, he was brought in by Mr. McMahon, not Stephanie. For that reason, Kurt Angle says that it isn’t Stephanie who can fire him, but her father.

It appeared that Stephanie McMahon was aware of this, as she explained that Kurt Angle was already on thin ice, suggesting that her father wouldn’t look favourably over Kurt’s apparent lack of control on the show. Kurt Angle told Stephanie McMahon that he doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks of the job he’s doing, other than the WWE Universe. When Kurt Angle took the job, he told Mr. McMahon that he wouldn’t be able to deal with people meddling in his business, saying that if Stephanie McMahon and her husband were going to keep making decisions for him, then he didn’t want to be Raw GM anymore. On this note, Kurt Angle challenged Stephanie McMahon, saying that he had a feeling this moment was coming and he had prepared for it. Kurt Angle then proposed that at SummerSlam, he picks two members of the Raw roster and Stephanie McMahon does the same. Then, after a Tag Team match at the event, one of two things happen. If Stephanie’s representatives win, Kurt Angle steps down as General Manager of Raw. However, if Kurt Angle wins, he is given complete control of the match making on Monday Night Raw, and of the show’s Pay-Per-View matches.

Asking Stephanie McMahon for an answer, Kurt Angle was told that she doesn’t answer to anybody. Saying “how is this for an answer?”, Stephanie McMahon slapped Kurt Angle across the face, before leaving the ring.

After the break, it was time for the Raw Tag Team Champions match between The DELETERS of World and The Authors of Pain, or so we thought. In a bizarre situation, which would cause the already stressed Kurt Angle no end of troubles, The Authors of Pain shockingly no showed the match. Questioning Kurt Angle about this in the back, Stephanie McMahon considered this another black mark against his leadership. Of course, Kurt Angle could do little about this, and when he asked a staff member about them, he was informed that they had been in the building earlier, but left inexplicably shortly after.

Looking forward, Jason Jordan approached Chad Gable in the back. Clearly not getting the message that Chad wants to carve his own path, Jordan persisted in trying to get the team back together.
He did this by telling Gable that if Stephanie McMahon accepts the challenge, then Jason Jordan would chose him as his partner for SummerSlam. Gable questioned what made Jordan so sure he’d be Kurt’s representatives, but Jason’s entitlement made an appearance once again, answering “I’m his son…”

Next up, a replay from last week showed how Elias’ performance was canceled as Heath Slater “borrowed” his Guitar to give a lesson to Rhyno. The performance instead took place this week. Following it, Elias suffered an embarrassing defeat to Slater. When Rhyno grabbed his Guitar from ringside, and began playing it, Elias was distracted, resulting in Heath scoring the roll up win.

Bayley then showed another side to herself, clearly fired up from the events of last week.
Defeating Liv Morgan of The Riott Squad, who had claimed they would put the final nail in the coffin of Bayley, it was suggested that losing to Sasha Banks had changed Bayley irreversibly!

Opening the second hour, it was time for Alexa Bliss to give her answer to Ronda Rousey regarding the challenge made to a match at SummerSlam. Last week, Alexa Bliss refused to give an answer, but was emboldened by Mickie James being by her side this time.
Mickie James still had her arm in a sling, despite the injury taking place almost two months ago. The reason for this quickly became clear, as before Alexa gave her answer, James took Ronda Rousey down with a strike from the “injured” arm. Finally getting the better of Ronda, Mickie James revealed a metal plate that had been placed in the sling, before removing it and showing that her arm was fine. The two women then laid into Ronda Rousey, leaving her down and out for the first time in her WWE career. Taking the metal bar with her, Mickie James left the ring, as Alexa Bliss took a microphone and told Ronda Rousey that she had rejected the challenge.

Cutting to the back, Stephanie McMahon was shown standing over Kurt Angle, asking what he intended to do about the challenge that was still up in the air. Kurt Angle reacted to the pressure, telling Stephanie McMahon that he was making the match for SummerSlam. She then quizzed him on the state of the Tag Team Division, after The Authors Of Pain no showed a match earlier in the night. Kurt Angle said that he was going to find the Number One Contenders next week, due to the fact that some teams already have a match tonight. Stephanie McMahon seemed satisfied by this, but it was clear she was intentionally ramping up the pressure on the Raw General Manager.

Next, it was time for another match between Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal. Given that he has had the better of Roode each time they have faced off, Jinder Mahal was confident pre-match. This was proved to be well placed confidence, as Jinder Mahal scored another victory over Bobby Roode.
After the match, Bobby Roode was interviewed on the ramp, demotivated and dejected, “The Glorious One” admitted he had been beaten by the better man, and said that his performances recently have been far from “glorious”.

Having been at odds with each other in various combinations recently, it was finally time for the two side to face off. Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler were probably the better drilled team, and did well throughout the match at isolating their opponents and controlling the contest. Eventually, despite Dana Brooke’s attempt to manage the team, Seth Rollins came in and changed the match. This brought the contest back in the favour of the makeshift duo. When Finn Balor dove to the outside and took out Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler was left with Seth Rollins. The Intercontinental Champion was able to get the better of his opponent, scoring a Curb Stomp for the victory.

Finn Balor & Seth Rollins bt. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

After the match, Dana Brooke entered the ring. Also returning to the ring, Drew McIntyre was clearly pissed off, having come out on the losing end again.
Dana Brooke did have some good news for the duo however, confirming that she had negotiated them a spot in the Tag Team Championship Number One Contenders match next week.

As well as the Number One Contendership to the Tag Team Titles, the Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam was discussed, as Renee Young interviewed Nia Jax.
Putting over the division, Nia said that there was any number of Superstars that she would like to mix it up with a SummerSlam. As she continued to talk up her rivals, as well as her run with the title, Nia Jax was interrupted by Sasha Banks.
Sasha Banks said that there may be a lot of good competitors in the division, but only one of them beat her last week. Nia Jax replied that she only won because Bayley’s involvement, but Banks said that a win is a win, and she is the rightful Number One Contender. This assertion brought Ember Moon out from the back, and she - like Nia Jax - disagreed with Banks. Ember told Banks that she wanted to face her next week, but the confrontation almost got physical there and then. Nia Jax came between the two, saying that she would talk to Kurt Angle and sort out this situation for SummerSlam.

There was also a singles match between Sami Zayn and Jason Jordan scheduled for the night, but as the third hour opened Jason Jordan claimed to have aggravated a slight niggle. He asked Chad Gable to substitute for him, which he reluctantly agreed to. With little time to prepare for the match, Chad Gable was defeated by Sami Zayn, who was joined by Kevin Owens.
It seemed like the one time that Chad Gable would have actually appreciated the support from Jason Jordan, his former tag team partner was nowhere to be seen.

As the rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin continued, Lashley looked to one up Corbin, defeating Curt Hawkins in convincing fashion. It was a confrontation after the match that drew more attention however.
Commenting on Lashley’s victory in the back, Baron Corbin made it clear he wanted to fight him again. As a result, he decided to confront Bobby as he returned from the ring. This led to an incident in the back, where the two almost became physical. However, the two men were kept apart, meaning that in the end only words were exchanged.

As previously mentioned, the Main Event of SummerSlam (as well as Raw’s Main Event) was promoted heavily. Following up promos from both Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, viewers were taken back to the events of last week and the “backstage reaction” of Brock Lesnar to the news that he would defend the Universal Championship in a three way at SummerSlam.
“Exclusive Footage” showed Brock Lesnar to be furious, shouting at WWE officials in the back. So angry was Brock Lesnar, he actually threw the WWE Universal Championship at a wall. This caused a huge stir in the back, and was put over on commentary as a “shocking disrespect” of the title he has held for well over a year. Paul Heyman was reached for his reaction to the incident earlier in the week, but refused to comment until “something was done” about the Main Event of SummerSlam. While Paul and Brock worried about that however, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns had to focus on preparing for the Main Event of Raw.

No stranger to each other, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns came into the match knowing what to expect. Having seen these two face off before, the WWE Universe also knew what to expect. Getting exactly that, the two competitors put on a physical display, which - as is always the danger with Reigns and Strowman - eventually went beyond the ring. Focussed on one upping their opponent, rather than actually winning the match, the two men went to the outside, brawling up the ramp. The referee allowed some leeway, trying to get the pair back to the ring before starting to count them out, but it became less likely they would return to the ring. Attempting a Spear the top of the ramp, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman ended up coming together, and it wasn’t quite clear whether the move connected. What was clear was that the force and impact of the collision sent both men backwards, crashing through the LED screen. This resulted in the referee calling for the bell.

Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns went to a No Contest

After the match, the commentators were concerned for the safety of the two men, pointing out that it isn’t the first time something like this has happened involving Strowman and Reigns. Also concerned, as neither man appeared to be moving, was Kurt Angle.
Coming out from the back, the Raw General Manager - who had been under pressure from Stephanie McMahon all night - called for medical personnel to check on the two men. Clearly worried about their wellbeing, Kurt Angle had his head in his hands. This may also have been a reaction to seeing that two thirds of his SummerSlam Main Event appeared to have been seriously hurt, so close to the event. Such was his focus on the two competitors (and the chaos surrounding them), he failed to spot Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out behind him. Jumping the Raw General Manager, the two men knocked Angle to the ground with a clubbing blow to the back. Soon they were joined by Stephanie McMahon.
Standing between the two men with a microphone in her hand, Stephanie looked down in disgust at the blindsided GM of Raw. Making it clear that Owens & Zayn were her chosen representatives, Stephanie McMahon closed the show by addressing Kurt Angle, as he struggled on the ground. With two words the match was on, as Raw went off the air to Stephanie declaring “challenge accepted!”

Quick Results
Heath Slater bt. Elias
Bayley bt. Liv Morgan

Jinder Mahal bt. Bobby Roode
Finn Balor & Seth Rollins bt. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Sami Zayn bt. Chad Gable
Bobby Lashley bt. Curt Hawkins
Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns went to a No Contest

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